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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-0-8499-5986-8Phil VischerBob and Larry's ABC's (Veggiecational Ser)
  ''978-0-8499-5987-5Phil VischerArchibald's Opposites (Veggicational Series)
2001978-0-8499-5990-5Bill MyersMy Life as a Cowboy Cowpie (The Incredible Worlds of Wally McDoogle #19)
  ''978-0-8499-5991-2Bill MyersMy Life as Invisible Intestines with Intense Indigestion (The Incredible Worlds of Wally McDoogle #20)
2002978-0-8499-5992-9   ''My Life as a Skysurfing Skateboarder (The Incredible Worlds of Wally McDoogle #21)
2003978-0-8499-5993-6   ''My Life As a Tarantula Toe Tickler (The Incredible Worlds of Wally McDoogle #22)
2004978-0-8499-5994-3   ''My Life as a Prickly Porcupine from Pluto (The Incredible Worlds of Wally McDoogle #23)
2005978-0-8499-5995-0   ''My Life as a Splatted Flat Quarterback (The Incredible Worlds of Wally McDoogle #24)
2013978-0-8499-5998-1Max LucadoYou'll Get Through This Study Guide: Hope and Help for Your Turbulent Times
1992978-0-8499-6058-1John MacArthurFaith That Works: The Gospel According to the Apostles
1996978-0-8499-6268-4Jack Countryman · A. GillGod's Promises for Every Day
1999978-0-8499-6286-8Larry CrabbThe Safest Place on Earth
2011978-0-8499-6298-1Walter GoffChain of Command
2002978-0-8499-6325-4Victor HugoLes Miserables
2003978-0-8499-6359-9Max LucadoNext Door Savior: Near Enough to Touch Strong Enough to Trust
2004978-0-8499-6372-8C.S. LewisThe Four Loves, Featuring the Vintage Recordings of the Voice of C.S. Lewis
  ''978-0-8499-6377-3Steve TurnerThe Man Called Cash: The Life, Love, And Faith Of An American Legend
2006978-0-8499-6381-0Max LucadoThe Cure for the Common Life: Living in Your Sweet Spot
  ''978-0-8499-6383-4Charles R. SwindollMarriage: From Surviving to Thriving: Practical Advice on Making Your Marriage stronger
2006978-0-8499-6386-5Charles R. SwindollParenting: From Surviving to Throving: Building Healthy Families in a Changing World
  ''978-0-8499-6387-2Max LucadoFacing Your Giants: A David and Goliath Story for Everyday People
2007978-0-8499-6392-6Max LucadoEvery Day Deserves a Chance: Wake Up to the Gift of 24 Hours
  ''978-0-8499-6393-3   ''3:16: The Numbers of Hope
  ''978-0-8499-6395-7Ron Hall · Denver Moore · Lynn VincentSame Kind of Different As Me
2009978-0-8499-6397-1Max LucadoFearless: Imagine Your Life Without Fear
978-0-8499-6420-6Dirty God: Jesus in the Trenches
978-0-8499-6422-0On Calvary's Hill: 40 Readings for the Easter Season
2012978-0-8499-6445-9John ChirbanHow to Talk with Your Kids about Sex: Help Your Children Develop a Positive, Healthy Attitude Toward Sex and Relationships
2014978-0-8499-6447-3Shannon EthridgeThe Passion Principles: Celebrating Sexual Freedom in Marriage
2012978-0-8499-6450-3Max LucadoShaped By Grace: You Are God's Masterpiece in the Making
2013978-0-8499-6454-1Sissy Goff · David Thomas · Melissa TrevathanIntentional Parenting: Autopilot Is for Planes
  ''978-0-8499-6458-9Rob RainsIntentional Walk: An Inside Look at the Faith That Drives the St. Louis Cardinals
2012978-0-8499-6459-6Hank HanegraaffChristianity In Crisis: The 21st Century
2013978-0-8499-6473-2Erin MacPhersonThe Christian Mama's Guide to Having a Baby: Everything You Need to Know to Survive (and Love) Your Pregnancy (Christian Mama's Guide Series)
  ''978-0-8499-6474-9Erin MacPhersonThe Christian Mama's Guide to Baby's First Year: Everything You Need to Know to Survive (and Love) Your First Year as a Mom (Christian Mama's Guide Series)
978-0-8499-6477-0Has God Spoken?: Proof of the Bible’s Divine Inspiration
2015978-0-8499-6489-3Elisa MorganHello, Beauty Full: Seeing Yourself as God Sees You
1999978-0-8499-7502-8Max LucadoThe Crippled Lamb
2002978-0-8499-7504-2Vvtna 0849975042 LauraDr. Laura's God's Top Ten [VHS]
2000978-0-8499-7509-7Max LucadoJust In Case You Ever Wonder
1999978-0-8499-7511-0John MacArthurI Believe In Jesus: Leading Your Child To Christ
2000978-0-8499-7512-7   ''A Faith To Grow On: Important Things You Should Know Now That You Believe
1999978-0-8499-7531-8Phil VischerMore Veggiecational Fun!
