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1941978-0-8414-9519-7C. A. WilliamsOutlines of Chinese Symbolism&Art
1973978-0-8414-9521-0Ernest WeekleySurnames
1976978-0-8414-9522-7George Edward WherryCambridge and Charles Lamb
1975978-0-8414-9523-4James Crabb WattGreat novelists: Scott, Thackeray, Dickens, Lytton
1977978-0-8414-9524-1John Dover WilsonLeslie Stephen and Matthew Arnold as critics of Wordsworth
1976978-0-8414-9526-5Henry Skinner WestThe versification of King Horn
1974978-0-8414-9527-2Rebecca WestHenry James
1976978-0-8414-9528-9Tendencies of the modern novel
1974978-0-8414-9529-6M. P WillcocksA true-born Englishman;: Being the life of Henry Fielding
1976978-0-8414-9530-2John Maxwell WoodWitchcraft and superstitious record in the southwestern district of Scotland
  ''978-0-8414-9532-6F. M WarrenA history of the novel previous to the seventeenth century
1974978-0-8414-9533-3Laura Hulda WildA literary guide to the Bible;: A study of the types of literature present in the Old and New Testaments,
1976978-0-8414-9534-0F. P WilsonThe Elizabethan theatre
  ''978-0-8414-9536-4Margaret WilliamsonColloquial language of the Commonwealth and Restoration
1974978-0-8414-9537-1V Sackville-WestAndrew Marvell
1976978-0-8414-9538-8Orlo WilliamsSome great English novels: Studies in the art of fiction
1974978-0-8414-9539-5John RuskinLetters of John Ruskin to Bernard Quaritch, 1867-1888
1976978-0-8414-9540-1Lilian WinstanleyMacbeth, King Lear, & contemporary history: Being a study of the relations of the play of Macbeth to the personal history of James I, the Darnley ... and also of King Lear as symbolic mythology
1974978-0-8414-9541-8Royster memorial studies,
1957978-0-8414-9542-5James WinnyFrame of Order
1974978-0-8414-9543-2James WilsonThe dialect of Robert Burns as spoken in central Ayrshire
  ''978-0-8414-9545-6Frederick WatsonRobert Smith Surtees;: A critical study
1976978-0-8414-9546-3Alice WalkerTextual problems of the first folio: Richard III, King Lear, Troilus & Cressida, 2 Henry IV, Hamlet, Othello
1974978-0-8414-9547-0Evalyn WestacottRoger Bacon in life and legend,
  ''978-0-8414-9548-7Nevile Hunter WattsThe vision splendid,
1974978-0-8414-9550-0Adolphus William WardShakespeare and the makers of Virginia
1976978-0-8414-9551-7Paul WilstachPotomac landings
1974978-0-8414-9552-4Alice WalkerLife of Thomas Lodge
  ''978-0-8414-9554-8Hugh WalkerThe greater Victorian poets
1977978-0-8414-9555-5Thomas James WiseColeridgeiana, being a supplement to the Bibliography of Coleridge
  ''978-0-8414-9557-9William WhiteJohn Donne since 1900: A bibliography of periodical articles
  ''978-0-8414-9559-3Thomas Herbert WarrenThe centenary of Tennyson, 1809-1909: A lecture
1974978-0-8414-9560-9Hugh WalpoleThe art of James Branch Cabell: With an appendix of individual comment upon the Cabell books
  ''978-0-8414-9562-3Hugh WalpoleThe English novel;: Some notes on its evolution
1978978-0-8414-9563-0Gray, Collins, and their circle
1974978-0-8414-9564-7Horace WalpoleHieroglyphic tales
1978978-0-8414-9565-4Arthur Robinson WrightEnglish folklore
1974978-0-8414-9566-1A. C WardAspects of the modern short story: English and American,
1978978-0-8414-9569-2Emil Carl WilmImmanuel Kant, 1724-1924
1974978-0-8414-9570-8William Carlos WilliamsA beginning on the short story;: Notes
1974978-0-8414-9572-2Katharine Leaf WestChapter of governesses;: A study of the governess in English fiction, 1800-1949,
  ''978-0-8414-9574-6William Purcell WitcuttBlake: A psychological study
  ''978-0-8414-9575-3William WheelerA concordance to "The Spectator"
  ''978-0-8414-9577-7Alec WaughModern prose literature: A critical survey
