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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1978978-0-8357-0321-5Jan Louis PerkowskiGusle and ganga among the Hercegovinians of Toronto (Monograph publishing on demand: Sponsor series)
  ''978-0-8357-0363-5Arnoldo De LeonApuntes Tejanos
  ''978-0-8357-0367-3Ehrhard BahrInternationales Verzeichnis der Goethe-Dissertationen (Monograph Publishing: Sponsor series) (German Edition)
1979978-0-8357-0397-0Harold David HarringtonManual of the plants of Colorado, for the identification of the ferns and flowering plants of the state
1980978-0-8357-0503-5Richard PipesBibliography of the Published Writings of Peter Berngardovich Struve: Bibliografiia pechatnykh rabot Petra Berngardovicha Struve (Monograph Publishing Sponsor Series) (English and Russian Edition)
  ''978-0-8357-0544-8Catherine OmnèsDe l'atelier au groupe industriel Vallourec, 1882-1978 (UMI Monographs: Imprint series) (French Edition)
1990978-0-8357-0898-2Eugene B. Power · Robert AndersonEdition of One: The Autobiography of Eugene B. Power, Founder of University Microfilms
1979978-0-8357-1006-0Fredrick L MillnerThe operas of Johann Adolf Hasse (Studies in musicology)
1980978-0-8357-1058-9Charlotte DouglasSwans of Other Worlds: Kazimir Malevich and the Origins of Abstraction in Russia (Studies in the Fine Arts: The Avant-Garde)
  ''978-0-8357-1060-2Hannah L HedrickTheo Van Doesburg: Propagandist and Practitioner of the Avant-Garde, 1909-1923 (Studies in the Fine Arts, The Avant-Garde)
1980978-0-8357-1126-5John C SchmidtThe Life and Works of John Knowles Paine (Studies in Musicology)
1981978-0-8357-1134-0Johann MatthesonJohann Mattheson's Der vollkommene Capellmeister: A revised translation with critical commentary (Studies in musicology)
1980978-0-8357-1140-1Richard T PinnellFrancesco Corbetta and the baroque guitar: With a transcription of his works (Studies in musicology)
1981978-0-8357-1151-7Brigid S BartonOtto Dix and Die neue Sachlichkeit, 1918-1925 (Studies in the fine arts. The avant-garde)
  ''978-0-8357-1161-6Richard HudsonPassacaglio and ciaccona: From guitar music to Italian keyboard variations in the 17th century (Studies in musicology)
  ''978-0-8357-1170-8Rita H MeadHenry Cowell's New Music, 1925-1936: The Society, the Music Editions, and the Recordings (Studies in Musicology)
  ''978-0-8357-1179-1Beeke Sell TowerKlee and Kandinsky in Munich and at the Bauhaus (Studies in the fine arts. The avant-garde)
  ''978-0-8357-1184-5Donna G CardamoneThe canzone villanesca alla napolitana and related forms, 1537-1570 (Studies in musicology)
1981978-0-8357-1228-6Lois MendelsonRobert Breer: A Study of His Work in the Context of the Modernist Tradition (Studies in Photography and Cinematography)
  ''978-0-8357-1259-0James L BrockA forecast for the grocery retailing industry in the 1980s (Research for business decisions)
  ''978-0-8357-1265-1Stuart E BakerGeorges Feydeau and the Aesthetics of Farce (Theater and Dramatic Studies)
1982978-0-8357-1289-7Robert WinterCompositional origins of Beethoven's opus 131 (Studies in musicology)
  ''978-0-8357-1297-2Sherry A BuckberroughRobert Delaunay: The Discovery of Simultaneity (Studies in the Fine Arts)
  ''978-0-8357-1299-6R. L HeldEndless innovations: Frederick Kiesler's theory and scenic design (Studies in the fine arts. The avant-garde)
1982978-0-8357-1304-7Sidney RosenzweigCasablanca and Other Major Films of Michael Curtiz (Studies in Cinema, No. 14)
  ''978-0-8357-1361-0Patrick McCrelessWagner's "Siegfried": Its drama, history, and music (Studies in musicology)
  ''978-0-8357-1384-9Ralph C MerkleSecrecy, authentication, and public key systems (Computer science)
1984978-0-8357-1466-2Walker CunninghamThe keyboard music of John Bull (Studies in musicology)
1983978-0-8357-1472-3Richard G CondonInuit Behavior and Seasonal Change in the Canadian Arctic (Studies in cultural anthropology)
1984978-0-8357-1474-7Sheila FfolliottCivic sculpture in the Renaissance: Montorsoli's fountains at Messina (Studies in Renaissance art history)
1985978-0-8357-1475-4Gerhard HerzEssays on J.S. Bach (Studies in musicology)
1984978-0-8357-1492-1James Michael ThomasThe Art of the Actor-Manager: Wilson Barrett and the Victorian Theatre (Theater and Dramatic Studies)
