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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1985978-0-85288-081-4Lewis A. EdwardsInland Waterways of Great Britain: England, Wales and Scotland
1989978-0-85288-138-5Rod HeikellTurkish Waters Pilot
1991978-0-85288-147-7Rod HeikellThe Danube: A River Guide
1990978-0-85288-148-4   ''Mediterranean Cruising Handbook (Mediterranean pilots & charts)
1993978-0-85288-189-7Martin LawrenceThe Yachtsman's Pilot to the West Coast of Scotland: Clyde to Colonsay
1996978-0-85288-251-1Delwyn McPhunEast Africa Pilot
  ''978-0-85288-283-2Barry SheffieldInland Waterways of Germany
1999978-0-85288-295-5Rod HeikellIndian Ocean Cruising Guide
1996978-0-85288-355-6Jane CumberlidgeInland Waterways of Great Britain
1998978-0-85288-377-8Rod HeikellGreek Waters Pilot
2000978-0-85288-403-4Trevor Thompson · Dinah ThompsonAdriatic Pilot
1999978-0-85288-413-3Nigel CalderCuba: A Cruising Guide
  ''978-0-85288-418-8K. NussbaumMap of the Inland Waterways of France
2000978-0-85288-421-8Tom CunliffeThe Shell Channel Pilot
2003978-0-85288-429-4Rod HeikellEast Aegean: The Greek Dodecanese Islands and the Coast of Turkey from Gulluk to Kekova
2002978-0-85288-430-0Martin LawrenceThe Yachtsman's Pilot to North and East Scotland
  ''978-0-85288-447-8Rod HeikellWest Aegean
2001978-0-85288-448-5David TaylorThe Lundy and Irish Sea Pilot
2002978-0-85288-472-0David Edwards-MayThe Inland Waterways of France
2001978-0-85288-481-2Rod HeikellTurkish Waters and Cyprus Pilot
  ''978-0-85288-482-9Warwick ClaySouth Pacific Anchorages
2001978-0-85288-483-6John LawsonNorth Brittany and the Channel Islands: Cherbourg to Ouessant and the Channel Islands (Royal Cruising Club Pilotage Foundation)
  ''978-0-85288-527-7Andrew Hunter-BlairThe River Great Ouse and it's Tributaries
  ''978-0-85288-535-2Robin BrandonMediterranean Spain: Costa Del Sol and Blanca
2002978-0-85288-554-3Elaine Morgan · Stephen DaviesRed Sea Pilot: Aden to Cyprus (Mediterranean pilots & charts)
  ''978-0-85288-578-9Henry IrvingForth, Tyne, Dogger, Humber: Blakeney to St.Abbs
2001978-0-85288-580-2K. NussbaumMap of the Inland Waterways of France
2002978-0-85288-581-9Cruising AssociationThe Cruising Almanac (Cruising Association)
2003978-0-85288-598-7T. CunliffeThe Shell Channel Pilot
2002978-0-85288-601-4ImrayEastern Mediterranean: Chart M20 (Imray M.Chart)
  ''978-0-85288-606-9Martin LawrenceSkye and Northwest Scotland: The Yachtsman's Pilot (Yachtsmann's Pilot)
2002978-0-85288-617-5Rod HeikellMediterranean France and Corsica: Pilot
  ''978-0-85288-620-5Chris Cove-SmithThe River Thames Book
  ''978-0-85288-621-2Robin BrandonMediterranean Spain: Costa Del Azahar Dorada and Brava
  ''978-0-85288-627-4Rod HeikellItalian Waters Pilot
  ''978-0-85288-639-7ImrayWestern Mediterranean (Imray M.Chart)
2002978-0-85288-651-9Rod HeikellMediterranean Almanac 2003-2004
2003978-0-85288-665-6Brian NavinNorth Sea Passage Pilot
  ''978-0-85288-666-3Royal Cruising Club Pilotage FoundationThe Baltic Sea
  ''978-0-85288-680-9Jacques Patuelli · T. Thompson · D. ThompsonLesser Antilles: Grenada to the Virgin Islands (Imray Cruising Guide)
  ''978-0-85288-690-8RCC Pilotage FoundationIslas Baleares
  ''978-0-85288-691-5Martin LawrenceWestern Isles (Yachtsmann's Pilot)
2003978-0-85288-692-2Martin LawrenceThe Yachtsman's Pilot to the Isle of Mull and Adjacent Coasts (Yachtsmann's Pilot)
2004978-0-85288-693-9Brian NavinCruising Guide to the Netherlands
  ''978-0-85288-700-4Trevor Thompson · Dinah ThompsonAdriatic Pilot
2006978-0-85288-701-1Rod HeikellGreek Waters Pilot
2005978-0-85288-702-8Mike Barron · Gill BarronNorth Biscay Pilot (Imray Chart)
2003978-0-85288-714-1Jane CumberlidgeInland Waterways of Scotland Map (Imray)
  ''978-0-85288-733-2Rod HeikellIonian
  ''978-0-85288-753-0Imray Chart M3: Islas Baleares (Imray Chart M03)
2004978-0-85288-757-8Peter CumberlidgeSecret Anchorages of Brittany (Imray)
  ''978-0-85288-759-2Andrew Hunter-BlairFenland Waterways (Imra Maps)
2005978-0-85288-760-8Jacqueline JonesInland Waterways of Belgium (Imray)
2004978-0-85288-761-5Anne HammickAtlantic Islands: Canaries,Maderia,Azores,Cape Verde (Imray Chart E1 086a)
2003978-0-85288-769-1Imray Chart C65: Cinan to Mallaig and Barra
2004978-0-85288-775-2Owen BryantThe River Thames Map (Imray Map)
