University Park Press

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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  ''978-0-8391-0612-8   ''Virulent phage (Selected papers in biochemistry)
1972978-0-8391-0620-3Shichirō SatōMitochondria (Selected papers in biochemistry, v. 10)
1975978-0-8391-0803-0Cancer immunology: Immune surveillance and specific recognition of tumor antigen (Gann monograph on cancer research)
  ''978-0-8391-0807-8Andrew N NicolaidesThromboembolism: Etiology, advances in prevention, and management
1976978-0-8391-0860-3Alexander A BirchAnesthesia for the uninterested
1974978-0-8391-1045-3Kenneth BurtonBiochemistry of nucleic acids, (Biochemistry, series one)
1973978-0-8391-1049-1R. R PorterDefence and recognition (Biochemistry, series one)
1978978-0-8391-1165-8Michael GuralnickEarly Intervention and the Integration of Handicapped and Nonhandicapped Children
  ''978-0-8391-1259-4Harry W. HoemannCommunicating With Deaf People: A Resource Manual for Teachers and Students of American Sign Language (Perspectives in Audiology Series)
1979978-0-8391-1431-4Peter HansellGuide to Medical Photography
1980978-0-8391-1540-3J. W. SuttieVitamin K Metabolism and Vitamin K Dependent Proteins
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1984978-0-8391-1769-8Michael W. FoxFarm Animals: Husbandry, Behavior and Veterinary Practice
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1985978-0-8391-2077-3WalkerThe Pathophysiology of combined injury and trauma: Radiation, burn, and trauma