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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1968978-0-85429-018-5H.G. ConwayGrand Prix Bugatti
1972978-0-85429-117-5R. W. Douglas · Susan FrankHistory of Glass Making
1971978-0-85429-123-6Lettice CurtisForgotten Pilots: Story of the Air Transport Auxiliary, 1939-45
  ''978-0-85429-128-1Peter BrowningWorks Minis: Illustrated History of the Works-entered Minis in International Rallies and Races
  ''978-0-85429-132-8Prince Chula Chakrabongse of SiamWheels at Speed (Motoring Classics)
1974978-0-85429-135-9Hans Tanner · Doug NyeFerrari
1973978-0-85429-143-4William Edward MayA History of Marine Navigation
  ''978-0-85429-145-8Douglas H. RobinsonGiants in the Sky: History of the Rigid Airship
1972978-0-85429-151-9S.V. HaddletonRiley Maintenance Manual 1930-56
1973978-0-85429-156-4David Marshall · Ian FraserBritish Leyland Minis: Maintenance, Tuning and Modification
1974978-0-85429-158-8H.G. ConwayBugatti: Le Pur-sang des Automobiles
1990978-0-85429-164-9Jeff ClewThe Scott Motorcycle: The Yowling Two-stroke
1976978-0-85429-166-3Paul SkilleterJaguar Sports Cars
1977978-0-85429-171-7Richard Von Frankenberg · Michael CottonPorsche: Double World Champions, 1900-77
  ''978-0-85429-181-6Harry V. SucherThe Iron Redskin: History of the Indian Motor Cycle (Foulis Motorcycling Book)
1976978-0-85429-184-7L.J.K. SetrightTurbocharging and Supercharging for Maximum Power and Torque
1976978-0-85429-207-3David OwenVIVA! Alfa Romeo (A Foulis Motoring Book)
1977978-0-85429-217-2Ian BeattieThe Complete Book of Automobile Body Design
1980978-0-85429-263-9Paul SkilleterJaguar Saloon Cars
1981978-0-85429-275-2A. Graham BellPerformance Tuning in Theory and Practice: Four Strokes (A Foulis book)
1979978-0-85429-278-3Peter BrowningThe Works Minis: Illustrated History of the Works-entered Minis in International Rallies and Races (A Foulis motoring book)
1983978-0-85429-302-5Richard Crump · Rob De La Rive Box · Rob de la Rive BoxMaserati: Sports, Racing and GT Cars from 1926 (A Foulis motoring book)
1982978-0-85429-303-2Lindsay PorterMGB - Guide to Purchase and DIY Restoration (A Foulis motoring book)
  ''978-0-85429-311-7Chris HarveyPorsche 911 Carrera (Super Profile S.)
  ''978-0-85429-321-6Mike LangGrand Prix: 1966-73 v. 2: Race by Race Account of Formula 1 World Championship Motor Racing (A Foulis motoring book)
1983978-0-85429-322-3Chris HarveyPorsche: The Complete Story (A Foulis motoring book)
  ''978-0-85429-332-2John AllenFord GT40 Super Profile
  ''978-0-85429-336-0Lindsay PorterMG Midget and Austin-Healey Sprite: Guide to Purchase and DIY Restoration (A Foulis motoring book)
1983978-0-85429-339-1Christopher ChantB-29 Superfortress (Super Profile S.)
  ''978-0-85429-342-1James TaylorTriumph Stag (Super Profile S.)
1984978-0-85429-350-6Hans Tanner · Doug NyeFerrari (A Foulis motoring book)
1985978-0-85429-373-5Lindsay PorterThe Car Bodywork Repair Manual: A Do-it-yourself Guide to Car Bodywork Repair, Renovations and Painting (A Foulis motoring book)
1984978-0-85429-379-7   ''Mini - All Models: Guide to Purchase & DIY Restoration
1983978-0-85429-380-3Mike LangGrand Prix: 1977-80 v. 3: Race by Race Account of Formula 1 World Championship Motor Racing
1985978-0-85429-414-5David VizardTuning British Leyland's 'A' Series Engine (A Foulis motoring book)
1983978-0-85429-415-2Barry ColemanCorvette
1984978-0-85429-423-7Michael F. JerramP-51 Mustang (Super Profile)
1985978-0-85429-425-1Rivers FletcherMG Past and Present (A Foulis motoring book)
1984978-0-85429-441-1Sal IncandelaAnatomy and Development of the Formula One Racing Car from 1975
1986978-0-85429-443-5Gregory Houston BowdenMorgan: First and Last of the Real Sports Cars
1984978-0-85429-445-9Graham RobsonMini Cooper and Cooper S (Super Profile S.)
