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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-0-85789-005-4Anthony HaysThe Killing Way
  ''978-0-85789-009-2Phil RickmanThe Wine of Angels (Merrily Watkins Mysteries Book 1) (Merrily Watkins Series)
  ''978-0-85789-010-8Phil RickmanMidwinter of the Spirit (Merrily Watkins 2) (Merrily Watkins Series)
  ''978-0-85789-011-5   ''A Crown of Lights (Merrily Watkins 3) (Merrily Watkins Series)
  ''978-0-85789-012-2   ''The Cure of Souls (Merrily Watkins 4) (Merrily Watkins Series)
2011978-0-85789-013-9Phil RickmanThe Lamp of the Wicked (Merrily Watkins Series)
2012978-0-85789-014-6   ''The Prayer of the Night Shepherd (Merrily Watkins Series)
  ''978-0-85789-015-3   ''The Smile of a Ghost (Merrily Watkins 7) (Merrily Watkins Series)
  ''978-0-85789-025-2Anthony CapellaLove and Other Dangerous Chemicals
  ''978-0-85789-027-6Otto PenzlerZombies: A Compendium (The Best American Mystery Stories)
2011978-0-85789-030-6Christine Dwyer HickeyCold Eye of Heaven
  ''978-0-85789-031-3Rhoda JanzenMennonite in a Little Black Dress: A Memoir of Going Home
2012978-0-85789-032-0Ali ShawThe Man Who Rained
2012978-0-85789-035-1Christian WolmarGreat Railway Revolution: The Epic Story of the American Railroad
2014978-0-85789-038-2Christian WolmarTo the Edge of the World: The Story of the Trans-Siberian Railway
2011978-0-85789-042-9S.L. GreyThe Mall
  ''978-0-85789-046-7C. J. BoxTrophy Hunt (Joe Pickett)
2012978-0-85789-069-6Christian WolmarThe Subterranean Railway: How the London Underground Was Built and How it Changed the City Forever
  ''978-0-85789-083-2C. J. BoxCold Wind (Joe Pickett)
2012978-0-85789-084-9C. J. BoxForce of Nature (Joe Pickett 12)
2014978-0-85789-097-9Bernard MalamudThe Assistant
2011978-0-85789-101-3Jacqueline YallopObedience
  ''978-0-85789-102-0Jacqueline YallopObedience
2012978-0-85789-103-7   ''Obedience
2013978-0-85789-107-5Katharina HagenaThe Taste of Apple Seeds
2011978-0-85789-122-8Christos TsiolkasDead Europe
2012978-0-85789-124-2Graham RawleThe Card
  ''978-0-85789-127-3Susanna ForrestIf Wishes Were Horses: A Memoir of Equine Obsession
2013978-0-85789-129-7   ''If Wishes Were Horses: A Memoir of Equine Obsession
2012978-0-85789-148-8Michael FoxtonBedside Stories: Confessions of a Junior Doctor
  ''978-0-85789-149-5Mark BowdenKilling Pablo: the Hunt for the Richest, Most Powerful Criminal in History
2011978-0-85789-150-1Michael RidpathWhere the Shadows Lie (Fire & Ice)
  ''978-0-85789-151-8Karl MarlantesMatterhorn
2011978-0-85789-152-5Steinhauer OlenNearest Exit the Ome
  ''978-0-85789-154-9Laura KasischkeThe Raising
2012978-0-85789-156-3Laura KasischkeThe Raising
2010978-0-85789-157-0Damon GalgutIn a Strange Room
2015978-0-85789-158-7Arkady OstrovskyThe Invention of Russia: The Journey from Gorbachev's Freedom to Putin's War
2016978-0-85789-160-0Arkady OstrovskyThe Invention of Russia: The Journey from Gorbachev's Freedom to Putin's War
2011978-0-85789-167-9Lily KingFather of the Rain
  ''978-0-85789-172-3Damon GalgutThe Good Doctor
978-0-85789-173-0Beautiful Screaming of Pigs
2012978-0-85789-178-5John KerrA Dangerous Method: The Story of Jung, Freud and Sabina Spielrein
  ''978-0-85789-200-3Patrick FlaneryAbsolution
  ''978-0-85789-246-1John BrockmanHow is the Internet Changing the Way You Think?: The net's impact on our minds and future
2013978-0-85789-248-5John BrockmanHow is the Internet Changing the Way You Think?: The net's impact on our minds and future
2011978-0-85789-255-3Christopher HitchensArguably
2012978-0-85789-258-4Christopher HitchensArguably
2011978-0-85789-259-1Thomas H. CookThe Quest for Anna Klein
2011978-0-85789-260-7Thomas H. CookThe Quest for Anna Klein
  ''978-0-85789-273-7Matthieu RicardThe Art of Happiness: A Guide to Developing Life's Most Important Skill
  ''978-0-85789-274-4Matthieu RicardThe Art of Meditation
  ''978-0-85789-279-9Alistair DarlingBack from the Brink: 1,000 Days at Number 11
2012978-0-85789-281-2   ''Back from the Brink: 1000 Days at Number 11
2011978-0-85789-364-2Gordon FerrisThe Hanging Shed (Douglas Brodie series)
  ''978-0-85789-376-5David McKieGreat British Bus Journeys: Travels Through Unfamous Places
2012978-0-85789-377-2Karl MarlantesWhat it is Like to Go to War
2012978-0-85789-378-9Karl MarlantesWhat It Is Like To Go To War
  ''978-0-85789-380-2   ''What It Is Like To Go To War
