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1989978-0-85496-016-3Susan BassnettMagdalena: International Women's Experimental Theatre
1972978-0-85496-046-0J. M. RitchieGottfried Benn: The Unreconstructed Expressionist (Modern German Authors)
1974978-0-85496-051-4R.W. LastErich Kaestner (Modern German Authors)
1984978-0-85496-085-9Klaus MannThe Turning Point: Thirty-five Years in This Century - The Autobiography of Klaus Mann
1970978-0-85496-119-1Hans RothfelsThe German Opposition to Hitler (German history series)
1972978-0-85496-123-8Helmut HeiberAdolf Hitler: A Short Biography (German history series)
1973978-0-85496-133-7Edgar FeuchtwangerUpheaval and Continuity: Century of German History
1992978-0-85496-146-7Gerhard HirschfeldNazi Rule and Dutch Collaboration: Netherlands Under German Occupation, 1940-45
1988978-0-85496-150-4Paul RogersGuide to Nuclear Weapons 1988-89 (Bradford Peace Studies Papers)
1987978-0-85496-156-6UNESCOWorld Directory of Peace Research and Training Institutions
1992978-0-85496-161-0Ronald SmelserRobert Ley: Hitler's Labour Front Leader
1988978-0-85496-165-8J. P. LittleSimone Weil: Waiting on Truth (Berg Women's)
1989978-0-85496-174-0John GuthrieAnnette Von Droste-Hulshoff: A German Poet Between Romanticism and Realism (Berg Women's)
  ''978-0-85496-182-5Richard AbrahamRosa Luxemburg: A Life for the International (Berg Women's)
1992978-0-85496-212-9Volker R. Berghahn · Marion BerghahnContinental Britons: German-Jewish Refugees from Nazi Germany
1988978-0-85496-222-8Ezra Ben-GersholmDavid: Testimony of a Young German-Jewish Survivor of the Third Reich
1992978-0-85496-228-0Georg G. Iggers · B. LittleMarxist Historiography: New Orientations in Recent East German History
1993978-0-85496-243-3Sandra FriedenGender and German Cinema - Vol I: Feminist Interventions: Gender and Representation in New German Cinema v. 1 (Gender & German Cinema)
1992978-0-85496-246-4Robert PorterFour Contemporary Russian Writers
1997978-0-85496-247-1J. MellisPolitics, Society and Government in the German Democratic Republic: Basic Documents
1990978-0-85496-275-4Gregor SchlgenEscape into War: The Foreign Policy of Imperial Germany (German Historical Perspectives)
1996978-0-85496-282-2Victor TurnerSchism and Continuity in an African Society: A Study of Ndembu Village Life (Classic Reprint Series)
1990978-0-85496-307-2Roy BridgeHapsburg Monarchy Among the Great Powers, 1815-1918
1991978-0-85496-313-3R. H. Robins · E.M. UhlenbeckEndangered Languages (Diogenes library)
1993978-0-85496-315-7John MilfullWhy Germany?: National Socialist Anti-Semitism and the European Context
1992978-0-85496-333-1Stéphane Audoin-RouzeauMen at War 1914-1918: National Sentiment and Trench Journalism in France During the First World War (Legacy of the Great War)
1993978-0-85496-338-6Alun KenwoodThe Spanish Civil War: A Cultural and Historical Reader (Berg European Studies Series)
1992978-0-85496-348-5Thomas C. PattersonThe Inca Empire: The Formation and Disintegration of a Pre-capitalist State (Explorations in Anthropology)
1993978-0-85496-350-8Michael WalaMarshall Plan by Allen W. Dulles
1992978-0-85496-357-7Dan Shapiro · Michael Cabot HaleyThe Peirce Seminar Papers: v. 1, 1993: 3rd Summer Seminar: The Annual of Semiotic Analysis
1993978-0-85496-373-7Barbara BenderLandscape: Politics and Perspectives (Explorations in Anthropology)
1996978-0-85496-376-8Linda J. Ellanna & Ernest S. BurchKey Issues in Hunter-Gatherer Research (Explorations in Anthropology)
2002978-0-85496-378-2James W. Brown & Lawrence D. StokesSilence of the Sea / Le Silence de la Mer: A Novel of French Resistance During the Second World War by 'vercors'
1992978-0-85496-379-9Edward Moore · Richard RobinFrom Time and Chance to Consciousness: Studies in the Metaphysics of Charles Pierce
1993978-0-85496-390-4Eugen Rosenstock-HuessyOut of Revolution: Autobiography of Western Man
  ''978-0-85496-400-0Eugen Rosenstock-HuessyOut of Revolution: Autobiography of Western Man
1976978-0-85496-403-1David ReynoldsWeber in London, 1826
1987978-0-85496-509-0Martin BroszatHitler and the Collapse of Weimar Germany
1989978-0-85496-513-7Thomas Geyer · Dietrich GeyerThe Russian Revolution
1987978-0-85496-517-5Martin Broszat · Joan Bestard-Camps · M. BroszatHitler and the Collapse of Weimar Germany
1988978-0-85496-538-0Arthur SchopenhauerSchopenhauer: Manuscript Remains (V1): Early Manuscripts (1804-1818): Early Manuscripts (184-1818) v. 1
  ''978-0-85496-539-7Arthur Schopenhauer · P. F. PayneManuscript Remains, Volume II: Critical Debates (189-1818): Critical Debates (1809-1818): Critical Debates (189-1818) v. 2
1989978-0-85496-540-3Arthur SchopenhauerManuscript Remains in Four Volumes, Volume III: Berlin Manuscripts (1818-1830)
