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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1969978-0-85487-001-1White EagleSpiritual Unfoldment: v. 2
1968978-0-85487-002-8White EagleThe Gentle Brother
1967978-0-85487-004-2   ''Wisdom from White Eagle
1955978-0-85487-011-0Grace CookeMeditation
1961978-0-85487-012-7White EagleSpiritual Unfoldment
1962978-0-85487-015-8   ''Heal Thyself
1958978-0-85487-016-5   ''Sunrise (Living in the light)
  ''978-0-85487-017-2   ''Golden Harvest (Your journey in the light)
1957978-0-85487-018-9White EagleMorning Light (Living in the light)
1972978-0-85487-020-2   ''The Path of the Soul: The Great Initiations
1979978-0-85487-043-1Joan HodgsonWhy on Earth?: Introduction to the Ancient Wisdom Through White Eagle's Teaching
  ''978-0-85487-044-8White EagleThe Living Word of St.John: White Eagle's Interpretation of the Gospel
2000978-0-85487-046-2Joan HodgsonAstrology The Sacred Science: A Spiritual Perspective
1981978-0-85487-049-3White EagleThe Still Voice: Book of Meditation
1982978-0-85487-055-4   ''The Way of the Sun: White Eagle's Teaching for the Festivals of the Year
1983978-0-85487-058-5Grace CookeThe Illumined Ones
1985978-0-85487-065-3White EagleJesus, Teacher and Healer
  ''978-0-85487-068-4Grace CookeThe New Mediumship
1987978-0-85487-075-2White EagleSpiritual Unfoldment: The Way to the Inner Mysteries v. 3
1988978-0-85487-078-3   ''Spiritual Unfoldment: The Path to the Light v. 4
2000978-0-85487-081-3Joan HodgsonPlanetary Harmonies: An Astrological Book of Meditation
1990978-0-85487-082-0   ''The Stars and the Chakras
1999978-0-85487-088-2White EagleBeautiful Road Home :: Living in the Knowledge That You Are Spirit
1998978-0-85487-100-1Joan HodgsonThe Stars and the Chakras: The Astrology of Spiritual Unfoldment
1997978-0-85487-101-8White EagleThe Path of the Soul: Initiations into the Higher Wisdom
1999978-0-85487-104-9White EagleThe Quiet Mind: Sayings of White Eagle
1998978-0-85487-105-6   ''Prayer in the New Age: Prayers and Affirmations of White Eagle
1999978-0-85487-106-3   ''Golden Harvest: How to Transform Your Life Through Love (Your Journey in the Light S.)
  ''978-0-85487-107-0   ''Heal Thyself: The Key to Spiritual Healing and Health in Mind and Body (Your Journey in the Light S.)
  ''978-0-85487-109-4   ''Walking with the Angels
2000978-0-85487-110-0Grace CookeMeditation
1999978-0-85487-112-4White EagleGentle Brother: White Eagle's Words to All on the Spiritual Path (Your Journey in the Light S.)
2003978-0-85487-114-8White EagleSunrise: In love there is no separation (Your Journey in the Light S.)
2001978-0-85487-116-2   ''Light Bringer: The Ray of John and the Age of Intuition
2000978-0-85487-117-9   ''Source Of All Our Strength Hb :
  ''978-0-85487-118-6   ''Book Of Star Light :: Creative Remembering
  ''978-0-85487-122-3   ''Jesus Teacher And Healer :: From White Eagle's Teaching
2001978-0-85487-123-0White EagleLiving Word Of St. John: White Eagle's Interpretation of the Gospel
2000978-0-85487-124-7Jenny BeekenYoga of the Heart: A White Eagle Book of Yoga
2001978-0-85487-125-4White EagleSpiritual Unfoldment 1: How to Discover the Invisible Worlds and Find the Source of Healing
  ''978-0-85487-126-1   ''Spiritual Unfoldment 2: The Ministry of Angels and the Invisible Worlds of Nature: v. 2
  ''978-0-85487-127-8   ''Spiritual Unfoldment 3: The Way to the Inner Mysteries
2003978-0-85487-144-5   ''Prayer Mindfulness And Inner Change :
2004978-0-85487-149-0   ''White Eagle On Festivals And Celebrations :
2003978-0-85487-150-6White EagleWhite Eagle on The Great Spirit (White Eagle On...Series.)
  ''978-0-85487-151-3   ''Spiritual Unfoldment 4: The Path to the Light: The Path of the Light
2004978-0-85487-153-7   ''White Eagle On Divine Mother: The Feminine and the Mysteries
  ''978-0-85487-154-4Jenny BeekenWhite Eagle on the Intuition and Initiation (White Eagle
2005978-0-85487-158-2White EagleWhite Eagle On Living In Harmony With The Spirit :
  ''978-0-85487-159-9Joan HodgsonWisdom In The Stars: A New Edition of a Classic Account of the Twelve Star Signs: A Classic Account of the Twelve Sun Signs
  ''978-0-85487-162-9White EagleFirst Steps On A Spiritual Path: White Eagle's Introduction to the Inner Wisdom: Inner Truths from White Eagle
2005978-0-85487-163-6White EagleWhite Eagle's Little Book Of Healing Comfort :
  ''978-0-85487-164-3   ''Quiet Mind: Sayings of White Eagle
2009978-0-85487-170-4   ''Further Steps On A Spiritual Path: Wisdom from White Eagle
2006978-0-85487-172-8White EagleWhite Eagle On Reincarnation :
  ''978-0-85487-173-5   ''Still Voice Hb: A White Eagle Book of Meditation
  ''978-0-85487-176-6   ''Quiet Mind: Sayings of White Eagle
2007978-0-85487-183-4   ''Initiations On The Path Of The Soul: Initiations into the Higher Wisdom
  ''978-0-85487-184-1   ''Seeking Serenity: Finding Freedom from Fear
2007978-0-85487-185-8White EaglePractising Peace: Words of Wisdom to All on the Spiritual Path (White Eagle)
  ''978-0-85487-186-5   ''Living With Love: How to Transform your Life through Love (White Eagle)
2009978-0-85487-207-7   ''Healing The World: Heal Thyself 2
2010978-0-85487-208-4   ''White Eagle's Little Book of Angels
  ''978-0-85487-214-5   ''Earth Healer: Use Your Own Spirituality in the Service of the Planet
2010978-0-85487-217-6White EagleLiving Word of St. John: White Eagle's Interpretation of the Gospel
2011978-0-85487-219-0   ''Best Of White Eagle: Wise Words From a Spiritual Teacher