Cubicle 7 Entertainment

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-0-85744-002-0Colin Chapman · Derek M. HollandIrradiated Freaks: Atomic Highway Mutants and Monsters
  ''978-0-85744-003-7Paul Wade-WilliamsHellfrost Encounters, Book 1 (Savage Worlds)
  ''978-0-85744-004-4Dave Blewer · Kevin L AndersonSundered Skies Companion (Savage Worlds)
  ''978-0-85744-009-9Benjamin BaughMonsters and Other Childish Things
  ''978-0-85744-012-9Dave Blewer · Kevin Anderson · Markus FinsterSundered Skies Compendium 1 (Savage Worlds)
2010978-0-85744-014-3Sarah Newton · Mike Olson · David DonachieThe Legends of Anglerre Companion
  ''978-0-85744-016-7Paul Wade-WilliamsCthulhu Britannica: Avalon: The Somerset Sourcebook
2011978-0-85744-042-6Simon PhippMerrie England the Age of Eleanor
  ''978-0-85744-046-4Stuart BoonShadows Over Scotland (Cthulhu Britannica)
  ''978-0-85744-054-9Cubicle 7 Entertainment LtdYggdasill Core Rulebook
2011978-0-85744-067-9Graham BottleyAdvanced Fighting Fantasy: The Roleplaying Game
  ''978-0-85744-068-6Steve Jackson · Ian LivingstoneOut of the Pit: Monsters of Advanced Fighting Fantasy
2011978-0-85744-069-3Steve Jackson · Ian LivingstoneTitan: The Fighting Fantasy World
2012978-0-85744-120-1Gareth HanrahanTales from Wilderland: The One Ring
  ''978-0-85744-121-8Graham BottleyCrown of Kings Campaign (Advanced Fighting)
  ''978-0-85744-122-5Matthew E. Kaiser · David Viars · Steve EllisTotems of the Dead Players Guide (Savage Worlds)
  ''978-0-85744-126-3Matthew E. Kaiser · David Viars · Steve EllisTotems of the Dead Game Masters Guide (Savage Worlds)
  ''978-0-85744-133-1Francesco NepitelloLoremaster's Screen and Lake-Town Sourcebook (One Ring)
978-0-85744-143-0Heart of the Wild (One Ring)
2018978-0-85744-335-9Cubicle 7Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4e Core