  ''978-0-8414-9580-7Harold WestonForm in literature: A theory of technique and construction
1974978-0-8414-9582-1Robert Hunter WestThe invisible world: A study of pneumatology in Elizabethan drama
  ''978-0-8414-9583-8Geoffrey WestThe problem of Arnold Bennett
  ''978-0-8414-9585-2Herbert Newton WetheredOn the art of Thackeray
1978978-0-8414-9586-9Bertram Coghill Alan WindleThe Wessex of Thomas Hardy
1974978-0-8414-9587-6Christian Nat WengerThe aesthetics of Robert Browning
  ''978-0-8414-9589-0Victor Royce WestFolklore in the works of Mark Twain
  ''978-0-8414-9591-3Reginald James WhitePolitical tracts of Wordsworth, Coleridge, and Shelley
1977978-0-8414-9592-0Sophus Keith WintherThe realistic war novel
1974978-0-8414-9593-7Theodore Otto WedelThe mediaeval attitude toward astrology, particularly in England
1974978-0-8414-9595-1Helen Constance WhiteChanging styles in literary studies
1978978-0-8414-9596-8Norman Scarlyn WilsonEuropean drama
1974978-0-8414-9597-5Edith WhartonArtemis to Actaeon, and other verse
1977978-0-8414-9598-2Milton WrightGetting Along With People
1974978-0-8414-9599-9Alick West"A good man fallen among Fabians"
1977978-0-8414-9601-9Clifford Kent WrightBunyan as a man of letters: The Chancellor's essay, 1916
1975978-0-8414-9602-6Harold H WattsHound and quarry
1976978-0-8414-9603-3Jones LibraryEmily Dickinson, December 10, 1830-May 15, 1886: A bibliography
1975978-0-8414-9604-0Hubert Wetmore WellsThe tercentenary of Henry Vaughan
  ''978-0-8414-9606-4Alfred M WilliamsStudies in folk-song and popular poetry
1976978-0-8414-9607-1Annie Russell WallSordello's story, retold in prose
  ''978-0-8414-9609-5Edward J WoodGiants and dwarfs
  ''978-0-8414-9610-1C. T WinchesterWilliam Wordsworth: How to know him
1977978-0-8414-9611-8Alfred WiedemannPopular literature in ancient Egypt
  ''978-0-8414-9612-5Elizabeth WordsworthEssays, old and new
1977978-0-8414-9613-2Vernon LeeA Vernon Lee anthology: Selections from the earlier works
  ''978-0-8414-9614-9L. A WilloughbyDante Gabriel Rossetti and German literature: A public lecture delivered in Hilary term, 1912 at the Taylor Institution, Oxford
  ''978-0-8414-9616-3Virginia WoolfBeau Brummell
  ''978-0-8414-9617-0Virginia WoolfReviewing
  ''978-0-8414-9618-7A. Blyth WebsterGeorge Saintsbury
1977978-0-8414-9619-4George WilliamsonThe talent of T. S. Eliot
  ''978-0-8414-9620-0Virginia WoolfWalter Sickert: A conversation
  ''978-0-8414-9621-7F. P WilsonThe proverbial wisdom of Shakespeare
  ''978-0-8414-9622-4Walt WhitmanAn American primer: With facsimiles of the original manuscript
  ''978-0-8414-9623-1Dorothy WhitelockChanging currents in Anglo-Saxon studies: An inaugural lecture
1977978-0-8414-9624-8F. P WilsonShakespeare and the diction of common life
1978978-0-8414-9630-9Geoffrey WestDeucalion: Or, The future of literary criticism
1948978-0-8414-9633-0Roy WalkerTime Is Out of Joint
1977978-0-8414-9634-7Lauchlan MacLean WattThomas Carlyle
  ''978-0-8414-9636-1William WinterShakespeare's England
  ''978-0-8414-9637-8Ada Radford WallasBefore the bluestockings
  ''978-0-8414-9638-5J. Howard WhitehouseVindication of Ruskin
  ''978-0-8414-9643-9Robert Alfred John WallingGeorge Borrow, the man and his work
1977978-0-8414-9644-6Arthur Edward Pearse Brome WeigallAncient Egypt
  ''978-0-8414-9645-3Orlo WilliamsThe essay
1978978-0-8414-9646-0Paul WilstachTidewater Virginia
1997978-0-8414-9647-7Chad WalshC. S. Lewis: Apostle to the Sceptics
1978978-0-8414-9649-1J. A WardThe imagination of disaster: Evil in the fiction of Henry James
