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1978978-0-85934-047-2E.A. ParrIntegrated Circuit 555 Projects (BP S.)
1984978-0-85934-050-2B.B. BabaniCoil Design and Construction Manual (BP S.)
1981978-0-85934-070-0R. A. PenfoldModel Railway Projects (Bernard Babani Publishing Radio & Electronics Books)
1982978-0-85934-084-7M. James · S.M. GeeThe Art of Programming the 1K ZX81
1983978-0-85934-096-0R. A. PenfoldHow to Design and Make Your Own PCBs
  ''978-0-85934-100-4Edward M. Noll25 Simple Amateur Band Aerials (BP)
1984978-0-85934-125-7R. A. Penfold · J.W. PenfoldIntroduction to Programming the Sinclair Q. L. (BP)
1986978-0-85934-150-9Roger W. BunneyA TV-DXers Handbook
  ''978-0-85934-154-7R. A. Penfold · J.W. PenfoldElectronic Circuits for the Computer Control of Model Railways
  ''978-0-85934-158-5   ''An Introduction to 68000 Assembly Language (BP S.)
1988978-0-85934-184-4R. A. PenfoldGetting the Most from Your Multimeter (BP S.)
1989978-0-85934-192-9   ''More Advanced MIDI Projects (Bernard Babani Publishing Radio & Electronics Books)
  ''978-0-85934-193-6   ''Test Equipment Construction (BP)
1988978-0-85934-199-8F.A. WilsonFrom Atoms to Amperes (Bernard Babani Publishing Radio & Electronics Books)
1989978-0-85934-202-5I.D. PooleAn Introduction to Amateur Radio (BP S.)
1988978-0-85934-203-2Noel KantarisLearning to Program in C. (BP S.)
1989978-0-85934-212-4R. A. PenfoldHow to Use Oscilloscopes and Other Test Equipment (BP S.)
1990978-0-85934-220-9   ''Simple Short Wave Receiver Construction (BP)
1991978-0-85934-222-3R. A. PenfoldHigh Power Audio Amplifier Construction (BP)
1990978-0-85934-230-8   ''Beginner's Guide to Modern Electronic Components (BP S.)
1991978-0-85934-238-4J.G. LeeAn Introduction to Radio Wave Propagation (BP S.)
  ''978-0-85934-244-5O.N. BishopPractical Electronic Filters (BP)
  ''978-0-85934-245-2I.D. PooleSetting Up an Amateur Radio Station (BP)
1994978-0-85934-246-9   ''Antennas for VHF and UHF (BP)
1992978-0-85934-249-0R. A. PenfoldProjects for Radio Amateurs and SWLs (BP)
1991978-0-85934-254-4   ''Preamplifier and Filter Circuits (BP)
1992978-0-85934-256-8I.D. PooleAn Introduction to Scanners and Scanning (BP S.)
  ''978-0-85934-315-2F.A. WilsonAn Introduction to the Electromagnetic Wave (BP)
  ''978-0-85934-320-6R. A. PenfoldElectronic Projects for Your PC (BP S.)
1992978-0-85934-324-4R. BrewsterThe Art of Soldering (BP S.)
1993978-0-85934-329-9Roy BebbingtonElectronic Music Learning Projects (BP)
  ''978-0-85934-332-9R. A. PenfoldBeginners Guide to TTL Digital IC's (BP)
  ''978-0-85934-333-6   ''Beginners Guide to CMOS Digital IC's (BP)
1993978-0-85934-335-0R. A. PenfoldOperational Amplifier User's Handbook (BP)
1994978-0-85934-349-7   ''Practical Opto Electronic Projects (BP S.)
  ''978-0-85934-363-3   ''Practical Electronic Music Projects (BP)
1995978-0-85934-371-8   ''Electronic Projects for Experimenters (BP S.)
  ''978-0-85934-374-9   ''Practical Fibre-optic Projects (BP S.)
  ''978-0-85934-380-0J. ChatwinAdvanced Projects for the Electric Guitar (BP)
1997978-0-85934-384-8R. A. PenfoldPractical Electronic Model Railway Projects (BP S.)
1996978-0-85934-392-3R. A. PenfoldElectronic Project Building for Beginners (BP)
  ''978-0-85934-393-0Andy FlindPractical Oscillator Circuits (BP)
1997978-0-85934-394-7R. A. PenfoldAn Introduction to PIC Microcontrollers (BP)
  ''978-0-85934-413-5O.N. BishopPractical Remote Control Projects (BP)
  ''978-0-85934-432-6Roy BebbingtonSimple Sensor Terminal Block Projects (BP)
1998978-0-85934-444-9R. A. PenfoldPractical PIC Microcontroller Projects (BP)
1999978-0-85934-469-2James GatenbySimple Networks for Windows 98 (BP)
2000978-0-85934-483-8John ShelleyFun Web Pages with Javascript (BP S.)
2001978-0-85934-498-2Phil Oliver · Noel KantarisUsing Visual Basic (BP S.)
