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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-0-85715-059-2Carol LynneBodyguards in Love Volume One: Brier's Bargain Seb's Surrender
  ''978-0-85715-060-8Saskia WalkerInescapable
  ''978-0-85715-061-5J.P. BowieMy Vampire and I Vol 4: Bound in Blood
  ''978-0-85715-062-2J.P. BowieRide 'em Cowboys
  ''978-0-85715-063-9A.K.M MilesToo Keen
2010978-0-85715-064-6T.C. BlueA Game of Chances: The Farmingdale Gentleman's Club
  ''978-0-85715-065-3Jenna Byrnes · Jude MasonUntamed Hearts: Vol 2: Volume 2
  ''978-0-85715-066-0Kim DarePerfect Timing Vol 2: Volume 2
  ''978-0-85715-067-7Nadia AidanThe Downing Brothers
  ''978-0-85715-068-4Carol Lynne · D.J. Manly · A.J. Llewellyn · Stephani Hecht · Serena Yates · Jaime Samms · Jambrea Jo JonesStealing My Heart
2010978-0-85715-069-1Carol LynneCattle Valley Vol 8
  ''978-0-85715-070-7Kris NorrisDeadly Obsession: 'Til Death
  ''978-0-85715-071-4Marie HaynesPleasure
  ''978-0-85715-072-1A.K.M MilesLove, Grant: 2
  ''978-0-85715-073-8Ashley Ladd · K.S. Augustin · Mia Watts · Catherine Chernow · Elizabeth Coldwell · Imari JadeCougars and Cubs
2010978-0-85715-074-5Carol LynneBodyguards in Love Vol 2
  ''978-0-85715-075-2Patricia PellicaneTell Me You Love Me
  ''978-0-85715-076-9Saskia WalkerSorceress
  ''978-0-85715-077-6Carol Lynne · T.A. ChaseDracul's Blood: Dracul's Revenge Book One: 1
  ''978-0-85715-078-3Marie HarteLife in the Vrail Vol 2: Volume 2
2010978-0-85715-079-0Carol Lynne · T.A. ChaseAnarchy in Blood: Dracul's Revenge Book Two
  ''978-0-85715-080-6Carol LynneCattle Valley Vol 9
  ''978-0-85715-081-3T.C. BlueA Game of Skills: The Farmingdale Gentleman's Club
  ''978-0-85715-082-0Bailey BradfordRescued: Southwestern Shifters
  ''978-0-85715-083-7Lily HarlemThief
2010978-0-85715-084-4D.J. ManlySchism
  ''978-0-85715-085-1Bailey BradfordRelentless: Southwestern Shifters
  ''978-0-85715-086-8Robin GideonSatisfying Olympia: The Regency England
  ''978-0-85715-087-5Desiree Holt · Brynn Paulin · Kim Dare · Kris Norris · Suzanne Graham · Charlotte SteinThreefold
978-0-85715-308-1Bon Appetit
978-0-85715-327-2Rough Riders
2010978-0-85715-393-7Marie HarteStorm Lords Vol 1: The Fire Within & Below the Surface
  ''978-0-85715-394-4Lacey ThornBlood Magic Vol 1: Volume 1
2010978-0-85715-395-1Carol LynneBodyguards in Love Vol 3
  ''978-0-85715-396-8Trina LanePerfect Love Volume One: 1
  ''978-0-85715-397-5Marie HarteStorm Lords Vol 2: Gale Season
  ''978-0-85715-398-2Kim DarePack Discipline Vol 1
  ''978-0-85715-399-9Bailey BradfordSouthern Spirits Vol 1: Volume 1
2010978-0-85715-400-2Lisabet Sarai · Trina Lane · Elizabeth Coldwell · Charlotte Stein · Jane Davitt · Justine ElyotMaster Me
  ''978-0-85715-401-9Saskia WalkerMonica's Secret: Erogenous Zones: 1 (Erogenous Zones Series)
  ''978-0-85715-402-6Carol LynneCattle Valley Vol 10
  ''978-0-85715-403-3Jenna Byrnes · Jude MasonKindred Spirits: Vol 2: Volume 2
2011978-0-85715-404-0Kim DareMistletoe and Submission
  ''978-0-85715-405-7Stella & Audra PriceAmerican Satyrs Volume One: Volume 1
2011978-0-85715-406-4Bronwyn GreenCeltic Fire Collection
  ''978-0-85715-407-1D.J. ManlyGladiators Volume One
  ''978-0-85715-408-8Marie HarteStorm Lords Vol 3
  ''978-0-85715-409-5Bianca SommerlandRosemary Entwined
  ''978-0-85715-410-1A.J. Llewellyn · John SimpsonMy Yakuza
2011978-0-85715-411-8Kim DarePerfect Timing Vol 3
2012978-0-85715-412-5J.P. Bowie · Simone Anderson · Jan Irving · Jambrea Jo Jones · Jaime Samms · Em WoodsSaddle Up N Ride
