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1969978-0-85245-001-7John MacmurrayThe Search for Reality in Religion (Swarthmore Lecture)
  ''978-0-85245-011-6H. J. Blackham · Harold LoukesHumanists and Quakers: An Exchange of Letters
1970978-0-85245-021-5Roger C. WilsonAuthority, Leadership and Concern: A Study in Motive and Administration in Quaker Relief Work (Swarthmore Lecture)
1964978-0-85245-046-8Thomas F. GreenPreparation for Worship (Swarthmore Lecture)
1968978-0-85245-067-3Douglas V. SteereWhere Words Come from (Swarthmore Lecture)
1973978-0-85245-100-7George H. GormanThe Amazing Fact of Quaker Worship (Swarthmore Lecture)
1974978-0-85245-115-1Wolf MendlProphets and Reconcilers: Reflections on the Quaker Peace Testimony (Swarthmore Lecture)
1975978-0-85245-117-5Ralph HetheringtonSense of Glory: Psychological Study of Peak Experiences (Swarthmore Lecture)
1976978-0-85245-122-9William Grigor McClellandAnd a New Earth: Making Tomorrow's Society Better Than Today's (Swarthmore Lecture)
1977978-0-85245-124-3Damaris Parker-RhodesTruth: A Path and Not a Possession (Swarthmore Lecture)
1978978-0-85245-131-1John Ormerod Greenwood · Friends Home Service CommitteeSigns of Life, Art and Religious Experience (Swarthmore Lecture)
1979978-0-85245-140-3John Reader · Quaker Home ServiceOf Schools and Schoolmasters (Swarthmore Lecture)
1980978-0-85245-151-9Janet ScottWhat Canst Thou Say? Towards a Quaker Theology (Swarthmore Lecture)
1981978-0-85245-156-4Adam CurleTrue Justice: Quaker Peacemakers and Peace Making (Swarthmore lecture)
1982978-0-85245-161-8Gerald PriestlandReasonable Uncertainty: Quaker Approach to Doctrine (Swarthmore Lecture)
1983978-0-85245-170-0Michael RutterMeasure of Our Values: Goals and Dilemmas in the Upbringing of Children (Swarthmore lecture)
1984978-0-85245-180-9John PunshonPortrait in Grey: A Short History of the Quakers
  ''978-0-85245-182-3Lawrence LernerThe Two Cinnas: Quakerism, Revolution and Poetry (Swarthmore lecture)
1985978-0-85245-188-5Christopher J. HoldsworthSteps in a Large Room: Quaker Explores the Monastic Tradition
  ''978-0-85245-189-2Geoffrey HubbardQuaker by Convincement
1986978-0-85245-199-1Quaker Women's GroupBringing the Invisible into the Light: Some Quaker Feminists Speak of Their Experience (Swarthmore Lecture)
1987978-0-85245-206-6John LampenMending Hurts (Swarthmore Lecture)
1988978-0-85245-207-3Harvey Gillman · Quaker Home ServiceA Minority of One (Swarthmore Lecture)
  ''978-0-85245-213-4Harvey GillmanA Light That is Shining: Introduction to the Quakers
1989978-0-85245-222-6Jocelyn BurnellBroken For Life
1990978-0-85245-231-8John PunshonTestimony and Tradition: Some Aspects of Quaker Spirituality
1991978-0-85245-236-3Geoffrey HubbardPatterns and Examples: Quaker Attitudes and European Opportunities
1992978-0-85245-242-4Brenda Clifft Heales · Chris Cook · Quaker Home ServiceImages and Silence: Future of Quaker Ministry (Swarthmore Lecture)
1993978-0-85245-249-3Sidney D. BaileyPeace is a Process (Swarthmore Lecture)
1994978-0-85245-254-7Margaret Heathfield · Quaker Home ServiceBeing Together: Our Corporate Life in the Religious Society of Friends
1994978-0-85245-260-8June RoseElizabeth Fry
1995978-0-85245-272-1Anne Thomas · Quaker Home ServiceOnly Fellow-Voyagers: Creation Stories as Guides for the Journey (1995 Swarthmore Lectures)
1996978-0-85245-282-0Jonathan DaleBeyond the Spirit of the Age: Quaker Social Responsibility at the End of the Twentieth Century (Swarthmore Lecture)
1997978-0-85245-290-5Christine TrevettPrevious Convictions and the End of the Millennium Quakerism (Swarthmore Lecture)
  ''978-0-85245-291-2George FoxThe Journal of George Fox
1998978-0-85245-299-8Quaker Home ServiceWho Do We Think We Are?: Young Friends' Commitment and Belonging
1999978-0-85245-301-8   ''Funerals and Memorial Meetings (Committee on eldership & oversight)
  ''978-0-85245-306-3British Yearly MeetingBeing a Quaker: a guide for newcomers
  ''978-0-85245-307-0Anon.Quaker Faith and Practice
  ''978-0-85245-312-4Alex WildwoodA Faith to Call Our Own: Quaker Tradition in the Light of Contemporary Movements of the Spirit (Swarthmore Lecture)
1999978-0-85245-315-5Clifford BarnardTwo weeks in May 1945: Sandbostel Concentration Camp and the Friends Ambulance Unit
2000978-0-85245-321-6Tim NewellForgiving Justice: A Quaker Vision for Criminal Justice (Swarthmore Lecture)
2001978-0-85245-326-1Tony StollerWrestling with the Angel: Quaker Engagement in Commercial and Public Affairs (Swarthmore lecture)
2002978-0-85245-337-7Jackie Leach SculleyPlaying in the Presence: Genetics, Ethics and Spirituality (Swarthmore lecture)
2003978-0-85245-346-9Harvey GillmanLight That is Shining, A: An Introduction to the Quakers
  ''978-0-85245-347-6Eleanor NesbittInterfaith Pilgrims: Living Truths and Truthful Living
2004978-0-85245-357-5Simon FisherSpirited Living: Waging Conflict, Building Peace
2007978-0-85245-372-8John LampenThe Peace Kit: Everyday Peacemaking for Young People
2005978-0-85245-374-2Quakers In BritainQuaker Faith and Practice: The Book of Christian Discipline of the Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Britain
  ''978-0-85245-375-9   ''Quaker Faith and Practice: The Book of Christian Discipline of the Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Britain
  ''978-0-85245-379-7Helen StevenNo Extraordinary Power: Prayer, Stillness and Activism (Swarthmore Lectures)
2006978-0-85245-394-0Roger Sawtell · Susan SawtellReflections from a Long Marriage 2006: Swarthmore Lecture
  ''978-0-85245-399-5John PunshonPortrait in Grey: A Short History of the Quakers