1985978-0-85429-447-3Chris ChantGrumman F8F Bearcat (Super Profile S.)
  ''978-0-85429-458-9Jeff ClewJ. A. P.: Vintage Years (A Foulis motorcycling book)
  ''978-0-85429-471-8Michael AllenBritish Family Cars of the Fifties (A Foulis motoring book)
2012978-0-85429-472-5RadcoThe Vintage Motorcyclists' Workshop (Re-issue) (Foulis Motorcycling Book)
1994978-0-85429-474-9Lindsay PorterGuide to Purchase & DIY Restoration VW Beetle & Transporter
1987978-0-85429-482-4Terry ColeOne Thousand Pound Racing Car: Building a Competition Car on a Small Budget
1986978-0-85429-488-6James MorrisDatsun Z: 240Z, 260Z and 280Z (Super Profile S.)
  ''978-0-85429-490-9Annette CarsonFlight Fantastic: Illustrated History of Aerobatics (A Foulis aviation book)
1986978-0-85429-495-4John AllenPorsche 917 (Super Profile S.)
1989978-0-85429-533-3Bob AckersonJeep: The Fifty Year History
1990978-0-85429-557-9Bryan PurvesThe Austin Seven Source Book (Foulis Motoring Book)
1987978-0-85429-576-0Nathan BeehlFerrari Dino 246GT (Super Profile S.)
1989978-0-85429-580-7Philip PorterJaguar E-Type: the definitive history
  ''978-0-85429-600-2Melvyn SmithSpace Shuttle - Us Winged Spacecraft: X15 to Orbiter (New Edition)
1987978-0-85429-605-7Ian BamseyPorsche 917: The Ultimate Weapon
1989978-0-85429-606-4Anthony S. HealSunbeam Racing Cars, 1910-30
1988978-0-85429-611-8Jeff ClewJ. A. P.: End of an Era (A Foulis motorcycling book)
  ''978-0-85429-612-5Michael G. TaylorJensen Interceptor (Foulis Motoring Book)
  ''978-0-85429-617-0Ian Bamsey1000 BHP Grand Prix Cars (A Foulis motoring book)
1987978-0-85429-635-4Enzo Angelucci · Peter M. BowersAmerican Fighter: The Definitive Guide to American Fighter Aircraft from 1917 to the Present
1989978-0-85429-639-2Clive BrooksAtlantic Queens (A Foulis boating book)
  ''978-0-85429-643-9Michael AllenBritish Family Cars of the Early Sixties
1988978-0-85429-645-3Allan StaniforthCompetition Car Suspension (A Foulis Motoring Book)
1992978-0-85429-664-4Lindsay PorterMGB - Guide to Purchase and DIY Restoration
1989978-0-85429-682-8Keith AndersonJensen
1991978-0-85429-683-5P. Clark · Edmund NankivellThe Complete Jowett History
1988978-0-85429-684-2Peter Morgan Lindsay PorterPorsche 911: Guide to Purchase and D.I.Y. Restoration
1988978-0-85429-685-9John RoseGinetta: The Illustrated History
1990978-0-85429-692-7David HardcastleThe Rover V8 Engine
  ''978-0-85429-697-2Ray SturtivantBritish Research and Development Aircraft: Seventy Years at the Leading Edge
1989978-0-85429-698-9J.C. GaggCanal and Inland Cruising (A Foulis boating book)
1988978-0-85429-700-9Len CacuttClassics of the Air: An Illustrated History of the Development of Military Planes from 1913-1935
  ''978-0-85429-701-6Chris PooleThe Complete Book of Porsche
1989978-0-85429-703-0Robin ReadColin Chapman's Lotus: The Early Years, Elite and Origins of the Elan
  ''978-0-85429-720-7Angela CherrettAlfa Romeo Tipo 6C, 1500, 1750, 1900 (Foulis Motoring Book)
  ''978-0-85429-729-0Heinz J. NowarraMesserschmitt Me 109: Aircraft and Legend (Foulis Aviation Book)
1989978-0-85429-731-3Donald Hughes · Vito Witting Da Prato · Vito Witting da PratoAlfa Romeo Veloce: The Racing Giuliettas, 1956-63
1992978-0-85429-733-7Mike LangGrand Prix: 1981-84 v. 4: Race by Race Account of Formula 1 World Championship Motor Racing (A Foulis motoring book)