2011978-0-85715-413-2Marie HarteStorm Lords Vol 4
  ''978-0-85715-414-9Carol LynneNeo's Realm Volume One
  ''978-0-85715-415-6Serena YatesMen of Riverside Vol 1: Volume 1
  ''978-0-85715-416-3   ''The Magic Thieves: The Scrolls of Vengeance: Volume 1
  ''978-0-85715-417-0Carol Lynne · T.A. ChaseThe Haunting of St Xavier
2011978-0-85715-418-7Carol LynneCattle Valley Vol 11: Volume 11
  ''978-0-85715-419-4Bailey BradfordSouthern Spirits Vol 2: Volume 2
  ''978-0-85715-420-0Jade ArcherSandpipers' Secrets
  ''978-0-85715-421-7Trina LanePerfect Love Volume Two
  ''978-0-85715-422-4Ansley VaughanThe Wedding of the Wolf
2011978-0-85715-423-1J.P. BowieNowhere to Hide
  ''978-0-85715-424-8Luxie RyderWorth Dying For
  ''978-0-85715-425-5Jaime SammsTales From Rainbow Alley: Finders Keepers
  ''978-0-85715-426-2Saskia WalkerHolly's Intuition (Erogenous Zones Series)
  ''978-0-85715-427-9JP BowieMy Vampire and I: Vol 5
2011978-0-85715-428-6Catherine ChernowHer Roman's Hand
  ''978-0-85715-429-3A.J. LlewellynThe Cake (Elemental Superpowers)
  ''978-0-85715-430-9Carol LynneSpring (Seasons of Love)
  ''978-0-85715-431-6Trina LanePerfect Love Volume Three
  ''978-0-85715-432-3Jade ArcherPortals: Volume One: Ethan's Freedom, Devon's Revenge
2011978-0-85715-433-0Jaime SammsTales From Rainbow Alley: Fix This, Sir
  ''978-0-85715-434-7Bailey BradfordReckless: Southwestern Shifters
  ''978-0-85715-435-4J.P. BowieTrip of a Lifetime
  ''978-0-85715-436-1John SimpsonUndefeated Love
  ''978-0-85715-437-8Lisabet Sarai · Justine Elyot · Ks AugustinSeeing Stars Anthology
2011978-0-85715-438-5Serena YatesMen of Riverside Vol 2
  ''978-0-85715-439-2Shermaine WilliamsArt of the Written Word
  ''978-0-85715-440-8Taige CrenshawBlackstone Haven
  ''978-0-85715-441-5Wendi ZwadukPlease Remember Me
  ''978-0-85715-442-2Lavinia LewisShifters' Haven
2011978-0-85715-443-9Jambrea Jo JonesAlliance: Volume 1
  ''978-0-85715-730-0Kim DarePack Discipline: Vol 2
  ''978-0-85715-731-7Gwen MastersA Week in the Snow
  ''978-0-85715-732-4Nikki McCoySon of Death: Volume 1 (Keepers of the Gods)
  ''978-0-85715-733-1Sierra CartwrightBound and Determined
2011978-0-85715-734-8Gwen MastersThe Green Room
  ''978-0-85715-735-5Tanith DavenportThe Hand He Dealt
  ''978-0-85715-736-2Bailey BradfordRory's Last Chance: Love in Xxchange
  ''978-0-85715-737-9Natalie DaeA Gentleman's Harlot
  ''978-0-85715-738-6Bailey BradfordSouthern Spirits: Vol 3
2011978-0-85715-739-3Jambrea Jo JonesSeeds of Dawn: Vol 1
  ''978-0-85715-740-9Gillian Archer · Imari Jade · Maggie Nash · Shermaine WilliamsSummer Spectacles Collection
  ''978-0-85715-741-6Carol LynneCattle Valley: Vol 12
  ''978-0-85715-742-3D.J. ManlySins of Summer Anthology
  ''978-0-85715-743-0Nikki McCoyMaster of Wrath (Keepers of the Gods)
2011978-0-85715-744-7Jan IrvingUncommon Cowboys: Vol1
  ''978-0-85715-745-4Suz deMelloQueen of Shadow
  ''978-0-85715-746-1Bailey BradfordMiles to Go
  ''978-0-85715-747-8Marie SextonSong of Oestend
  ''978-0-85715-748-5S.A MeadeStolen Summer
2012978-0-85715-749-2Desiree Holt · Lisabet Sarai · Lily Harlem · Eizabeth Coldwell · Wendi Zwaduk · Imari JadeTreble Anthology
2011978-0-85715-750-8Nancy AdamsNo Matter When (Out of Time)
2011978-0-85715-751-5T A ChasePestilence (The Four Horsemen)
  ''978-0-85715-752-2Sara YorkWorking it Out
  ''978-0-85715-753-9Jambrea Jo JonesSeeds of Dawn: Vol 2
  ''978-0-85715-754-6Carol LynneSeasons of Love Volume Two (Seeds of Dawn)