2002978-0-85934-513-2Noel Kantaris · P.R.M. OliverInternet Explorer 6: AND Outlook Express 6 Explained (Babani computer books)
2001978-0-85934-514-9Noel KantarisWindows XP Explained (Babani computer books)
2002978-0-85934-521-7R. A. PenfoldEasy Windows XP Troubleshooting (Babani computer books)
  ''978-0-85934-522-4Noel Kantaris · P.R.M. OliverMicrosoft Works Suite 2002 Explained (Babani computer books)
2002978-0-85934-523-1R. A. PenfoldEasy PC Interfacing (Babani computer books)
2003978-0-85934-532-3John ShelleyHow to Use XML (BP)
  ''978-0-85934-534-7R. A. PenfoldBuild Your Own PC (BP)
  ''978-0-85934-535-4Peter BatesPC Interfacing Using USB (BP)
2004978-0-85934-545-3P.R.M. Oliver · Noel KantarisPaintShop Pro 8 Explained
  ''978-0-85934-546-0Noel Kantaris · P.R.M. OliverMicrosoft Works Suite 2004 Explained 2004
  ''978-0-85934-550-7   ''Advanced Guide to Windows XP
2004978-0-85934-551-4Cherry NixonEBay for Beginners
  ''978-0-85934-553-8D. WealeUsing Microsoft FrontPage 2003
2005978-0-85934-555-2P. Oliver · Noel KantarisUsing PDF Files
  ''978-0-85934-557-6Noel Kantaris · P. OliverHow Did I Do That... in Windows XP: BP557
  ''978-0-85934-558-3Noel Kantaris · Phil OliverMicrosoft Works 8.0 and Works Suite 2005 Explained
  ''978-0-85934-561-3R. A. PenfoldUsing IPod, MP3 and WMA with Your PC
2006978-0-85934-565-1T. Campbell · A. EdneyUsing Microsoft Windows XP Media Center 2005
2006978-0-85934-569-9Noel Kantaris · P.R.M. OliverMicrosoft Works 8 and Works Suite 2006 Explained
2007978-0-85934-576-7C. NixonInternet Dating
  ''978-0-85934-578-1Andrew EdneyMicrosoft Windows Vista: An Ultimate Guide (Babani Computer Books)
  ''978-0-85934-580-4Noel Kantaris · P.R.M. OliverWindows Vista for Beginners (Babani Computer Books)
  ''978-0-85934-581-1   ''Windows Vista Explained (Babani Computer Books)
  ''978-0-85934-582-8T. Campbell · I. DixonUsing Microsoft Vista Media Center (Babani Computer Books)
2007978-0-85934-583-5P.R.M. Oliver · Noel KantarisMicrosoft Office 2007 Explained
2003978-0-85934-600-9James GatenbyThe Internet for the Older Generation: BP600
  ''978-0-85934-601-6   ''Computing for the Older Generation: BP601 (BP S.)
  ''978-0-85934-602-3   ''Digital Photography and Computing for the Older Generation
  ''978-0-85934-605-4R. A. PenfoldHow to Find Anything on the Internet for the Older Generation
2004978-0-85934-608-5J.W. PenfoldLooking After Your Computer for the Older Generation
2005978-0-85934-609-2James Gatenby · Greg ChapmanEasy Word Processing for the Older Generation: BP609
2008978-0-85934-616-0Jim Gatenby · D.J. GatenbyBeyond the Basics of Computing for the Older Generation
2009978-0-85934-703-7P.R.M. Oliver · Noel KantarisAn Introduction to Windows Vista
  ''978-0-85934-704-4James GatenbyGetting Started in Computing for the Older Generation
2009978-0-85934-706-8P.R.M. Oliver · Noel KantarisAn Introduction to Window 7
  ''978-0-85934-707-5R. A. PenfoldHow to Build a Computer Made Easy
  ''978-0-85934-708-2Andrew EdneyWindows 7 - Tweaks,Tips and Tricks
  ''978-0-85934-709-9Cherry NixonAn Introduction to e-bay for the Older Generation
  ''978-0-85934-711-2James GatenbyAn Introduction to the Internet for the Older Generation
2010978-0-85934-713-6R. A. PenfoldTroubleshooting Windows 7 (In Full Colour)
2010978-0-85934-715-0Jim GatenbyWindow 7 for the Older Generation (In Full Colour)
2010978-0-85934-717-4Jim GatenbyGetting Started in Computing for the Older Generation - Windows 7 Edition (In Full Colour)
  ''978-0-85934-718-1P.R.M. Oliver · Noel KantarisWindows 7 Explained (In Full Colour)
  ''978-0-85934-719-8Noel Kantaris · P.R.M. OliverMicrosoft Office 2010 Explained
  ''978-0-85934-720-4Jim GatenbyHow to Trace Your Ancestors Using a Computer for the Older Generation
2011978-0-85934-723-5James GatenbyFacebook for the Older Generation
  ''978-0-85934-729-7Jim GatenbyComputing and Digital Photography for the Older Generation
2011978-0-85934-730-3R. A. PenfoldAn Introduction to Photoshop Elements 10
2014978-0-85934-747-1Noel KantarisWindows 8.1 Explained
  ''978-0-85934-748-8Jim GatenbyWindows 8.1 & RT 8.1 for the Older Generation
2017978-0-85934-766-2John ChatwinHow to Make and Enhance Your Videos for the Internet
2018978-0-85934-776-1Andrew EdneyAn Introduction to th iPad with iOS12