1983978-0-8357-1496-9Virginia HancockBrahms's Choral Compositions and His Library of Early Music (Studies in Music, 76)
1982978-0-8357-1512-6SCHOENBERG''S TWELVE-TONE HARMONY - The Suite Op. 29 and the Compositional Sketches
1985978-0-8357-1584-3Eric BinnieThe theatrical designs of Charles Ricketts (Theater and dramatic studies)
1984978-0-8357-1589-8Kim Stanley RobinsonThe novels of Philip K. Dick (Studies in speculative fiction)
1985978-0-8357-1613-0Raymond BrebachJoseph Conrad, Ford Madox Ford, and the making of Romance (Studies in modern literature)
1987978-0-8357-1620-8W. Chan and Young, Philip KimThe Pacific challenge in international business (Research for business decisions)
1985978-0-8357-1646-8Lawrence ArchboldStyle and structure in the praeludia of Dietrich Buxtehude (Studies in musicology)
1986978-0-8357-1649-9Daniel J. KouryOrchestral Performance Practices in the Nineteenth Century: Size, Proportions and Seating (Studies in Musicology)
1985978-0-8357-1678-9Peter Howard SelzArt in a turbulent era (Contemporary American art critics)
  ''978-0-8357-1682-6Stephen D HelmerHitler's Berlin: The Speer plans for reshaping the central city (Architecture and urban design)
  ''978-0-8357-1690-1Nicolas CalasTransfigurations, art critical essays, on the modern period (Contemporary American art critics)
1985978-0-8357-1691-8Edward M ScahillThe effect of research and development on U.S. market structure (Research in business economics and public policy)
1987978-0-8357-1696-3Nikolai Lvov · Ivan PrachA Collection of Russian Folk Songs (CLASSICS OF RUSSIAN MUSICAL FOLKLORE IN FACSIMILE)
1986978-0-8357-1734-2Theodore TurakWilliam Le Baron Jenney: A Pioneer of Modern Architecture (Architecture and Urban Design)
1987978-0-8357-1781-6Donald GutierrezSubject-Object Relations in Wordsworth and Lawrence (Studies in Modern Literature)
1988978-0-8357-1833-2Stanley SadieHandel Tercentenary Collection (Studies in Musicology, 99)
  ''978-0-8357-1842-4Shelley C BergLe sacre du printemps: Seven productions from Nijinsky to Martha Graham (Theater and dramatic studies)
1989978-0-8357-1885-1Lawrence R. BroerSanity plea: Schizophrenia in the novels of Kurt Vonnegut (Studies in speculative fiction)
  ''978-0-8357-1922-3Carol Anne MahsunPop art: The critical dialogue (Studies in the fine arts)
  ''978-0-8357-1939-1Margherita AndreottiThe Early Sculpture of Jean Arp (STUDIES IN THE FINE ARTS AVANT-GARDE)
  ''978-0-8357-1949-0Susana Onega JaenForm and Meaning in the Novels of John Fowles (Challenging the Literary Canon)
1986978-0-8357-1953-7Beth KalikoffMurder and Moral Decay in Victorian Popular Literature (Nineteenth-Century Studies)
1989978-0-8357-1961-2Carol IlsonHarold Prince: From Pajama Game to Phantom of the Opera (Theater and Dramatic Studies)
1990978-0-8357-1974-2Charles H. ShattuckEdwin Booth's performances: The Mary Isabella Stone commentaries (Theatre and dramatic studies)
1989978-0-8357-1976-6Peter HitchcockWorking-Class Fiction in Theory and Practice: A Reading of Alan Sillitoe (Challenging the Literary Canon)
1989978-0-8357-1980-3Tricia HenryBreak All Rules!: Punk Rock and the Making of a Style (STUDIES IN THE FINE ARTS AVANT-GARDE)
  ''978-0-8357-2014-4Kim Stanley RobinsonThe Novels of Philip K. Dick (Studies in Speculative Fiction)
1984978-0-8357-2021-2Betsy Alayne RyanGertrude Stein's Theatre of the Absolute (Theater and Dramatic Studies)
1989978-0-8357-2028-1Richard MartinInk in Her Blood: The Life and Crime Fiction of Margery Allingham (Challenging the Literary Canon)
1991978-0-8357-2051-9Daniel J. KouryOrchestral Performance Practices in the Nineteenth Century: Size, Proportions, and Seating (Studies in Musicology)
1992978-0-8357-2210-0Claudia StalbMusik-Welt, 1880-1882 (Répertoire international de la presse musicale) (German Edition)
1994978-0-8357-2306-0Martina LangBerliner allgemeine musikalische Zeitung, 1824-1830 (Répertoire international de la presse musicale) (German Edition)
  ''978-0-8357-2330-5Edward H ClinkscaleThe musical times, 1844-1900 (Repertoire international de la presse musicale)
1980978-0-8357-4887-2William Lawrence GoodwinHandbook for Measurement and Evaluation in Early Childhood Education: Issues, Measures, and Methods (Jossey-Bass Social and Behaviorial Science Series)
1992978-0-8357-8801-4James B. PritchardAncient Near Eastern Texts: Relating to the Old Testament