2000978-0-8499-7563-9Nancy Been PeacockR U 4 Real? ( #4)
1999978-0-8499-7571-4Thomas KinkadeMother's Memories To Her Child
2000978-0-8499-7572-1Tama FortnerA Father's Memories to His Child
2000978-0-8499-7573-8Tommy Nelson · Willie AamesBibleman Bible
  ''978-0-8499-7574-5Willie AamesThe Official Bibleman Collector's Edition
  ''978-0-8499-7575-2Debra BellThe Ultimate Guide To Homeschooling: Year 2001 Edition Book & Cd
  ''978-0-8499-7577-6Sigmund BrouwerCyberQuest: The Complete Virtual Adventure
  ''978-0-8499-7583-7Kristi Holl · Terry BrownChat Freak ( #6)
2001978-0-8499-7594-3Beth NimmoThe Journals Of Rachel Scott A Journey Of Faith At Columbine High
2001978-0-8499-7595-0Catherine McCaffertyThe Legend Of The Three Trees - Picture Book
2000978-0-8499-7614-8Bill Martin · Michael R. SampsonAdam, Adam What Do You See?
  ''978-0-8499-7615-5unknownBibleman Bible
2001978-0-8499-7616-2Frank E. PerettiHangman's Curse (The Veritas Project Vol. 1)
2002978-0-8499-7617-9Frank E. PerettiNightmare Academy (VERITAS PROJECT)
2001978-0-8499-7618-6Catherine McCaffertyThe Legend Of The Three Trees - Board Book
  ''978-0-8499-7680-3Laurie Knowlton · Terry BrownN 2 Deep ( #7)
  ''978-0-8499-7683-4Dandi Daley Mackall · Terry BrownPlease Reply ( #8)
  ''978-0-8499-7699-5Frank E. PerettiThe Veritas Project: Hangman's Curse - Audio
2001978-0-8499-7710-7Frank E. PerettiAll About Fear (Wild & Wacky Bible Stories)
  ''978-0-8499-7711-4   ''All About Helping Others (Wild & Wacky Totally true Bible Stories)
  ''978-0-8499-7712-1Kristi Holl4Give and 4Get ( #9)
  ''978-0-8499-7713-8Nancy Been Peacock · Terry BrownPower Drive ( #10)
  ''978-0-8499-7714-5Tess Eileen Kindig · Terry BrownUnpredictable ( #11)
2001978-0-8499-7715-2Heather Wiseman · Terry BrownFun E-Farm ( #12)
  ''978-0-8499-7716-9Willie AamesBibleman Combat Manual Strategic Training In Bible Memory Verses
2000978-0-8499-7738-1Frank E. PerettiAll About Trust (Wild & Wacky Totally True Bible Stories)
  ''978-0-8499-7739-8   ''All About Faith (Wild & Wacky Totally True Bible Stories)
2000978-0-8499-7740-4Frank E. PerettiAll About Obedience (Wild & Wacky Totally True Bible Stories)
  ''978-0-8499-7741-1   ''All About Forgiveness (Wild & Wacky Totally True Bible Stories)
2001978-0-8499-7743-5   ''All About Jealousy (Wild & Wacky Totally True Bible Stories)
2002978-0-8499-7783-1Tama Fortner · Thomas KinkadeMy Childhood Memories
  ''978-0-8499-7785-5Frank E. PerettiHangman's Curse: The Veritas Project (Veritas Project, 1)
  ''978-0-8499-7790-9Susan Russell LigonThere's a Brand-New Baby at Our House And...I'm the Big Brother
  ''978-0-8499-7793-0Susan Russell LigonThere's a Brand-New Baby at Our House And...I'm the Big Sister
2002978-0-8499-7794-7Susan Russell LigonThere's a Brand-New Baby at Our House and I'm the Big Sister!
