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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2016978-0-85745-074-6Lidia Dina SciamaHumour, Comedy and Laughter: Obscenities, Paradoxes, Insights and the Renewal of Life (Social Identities)
2011978-0-85745-078-4Timothy Brown · Lorena AntonBetween the Avant-Garde and the Everyday: Subversive Politics in Europe from 1957 to the Present (Protest, Culture & Society)
  ''978-0-85745-100-2Peter HervikThe Annoying Difference: The Emergence of Danish Neonationalism, Neoracism, and Populism in the Post-1989 World
  ''978-0-85745-110-1David MosseAdventures in Aidland: The Anthropology of Professionals in International Development (Studies in Public and Applied Anthropology)
  ''978-0-85745-114-9Allan MitchellThe Devil's Captain: Ernst Junger in Nazi Paris, 1941-1944
  ''978-0-85745-124-8Brackette F. WilliamsClassifying to Kill: An Ethnography of the Death Penalty System in the United States
2011978-0-85745-141-5Aparna Rao · Bollig Michael · B. Ck MonikaThe Practice of War: Production, Reproduction and Communication of Armed Violence
  ''978-0-85745-152-1David Parkin · Stanley UlijaszekHolistic Anthropology: Emergence and Convergence (Methodology & History in Anthropology)
  ''978-0-85745-155-2Carla D. StangA Walk to the River in Amazonia: Ordinary Reality for the Mehinaku Indians
2010978-0-85745-177-4John-Andrew McNeish · Jon Harald Sande LieSecurity and Development (Critical Interventions: A Forum for Social Analysis)
  ''978-0-85745-178-1Nina Glick Schiller · Thomas FaistMigration, Development, and Transnationalization (Critical Interventions: A Forum for Social Analysis)
2011978-0-85745-183-5Simon TeuscherTransregional and Transnational Families in Europe and Beyond: Experiences Since the Middle Ages
  ''978-0-85745-197-2John PostillLocalizing the Internet: An Anthropological Account (Anthropology of Media)
2010978-0-85745-221-4Jeffrey J. Langenbacher AndersonFrom the Bonn to the Berlin Republic: Germany at the Twentieth Anniversary of Unification
978-0-85745-227-6Building a European Identity: France, the United States, and the Oil Shock, 1973-1974
2011978-0-85745-235-1Iain R. EdgarThe Dream in Islam: From Qur'anic Tradition to Jihadist Inspiration
2011978-0-85745-241-2Chris Shore · Susan Wright · Davide PerPolicy Worlds: Anthropology and Analysis of Contemporary Power (EASA Series)
  ''978-0-85745-251-1Vahakn N. Dadrian · Taner AkcamJudgment at Istanbul: The Armenian Genocide Trials
  ''978-0-85745-261-0Claudia LiebeltCaring for the 'Holy Land': Filipina Domestic Workers in Israel (EASA Series)
2013978-0-85745-273-3Kathyrn M. Anderson-LevittAnthropologies of Education: A Global Guide to Ethnographic Studies of Learning and Schooling
2011978-0-85745-289-4David O'Kane · Tricia Redeker HepnerBiopolitics, Militarism, and Development: Eritrea in the Twenty-First Century (Dislocations)
  ''978-0-85745-291-7Chris DolanSocial Torture: The Case of Northern Uganda, 1986-2006 (Human Rights in Context)
2012978-0-85745-314-3Dirk SchumannPolitical Violence in the Weimar Republic, 1918-1933: Fight for the Streets and Fear of Civil War (Studies in German History)
2011978-0-85745-320-4Jean-Pierre BouleExistentialism and Contemporary Cinema: A Sartrean Perspective (Berghahnonfilm)
  ''978-0-85745-355-6Bela BalazsBela Balazs: Early Film Theory: Visible Man and The Spirit of Film (Film Europa)