2011978-0-85789-492-2Gordon FerrisTruth Dare Kill (Danny McRae Series)
2011978-0-85789-494-6Gordon FerrisThe Unquiet Heart (Danny McRae Series)
2012978-0-85789-496-0Courtney SullivanMaine
  ''978-0-85789-498-4Courtney SullivanMaine
2011978-0-85789-504-2Anne HoltFear Not: Now the major BBC TV series MODUS (Vik/Stubo)
2016978-0-85789-548-6Kenzaburo OeDeath by Water
2012978-0-85789-553-0Gordon FerrisTruth Dare Kill (Danny McRae Series)
2013978-0-85789-569-1G. Willow WilsonAlif the Unseen
  ''978-0-85789-570-7Sam WillisIn the Hour of Victory: The Royal Navy at War in the Age of Nelson
2012978-0-85789-577-6Maya FiennesYoga for Real Life: The Kundalini Method
2011978-0-85789-580-6A. D. MillerSnowdrops
2012978-0-85789-604-9Gordon FerrisBitter Water (Douglas Brodie Series)
  ''978-0-85789-619-3Aravind AdigaThe White Tiger
  ''978-0-85789-620-9Aravind AdigaBetween the Assassinations
2012978-0-85789-622-3William HartstonThe Things that Nobody Knows: 501 Mysteries of Life, the Universe and Everything
  ''978-0-85789-623-0Helen SchulmanThis Beautiful Life
  ''978-0-85789-628-5Stephen TrombleyA Short History of Western Thought
  ''978-0-85789-630-8Nick AlexanderThe Case of the Missing Boyfriend (The Missing Boyfriend Series)
2013978-0-85789-635-3Nick AlexanderThe French House (The Missing Boyfriend Series)
2012978-0-85789-643-8David RollinsWarlord
  ''978-0-85789-644-5Michael RidpathMeltwater (A Magnus Iceland Mystery)
2012978-0-85789-645-2Michael RidpathMeltwater (Fire & Ice)
  ''978-0-85789-654-4Julian BarnesThe Pedant In The Kitchen
2011978-0-85789-666-7Mario ReadingThe Third Antichrist (The Antichrist Series)
2013978-0-85789-693-3Phil RickmanCurfew (Phil Rickman Standalone)
  ''978-0-85789-696-4   ''The Chalice (Phil Rickman Standalone)
2015978-0-85789-699-5Matthieu RicardAltruism: The Power of Compassion to Change Yourself and the World
2012978-0-85789-705-3Anne HoltBlind Goddess: 1 (Hanne Wilhelmsen) (Hanne Wilhelmsen Series)
2014978-0-85789-707-7Sebastian FitzekTherapy: A gripping, chilling psychological thriller
2011978-0-85789-717-6Leander KahneyInside Steve's Brain: Business Lessons from Steve Jobs, the Man Who Saved Apple
2014978-0-85789-718-3Damon GalgutArctic Summer
  ''978-0-85789-719-0   ''Arctic Summer
2012978-0-85789-720-6Herman KochThe Dinner
2013978-0-85789-741-1Robert FabbriFalse God of Rome (Vespasian 3)
  ''978-0-85789-742-8Robert FabbriFalse God of Rome (Vespasian)
2014978-0-85789-744-2   ''Rome's Fallen Eagle (Vespasian)
2014978-0-85789-745-9Robert FabbriRome's Fallen Eagle (Vespasian)
  ''978-0-85789-746-6   ''Rome's Fallen Eagle (Vespasian)
2017978-0-85789-752-7Mnsr Alexis JenniThe French Art of War
2017978-0-85789-754-1Mnsr Alexis JenniThe French Art of War
2012978-0-85789-766-4Stephen R. PlattAutumn in the Heavenly Kingdom: China, The West and the Epic Story of the Taiping Civil War
2013978-0-85789-776-3Cheryl StrayedWild: A Journey from Lost to Found
  ''978-0-85789-818-0David WingroveAn Inch of Ashes (CHUNG KUO SERIES)
  ''978-0-85789-821-0David WingroveThe Broken Wheel (CHUNG KUO SERIES)
  ''978-0-85789-822-7   ''The Broken Wheel (Chung Kuo)
2014978-0-85789-837-1Christopher HitchensThe Trial of Henry Kissinger
2013978-0-85789-839-5   ''The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice
2012978-0-85789-841-8   ''No One Left to Lie to: The Triangulations of William Jefferson Clinton
2014978-0-85789-849-4Michael ZantovskyHavel: A Life
2015978-0-85789-852-4Michael ZantovskyHavel: A Life
2013978-0-85789-865-4Phil RickmanThe Magus of Hay (Merrily Watkins Mysteries) (Merrily Watkins Series)
2015978-0-85789-897-5Hanya YanagiharaThe People in the Trees
2016978-0-85789-898-2Susanna ForrestThe Age of the Horse: An Equine Journey Through Human History
2017978-0-85789-900-2   ''The Age of the Horse: An Equine Journey through Human History
2012978-0-85789-901-9Lee ChildVengeance: Mystery Writers of America Presents
2013978-0-85789-904-0Lee ChildVengeance: Mystery Writers of America Presents
2014978-0-85789-919-4Tim LeachThe Last King of Lydia
  ''978-0-85789-962-0Robert FabbriMasters of Rome (Vespasian)
2015978-0-85789-965-1Robert FabbriMasters of Rome (Vespasian)
  ''978-0-85789-966-8   ''Rome's Lost Son (Vespasian)
  ''978-0-85789-967-5   ''Rome's Lost Son (Vespasian)
2016978-0-85789-973-6   ''The Furies of Rome (Vespasian)
2014978-0-85789-979-8Cynthia OzickThe Puttermesser Papers