2001978-0-8499-7912-5Frank E. PerettiWild & Wacky Totally True Bible Stories: All About Christmas
2002978-0-8499-7919-4   ''Wild and Wacky Totally True Bible Stories All About Salvation (Wild & Wacky Totally True Bible Stories)
2001978-0-8499-7943-9Alexi Natchev · Melody CarlsonThe Prayer Of Jabez For Little Ones
  ''978-0-8499-7944-6Bruce H. WilkinsonThe Prayer of Jabez for Kids
  ''978-0-8499-7945-3Bruce H. Wilkinson · Rob SuggsThe Prayer Of Jabez Devotions For Kids Living Big For God
  ''978-0-8499-7946-0Emma KragenThe Twelve Dogs of Christmas
1991978-0-8499-8024-4Adventures in Odysse Vvtna 0849980240Adventures in Odyssey: The Knight Travellers [VHS]
  ''978-0-8499-8036-7Focus on the FamilyA Flight to the Finish: Adventures in Odyssey [VHS]
1992978-0-8499-8056-5Walter Lantz · Homer BrightmanAdventures in Odyssey: A Fine Feathered Frenzy, Episode, No. 3 [VHS]
1994978-0-8499-8085-5James DobsonLife on the Edge: Finding God's Will for Your Life [VHS]
1994978-0-8499-8086-2James DobsonLife on the Edge: The Myth of Safe Sex [VHS]
  ''978-0-8499-8087-9Life on the Edge: Love Must Be Tough [VHS]
  ''978-0-8499-8088-6James DobsonLife on the Edge: The Keys to a Lifelong Love [VHS]
  ''978-0-8499-8089-3   ''Life on the Edge: Emotions: Can You Trust Them? [VHS]
1994978-0-8499-8090-9James DobsonLife on the Edge: When God Doesn't Make Sense [VHS]
  ''978-0-8499-8091-6   ''Life on the Edge: Pornography: Addictive, Progressive and Deadly [VHS]
1979978-0-8499-8115-9Joy Wilt BerryMaking up your own mind: A children's book about decision making and problem solving (Ready-set-grow)
  ''978-0-8499-8116-6Joy WiltYou're One of a Kind: A Children's Book About Human Uniqueness (Ready-Set-Grow)
1978978-0-8499-8121-0Joy Wilt BerryHandling Your Ups and Downs: A Children's Book About Emotions (Ready-Set-Grow)
  ''978-0-8499-8122-7   ''Saying What You Mean
1979978-0-8499-8123-4Joy Wilt Berry · Ernie HergenroederA Kid's Guide to Making Friends: A Children's Book About Social Skills (Ready-Set-Grow)
  ''978-0-8499-8124-1Joy Wilt Berry · Ernie HergenroederThe Nitty-Gritty of Family Life: A Children's Book About Living in a Family (Ready-Set-Grow)
1980978-0-8499-8132-6   ''A Kid's Guide to Understanding Parents: A Children's Book About Parent-Child Relationships (The Ready-Set-Grow Series)
1979978-0-8499-8134-0   ''Using Your Head: A Children's Book About Effective Thinking and Learning (Ready-Set-Grow)
1980978-0-8499-8136-4Joy Wilt Berry · Ernie HergenroederTuff Stuff: A Children's Book About Trauma (Ready-Set-Grow)
1979978-0-8499-8137-1   ''May I? Please? Thank You!: A Children's Book About Manners (Ready-Set-Grow)
1980978-0-8499-8140-1Joy Wilt BerryYou Can Do it: A Children's Book About Being Creative (The Ready-Set-Grow)
  ''978-0-8499-8155-5Catherine M StonehousePatterns in moral development
1988978-0-8499-8329-0Charles R. SwindollAbraham: The Friend of God
1989978-0-8499-8345-0Danae DobsonWoof Finds a Family (Read With Me Adventure Series)
