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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1994978-0-85449-012-7James PurdyI am Elijah Thrush (Gay Modern Classics S.)
  ''978-0-85449-019-6Agustin Gomez-ArcosCarnivorous Lamb
  ''978-0-85449-020-2Michael NelsonA Room in a Chelsea Square (Gay Modern Classics S.)
  ''978-0-85449-022-6Francis KingThe Man on the Rock
1986978-0-85449-026-4Michael Elliman · Frederick RollThe Pink Plaque Guide to London
1994978-0-85449-035-6Chris HuntStreet Lavender
1986978-0-85449-042-4Michael BakerOur Three Selves: Life of Radclyffe Hall
1988978-0-85449-063-9A. T. FitzroyDespised and Rejected (Gay Modern Classics S.)
1987978-0-85449-064-6Anno WilmsLindsay Kemp and Company
  ''978-0-85449-066-0Chris HuntMignon
1998978-0-85449-068-4Emmanuel CooperThe Life and Work of Henry Scott Tuke
1987978-0-85449-069-1Henry Scott TukeThe Life and Work of Henry Scott Tuke
1994978-0-85449-079-0Marc AlmondThe Angel of Death in the Adonis Lounge
1994978-0-85449-081-3Rohase PiercyMy Dearest Holmes
  ''978-0-85449-088-2Jeremy BeadleDeath Scene
  ''978-0-85449-090-5Simon ShepherdBecause We're Queers: the Life and Crimes of Kenneth Halliwell and Joe Orton
  ''978-0-85449-098-1Richie McMullenEnchanted Boy: v.1: Vol 1
1989978-0-85449-104-9Chris HuntThornapple
  ''978-0-85449-107-0Stephen GrayBorn of Man
1994978-0-85449-115-5Tsuneo Watanabe · Junichi IwataThe Love of the Samurai - a thousand years of Japanese homosexuality
1996978-0-85449-116-2Mike SeabrookUnnatural Relations
1990978-0-85449-131-5Will AitkenTerre Haute
1996978-0-85449-132-2Christopher BramHold Tight
1994978-0-85449-134-6Richie McMullenEnchanted Youth (Gay Men's Press Collection)
1994978-0-85449-136-0Chris HuntN for Narcissus
  ''978-0-85449-150-6Della GraceLove Bites
1991978-0-85449-151-3Yves ParadisJoie de Vivre
  ''978-0-85449-154-4Tony DuvertWhen Jonathan Died
1994978-0-85449-159-9Philip Graham · Stephen Boyd · Keith Vaughan · Edward Lucie-SmithKeith Vaughan 1912-1917: Drawings of the Young Male
1991978-0-85449-161-2Chris NelsonThe Bear Cult
  ''978-0-85449-167-4Blair NilesStrange Brother (Gay modern classics)
1994978-0-85449-172-8Patrick AngusStrip Show: Paintings by Patrick Angus
  ''978-0-85449-173-5Michael HuhnPhotos
1994978-0-85449-174-2Crawford BartonDays of Hope: 70's Gay San Francisco
1992978-0-85449-177-3Mike SeabrookOut of Bounds
1994978-0-85449-178-0Raphael LevDancing on Tisha B'av
1992978-0-85449-188-9Rictor NortonMother Clap's Molly House: Gay Subculture in England, 1700-1830
1996978-0-85449-195-7Mandy McCartinFrom the Street: Paintings by Mandy McCartin
  ''978-0-85449-202-2Andre GouldA Summer's Exile
1994978-0-85449-205-3Wayne KoestenbaumThe Queen's Throat: Opera, Homosexuality and the Mystery of Desire
  ''978-0-85449-208-4Al ClarkeLondon Scene: The Gay Man's Guide (Gay City Guide)
1993978-0-85449-214-5Charles Silverstein · Felice PicanoThe New Joy of Gay Sex
1994978-0-85449-215-2Lewis GannettThe Living One
1995978-0-85449-221-3Chris HuntThe Bisley Boy
1996978-0-85449-227-5Mel KeeganStorm Tide
  ''978-0-85449-233-6Richard ZimlerUnholy Ghosts
  ''978-0-85449-237-4Rudi van DantzigFor a Lost Soldier
1997978-0-85449-241-1Joseph Geraci · Vern BulloughDares to Speak: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Boy-Love
1997978-0-85449-242-8Mike SeabrookFull Circle
  ''978-0-85449-243-5Chris HuntDuval's Gold
  ''978-0-85449-258-9John ValentinePuppies (Gay Men's Press Collection)
1998978-0-85449-259-6Michael DavidsonSome Boys (Gay Men's Press Collection)
  ''978-0-85449-261-9Jack RobinsonTeardrops on My Drum (Gay Men's Press Collection)
  ''978-0-85449-262-6Chris HuntGaveston (Gay Men's Press Collection)
1998978-0-85449-263-3Louis CromptonByron and Greek Love: Homophobia in 19th-century England (Bibliothek S.)
1997978-0-85449-270-1Heinz HegerMen with the Pink Triangle (Bibliothek S.)
1998978-0-85449-273-2Yves ParadisJoie de Vivre
  ''978-0-85449-274-9Simon RavenThe Feathers of Death
  ''978-0-85449-278-7Robert RhodesNon-stop Neurotic Cabaret
1999978-0-85449-280-0Paul MonetteHalfway Home
  ''978-0-85449-281-7Peter RydeA Good Start, Considering
  ''978-0-85449-283-1Chris HuntThe Honey and the Sting
1998978-0-85449-288-6Steph GorkllNubile Nostalgia: Teenage Wasteland - Photos of the Male Nude
1999978-0-85449-289-3Mike BodshotzStripper: Photos of Aussie Lads
2000978-0-85449-294-7Fred Kovert · David ChapmanHollywood Nudes