2012978-0-85745-358-7Kirsten W. Endres · Andrea LauserEngaging the Spirit World: Popular Beliefs and Practices in Modern Southeast Asia (Asian Anthropologies)
978-0-85745-467-6Maternalism Reconsidered: Motherhood, Welfare and Social Policy in the Twentieth Century
2012978-0-85745-607-6Felipe Hern Ndez · Peter Kellett · Lea Knudsen AllenRethinking the Informal City: Critical Perspectives from Latin America (Remapping Cultural History)
2012978-0-85745-613-7Serena HecklerLandscape, Process and Power: Re-Evaluating Traditional Environmental Knowledge (Environmental Anthropology and Ethnobiology)
  ''978-0-85745-623-6Alex E. A Fernandez JilbertoLatin America Facing China: South-South Relations Beyond the Washington Consensus (CEDLA Latin American Studies) (CEDLA Latin America Studies)
  ''978-0-85745-632-8Leslie Main Johnson · Eugene S. HunnLandscape Ethnoecology: Concepts of Biotic and Physical Space (Environmental Anthropology and Ethnobiology)
  ''978-0-85745-645-8W. S. F. Pickering · Massimo RosatiSuffering and Evil: The Durkheimian Legacy
2013978-0-85745-744-8Liana Chua · Mark ElliottDistributed Objects: Meaning and Mattering after Alfred Gell
2012978-0-85745-793-6Paul Wenzel Geissler · Ruth Jane PrinceThe Land Is Dying: Contingency, Creativity and Conflict in Western Kenya (Epistemologies of Healing)
  ''978-0-85745-796-7Hansjörg Dilger · Ute LuigMorality, Hope and Grief: Anthropologies of AIDS in Africa (Epistemologies of Healing)
2012978-0-85745-797-4Miguel N. AlexiadesMobility and Migration in Indigenous Amazonia: Contemporary Ethnoecological Perspectives (Environmental Anthropology and Ethnobiology)
  ''978-0-85745-802-5Philip Broadbent · Sabine HakeBerlin Divided City, 1945-1989 (Culture & Society in Germany)
2013978-0-85745-842-1Anton Weiss-WendtThe Nazi Genocide of the Roma: Reassessment and Commemoration (War and Genocide)
  ''978-0-85745-881-0Jeremy Leaman · Attiya WarisTax Justice and the Political Economy of Global Capitalism, 1945 to the Present
  ''978-0-85745-910-7Sam Beck · Carl a. MaidaToward Engaged Anthropology
  ''978-0-85745-913-8Olaf ZenkerIrish/ness Is All Around Us: Language Revivalism and the Culture of Ethnic Identity in Northern Ireland (Integration and Conflict Studies)
2012978-0-85745-937-4Scott Spector · Helmut Puff · Dagmar HerzogAfter the History of Sexuality: German Genealogies with and Beyond Foucault (Spektrum: Publications of the German Studies Association)
2013978-0-85745-956-5Erella GrassianiSoldiering Under Occupation: Processes of Numbing Among Israeli Soldiers in the Al-Aqsa Intifada
2013978-0-85745-968-8Hilary Callan · Brian Street · Simon UnderdownIntroductory Readings in Anthropology (Berg05 13 06 2019)
  ''978-0-85745-969-5Hilary Callan · Brian Street · Simon UnderdownIntroductory Readings in Anthropology
  ''978-0-85745-974-9Mary Fulbrook · Andrew I. PortBecoming East German: Socialist Structures and Sensibilities After Hitler (Spektrum: Publications of the German Studies Association)
  ''978-0-85745-984-8Adrian BriskuBittersweet Europe: Albanian and Georgian Discourses on Europe, 1878-2008
  ''978-0-85745-987-9Sallie HanPregnancy in Practice: Expectation and Experience in the Contemporary US (Fertility, Reproduction and Sexuality: Social and Cultural Perspectives)
2014978-0-85745-998-5Erling Sivertsen · Kathrin Fahlenbrach · Rolf WerenskjoldMedia and Revolt: Strategies and Performances from the 1960s to the Present (Protest, Culture & Society)