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1960978-0-85345-006-1Leo Huberman · Paul M. SweezyCuba: Anatomy of a Revolution
2009978-0-85345-015-3James BoggsAmerican Revolution (Monthly Review Press Classics)
1967978-0-85345-046-7William HintonFanshen: A Documentary of Revolution in a Chinese Village
1966978-0-85345-073-3Paul A. BaranMonopoly Capital: An Essay on the American Economic and Social Order
1957978-0-85345-076-4   ''The Political Economy of Growth
1942978-0-85345-079-5Paul M. SweezyThe Theory of Capitalist Development: Principles of Marxian Political Economy
2011978-0-85345-082-5Harry MagdoffThe Age of Imperialism: The Economics of U.S. Foreign Policy (Monthly Review Press Classic Titles)
2000978-0-85345-101-3Harry MagdoffThe Age of Imperialism: The Economics of U.S. Foreign Policy (Monthly Review Press Classic Titles)
1968978-0-85345-102-0Henri LefebvreThe Explosion: Marxism and the French Upheaval (Monthly Review Press Classic Titles)
1969978-0-85345-106-8gerard chaliandArmed Struggle in Africa; With the Guerrillas in Portuguese Guinea
  ''978-0-85345-110-5Maurice Herbert DobbAn Essay on Economic Growth and Planning
1970978-0-85345-121-1Hector BejarPeru 1965: Notes on a Guerrilla Experience
  ''978-0-85345-122-8William HintonIron Oxen
1968978-0-85345-130-3Gordon K. LewisGrowth of Modern West Indies (Monthly Review Press Classic Titles)
1932978-0-85345-134-1Leo HubermanWe the People (Monthly Review Press Classic Titles)
1964978-0-85345-136-5Kwame NkrumahConsciencism
1971978-0-85345-141-9Robert L. RhodesImperialism and underdevelopment: a reader
2009978-0-85345-153-2Karl KorschMarxism and Philosophy
1969978-0-85345-160-0David HorowitzCorporations and the Cold War (Studies in Imperialism and the Cold War)
1970978-0-85345-175-4Daniel GuérinAnarchism: From Theory to Practice
1971978-0-85345-187-7Ernest MandelFormation of the Economic Thought of Karl Marx
1970978-0-85345-193-8Vo Nguyen GiapMilitary Art of People's War
1971978-0-85345-199-0Joshua S. HornAway with All Pests: An English Surgeon in People's China, 1954-1969
1956978-0-85345-206-5Agnes SmedleyGreat Road (Modern Reader)
1972978-0-85345-215-7William HintonTurning Point in China
  ''978-0-85345-225-6Paul M. SweezyEconomic History as it Happened(The Dynamics of U. S. Capitalism: Corporate Structure, Inflation, Credit, Gold, and the Dollar (Volume 1)
  ''978-0-85345-226-3Aime CesaireDiscourse on Colonialism
1998978-0-85345-227-0Che GuevaraReminiscences of the Cuban Revolutionary War
1972978-0-85345-235-5Andre Gunder FrankLumpenbourgeoisie: lumpendevelopment;: Dependence, class, and politics in Latin America
1972978-0-85345-238-6William HintonHundred Day War
  ''978-0-85345-248-5Fawaz TurkiThe Disinherited: Journal of a Palestinian Exile (Mr Modern Reader PB-248)
  ''978-0-85345-263-8Wolf Children and the Problem of Human Nature
  ''978-0-85345-264-5Lucien MalsonWolf Children
  ''978-0-85345-266-9Philip S. FonerThe Spanish-Cuban-American War and the Birth of American Imperialism, Vol. 1 1895-1898 (Modern reader)
1972978-0-85345-267-6Philip S. FonerThe Spanish-Cuban-American War and the Birth of American Imperialism Vol. 2: 1898-1902 (Monthly Review Press Classic Titles)
1974978-0-85345-272-0Samir AminAccumulation on a World Scale: A Critique of the Theory of Underdevelopment. (2 Volumes)
