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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1995978-0-8362-0018-8Armand · Andrews McMeel EisenJingle Bells
2000978-0-8362-0365-3Andrews and McMeelA Little Book of Angels (Ariel Books)
1970978-0-8362-0374-5Shannon.william H.The Lively Debate
1995978-0-8362-0415-5Scott AdamsIt's Obvious You Won't Survive By Your Wits Alone
  ''978-0-8362-0416-2Bill AmendWildly FoxTrot: A FoxTrot Treasury (Volume 12)
  ''978-0-8362-0417-9Brian BassetMinivanity (An Adam Collection)
  ''978-0-8362-0421-6J. C. DuffyCruel and Unusual: A Fusco Brothers Collection
  ''978-0-8362-0423-0Cathy GuisewiteUnderstanding the "Why" Chromosome
1995978-0-8362-0424-7Lynn JohnstonStarting from Scratch: A For Better or for Worse Collection
  ''978-0-8362-0425-4Gary LarsonThe Far Side Gallery 5 (Volume 21)
  ''978-0-8362-0426-1Gary LarsonThe Far Side Gallery 5
  ''978-0-8362-0429-2Pat OliphantOff to the Revolution: More Cartoons by Pat Oliphant
  ''978-0-8362-0430-8PiraroBizarro Number 9
1995978-0-8362-0436-0G. B. TrudeauFlashbacks: Twenty-Five Years of Doonesbury
  ''978-0-8362-0437-7G. B. TrudeauFlashbacks: Twenty-Five Years of Doonesbury (Doonesbury Book)
  ''978-0-8362-0438-4Bill WattersonCalvin & Hobbes Books, Tenth Anniversary Book
  ''978-0-8362-0440-7Bill WattersonThe Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book
  ''978-0-8362-0455-1George BeahmThe Stephen King Companion
1995978-0-8362-0457-5Roger EbertRoger Ebert's Video Companion 1996/Roger Ebert's Pocket Video Guide (Roger Ebert's Movie Yearbook)
1996978-0-8362-0460-5David K. Miller · Kenneth BlumOverload: Attention Deficit Disorder and the Addictive Brain
1978978-0-8362-0482-7Saint, Bishop of Hippo AugustineConfessions of st Augustine
1996978-0-8362-0499-5John RosemondBecause I Said So!: A Collection of 366 Insightful and Thought- Provoking Reflections on Parenting and Family Life
1995978-0-8362-0505-3John RosemondA Family of Value (John Rosemond)
1971978-0-8362-0513-8John F. DedekContemporary Sexual Morality
1975978-0-8362-0544-2Philip NobileKing Cancer: The good, the bad, and the cure of cancer
1973978-0-8362-0547-3Nicholas Von Hoffman · Garry TrudeauThe Fireside Watergate
1996978-0-8362-0548-0Mary Elizabeth ThurstonThe Lost History of the Canine Race: Our 15,000-Year Love Affair With Dogs
1979978-0-8362-0550-3Garry TrudeauDoonesbury: The Original Yale Cartoons
1974978-0-8362-0573-2Ron GalellaJacqueline
  ''978-0-8362-0581-7G. B., TrudeauJoanie
1995978-0-8362-0584-8San Jose Mercury NewsOnce upon a Dream...: The Vietnamese-American Experience
1974978-0-8362-0586-2Wilfrid SheedThree mobs: Labor, church, and Mafia
  ''978-0-8362-0600-5G. B TrudeauJoanie (His A Doonesbury book)
1975978-0-8362-0620-3Mell Lazarus"Francine, your face would stop a clock" (Cartoons for new children series)
1976978-0-8362-0631-9Nicholas Von HoffmanTales from the Margaret Mead taproom
1983978-0-8362-0634-0Murray N. RothbardAmerica's Great Depression (Studies in economic theory)
1975978-0-8362-0647-0Murray Newton RothbardAmerica's Great Depression
1976978-0-8362-0688-3Carl OglesbyThe Yankee and Cowboy War: Conspiracies from Dallas to Watergate
1978978-0-8362-0696-8Michael SchmausDogma 6: Justification and the Last Things