  ''978-0-8499-8346-7Danae DobsonWoof and the Haunted House (Read With Me Adventures Series)
  ''978-0-8499-8347-4   ''Woof and the Midnight Prowler (Read With Me Adventure Series)
  ''978-0-8499-8348-1   ''Woof Goes to School (Read With Me Adventure Series)
1989978-0-8499-8350-4Danae DobsonWoof's Bad Day (Read With Me Adventure Series)
1992978-0-8499-8438-9Charles R. SwindollStrike the Original Match: Study Guide
1993978-0-8499-8461-7Noel [VHS]
1994978-0-8499-8515-7Charles R. SwindollLiving Above the Level of Mediocrity: A Commitment to Excellence: Bible Study Guide
1997978-0-8499-8738-0   ''God's Masterwork: A Concerto in Sixty-Six Movements: Genesis Through Second Chronicles (Bible Study Guide, Volume 1)
1997978-0-8499-8739-7Charles R. SwindollGod's Masterwork: A Concerto in Sixty-Six Movements: Ezra Through Daniel (Swindoll Bible Study Guides , Part 2)
  ''978-0-8499-8740-3   ''God's Masterwork: A Concerto in Sixty-Six Movements (Volume 3: Hosea Through Malachi)
  ''978-0-8499-8741-0   ''God's Masterwork: Matthew through 1 Thessalonians (Bible Study Series)
1998978-0-8499-8742-7   ''God's Masterwork: 2 Thessalonians Through Revelation, Vol. 5 (Bible Study Series)
  ''978-0-8499-8748-9Charles SwindollIntimacy with the Almighty Bible Study guide (Insight for Living Bible Study Guides)
2001978-0-8499-8821-9Dee BrestinFalling in Love With Jesus: Abandoning Yourself to the Greatest Romance of Your Life (Workbook)
2002978-0-8499-8954-4Hank HanegraaffThe Prayer Of Jesus (EZ Lesson Plan)
2000978-0-8499-9003-8J Countryman · Thomas Nelson Publishers · Jack CountrymanReflections From A Mother's Heart
  ''978-0-8499-9004-5Countryman · GibbsA Father's Legacy
1990978-0-8499-9028-1Joel C. GregoryHomesick for God: Fulfilling Our Deepest Longing for Spiritual Reunion
1990978-0-8499-9031-1Terry HersheyGo Away, Come Closer: When What You Need the Most Is What You Fear the Most, a Book About Intimacy
2001978-0-8499-9040-3Paul MarshallHeaven Is Not My Home
  ''978-0-8499-9047-2Max LucadoTraveling Light Journal
2004978-0-8499-9062-5Archibald D. Hart · Catherine Hart Weber · Debra L. TaylorSecrets of Eve
2008978-0-8499-9074-8Charles R. SwindollEsther -Revised- Bible Study Guide
  ''978-0-8499-9105-9Terry FelberAm I Making Myself Clear?: Secrets of the World's Greatest Communicators
2004978-0-8499-9107-3Todd DuncanThe Power To Be Your Best
  ''978-0-8499-9109-7Jennifer O'NeillFrom Fallen to Forgiven
1992978-0-8499-9117-2Nolan RyanMiracle Man: Nolan Ryan
2004978-0-8499-9130-1Max LucadoCome Thirsty
  ''978-0-8499-9131-8Charles R SwindollGetting Through the Tough Stuff
2005978-0-8499-9137-0Max LucadoCure for the Common Life
2003978-0-8499-9139-4Robert S. McGeeThe Search For Significance: Seeing Your True Worth Through God's Eyes--REVISED & EXPANDED EDITION
2006978-0-8499-9143-1Brian D. McLarenThe Secret Message of Jesus
2006978-0-8499-9145-5Billy GrahamThe Journey: How to Live by Faith in an Uncertain World