1986978-0-85345-274-4Michael LowyMarxism of Che Guevara: Philosophy, Economics, and Revolutionary Warfare
1973978-0-85345-279-9Eduardo GaleanoOpen Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent
1972978-0-85345-281-2William HintonHundred Day War: The Cultural Revolution at Tsinghua University
  ''978-0-85345-284-3Mahmood MamdaniThe Myth of Population Control: Family, Caste and Class in an indian Village
1952978-0-85345-302-4Ted Allen · Sydney GordonThe Scalpel, the Sword: The Story of Doctor Norman Bethune (Monthly Review Press Classic Titles)
1974978-0-85345-308-6Eduardo GaleanoOpen Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent
1975978-0-85345-341-3Gordon K LewisNotes on the Puerto Rican revolution;: An essay on American dominance and Caribbean resistance,
  ''978-0-85345-346-8Michael TanzerThe Energy Crisis
1974978-0-85345-347-5Amilcar CabralReturn to the Source: Selected Speeches
  ''978-0-85345-351-2Charles BettelheimCultural Revolution and Industrial Organization in China
  ''978-0-85345-353-6Grace Lee BoggsRevolution and Evolution in the Twentieth Century
1974978-0-85345-370-3Harry BravermanLabor and Monopoly Capital
1975978-0-85345-372-7Rayna R. ReiterToward an Anthropology of Women
1974978-0-85345-374-1Renate ZaharFrantz Fanon: Colonialism and Alienation (Monthly Review Press Classic Titles)
1975978-0-85345-376-5Cheryl PayerThe Debt Trap: The International Monetary Fund and the Third World (Monthly Review Press Classic Titles)
1976978-0-85345-377-2Sabri JiryisThe Arabs in Israel
1977978-0-85345-387-1Hal DraperKarl Marx's Theory of Revolution, Part One: The State and Bureaucracy (Pt. 1)
1975978-0-85345-399-4Rayna R. ReiterToward An Anthropology of Women
  ''978-0-85345-403-8José MartíInside the Monster: Writings on the United States and American Imperialism (Monthly Review Press Classic Titles)
1977978-0-85345-406-9Sabri JiryisThe Arabs in Israel
1973978-0-85345-422-9Harry MagdoffEnd of Prosperity
1978978-0-85345-439-7Hal DraperKarl Marx's Theory of Revolution Vol. II (Monthly Review Press Classic Titles)
1977978-0-85345-461-8   ''Karl Marx's Theory of Revolution, Vol. 1: State and Bureaucracy
1978978-0-85345-471-7Jon Halliday · Gavan McCormackA Political History of Japanese Capitalism
1968978-0-85345-473-1Moshe LewinLenin's Last Struggle
1978978-0-85345-485-4Domitila B. De Chungara · Victoria Ortiz · Moema ViezzerLet Me Speak! Testimony of Domitila, a Woman of the Bolivian Mines
  ''978-0-85345-491-5E. P. P. ThompsonPoverty of Theory
1951978-0-85345-497-7Michael GreenbergBritish Trade and the Opening of China, 1800-1842
1978978-0-85345-498-4Harry MagdoffImperialism: From the Colonial Age to the Present (Monthly Review Press Classic Titles)
1979978-0-85345-511-0Stephanie UrdangFighting Two Colonialisms: Women in Guinea-Bissau.
  ''978-0-85345-515-8John H. EhrenreichThe Cultural Crisis of Modern Medicine
1978978-0-85345-530-1Heleieth I.B. SaffiotiWomen in Class Society
1982978-0-85345-539-4Bereket H. SelassieConflict and Intervention in the Horn of Africa
  ''978-0-85345-558-5Gregorio SelserSandino
1978978-0-85345-566-0Hal DraperKarl Marx's Theory of Revolution, Vol. 2: The Politics of Social Classes
1982978-0-85345-567-7Daniel SingerThe Road to Gdansk: Poland and the U. S. S. R.
