Josef Weinberger Plays

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-0-85676-027-3Jack Roffey · Ronald KinnochJustice is a Woman
2002978-0-85676-038-9Raymond DyerTime Murderer Please
  ''978-0-85676-053-2John ChapmanDry Rot
  ''978-0-85676-054-9Peter UstinovRomanoff and Juliet
  ''978-0-85676-060-0Leslie SandsCat's Cradle
2006978-0-85676-091-4Lillian HellmanThe The Little Foxes: Little Foxes Playtext
2002978-0-85676-104-1Edward Percy · Reginald DenhamLadies in Retirement
2003978-0-85676-105-8Peter GordonMurdered to Death (Revised Edition)
1998978-0-85676-122-5Joseph KesselringArsenic and Old Lace
2002978-0-85676-132-4John Godber · Jane Thornton"Bouncers" and "Shakers"
  ''978-0-85676-137-9Mary ChaseHarvey
2002978-0-85676-146-1Lucy GannonKeeping Tom Nice
  ''978-0-85676-148-5Miles TredinnickIt's Now or Never!
2007978-0-85676-153-9John SteinbeckOf Mice and Men: Playscript
2002978-0-85676-159-1Peter WhelanThe School of Night
  ''978-0-85676-161-4Billy RocheAmphibians
  ''978-0-85676-163-8Debbie IsittThe Woman Who Cooked Her Husband
  ''978-0-85676-166-9John Godber · Jane ThorntonShakers (Re-stirred)
2002978-0-85676-170-6Andrew CullenSelf Catering (A Short History of the World)
1993978-0-85676-172-0John Godber · Jane ThorntonBouncers (1990's Remix)
2002978-0-85676-174-4John Chapman · Ray CooneyNot Now Darling
1971978-0-85676-175-1Ray Cooney · Tony HiltonBang Bang Beirut
2002978-0-85676-188-1Ray Cooney · John ChapmanMove Over Mrs.Markham
  ''978-0-85676-202-4   ''There Goes the Bride (Guild library)
  ''978-0-85676-213-0Debbie IsittNasty Neighbours
2008978-0-85676-214-7   ''Matilda Liar
1996978-0-85676-216-1John Godber · Jane Thornton · Bram StokerDracula: Play
  ''978-0-85676-223-9Peter WhelanThe Herbal Bed
2002978-0-85676-226-0Peter WebsterDick Turpin
1998978-0-85676-232-1Caryl Brahms · Ned SherrinThe Mitford Girls
2002978-0-85676-239-0Marcus LloydDead Certain
  ''978-0-85676-243-7Peter GordonSecondary Cause of Death
2002978-0-85676-251-2Chris Harris · Chris DenysCinderella: Pantomime (Josef Weinberger pantomimes)
2003978-0-85676-269-7Gordon SteelStuds
  ''978-0-85676-271-0Mick MartinOnce Upon a Time in Wigan (Josef Weinberger plays)
2006978-0-85676-284-0Adam Long · Reed Martin · Austin TichenorThe Complete History of America
  ''978-0-85676-291-8Esther Wilson · John Fay · Tony Green · Lizzie NunneryUnprotected
  ''978-0-85676-292-5Peter GordonDeath by Fatal Murder