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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1987978-0-86104-030-8Julie Burchill · Tony ParsonsThe Boy Looked at Johnny: The: Obituary of Rock and Roll
1979978-0-86104-060-5Mark PosterCritical Theory of the Family
  ''978-0-86104-069-8Ian MilesDemystifying Social Statistics
  ''978-0-86104-095-7Duncan HallasTrotsky's Marxism
1990978-0-86104-300-2Michael FarrellNorthern Ireland: The Orange State
1987978-0-86104-302-6Eamonn McCannWar and an Irish Town
1980978-0-86104-303-3Larry PortisGeorges Sorel (Pluto ideas in progress)
  ''978-0-86104-308-8Bernard RansomConnolly's Marxism (Pluto Ideas in Progress)
  ''978-0-86104-313-2Tony benn · Paul Foot · Tariq Ali · Audrey WiseDebate of the Decade: The Crisis and Future of the Left
1980978-0-86104-320-0Ray LowryOnly Rock 'n' Roll
1981978-0-86104-336-1Alex CallinicosSouthern Africa After Zimbabwe
  ''978-0-86104-337-8Peter Kennard · Ric SissonsNo Nuclear Weapons
1987978-0-86104-364-4Andre GorzFarewell to the Working Class: An Essay on Post-Industrial Socialism (Pluto Classics)
  ''978-0-86104-370-5Dan Smith · Ron SmithThe Economics of Militarism (Militarism, State & Society)
1991978-0-86104-371-2A SivanandanA DIFFERENT HUNGER: Writings on Black Resistance
1982978-0-86104-372-9Sheila Durie · Rob EdwardsFuelling the Nuclear Arms Race: The Links Between Nuclear Power and Nuclear Weapons (Militarism, state and society)
1987978-0-86104-379-8Bell HooksAin't I a Woman: Black Women and Feminism
1982978-0-86104-389-7Ernest MandelIntroduction to Marxism
1983978-0-86104-393-4Sean CroninIrish Nationalism - a History of Its Roots and Ideology
1987978-0-86104-668-3Eileen FairweatherOnly the Rivers Run Free: Northern Ireland - The Women's War
  ''978-0-86104-705-5Michael FarrellArming the Protestants: Formation of the Ulster Special Constabulary and the Royal Ulster Constabulary, 1920-27
1983978-0-86104-711-6London Feminist History GroupThe Sexual Dynamics Of History: Men's Power, Women's Resistance
1987978-0-86104-740-6Evgeny PashukanisLAW AND MARXISM: A General Theory
1984978-0-86104-749-9Peter FryerStaying Power: The History of Black People in Britain
1991978-0-86104-757-4Liz CurtisIreland: The Propaganda War - The British Media and the Battle for Hearts and Minds (Politics/Media Studies)
1985978-0-86104-762-8Andre GorzPaths to Paradise: On the Liberation from Work
1984978-0-86104-777-2David ToopRap Attack, The: African Jive to New York Hip Hop
1987978-0-86104-799-4Sue WardOrganizing Things: Guide to Successful Political Action (Pluto handbooks)