  ''978-0-8499-9149-3Max LucadoFacing Your Giants
2003978-0-8499-9153-0Archibald Hart · Sharon Hart MorrisSafe Haven Marriage
2007978-0-8499-9155-4Beth MooreGet Out of That Pit: A 40-Day Devotional Journal
2001978-0-8499-9514-9Catherine MarshallMoments That Matter Inspiration For Each Day Of The Year
  ''978-0-8499-9518-7Charles R. SwindollWisdom For The Way Wise Words For Busy People
2004978-0-8499-9544-6Hank HanegraaffThe Bible Answer Book
2001978-0-8499-9550-7Max LucadoGod's Inspirational Promises
  ''978-0-8499-9563-7John MacArthurTruth For Today A Daily Touch Of God's Grace
  ''978-0-8499-9581-1Jack CountrymanThe Christian Notetaker's Journal: New Eurobond Leather Edition
2001978-0-8499-9582-8Thomas Nelson PublishersThe Christian Notetaker's Journal
2002978-0-8499-9588-0Todd DuncanLife By Design Building The Future Of Your Dreams
  ''978-0-8499-9589-7Karla DornacherSavor This Moment Embracing The Goodness In Everyday Life
  ''978-0-8499-9591-0John EldredgeDare To Desire An Invitation To Fulfill Your Deepest Dreams
2003978-0-8499-9592-7Bill Gaither · Gloria GaitherHeaven
  ''978-0-8499-9594-1John C. MaxwellLeadership Promises for Every Day
2002978-0-8499-9618-4Dave RamseyPriceless: Straight Shooting, No Frills, Financial Wisdom
2005978-0-8499-9619-1Dave RamseyThe Money Answer Book: Quick Answers To Your Everyday Financial Questions
2002978-0-8499-9620-7Billy GrahamHope for Each Day: Words of Wisdom and Faith
  ''978-0-8499-9643-6Max LucadoSafe in the Shepherd's Arms
2002978-0-8499-9645-0Yvonne PopeChristmas Pocket Planner
  ''978-0-8499-9650-4Eddie LongThe Power of a Wise Woman
2003978-0-8499-9659-7Ken BlanchardServant Leader
2002978-0-8499-9662-7Les ParrottPillow Talk for Couples: Drawing Closer Before the Lights Go Out
1997978-0-8499-9953-6Adventures in Odysse Vvtna 0849999537Adventures in Odyssey: In Harm's Way [VHS]
  ''978-0-8499-9954-3Adventures in Odysse Vvtna 0849999545A Twist in Time (Adventures in Odyssey Series) [VHS]
2002978-0-8499-9977-2Frank E. PerettiThe Wounded Spirit (Leader's Guide)
1987978-0-8499-9994-9Ken GireMelody's Kooky Cover-Up: A Story About Building Self-Worth: Featuring the Psalty Family of Characters Created by Ernie and Debby Rettino (Kids)
1988978-0-8499-9995-6Ken GireRhythm and Blues: A Story About Doing Right When You Feel Wronged (Kids Praise Adventure Series)
1987978-0-8499-9996-3   ''The Booklets' baking boo-boo: A story about obeying, featuring the Psalty family of characters created by Ernie and Debby Rettino (Kids' praise adventure series)
1988978-0-8499-9997-0Ken GireLimburger's Little White Lie: A Story About Telling the Truth (Kids' Praise Adventure Series)
  ''978-0-8499-9998-7   ''Harmony's hullabaloo at the zoo: A story about dealing with fears: featuring the Psalty family of characters created by Ernie and Debby Rettino (Kids' praise! adventure series)
1987978-0-8499-9999-4   ''Spotlight on Charity