1973978-0-8414-9650-7F. Alan WalbankEngland Yesterday and Today: In the Works of the Novelists 1837 to 1938
  ''978-0-8414-9656-9Lauchlan M. WattLiterature and Life
  ''978-0-8414-9664-4T. Earle WelbyPopular History of English Poetry
  ''978-0-8414-9665-1Benjamin WellsModern French Literature
1985978-0-8414-9669-9Edith WhartonGreater Inclination
1973978-0-8414-9689-7T. Earle WelbyStudy of Swinburne
1985978-0-8414-9693-4Edith WhartonCrucial Instances
1986978-0-8414-9694-1   ''The Valley of Decision
1980978-0-8414-9701-6Laura Hulda WildGeographic influences in Old Testament masterpieces
1953978-0-8414-9702-3John WainContemporary Reviews of Romantic Poetry
1979978-0-8414-9704-7Hugh WalkerOutlines of Victorian Literature
1979978-0-8414-9705-4A. E WilsonEdwardian theatre
1978978-0-8414-9706-1Samuel Taylor ColeridgeThe political thought of Samuel Taylor Coleridge: A selection
  ''978-0-8414-9708-5John WatsonThe philosophy of Kant explained
  ''978-0-8414-9709-2William WrightA short history of Syriac literature
  ''978-0-8414-9710-8Eng Stoke NewingtonDaniel Defoe, 1660-1731: Commemoration in Stoke Newington of the tercentenary of his birth: an exhibition of books, pamphlets, views, and portraits ... Libraries Committee, 7th to 28th May, 1960
  ''978-0-8414-9711-5William Godman WardTennyson's debt to environment: A study of Tennyson's England as an introduction to his poems
1979978-0-8414-9712-2Irving Francis WoodThe Bible as literature: An introduction
1979978-0-8414-9713-9William CowperThe unpublished and uncollected poems of William Cowper
  ''978-0-8414-9718-4M. P WillcocksBunyan calling: A voice from the seventeenth century
  ''978-0-8414-9720-7E. E WardaleChapters on Old English literature
1976978-0-8414-9721-4Robert H. WilsonCharacterization in Malory
1973978-0-8414-9725-2Lillian WhitingBrownings Their Life and Art
  ''978-0-8414-9728-3A Study of Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  ''978-0-8414-9740-5William E. WilliamsCraft of Literature
1973978-0-8414-9749-8N. Scarlyn WilsonFrench Classic Age
  ''978-0-8414-9750-4Frances Amelia YatesA study of Love's labour's lost,
1976978-0-8414-9751-1Charlotte Mary YongeHannah More
  ''978-0-8414-9753-5Charles Lowell YoungEmerson's Montaigne
  ''978-0-8414-9755-9G. M YoungLast essays
1977978-0-8414-9757-3W. B YeatsTribute to Thomas Davis: With an account of the Thomas Davis centenary meeting held in Dublin on November 20th, 1914, including Dr. Mahaffy's ... and an unpublished protest by "A. E."
1974978-0-8414-9758-0Thomas Love PeacockThe plays of Thomas Love Peacock,: Published for the first time
1977978-0-8414-9759-7Karl YoungSamuel Johnson on Shakespeare: One aspect
1974978-0-8414-9760-3Margaret M. S YuTwo masters of irony;
1976978-0-8414-9761-0Edward YardleyThe supernatural in romantic fiction
1977978-0-8414-9762-7W. B YeatsModern poetry
  ''978-0-8414-9763-4W. T. YoungAnthology of the Poetry of the Age of Shakespeare
1974978-0-8414-9764-1Douglas YatesFranz Grillparzer;: A critical biography
1974978-0-8414-9768-9Louise Merwin YoungThomas Carlyle and the art of history
1975978-0-8414-9770-2G. M YoungToday and yesterday: Collected essays and addresses
1973978-0-8414-9790-0George E. WoodberryRalph Waldo Emerson
  ''978-0-8414-9793-1George E. WoodberrySwinburne: A Critical Evaluation
  ''978-0-8414-9795-5   ''Virgil
1948978-0-8414-9796-2George WoodcockWriter and Politics
1973978-0-8414-9801-3Agustin de ZárateA history of the discovery and conquest of Peru;
1975978-0-8414-9804-4An "Objectivists" anthology
1977978-0-8414-9805-1Harriet Rodgers ZinkEmerson's use of the Bible
1976978-0-8414-9806-8Reinard Willem ZandvoortSidney's Arcadia: A comparison between the two versions