  ''978-0-85715-755-3Serena YatesMen of Riverside Volume Three
2011978-0-85715-756-0Bailey BradfordBend (Love in Xxchange)
  ''978-0-85715-757-7Paige Turner · Courtney Breazile · Lynne Connolly · Saranna DeWyldeTemping Temps Volume One (Tempting Temps)
  ''978-0-85715-758-4Nikki McCoyMy Forever
  ''978-0-85715-759-1Bailey BradfordRendered: Volume 4 (Southwestern Shifters)
  ''978-0-85715-760-7D.J. ManlyGladiators Volume Two
2011978-0-85715-761-4Bailey BradfordWhat Matters Most (Love in Xxchange)
  ''978-0-85715-762-1K.M. MahoneyOdd Man In
  ''978-0-85715-763-8Lavinia LewisShifters' Haven Volume Two: Volume 2
  ''978-0-85715-764-5Trina LaneThe Scent of Seduction (Phantom River)
  ''978-0-85715-765-2Victoria Blisse · Scarlett Parrish · Rachel Randall · Allie StandiferTempting Temps Volume Two
2012978-0-85715-766-9Amy ValentiDominance and Deception
2012978-0-85715-767-6Bailey BradfordEx's and O's
  ''978-0-85715-768-3Trina LaneOnly a Mate's Touch
  ''978-0-85715-769-0Scarlett ParrishStay the Night
  ''978-0-85715-770-6A.J. Llewellyn · Serena YatesThe Blancmange
  ''978-0-85715-771-3Bailey BradfordA Bit of Me: Volume 6
2012978-0-85715-772-0T.C. BlueA Game of Hearts
  ''978-0-85715-773-7Carol LynneCampus Cravings: Incoming Freshman/A Lesson Learned
  ''978-0-85715-774-4Nikki McCoyEverything That You Are
  ''978-0-85715-775-1A.J. Llewellyn · D.J. Manly · Serena YatesSins of Autumn Anthology: Volume 2
  ''978-0-85715-776-8Sierra Cartwright · Desiree Holt · Jan Irving · Justine Elyot · Elizabeth Coldwell · Mina DorianSubspace
2012978-0-85715-777-5Bailey BradfordA Bit of You: Volume 7
  ''978-0-85715-778-2TA ChaseWar: Volume 2
  ''978-0-85715-779-9Serena YatesMen of Riverside Volume Four: Volume 4
  ''978-0-85715-780-5Jan IrvingUncommon Cowboys: Vol2
  ''978-0-85715-781-2Kim DarePerfect Timing Vol 4
2012978-0-85715-782-9Jude MasonDaybreak 2525: Volume One: Volume 1
  ''978-0-85715-783-6Natalie DaeLincoln's Woman: Volume 1
  ''978-0-85715-784-3Simone Anderson · Devon Rhodes · Em Woods · Sara York · Sue Holston · Kit SandsHis Hero
  ''978-0-85715-785-0Carol LynneSeasons of Love Volume Three: Volume 3
  ''978-0-85715-786-7Jambrea Jo JonesMagnus: Volume 1
2012978-0-85715-977-9Jade ArcherRaven's Mark
  ''978-0-85715-978-6Saskia WalkerErogenous Zones: Faye's Spirit
  ''978-0-85715-979-3A.J. Llewellyn · D.J. Manly · Serena YatesSins of Winter Anthology: Volume 3
  ''978-0-85715-980-9Nadia AidanMasochist
  ''978-0-85715-981-6TA ChaseFamine: Volume 3
2012978-0-85715-982-3A.J. LlewellynPearl Harbor Volume One
  ''978-0-85715-983-0Nikki McCoyKeepers of the Night
  ''978-0-85715-984-7Bailey BradfordLevi: Volume 1
  ''978-0-85715-985-4Wendi ZwadukWhen You're With Me
  ''978-0-85715-986-1Carol LynneCattle Valley Vol 13
2012978-0-85715-987-8Lavinia LewisBollywood Desires
  ''978-0-85715-988-5Sarah Masters · Jaime SammsTools of Justice: Volume 1
  ''978-0-85715-989-2Jambrea Jo JonesAlliance Volume Two
  ''978-0-85715-990-8Bailey BradfordOscar: Volume 2
  ''978-0-85715-991-5Natalie Dae · Lily HarlemThat Filthy Book
2012978-0-85715-992-2Paige TurnerUnsinkable
  ''978-0-85715-993-9TA ChaseDeath: Volume 4
  ''978-0-85715-994-6A.B. GayleIsolation
  ''978-0-85715-995-3Cassidy RyanTruth and Beauty
  ''978-0-85715-996-0Jambrea Jo JonesBen: Volume 2
2012978-0-85715-997-7Justine ElyotHighly Strung: Volume 1
  ''978-0-85715-998-4Scarlett ParrishDark Adapted Eyes
  ''978-0-85715-999-1Jan IrvingLightning Strikes Vol 1: Volume 1