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1970978-0-85564-043-9George SeddonSwan River landscapes
1974978-0-85564-045-3J. S. Beard · M. J. WebbVeg Sur West Aust Sandy (Vegetation Survey of Western Australia)
1972978-0-85564-061-3Geoffrey Curgenven BoltonA Fine Country to Starve In
1975978-0-85564-089-7John Stewart BeardVeg Sur West Aust Nullar
1979978-0-85564-091-0J. S. Beard · John Stanley BeardVeg Sur West Aust Kimber (Vegetation Survey of Western Australia)
1975978-0-85564-092-7J. S. BeardVeg Sur West Aust Pilbar (Vegetation Survey of Western Australia)
1977978-0-85564-093-4J. S. Beard · John Stanley BeardVeg Sur West Aust Murchi (Vegetation Survey of Western Australia)
1981978-0-85564-094-1J. S. BeardVeg Sur West Aust Swan (Vegetation Survey of Western Australia. 1: 1,000,000 Vegetat)
1975978-0-85564-112-2Alex KerrAustralia's north-west
1977978-0-85564-117-7Harcourt G. C.Theoretical Controversy and Social Significance (Edward Shann Memorial Lecture in Economics Ser)
1978978-0-85564-123-8Merab TaumanChief, The, C.Y.O'Connor
  ''978-0-85564-130-6Ian Andrew ElliotMoondyne Joe: The Man and the Myth
  ''978-0-85564-135-1Peter CowanUnique Position
  ''978-0-85564-136-8James Sykes BattyeWestern Australia: A history from its discovery to the inauguration of the Commonwealth (Historical reprint series)
  ''978-0-85564-137-5George Fletcher MooreDiary of ten years eventful life of an early settler in Western Australia, and also A descriptive vocabulary of the language of the Aborigines (Historical reprint series)
1999978-0-85564-138-2E. O. G. ShannCattle Chosen (Institute of Physics Conference Series)
1979978-0-85564-145-0Ronald M. Berndt · Catherine H. BerndtAborigines of the West: Their past and their present (Sesquicentenary celebrations series)
1980978-0-85564-146-7Reginald T. Appleyard · Toby ManfordBeginning - Paper (Sesquicentenary Celebrations)
1979978-0-85564-147-4W.D. NealEducation in Western Australia (Sesquicentenary celebrations series)
1979978-0-85564-148-1Brian J. O'BrienEnvironment and Science (Sesquicentenary celebrations series)
  ''978-0-85564-149-8R. Pervan · Campbell SharmanEssays on Western Australian politics (Sesquicentenary celebration series)
1981978-0-85564-150-4Peter FirkinsA History of Commerce and Industry in Western Australia (Sesquicentenary Celebrations Series)
1978978-0-85564-151-1Ruth JohnstonImmigrants in Western Australia (Sesquicentenary celebrations series)
1979978-0-85564-152-8Bruce BennettLiterature of West Austr (Sesquicentenary Celebrations Series)
  ''978-0-85564-153-5Rex T. PriderMining in Western Australia (Sesquicentenary celebrations series)
  ''978-0-85564-154-2G.H. BurvillAgriculture in Western Australia: 150 years of development and achievement, 1829-1979 (Sesquicentenary Celebrations Series)
  ''978-0-85564-155-9J. GentilliWestern landscapes (Sesquicentenary celebrations series)
1979978-0-85564-156-6J. White · M.P. MorisonWestern towns and buildings (Sesquicentenary celebrations series)
  ''978-0-85564-157-3Lyall HuntWestralian portraits (Sesquicentenary celebrations series)
1980978-0-85564-160-3William Edward BlackallHow Know W Aust Wildf 3A (Pt. 3A)
1979978-0-85564-162-7Rica EricksonDictionary of Western Australians: 1850-68 v. 2
1981978-0-85564-163-4Rica EricksonFree, 1850 to 1868
  ''978-0-85564-165-8Wendy BirmanGregory of Rainworth: A Man in His Time
  ''978-0-85564-170-2C.T. StannageA New history of Western Australia
1980978-0-85564-173-3Ray OldhamWestern Heritage Vol 2
  ''978-0-85564-176-4Graeme HendersonUnfinished Voyages: Western Australian Shipwrecks, 1622-1850
1981978-0-85564-181-8C. T. StannageA New History of Western Australia
1981978-0-85564-186-3Alex {Ed.} KerrTHE INDIAN OCEAN REGION. Resources and Development.
1982978-0-85564-214-3G. S. Reid · M. R. OliverPremiers of West Aust
1983978-0-85564-223-5Rica EricksonThe Brand on his coat: Biographies of some Western Australian convicts
1984978-0-85564-228-0J. S. Pate · J. S. BeardKwongan: Plant Life of the Sandplain- Biology of a South-West Australian Shrubland Ecosystem
1985978-0-85564-232-7C. J. Wortham · Christopher MarloweDr Faustus: the A-text
  ''978-0-85564-239-6Ken SpillmanIdentity Prized - Cloth
1988978-0-85564-253-2Allen LowrieCarnivorous Plants of Australia, Vol. 1
1987978-0-85564-254-9Allen LowrieCarnivorous Plants of Australia, Vol. 1
1989978-0-85564-258-7Michael J. BourkeOn the Swan: History of the Swan District, Western Australia
1988978-0-85564-259-4Ron Van DelftBirding Sites Around Per
1986978-0-85564-267-9Fay ZwickyLyre in the Pawn Shop
1988978-0-85564-270-9Rica EricksonBicentennial Dict Wa 0 (v. 1)
1999978-0-85564-273-0   ''Bicentennial Dict Wa 1 (v. 2)
1987978-0-85564-279-2Philip E. BlondTribute to Group Settlrs (Staples South West Region Publication Series)
1988978-0-85564-280-8Anna HaebichFor their own good: Aborigines and government in the southwest of Western Australia, 1900-1940
1995978-0-85564-283-9Brian De GarisCampus in the Community
1988978-0-85564-287-7Anne AtkinsonAsian Immigrants to Western Australia, 1829-1901: The Bicentennial Dictionary of Western Australians, Volume 5
1994978-0-85564-294-5Neville GreenBicentennial Dict Wa 5 (v. 6)
  ''978-0-85564-295-2Neville GreenBicentennial Dict Wa 6 (v. 7)
1999978-0-85564-296-9Sylvia Hallam · Lois TilbrookBicentennial Dictionary of Western Australians Vol. III (v. 8)
1990978-0-85564-299-0Allen LowrieCarnivorous Plants of Australia, Vol. 2
1989978-0-85564-300-3   ''Carnivorous Plants of Australia, Vol. 2

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