  ''978-0-8414-9808-2Nicolaas ZwagerGlimpses of Ben Jonson's London
1978978-0-8414-9809-9Heinrich ZimmerThe Irish element in mediaeval culture
1979978-0-8414-9826-6Waitman BarbeFamous Poems Explained: Helps to Reading With the Understanding: With Biographical Notes of the Authors Represented
1980978-0-8414-9827-3A. J GlinskiPolish fairy tales: Translated from A. J. Glinski
  ''978-0-8414-9828-0Percy Holmes BoyntonLondon in English literature
1979978-0-8414-9830-3Maurice Walter BrockwellErasmus, humanist and painter: A study of a triptych in a private collection
1979978-0-8414-9831-0Gerald William BullettThe English mystics
  ''978-0-8414-9832-7A. Craig BellAlexandre Dumas, a biography and study
  ''978-0-8414-9833-4Waitman BarbeGreat poems interpreted, with biographical notes of the authors represented
  ''978-0-8414-9835-8Samuel Levy BensusanColeridge
  ''978-0-8414-9841-9Russell BurlinghamForrest Reid: A portrait and a study
1979978-0-8414-9842-6Ladbroke Lionel Day BlackSome queer people
  ''978-0-8414-9844-0J. W BrayA history of English critical terms
1973978-0-8414-9850-1Wilfrid BonserAn Anglo-Saxon and Celtic bibliography
1974978-0-8414-9851-8Robert Seymour BridgesCollected essays, papers &c. of Robert Bridges
1973978-0-8414-9852-5Percy Bysshe ShelleyShelley's Defence of poetry and Blunden's lectures on "Defence."
  ''978-0-8414-9854-9James Harry Ernest BrockIago & some Shakespearean villains,
  ''978-0-8414-9856-3Georgia Loring BamfordThe mystery of Jack London, some of his friends,: Also a few letters, a reminiscence
1974978-0-8414-9860-0Ernest Augustus BoydH. L. Mencken
1973978-0-8414-9862-4Edmund BlundenShakespeare to Hardy;: Short studies of characteristic English authors given in a series of lectures at Tokyo University,
  ''978-0-8414-9864-8Arthur Gilchrist BrodeurArthur, dux bellorum,
1973978-0-8414-9866-2A BoskerLiterary criticism in the age of Johnson,
1974978-0-8414-9869-3Edmund BlundenOn the poems of Henry Vaughan;: Characteristics and intimations, with his principal Latin poems carefully translated into English verse,
  ''978-0-8414-9871-6Percy Holmes BoyntonThe rediscovery of the frontier
1973978-0-8414-9872-3Birgit BramsbackThe interpretation of the Cuchulain legend in the works of W. B. Yeats,
1974978-0-8414-9873-0Frederick S BoasAmerican scenes, Tudor to Georgian, in the English literary mirror
1973978-0-8414-9874-7Esther Willard BatesEdwin Arlington Robinson and his manuscripts
1974978-0-8414-9876-1C. M BowraThe simplicity of Racine
1973978-0-8414-9877-8John BayleyKeats and reality
1925978-0-8414-9878-5Edmund BlundenShelley and Keats as They Struck Their Contemporaries, Notes Partly From Manuscript Sources
1973978-0-8414-9879-2Frederick T BasonA bibliography of the writings of William Somerset Maugham,
1977978-0-8414-9880-8Wallace BruceAlong the Hudson with Washington Irving
1973978-0-8414-9881-5Phyllis Eleanor BentleySome observations on the art of narrative,
1977978-0-8414-9882-2Leonard BurrowsBrowning: An introductory essay
1937978-0-8414-9883-9R. P. BlackmurFrom Jordan's Delight
1973978-0-8414-9885-3Ralph BaldwinThe unity of the Canterbury tales
  ''978-0-8414-9887-7Arthur Edward BarkerMilton's schoolmasters,
  ''978-0-8414-9889-1James Wilson BrightThe elements of English versification,
  ''978-0-8414-9893-8Augustine BirrellLife of Charlotte Bronte
1973978-0-8414-9895-2Wallace BruceRobert Burns, poet-laureate of Lodge Canongate Kilwinning
  ''978-0-8414-9897-6Albert Edward BaileyNotes on the literary aspects of Tennyson's Princess
1978978-0-8414-9898-3Henry BestonThe book of gallant vagabonds