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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1970978-0-8383-0009-1T. BosanquetHenry James at Work
  ''978-0-8383-0080-0Roberto WeissThe dawn of humanism in Italy
1969978-0-8383-0160-9Alexander HamiltonWorks of Alexander Hamilton (American History and Americana Series)
  ''978-0-8383-0169-2George O. SeilhamerHistory of the American Theatre (Studies in Drama)
  ''978-0-8383-0183-8Edward Allen FayConcordance of the Divina Commedia
1982978-0-8383-0188-3Spencer WalpoleLife of Lord John Russell
1969978-0-8383-0322-1Eugene ZieberHeraldry in America
1972978-0-8383-0544-7Tradition & Experiment in Present-Day Literature
1982978-0-8383-0620-8yesEnglish Ode to Sixteen Sixty
1970978-0-8383-1021-2James Claude MalinJohn Brown & the Legend of Fifty-Six
  ''978-0-8383-1025-0Leslie HotsonShakespeare's Motley (Studies in Shakespeare)
1982978-0-8383-1132-5Charles Sotheran · Charles SoutheranHorace Greeley & Other Pioneers of American Socialism
1970978-0-8383-1163-9John CharpentierColeridge: The Sublime Somnambulist
1970978-0-8383-1198-1Karl WitteEssays on Dante (Studies in Dante)
  ''978-0-8383-1199-8Elizabeth Wheeler SchermerhornBenjamin Constant;: His private life and his contribution to the cause of liberal government in France, 1767-1830,
  ''978-0-8383-1224-7W. R. S. RalstonSongs of the Russian People: As Illustrative of Slavonic Mythology and Russian Social Life (Studies in Music)
1971978-0-8383-1226-1Roy CampbellLorca: An Appreciation of His Poetry
  ''978-0-8383-1259-9Guy Alfred AldredBakunin. (His "The Word" library, 2d ser., no. 1)
1982978-0-8383-1280-3Richard C. McKaySouth Street: Maritime History of New York
1971978-0-8383-1281-0Walter DexterUnpublished Letters of Charles Dickens To Mark Lemon
  ''978-0-8383-1282-7Ernest B. BaxThe Last Episode of the French Revolution
1971978-0-8383-1309-1Edgell RickwordRimbaud: The Boy and the Poet
  ''978-0-8383-1339-8John Camden Hotten · Theodore Taylor · Charles Dickens · Anthony TrollopeThackeray the Humorist and the Man of Letters: The Story of His Life and Literary Labours, Including a Selection from His Characteristic Speeches
1972978-0-8383-1378-7Stuart MasonBibliography of Oscar Wilde
  ''978-0-8383-1403-6Catherine Macdonald MacleanDorothy & William Wordsworth
  ''978-0-8383-1422-7Alexander KerenskyPrelude to Bolshevism
  ''978-0-8383-1433-3Lilian WhitingThe Brownings: Their Life and Art
1972978-0-8383-1549-1Harry A. SpurrLife & Writings of Alexandre Dumas
  ''978-0-8383-1566-8Francis Henry GribbleThe romantic life of Shelley and the sequel
1973978-0-8383-1674-0T. A. SinclairHistory of Classical Greek Literature
  ''978-0-8383-1685-6Benjamin FarringtonFrancis Bacon
  ''978-0-8383-1695-5D. HannayLife of Frederick Marryat
1974978-0-8383-1777-8Benjamin FarringtonSamuel Butler and the Odyssey,
  ''978-0-8383-1837-9H. HilerWhy Abstract?
1974978-0-8383-1865-2Irene NemirovskyLife of Chekhov
1976978-0-8383-2115-7Cecil Day LewisRevolution in Writing
978-0-8383-2125-6Joseph ConradWisdom & Beauty from Conrad
1977978-0-8383-2148-5Jean-Paul SartreExistentialism & Humanism