Spiritual Truth Press

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1983978-0-85384-058-9Pam RivaLight from Silver Birch (Teachings from Silver Birch)
1966978-0-85384-066-4Anne DooleyGuidance from Silver Birch (Teachings from Silver Birch S.)
978-0-85384-068-8The Seed Of Truth
1998978-0-85384-073-2Tony OrtzenSilver Birch: the Spirit Speaks
1994978-0-85384-088-6Frank NewmanThe Universe of "Silver Birch" (Teachings from Silver Birch)
1999978-0-85384-095-4Tony OrtzenSilver Birch Companion
1998978-0-85384-100-5Stan A. Ballard · Roger GreenSilver Birch Book of Questions and Answers
  ''978-0-85384-101-2Frank NewmanThe Universe of "Silver Birch"
  ''978-0-85384-102-9A.W. AustenTeachings of "Silver Birch" (Silver Birch books)
  ''978-0-85384-103-6Stella StormThe Philosophy of Silver Birch (Teachings from Silver Birch series)
1999978-0-85384-104-3Tony OrtzenMore Philosophy of "Silver Birch"
1998978-0-85384-105-0   ''The Seed of Truth
1999978-0-85384-106-7   ''Lift Up Your Hearts (Teachings from Silver Birch)
2000978-0-85384-107-4W.M. NaylorSilver Birch Anthology (Teachings from Silver Birch series)
  ''978-0-85384-109-8T. OrtzenA Voice in the Wilderness (Teachings from Silver Birch)
2009978-0-85384-114-2Pam RivaLight from Silver Birch (Teachings from Silver Birch)
2009978-0-85384-115-9Tony OrtzenThe Spirit Speaks (Teachings from Silver Birch)