1977978-0-8362-0703-3Tristan JonesThe Incredible Voyage: A Personal Odyssey
  ''978-0-8362-0708-8David Levinthal · Garry TrudeauHitler Moves East: A Graphic Chronicle, 1941-43
  ''978-0-8362-0727-9Garner Ted ArmstrongThe real Jesus
1977978-0-8362-0737-8Tom WilsonThe Ziggy treasury
1995978-0-8362-0748-4Lee NordlingYour Career in the Comics
1977978-0-8362-0750-7Murray N. Rothbard · Murray RothbardPower and Market: Government and the Economy
  ''978-0-8362-0751-4Murray N. Rothbard · Murray RothbardPower and Market: Government and the Economy
1995978-0-8362-0768-2Magic Eye Inc.Magic Eye: A New Bag of Tricks
  ''978-0-8362-0778-1Bruce TinsleyMallard Fillmore
1977978-0-8362-0783-5Thomas Patrick Melady · Margaret MeladyIdi Amin Dada: Hitler in Africa
1995978-0-8362-0818-4Cindy FrancisLife Lessons for Women
  ''978-0-8362-0819-1Alan FrancisEverything Men Know About Women: 25th Anniversary Edition
  ''978-0-8362-0861-0Andrews McMeel PublishingFriends (Little Books)
1996978-0-8362-0935-8Jim Davis · Mark AceyOut-Of-Shape Beats No Shape At All (Little Books)
1996978-0-8362-0976-1Ariel BooksBrides (Tiny Tomes)
2001978-0-8362-0999-0Madison MalloneGems (Tiny Tomes)
1996978-0-8362-1025-5Patrick McDonnellMUTTS (Volume 1)
  ''978-0-8362-1026-2Scott AdamsStill Pumped From Using The Mouse
  ''978-0-8362-1027-9Bill AmendThe Return of the Lone Iguana: A FoxTrot Collection
  ''978-0-8362-1029-3Scott DikkersI Got Married If You Can Believe That
  ''978-0-8362-1030-9John McPhersonHome: The Final Frontier
1996978-0-8362-1032-3G. B. TrudeauVirtual Doonesbury: A Doonesbury Book (Doonesbury Collection)
  ''978-0-8362-1035-4Paul Bergman · Michael AsimowReel Justice: The Courtroom Goes to the Movies
  ''978-0-8362-1036-1George W. BeahmThe Unauthorized Anne Rice Companion
  ''978-0-8362-1040-8Jack HandeyFuzzy Memories
  ''978-0-8362-1041-5Ron HoffSay It in Six: How to Say Exactly What You Mean in Six Minutes or Less
1996978-0-8362-1058-3Cathy GuisewiteAffirmations (Little Books)
  ''978-0-8362-1068-2   ''Shop Till You Drop Then Sit Down And Buy Shoes
  ''978-0-8362-1085-9Mary EngelbreitMary Engelbreit's Outdoor Companion: The Mary Engelbreit Look and How to Get It (Mary Engelbreit's Companion)
  ''978-0-8362-1087-3Pat BradyShe's a Momma, Not a Movie Star: A Rose is Rose Collection
  ''978-0-8362-1090-3Stephanie Edwards101 Things a College Girl Should Know
1996978-0-8362-1091-0Richard ReevesRunning in Place: How Bill Clinton Disappointed America
1978978-0-8362-1103-0G. B. TrudeauJohn & Faith Hubley's A Doonesbury special: a director's notebook
  ''978-0-8362-1104-7G. B TrudeauJohn & Faith Hubley's A Doonesbury special: A director's notebook
1983978-0-8362-1113-9Lynn JohnstonIt Must Be Nice to Be Little
978-0-8362-1116-0Cathy GuisewiteThe Cathy chronicles
1983978-0-8362-1117-7Jim UngerHerman, You Were a Much Stronger Man on Our First Honeymoon
  ''978-0-8362-1120-7Cathy GuisewiteA Mouthful of Breath Mints and No One to Kiss
1979978-0-8362-1122-1Jim Unger1st Treasury of Herman (Andrews & McMeel Treasury Series)
1983978-0-8362-1149-8Gary LarsonBeyond The Far Side (Volume 2)
1980978-0-8362-1151-1Tom WilsonEncore! Encore!!: A New Collection of Ziggy Favorites
  ''978-0-8362-1155-9Jim UngerThe Second Herman Treasury (Andrews & McMeel Treasury Series)