1990978-0-85429-753-5Matthew SheahanSailing Rigs and Spars: Installation, Maintenance, Tuning
1988978-0-85429-755-9Jan P. NorbyeAutomotive Fuel Injection Systems: A Technical Guide
1990978-0-85429-764-1Peter MorganThe Porsche 924 and 944 Book (Foulis Motoring Book)
1989978-0-85429-780-1Ian BamseyPorsche Turbo Racing Cars
1990978-0-85429-788-7Max Handleby · Rainer Strasheim · Max HundlebyThe German A7V Tank and the Captured British Mark IV Tanks of World War One
  ''978-0-85429-804-4Ian BamseyAuto Union V16: A Technical Appraisal
  ''978-0-85429-816-7Michael P. RichardsTriumph TR4, 5 and 6 Autofolio (Autofolio Series)
1992978-0-85429-833-4Lindsay Porter · Dave PollardImprove and Modify Peugeot 205 (Improve & Modify)
1991978-0-85429-835-8Mick WalkerClassic Italian Gallery: Racing Bikes
1990978-0-85429-840-2Ian BamseyMcLaren-Honda Turbo: A Technical Appraisal
  ''978-0-85429-853-2Jeff ClewRestoration of Vintage and Thoroughbred Motor Cycles
  ''978-0-85429-861-7Mike LangGrand Prix: v. 1 & 2 in 1v.: 1950-72: Race by Race Account of Formula 1 World Championship Motor Racing (Volumes 1 and 2 Combined)
1990978-0-85429-875-4Griffith BorgesonAlfa Romeo Tradition: Creators of the Legend
1993978-0-85429-892-1Eric BrockwayVespa: An Illustrated History
  ''978-0-85429-926-3Graham RobsonThe Works Triumphs: 50 Years in Motorsport
  ''978-0-85429-933-1David HardcastleTuning Rover V8 Engines: How to Get Best Performance for Road and Competition Use
1991978-0-85429-934-8Jeffrey Ethell · Clarence SimonsenThe History of Aircraft Nose Art: 1916 to Today
1996978-0-85429-944-7Anthony BlightThe French Sports Car Revolution: Bugatti, Delage, Delahaye and Talbot-Darracq in Competition, 1934-39
1993978-0-85429-948-5Jonathan Wood · Lionel BurrellMGB: The Illustrated History
1996978-0-85429-949-2Geoffrey HealeyThe Healey Story: A Dynamic Father and Son Partnership and Their World-beating Cars (Complete Story)
1994978-0-85429-956-0Allan StaniforthCompetition Car Suspension: Design, Construction, Tuning
  ''978-0-85429-957-7J.R. Nelson"Bonnie": Development History of the Triumph Bonneville
1995978-0-85429-961-4David HardcastleThe Rover V8 Engine
  ''978-0-85429-962-1Philip PorterJaguar: The Complete Illustrated History
1996978-0-85429-963-8Nigel G. CoxLambretta Innocenti: An Illustrated History
1997978-0-85429-964-5Mike Allison · Peter BrowningThe Illustrated History of the Works MG's: In Record Breaking, Trials, Races, and Rallies
1995978-0-85429-966-9Peter BrowningThe Works Big Healeys: International Competition History of the Austin-Healey 100-six and 3000
1996978-0-85429-967-6   ''The Illustrated History of the Works Minis: In International Rallies and Races
1996978-0-85429-968-3Pollard DaveRange Rover; Purchase and Restoration Guide
1997978-0-85429-973-7Dave PollardJaguar XJ6 Purchase and Restoration Guide (Haynes Restoration Manuals)
  ''978-0-85429-974-4Eric DymockThe Audi File: All Models Since 1888 (An Eric Dymock motor book)
  ''978-0-85429-982-9Eric DymockJim Clark: Tribute to a Champion
  ''978-0-85429-988-1Robert EdwardsManaging a Legend: Stirling Moss, Ken Gregory and the British Racing Partnership
1998978-0-85429-995-9Eric DymockThe Renault File: All Models Since 1898 (Eric Dymock Motor Book)