2004978-0-85288-776-9Members of the Cruising AssociationThe Cruising Almanac 2005-2006 with Tide Tables for 47 standard ports
  ''978-0-85288-779-0Rod HeikellMediterranean Cruising Handbook Pack
2006978-0-85288-790-5RCC Pilotage FoundationChannel Islands
2004978-0-85288-805-6Imray Chart G1 2004: Greece and the Peloponnese
  ''978-0-85288-807-0Imray Chart C64 2004: Belfast Lough to Crinan and Islay
  ''978-0-85288-819-3ImrayImray Chart C18 2004: Quessant to C. Finisterre
2005978-0-85288-831-5   ''North Minch and Isle of Lewis (Imray C.Chart)
  ''978-0-85288-834-6Colin Jarman · Dick Holness · Garth CooperEast Coast Pilot
2006978-0-85288-836-0David RainsburyFearsome Passages
2005978-0-85288-837-7Rod Heikell · Andrew O'GradyOcean Passages and Landfalls
2005978-0-85288-839-1RCC Pilotage FoundationMediterranean Spain: Costa Del Sol and Blanca
  ''978-0-85288-840-7   ''North Africa: Gibraltar, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisa, the Pelagie Islands and Malta
2006978-0-85288-841-4Rod HeikellTurkish Waters and Cyprus Pilot
  ''978-0-85288-842-1RCC Pilotage FoundationSouth Biscay
2005978-0-85288-846-9ImrayImray Chart C48 2005: La Coruna to Porto
  ''978-0-85288-847-6   ''Imray Chart C49 2005: Porto to Sines
2005978-0-85288-848-3ImraySines to Gibraltar (Imray C.Chart)
  ''978-0-85288-849-0   ''Mallaig to Rudha Reidh (Imray C.Chart)
2009978-0-85288-850-6RCC Pilotage FoundationIsles of Scilly
2005978-0-85288-856-8ImrayImray Chart G11 2005: North Ionian Islands - Nisos Kerkira to Nisos Levkas (Imray Chart G011)
  ''978-0-85288-857-5   ''Imray Chart G12 2005: South Ionian Islands - Nisos Levkas to Nisos Zakinthos (Imray Chart G012)
  ''978-0-85288-860-5Imray Chart G36 2005: South Coast of Turkey - Marmaris to Geyikova Adasi
  ''978-0-85288-864-3Imray Chart C63 2005: Firth of Clyde
2005978-0-85288-877-3Saronic and Argolic Gulfs 2005 (Imray Tetra Chart)
2006978-0-85288-891-9Jane CumberlidgeWaterways Through France 2006
  ''978-0-85288-892-6Chris Cove-SmithThe River Thames Book (037d)
  ''978-0-85288-893-3RCC Pilotage FoundationAtlantic Spain and Portugal: La Coruna to Gibraltar
  ''978-0-85288-894-0Tom CunliffeThe Shell Channel Pilot: The South Coast of England and the North Coast of France
  ''978-0-85288-895-7Brian NavinCruising Guide to Germany and Denmark: German North Sea - Danish and German Baltic Ports
2006978-0-85288-906-0Stuart FisherInshore Britain
  ''978-0-85288-907-7ImrayBaie De Seine 2006 (Imray C.Chart)
  ''978-0-85288-911-4Rod Heikell · Mitchell LuMediterranean Almanac 2007/2008
  ''978-0-85288-913-8Rod HeikellItalian Waters Pilot
  ''978-0-85288-914-5RCC Pilotage FoundationCorsica and North Sardinia
2006978-0-85288-915-2RCC Pilotage FoundationIslas Baleares
2008978-0-85288-916-9David RainsburyIrish Sea Pilot
2006978-0-85288-917-6Rod Heikell · Mitchell LuMediterranean Almanac: WITH Mediterranean Cruising Handbook (Imray Pack)
  ''978-0-85288-943-5Andrew Hunter BlairRiver Great Ouse and Tributaries
  ''978-0-85288-944-2Iain DowneyRiver Nene 2006
1981978-0-85288-945-9George BlanceNorie's Nautical Tables 2007
2006978-0-85288-946-6ImrayImray Chart C60 2006: Southwest Coast of Wales (Imray C.Chart)
  ''978-0-85288-947-3   ''Irish Sea 2006 (Imray C.Chart)
  ''978-0-85288-948-0   ''Virgin Islands 2006 (Imray A Chart S.)
2006978-0-85288-950-3ImrayVirgin Islands 2006 (Imray A Chart S.)
2006978-0-85288-953-4ImrayImray Iolaire Chart A25 2006: St Eustatius, St Kitts and Nevis
2007978-0-85288-968-8Martin LawrenceClyde to Colonsay (Yachtsmans Pilot)
2008978-0-85288-969-5Rod HeikellMediterranean France and Corsica
  ''978-0-85288-970-1Trevor Thompson · Dinah ThompsonAdriatic Pilot: Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, East Coast of Italy, Albania
2007978-0-85288-971-8Rod HeikellGreek Waters Pilot
  ''978-0-85288-972-5   ''Indian Ocean Crusing Guide
2008978-0-85288-976-3Louise Busby · David BroadInland Waterways of the Netherlands
  ''978-0-85288-978-7Jane CumberlidgeDiscover Waterways Through France
2006978-0-85288-979-4Peter CumberlidgeBristol Channel and River Severn Cruising Guide
  ''978-0-85288-980-0ImrayImray Chart 100 2006: Atlantic Ocean Passage Chart
2007978-0-85288-990-9Tom BennettSea Guide to Pembrokeshire (Imray Seaguide)
2007978-0-85288-994-7Andrew Hunter BlairFenland Waterways 2006