  ''978-0-8362-1158-0Cathy Guisewite"What do you mean, I still don't have equal rights??!" (Andrews and McMeel treasury series)
1981978-0-8362-1166-5Lynn JohnstonI've Got the One-More-Washload Blues: A For Better or for Worse Book
1981978-0-8362-1168-9Jim UngerThe Latest Herman
1982978-0-8362-1197-9Lynn JohnstonIs This One Of Those Days
  ''978-0-8362-1200-6Gary LarsonThe Far Side ® (Volume 1)
  ''978-0-8362-1201-3Cathy GuisewiteAnother Saturday Night of Wild and Reckless Abandon
1984978-0-8362-1217-4   ''Climb Every Mountain, Bounce Every Check: A Cathy Sunday Collection
  ''978-0-8362-1218-1Lynn JohnstonMore Than a Month of Sundays: A for Better or for Worse Sunday Collection
1985978-0-8362-1259-4James J. KilpatrickThe Ear Is Human: A Handbook of Homophones and Other Confusions
1995978-0-8362-1306-5Gary LarsonFar Side Gallery 5
1996978-0-8362-1309-6Lynn JohnstonRemembering Farley
  ''978-0-8362-1310-2Jerry Scott · Rick KirkmanNight of the Living Dad: Baby Blues Scrapbook No. 6 (Volume 4)
1996978-0-8362-1311-9Bruce TinsleyMallard Fillmore...on the Stump
  ''978-0-8362-1312-6Bill WattersonThere's Treasure Everywhere--A Calvin and Hobbes Collection (Volume 15)
  ''978-0-8362-1313-3   ''Calvin and Hobbes: There's Treasure Everywhere
  ''978-0-8362-1314-0Donald L. Barlett · James B. SteeleAmerica: Who Stole the Dream?
  ''978-0-8362-1320-1Alan FrancisSex After 50
1996978-0-8362-1324-9Scott AdamsDilbert: Telling It Like It Isn't (Mininature Hardcover)
  ''978-0-8362-1325-6KirkmanWe Are Not Alone - A Baby Blues Book (Little Books (Andrews & McMeel))
  ''978-0-8362-1326-3Barbara DemickLogavina Street: Life and Death in a Sarajevo Neighborhood
  ''978-0-8362-1332-4Magic Eye Inc.Magic Eye: The Amazing Spider-Man 3D Illusions
  ''978-0-8362-1441-3Mary EngelbreitDon't Look Back (Little Books (Andrews & McMeel))
2007978-0-8362-1442-0Joe MartinMister Boffo: The First Decade
1997978-0-8362-1443-7Dave BarryDave Barry's Book of Bad Songs
1996978-0-8362-1464-2UndatedCal 97 Year of Gardens
1996978-0-8362-1499-4"Fortean Times"Strange Days: The Year in Weirdness (No.1)
  ''978-0-8362-1502-1Michael CaderThat's Funny!
  ''978-0-8362-1513-7Michael DruittJohn F. Kennedy Jr.: A Life in the Spotlight
  ''978-0-8362-1517-5Michael De · Ariel Books BienvilleGargoyles
  ''978-0-8362-1520-5Julie MarsLabrador Retrievers (Little Books)
1996978-0-8362-1523-6StevensonTattoos: Coloring the Human Canvas -- 1996 publication
  ''978-0-8362-1524-3Susan FeuerThe Teddy Bear Book
  ''978-0-8362-1565-6Debra P. Raisner · David H. Raisner · Glenn S. KlausnerThe Do It Did It Handbook
  ''978-0-8362-1662-2Gerald F. UelmenLessons from the Trial: The People V. O.J. Simpson
1999978-0-8362-1699-8Ultimate Teddy Bear 2000 Calendar
1992978-0-8362-1700-1Pat OliphantJust Say No!: More Cartoons by Pat Oliphant
  ''978-0-8362-1701-8Gary LarsonCows of Our Planet: A Far Side Collection (Volume 17)
1992978-0-8362-1702-5G. B. TrudeauAction Figure!: The Life and Times of Doonesbury's Uncle Duke
  ''978-0-8362-1703-2Bill WattersonThe Indispensable Calvin and Hobbes: A Calvin and Hobbes Treasury
1993978-0-8362-1706-3Bill AmendBury My Heart at Fun-Fun Mountain: A FoxTrot Collection
  ''978-0-8362-1709-4Jim · Scott DikkersI Got a Job and It Wasn't That Bad/the Second Collection of Jim's Journal Cartoons