1982978-0-85345-572-1William K. TabbThe Long Default: New York City and the Urban Fiscal Crisis (Monthly Review Press Classic Titles)
1977978-0-85345-574-5Harry MagdoffDeepening Crisis
1982978-0-85345-586-8Maxime RodinsonMarxism and the Muslim World
1980978-0-85345-588-2Basil DavidsonScenes From Anti-Nazi War
1982978-0-85345-598-1Chris Allen · Gavin WilliamsSub-Saharan Africa (Sociology of Developing Societies)
  ''978-0-85345-602-5Cheryl PayerWorld Bank: A Critical Analysis (Monthly Review Press Classic Titles)
  ''978-0-85345-606-3Samir Amin · Giovanni Arrighi · Andre Gunder Frank · Immanuel M. WallersteinDynamics of Global Crisis (Monthly Review Press Classic Titles)
1983978-0-85345-609-4Ann Snitow SnitowPowers of Desire (New Feminist Library)
  ''978-0-85345-610-0Ann Snitow · Christine Stansell · Sharon ThompsonPowers of Desire (New Feminist Library)
  ''978-0-85345-620-9Eduardo GaleanoDays and Nights
1983978-0-85345-621-6Eduardo GaleanoDays and Nights
  ''978-0-85345-622-3Samir AminThe Future of Maoism
1979978-0-85345-625-4Basil DavidsonUnity and Struggle: Speeches and Writings of Amilcar Cabral (Monthly Review Press Classic Titles)
1984978-0-85345-642-1Renate Bridenthal · Atina Grossman · Marion KaplanWhen Biology Became Destiny: Women in Weimar and Nazi Germany (New Feminist Library)
  ''978-0-85345-643-8Renate Bridenthal · Atina Grossmann · Marion KaplanWhen Biology Became Destiny (New Feminist Library)
1983978-0-85345-647-6Teodor ShaninLate Marx and the Russian Road: Marx and the Peripheries of Capitalism (Monthly Review Press Classic Titles)
  ''978-0-85345-648-3Mario PayerasDays of the Jungle, The Testimony of a Guatemalan Guerrillero, 1972-76
1984978-0-85345-656-8Cesar A. IglesiasMemoirs of Bernardo Vega
1986978-0-85345-673-5Hal DraperKarl Marx's Theory of Revolution, Vol. 3: The Dictatorship of the Proletariat
  ''978-0-85345-674-2   ''Karl Marx's Theory of Revolution, Volume 3
1985978-0-85345-682-7Elizabeth EwenImmigrant Women in the Land of Dollars: Life and Culture on the Lower East Side 1890-1925 (New Feminist Library)
1987978-0-85345-683-4Herbert HunterRace, Class, and the World System: The Sociology of Oliver C. Cox
1987978-0-85345-715-2Harry Magdoff · Paul M. SweezyEconomic History as it Happened (Stagnation and the Financial Explosion)(volume IV)
  ''978-0-85345-717-6Gita Sen · Caren GrownDevelopment, Crises and Alternative Visions: Third World Women's Perspectives (New Feminist Library)
1988978-0-85345-723-7Vasco PratoliniA Tale of Poor Lovers
1999978-0-85345-724-4Alvah Cecil BessieOur Fight
1987978-0-85345-726-8Hal DraperDictatorship of Proletariat
1988978-0-85345-734-3Fred HallidayState and Ideology in Mideast
1973978-0-85345-752-7Alice LyndRank and File
2000978-0-85345-756-5Michel-Rolph TrouillotHaiti: State Against Nation (Critical Social Thought)
1991978-0-85345-759-6Guy EndoreBabouk: Voices of resistance
1989978-0-85345-771-8Sonia Kruks · Rayna Rapp · Marilyn B. YoungPromissory Notes: Women in the Transition to Socialism
1988978-0-85345-776-3Harry MagdoffIrreversible Crisis
1989978-0-85345-786-2Samir AminEurocentrism
1990978-0-85345-793-0William HintonGreat Reversal
  ''978-0-85345-794-7   ''The Great Reversal: The Privatization of China, 1978-1989
  ''978-0-85345-797-8Hal DraperKarl Marx's Theory of Revolution Vol IV (Critique of Other Socialisms)
1990978-0-85345-798-5Hal DraperKarl Marx's Theory of Revolution: (Volume 4) Critique of Other Socialisms
  ''978-0-85345-808-1Immanuel M. WallersteinTransforming the Revolution
