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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1970978-0-8403-0168-0J. E EbingerWoody plants of east central Illinois
1972978-0-8403-0562-6Warren A ShiblesPhilosophical pictures
1977978-0-8403-0768-2David W Lantis · Rodney Steiner · Arthur E KarinenCalifornia Land of Contrast
1974978-0-8403-1054-5Marian J DornBowling manual: A student laboratory manual
1978978-0-8403-1831-2Ronald E. NelsonIllinois: Land and Life in the Prairie State
1979978-0-8403-2062-9Robert L SpurrierAmerican government, the institutional basics
1980978-0-8403-2214-2Bradford B. Van DiverUpstate New York, Field Guide (K/H Geology Field Guide Series)
  ''978-0-8403-2235-7James M. · Packull, Werner O. StayerThe Anabaptists and Thomas Muntzer
1981978-0-8403-2393-4J. Gregory PayneMayday, Kent State
  ''978-0-8403-2397-2Betty S. GibsonPride of the Golden Bear
1982978-0-8403-2728-4David V. MollenhoffMadison: A History of the Formative Years
2015978-0-8403-2752-9SmithGroups in Conflict
1982978-0-8403-2828-1Billy HerzogTennis Handbook
1983978-0-8403-2897-7Fred CordovaFilipinos: Forgotten Asian Americans
  ''978-0-8403-2939-4Howard J. NelsonThe Los Angeles Metropolis
1984978-0-8403-3270-7Ronald BassInstructional Development: State of the Art, II
  ''978-0-8403-3322-3Elaine Eller Goldman · Delcy Schram MorrisonPsychodrama: Experience and Process
1984978-0-8403-3493-0Gayle Stringer · Py BatemanWhere Do I Start a Parents Guide for Talking to Teens About Aquaintance Ra Pe
1985978-0-8403-3577-7Donald J. KlemmGuide to the Freshwater Annelida (Polychaeta, Naidid and Tubificid Oligochaeta, and Hirudinea of North America)
  ''978-0-8403-3611-8Maureen S. BogdanowiczWrite, Wrote, Written
  ''978-0-8403-3710-8KATZ NEIL H · LAWYER JOHN WCommunication and Conflict Resolution Skills
  ''978-0-8403-3753-5Owen LindHandbook of Common Methods in Limnology
1986978-0-8403-3830-3ACTGuide to Social Studies Reading Skills
  ''978-0-8403-3832-7ACTGuide to Banking Skills
1986978-0-8403-3833-4ActGuide to Math Skills
  ''978-0-8403-3834-1ACTGUIDE TO SCIENCE SKILLS
  ''978-0-8403-3887-7Gloria PayneTennis for beginning and intermediate players
1987978-0-8403-4296-6Andres F. RodriguezIntroduction to Electromagnetism
1988978-0-8403-4328-4Jonathan Block FriedmanCreation in Space a Course in the Fundamentals of Architecture: Architectonics
1987978-0-8403-4385-7Arthur ChandlerOld Tales of San Francisco
  ''978-0-8403-4615-5Alice LichtensteinVoices and Visions a Television Course in Modern American Poetry Study Guide
1988978-0-8403-4962-0Paul Przybylowicz · John DonoghueShiitake Growers Handbook: The Art and Science of Mushroom Cultivation
  ''978-0-8403-4996-5Peter A., Ph.D. Glaser · Susan R., Ph.D. GlaserCommunication Breakthrough: Instruments for Success: A Handbook for Dentists and Their Staff
1988978-0-8403-5013-8Richard E. LeBlondFrom Chaos to Fragility
1989978-0-8403-5125-8Jacqueline Phillips CantrellAncient Mexico: Cultural traditions in the land of the feathered serpent
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1991978-0-8403-5330-6Gary B. Spindt · William H. Monti · Betty F. HennessyMoving for Life: The Kendall/Hunt Essentials of Physical Education - Student Text (Essentials of Physical Education Program)
1980978-0-8403-5434-1Karl RohnkeCowstails and Cobras 2: A Guide to Games, Initiatives, Ropes Courses & Adventure Curriculum
1989978-0-8403-5517-1Donald N. WoodDesigning the Effective Message: Critical Thinking and Communication
1990978-0-8403-5530-0Daniel L. BoxbergerNative North Americans: An Ethnohistorical Approach
1984978-0-8403-5682-6Karl E. RohnkeSilver Bullets: A Guide to Initiative Problems, Adventure Games and Trust Activities
1994978-0-8403-5705-2Basic Genetics: A Human Approach
1991978-0-8403-5706-9Basic Genetics: A Human Approach - Teacher's Guide - Second Edition
1989978-0-8403-5712-0Julia H CothronStudents and research: Practical strategies for science classrooms and competitions
1990978-0-8403-5759-5Jon VredevoogdDesign for Living/With Work Sheets
  ''978-0-8403-5827-1A. LewisUsing American Law Books/Problems Supplement
1991978-0-8403-6025-0Uri Haber-Schaim · John H. Dodge · Robert Gardner · Edward A. Shore · Felicie WalterPSSC Physics
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1991978-0-8403-6286-5   ''The Collected Works of J. Krishnamurti
1992978-0-8403-6287-2   ''The Collected Works of J. Krishnamurti: 1962-1963: A Psychological Revolution
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1992978-0-8403-7852-1Karl RohnkeSlightly Skewed Vignettes: Confessions of an Incorrigible Kid
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  ''978-0-8403-8603-8Infection Control Policy & Plan/Book and Disk
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1994978-0-8403-9123-0Bruce KershnerSecret Places: A Guide to 25 Little Known Scenic Treasures of the New York's Niagara-Allegheny Region, Including the Beautiful, the Bizarre, the Spec
1993978-0-8403-9172-8Sharon K. ArajiSociety: An Alaskan Perspective
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