  ''978-0-8362-1710-0B. KlibanAdvanced Cartooning and Other Drawings
  ''978-0-8362-1712-4G. B. TrudeauQuality Time on Highway 1: A Doonesbury Book
1993978-0-8362-1715-5Jerry Scott · Rick KirkmanGuess Who Didn't Take a Nap? (Baby Blues Collection)
  ''978-0-8362-1717-9Gary LarsonThe Chickens Are Restless (Volume 19)
  ''978-0-8362-1719-3Pat OliphantWhy Do I Feel Uneasy?: More Cartoons by Pat Oliphant
  ''978-0-8362-1720-9Bill AmendSay Hello to Cactus Flats: A Fox Trot Collection
  ''978-0-8362-1721-6Brian BassetLife Begins At 6:40 (An Adam Collection)
1993978-0-8362-1722-3Cathy GuisewiteRevelations from a 45-Pound Purse: A Cathy Collection
  ''978-0-8362-1723-0Lynn JohnstonThere Goes My Baby!: A For Better or For Worse Collection (A for Better or Worse Collection)
  ''978-0-8362-1724-7Gary LarsonThe Far Side Gallery 4
  ''978-0-8362-1726-1   ''Far Side Gallery 4
  ''978-0-8362-1727-8Jim UngerThe Best Of Herman
1993978-0-8362-1734-6G. B. TrudeauThe Portable Doonesbury
  ''978-0-8362-1735-3Bill WattersonThe Days are Just Packed: A Calvin and Hobbes Collection (Volume 12)
1993978-0-8362-1736-0Bill WattersonThe Days Are Just Packed
  ''978-0-8362-1737-7Scott AdamsClues For The Clueless
1994978-0-8362-1740-7   ''Shave the Whales
  ''978-0-8362-1741-4Bill AmendMay the Force Be With Us, Please (A FoxTrot Collection)
  ''978-0-8362-1743-8Greg Howard · Craig MacIntoshI Gave At The Office (A Sally Forth Collection)
  ''978-0-8362-1744-5Jerry Scott · Rick KirkmanI Thought Labor Ended When the Baby Was Born (Baby Blues Collection)
1994978-0-8362-1746-9Charles SchulzBeing a Dog Is a Full-Time Job: A Peanuts Collection
  ''978-0-8362-1747-6G. B. TrudeauWashed Out Bridges and Other Disasters: A Doonesbury Book
  ''978-0-8362-1751-3Jay LenoJay Leno's Police Blotter
  ''978-0-8362-1757-5Scott AdamsBuild a Better Life by Stealing Office Supplies: Dogbert's Big Book of Business
  ''978-0-8362-1758-2   ''Always Postpone Meetings With Time-Wasting Morons
1994978-0-8362-1759-9Bill AmendEnormously FoxTrot (Volume 10)
  ''978-0-8362-1760-5Robin Driscoll · Rowan AtkinsonMr. Bean's Diary
  ''978-0-8362-1761-2Cathy GuisewiteThe Child Within Has Been Awakened but the Old Lady on the Outside Just Collapsed: A Cathy Collection (Volume 15)
  ''978-0-8362-1762-9Lynn JohnstonIt's the Thought That Counts: For Better or for Worse 15th Anniversary Collection (Volume 14)
  ''978-0-8362-1763-6Gary LarsonThe Curse of Madame "C" (A Far Side Collection) (Volume 20)
1995978-0-8362-1764-3John McPhersonOne Step Closer to Home
1994978-0-8362-1765-0Pat OliphantWaiting for the Other Shoe to Drop...: More Cartoons by Pat Oliphant
1994978-0-8362-1766-7Charles M. SchulzAround the World in 45 Years, Charlie Brown's Anniversary Celebration
  ''978-0-8362-1767-4G. B. TrudeauIn Search of Cigarette Holder Man: A Doonesbury Book
  ''978-0-8362-1769-8Bill WattersonHomicidal Psycho Jungle Cat: A Calvin and Hobbes Collection
  ''978-0-8362-1771-1   ''Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat: A Calvin and Hobbes Collection
1995978-0-8362-1776-6Scott DikkersI Made Some Brownies and they were pretty good
  ''978-0-8362-1777-3MartinMr. Boffo Shrink Wrapped
1995978-0-8362-1779-7Scott AdamsBring Me The Head Of Willy The Mailboy!