1988978-0-85496-541-0   ''Manuscript Remains, Volume VI: The Manuscript Books of 183-1852 and Last Manuscripts: The Manuscript Books of 1830-1852 and Last Manuscripts: Manuscript Books of 183-1852 and Last Manuscripts v. 4
1991978-0-85496-581-6G. A. LewisFascism and the Working Class in Austria, 1918-1934: The Failure of Labour in the First Republic
  ''978-0-85496-584-7David WilliamsonThe British in Germany, 1918-1930: The Reluctant Occupiers
1991978-0-85496-594-6T. WoodhousePeacemaking in a Troubled World
1992978-0-85496-638-7Michael HerzfeldThe Social Production of Indifference: Exploring the Symbolic Roots of Western Bureaucracy (Global Issues)
1990978-0-85496-648-6Maria I. Diedrich · Dorothea Fischer-Hornung · Dorothea FischerhornungWomen and War: The Changing Status of American Women from the 1930's to the 1950's
1991978-0-85496-653-0Arden BucholzMoltke, Schlieffen and Prussian War Planning
1992978-0-85496-673-8Stephane Audoin-RouzeauMen at War, 1914-1918: National Sentiment and Trench Journalism in France During the First World War (Legacy of the Great War)
  ''978-0-85496-684-4R. Fritsch-BournazelEurope and German Unification
1990978-0-85496-685-1Ute FrevertWomen in German History: From Bourgeois Emancipation to Sexual Liberation
  ''978-0-85496-687-5Walter PehleNovember 1938: From 'Kristallnacht' to Genocide: From "Reichskristallnacht" to Genocide
1992978-0-85496-695-0Klaus ReinhardtMoscow - The Turning Point?: The Failure of Hitler's Strategy in the Winter of 1941-42 (Studies in Military History)
  ''978-0-85496-697-4Horst Boog · Karl B. KeenanThe Conduct of the Air War in The Second World War: an International Comparison (Studies in Military History)
1991978-0-85496-698-1Brian MorrisWestern Conceptions of the Individual
1989978-0-85496-705-6Dick GearyLabour and Socialist Movements in Europe before 1914
1992978-0-85496-731-5Maire Cross & Tim GrayThe Feminism of Flora Tristan
1988978-0-85496-734-6David Riches & James Woodburn Tim IngoldHunters and Gatherers (Vol I): History, Evolution and Social Change v. 1 (Explorations in Anthropology)
  ''978-0-85496-735-3   ''Hunters and Gatherers (Vol II): Property, Power and Ideology v. 2 (Explorations in Anthropology)
1992978-0-85496-744-5Shirley ArdenerPersons and Powers of Women in Diverse Cultures: Essays in Honour of Audrey I.Richards, Phyllis M.Kaberry and Barbara B.Ward (Cross-cultural Perspectives on Women)
1992978-0-85496-746-9Guy LanoueBrothers: The Politics of Violence Among the Sekani of Northern British Columbia (Explorations in Anthropology)
1993978-0-85496-756-8Stephen NugentAmazonian Caboclo Society: An Essay on Invisibility and Peasant Economy (Explorations in Anthropology)
  ''978-0-85496-770-4Patrick Fridenson · Bruce LittleThe French Home Front, 1914-1918 (Legacy of the Great War)
1992978-0-85496-814-5Vanessa A. MaherAnthropology of Breast-Feeding: Natural Law or Social Construct (Cross-cultural Perspectives on Women)
1993978-0-85496-816-9Ian R. ChristieThe Benthams in Russia, 1780-91 (Anglo-Russian Affinities)
1994978-0-85496-830-5Frank EllisVasiliy Grossman: The Genesis and Evolution of a Russian Heretic
  ''978-0-85496-836-7Camillia Fawzi El-Solh & Judy MabroMuslim Women's Choices: Religious Belief and Social Reality (Cross-cultural Perspectives on Women)
1988978-0-85496-854-1Jadran MimicaIntimations of Infinity: The Cultural Meanings of the Iqwaye Counting and Number Systems (Explorations in Anthropology)
1993978-0-85496-865-7Ruth Barnes · Joanne B. Eicher · R. BarnesDress and Gender: Making and Meaning (Cross-cultural Perspectives on Women)
1996978-0-85496-869-5Gina BuijsMigrant Women: Crossing Boundaries and Changing Identities (Cross-cultural Perspectives on Women)
1993978-0-85496-888-6Sharon MacDonaldInside European Identities: Ethnography in Western Europe (Ethnicity and Identity Series)
2001978-0-85496-890-9Alfred GellThe Anthropology of Time: Cultural Constructions of Temporal Maps and Images (Explorations in Anthropology)
1995978-0-85496-891-6Shakespeare Lit 19c Russia
1994978-0-85496-893-0Tom CheesmanThe Shocking Ballad Picture Show: German Popular Literature and Cultural History
1996978-0-85496-904-3Victoria Ana GoddardThe Anthropology of Europe: Identities and Boundaries in Conflict (Explorations in Anthropology)
1994978-0-85496-906-7Christophe CharleA Social History of France in the 19th Century
  ''978-0-85496-913-5Charle Christophe · Matthew JefferiesA Social History of France in the 19th Century
1995978-0-85496-925-8Gino Bedani · Pat Caplan · P. CaplanUnderstanding Disputes: The Politics of Argument (Explorations in Anthropology)
1994978-0-85496-988-3David E. CartwrightOn Vision and Colors by Arthur Schopenhauer
1992978-0-85496-999-9Arthur Schopenhauer · David Edgar CartwrightOn the Will in Nature: A Discussion of the Corroborations from the Empirical Sciences That the Author's Philosophy Has Received Since Its First Appearance