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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1970978-0-8415-0020-4Hugh McLeaveThe last Pharaoh: Farouk of Egypt
  ''978-0-8415-0021-1Irving HoweBeyond the new left
  ''978-0-8415-0025-9Andy LoganAgainst the evidence;: The Becker-Rosenthal affair
  ''978-0-8415-0029-7Golda MeirAs good as Golda;: The warmth and wisdom of Israel's Prime Minister
1973978-0-8415-0046-4Peter C GoldmarkMaverick inventor; my turbulent years at CBS
1972978-0-8415-0129-4Amory B. LovinsEryri, The Mountains of Longing
  ''978-0-8415-0138-6Dennis SmithReport from Engine Co. 82.
1972978-0-8415-0141-6Michael HarringtonSocialism
  ''978-0-8415-0154-6Bella S AbzugBella!: Ms. Abzug goes to Washington
  ''978-0-8415-0163-8Charles McCarryCitizen Nader
1973978-0-8415-0228-4Verandah Porche · Marty Jezer · Raymond Mungo · Peter GouldHome Comfort: Stories and Scenes of Life on Total Loss Farm
1976978-0-8415-0231-4James Howard WellardThe Search for the Etruscans
1973978-0-8415-0235-2Paul HoffmanLions in the street;: The inside story of the great Wall Street law firms
  ''978-0-8415-0249-9Thomas ThompsonRichie: The Ultimate Tragedy Between One Decent Man and the Son He Loved
1974978-0-8415-0256-7Peter EarleRobert E. Lee
1976978-0-8415-0259-8David HollowayLewis and Clark and the Crossing of North America.
1974978-0-8415-0295-6Anthony MastersBakunin, the father of anarchism
  ''978-0-8415-0299-4Gaylord PerryMe and the Spitter;: An Autobiographical Confession
1975978-0-8415-0367-0Robert. GreenfieldThe Spiritual Supermarket
1975978-0-8415-0375-5Trevor ArmbristerAct of vengeance: The Yablonski murders and their solution
  ''978-0-8415-0385-4Dennis SmithThe final fire
1976978-0-8415-0407-3Karl Robert RosaYou and AT: Autogenic training--the revolutionary way to relaxation and inner peace
  ''978-0-8415-0437-0Fanny CradockThe Lormes of Castle Rising
  ''978-0-8415-0438-7Irving KolodinThe Opera Omnibus: Four Centuries of Critical Give and Take
  ''978-0-8415-0448-6Bernard C MeyerHoudini: A mind in chains: a psychoanalytic portrait
1976978-0-8415-0467-7James Blish · Gene RoddenberryThe Star Trek Reader I