  ''978-0-8362-1780-3Bill AmendTake Us to Your Mall: A FoxTrot Collection
  ''978-0-8362-1781-0Jerry Scott · Rick KirkmanWe Are Experiencing Parental Difficulties...Please Stand By: Baby Blues Scrapbook No. 5 (Baby Blues Collection)
  ''978-0-8362-1783-4TennantVersion 2.0: More BYTE-ing Humor
  ''978-0-8362-1784-1Garry TrudeauThe Doonesbury Nation
1995978-0-8362-1785-8Wiley MillerThe Non Sequitur Survival Guide for the Nineties (Volume 1)
  ''978-0-8362-1788-9Charles M. SchulzMake Way for the King of the Jungle
1988978-0-8362-1802-2Jerry Van AmerongenSound Sleeping in the Neighborhood
  ''978-0-8362-1803-9Johnny HartB.C. Rides Again
  ''978-0-8362-1805-3Bill WattersonThe Essential Calvin and Hobbes: a Calvin and Hobbes Treasury
  ''978-0-8362-1807-7Lynn JohnstonPushing 40: A For Better or for Worse Collection (Volume 8)
1988978-0-8362-1808-4Cathy GuisewiteWhy Do the Right Words Always Come Out of the Wrong Mouth?
  ''978-0-8362-1809-1Bill WattersonThe Essential Calvin And Hobbes: A Calvin and Hobbes Treasury
1990978-0-8362-1813-8Pat OliphantOliphant's Presidents:: Twenty-Five Years of Caricature
  ''978-0-8362-1814-5G. B. TrudeauYou're Smokin' Now, Mr. Butts!: A Doonesbury Book (Doonesbury Books (Andrews & McMeel))
  ''978-0-8362-1815-2Bill AmendPass the Loot: A Fox Trot Collection
  ''978-0-8362-1816-9Jerry Van AmerongenHigh Stepping Through the Neighborhood
1990978-0-8362-1819-0Jim UngerHerman Over The Wall: The Seventh Treasury
  ''978-0-8362-1820-6Cathy Guisewite$14 In the Bank and a $200 Face in My Purse
  ''978-0-8362-1821-3Lynn JohnstonIf This Is a Lecture, How Long Will It Be?: A For Better or For Worse Collection
  ''978-0-8362-1822-0Bill WattersonThe Authoritative Calvin and Hobbes (A Calvin And Hobbes Treasury)
  ''978-0-8362-1824-4G. B. TrudeauRecycled Doonesbury: Second Thoughts on a Gilded Age
1988978-0-8362-1825-1Bill WattersonSomething Under the Bed Is Drooling
1988978-0-8362-1831-2Gary LarsonThe Far Side Gallery 3
  ''978-0-8362-1832-9Jim UngerHerman: The Sixth Treasury
1989978-0-8362-1835-0Bill WattersonYukon Ho!
  ''978-0-8362-1836-7Johnny HartReturn of B.C. Rides Again (A.B.C. Collection)
  ''978-0-8362-1841-1Brian BassetAdam
  ''978-0-8362-1842-8Gary LarsonWildlife Preserves (Volume 13)
1989978-0-8362-1843-5George BoothBooth Again
  ''978-0-8362-1845-9G. B. TrudeauRead My Lips, Make My Day, Eat Quiche and Die!: A Doonesbury Book (Doonesbury Books (Andrews & McMeel))
  ''978-0-8362-1846-6Jerry Van AmerongenThe Neighborhood in Color
  ''978-0-8362-1847-3Anthony M. Casale · Philip LermanWhere Have All the Flowers Gone? The Fall and Rise of the Woodstock Generation
1990978-0-8362-1848-0Bill AmendFoxTrot the Works (Volume 3)
  ''978-0-8362-1849-7J. C. DuffyMeet the Fusco Brothers
1989978-0-8362-1851-0Gary LarsonThe PreHistory of The Far Side:: A 10th Anniversary Exhibit (Volume 14)
1989978-0-8362-1852-7Bill WattersonThe Calvin and Hobbes Lazy Sunday Book
  ''978-0-8362-1853-4Lynn JohnstonA Look Inside... For Better or for Worse (10th Anniversary) (Volume 9)
  ''978-0-8362-1855-8Cathy GuisewiteMy Granddaughter Has Fleas!!: A Cathy Collection (Volume 10)
  ''978-0-8362-1856-5Bill AmendFoxTrot (Volume 1)