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  ''978-0-8387-1259-7Aubrey ParkmanDavid Jayne Hill and the problem of world peace
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1979978-0-8387-2060-8Barbara Reich GluckBeckett and Joyce: Friendship and Fiction
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1999978-0-8387-5414-6Stephen BernsteinAlasdair Gray
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2004978-0-8387-5546-4Francie Cate-ArriesSpanish Culture Behind Barbed-Wire: Memory and Representation of the French Concentration Camps, 1939-1945
2003978-0-8387-5553-2William ArnallThe Case of Opposition Stated, Between the Craftsman and the People
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1974978-0-8387-7838-8Grace EckleyEdna O'Brien (The Irish writers series)
1975978-0-8387-7937-8Peter A. TaschDramatic Cobbler: Life and Works of Isaac Bickerstaff