1991978-0-85345-818-0Cornel WestThe Ethical Dimensions of Marxist Thought
1992978-0-85345-825-8Hans KoningColumbus: His Enterprise: Exploding the Myth
1982978-0-85345-830-2Cherryl WalkerWomen and Resistance in South Africa
1993978-0-85345-840-1Daniel FaberEnvironment Under Fire (Monthly Review Press Classic Titles)
1992978-0-85345-853-1James FergusonDominican Republic: Beyond Light
1993978-0-85345-859-3John LieImpoverished Spirit
  ''978-0-85345-865-4Vicente NavarroDangerous to Your Health: Capitalism in Health Care
1989978-0-85345-866-1Chico MendesFight for the Forest (Updated Edition) (Latin America Bureau Ser)
1994978-0-85345-871-5Nancy E. RosePut to Work: Relief Programs in the Great Depression
1993978-0-85345-873-9Jo FisherOut of the Shadows
2000978-0-85345-881-4Istvan MeszarosBeyond Capital: Toward a Theory of Transition
1994978-0-85345-887-6Michael D. YatesLonger Hours, Fewer Jobs: Employment and Unemployment in the United States (Cornerstone Books)
  ''978-0-85345-888-3Michael D. YatesLonger Hours, Fewer Jobs: Employment and Unemployment in the United States (Special Publication)
1995978-0-85345-903-3Carlos M. VilasBetween Earthquakes and Volcanoes: Markets, State, and Revolution in Central America (And Leukotriene Research; 22)
1996978-0-85345-905-7Sheila D. CollinsLet Them Eat Ketchup (Cornerstone Books)
1995978-0-85345-918-7Frank BardackeShadows of Tender Fury
  ''978-0-85345-923-1Kevin DanaherFighting for the Soul of Brazil
1998978-0-85345-925-5James D. CockcroftMexico's Hope: An Encounter with Politics and History
1998978-0-85345-929-3Michael D. YatesWhy Unions Matter
  ''978-0-85345-933-0Samir Amin · Shane MageSpectres of Capitalism: A Critique of Current Intellectual Fashions
  ''978-0-85345-937-8Gregory MantsiosA New Labor Movement for the New Century
  ''978-0-85345-938-5Alan Gilbert · James FergusonThe Latin American City
  ''978-0-85345-939-2Ellen Meiksins Wood · Peter Meiksins · Michael D. YatesRising from the Ashes?: Labor in the Age of "Global" Capitalism
1998978-0-85345-940-8Harry BravermanLabor and Monopoly Capital: The Degradation of Work in the Twentieth Century
1997978-0-85345-961-3Thomas C. PattersonInventing Western Civilization (Cornerstone Books)
1996978-0-85345-963-7Alec Mchoul · Wendy GraceUnder Attack, Fighting Back. Women and Welfare in the United States (Cornerstone Books)
  ''978-0-85345-965-1Mzwanele MayekisoTownship Politics (Monthly Review Press Classic Titles)
  ''978-0-85345-968-2Robert WeilRed Cat, White Cat: China and the Contradictions of "Market Socialism"
  ''978-0-85345-974-3Ernst Fischer · Franz MarekHow To Read Karl Marx
1997978-0-85345-982-8Doug DowdBlues for America: A Critique, A Lament, and Some Memories
  ''978-0-85345-983-5Ellen Meiksins Wood · John Bellamy FosterIn Defense of History: Marxism and the Postmodern Agenda
1997978-0-85345-987-3John GillottScience and the Retreat from Reason
1998978-0-85345-988-0Robert D. McChesney · Ellen Meiksins Wood · John Bellamy FosterCapitalism and the Information Age: The Political Economy of the Global Communication Revolution
  ''978-0-85345-989-7Robert D. McChesney · Ellen Meiksins Wood · John Bellamy FosterCapitalism and the Information Age: The Political Economy of the Global Communication Revolution
1997978-0-85345-990-3Eduardo GaleanoOpen Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent
  ''978-0-85345-991-0   ''Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent
  ''978-0-85345-994-1Duncan GreenFaces of Latin America: Updated