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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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1976978-0-8323-0047-9Alice Benson AllenSimon Benson: Northwest Lumber King.
1967978-0-8323-0061-5Kenneth L. HolmesEwing Young - Master Trapper
1971978-0-8323-0220-6Amos L. WoodBeachcombing for Japanese Glass Floats
1977978-0-8323-0231-2Ronald J. Taylor · George W. DouglasMountain Wild Flowers of the Pacific Northwest
1976978-0-8323-0273-2Emory StrongStone Age in the Great Basin
1977978-0-8323-0287-9Evangeline AtwoodWho's Who in Alaskan Politics: Biographical Dictionary of Alaskan Political Personalities, 1884 -- 1974
  ''978-0-8323-0288-6Tom McCall · Steve NealTom McCall: Maverick
  ''978-0-8323-0296-1Howard C BeltonUnder eleven governors
1979978-0-8323-0340-1Doris P. PayneCaptain Jack, Modoc Renegade
  ''978-0-8323-0349-4Pam Brace · Peggy JonesSidetracked Home Executives: from Pigpen to Paradise
1985978-0-8323-0360-9Elbert BedeFabulous Opal Whiteley
1981978-0-8323-0390-6Dale N. BeverNorthwest Conifers: A Photographic Key
1962978-0-8323-0391-3James GibbsShipwrecks of the Pacific Coast
1982978-0-8323-0398-2Helen Guyton ReesShaniko: From wool capital to ghost town
1984978-0-8323-0430-9Don MarshallOregon Shipwrecks
1985978-0-8323-0437-8Amos L. WoodBeachcombing for Japanese Glass Floats
1989978-0-8323-0449-1Howard McKinley CorningDictionary of Oregon History
  ''978-0-8323-0473-6Berry KeeperThe Old Ones Told Me, American Indian Stories for Children
1989978-0-8323-0474-3Harriet D. MunnickPriest's Progress: The Journey of Francis Norbert Blanchet from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific in Three Parishes
1991978-0-8323-0481-1James A. GibbsPacific Graveyard
  ''978-0-8323-0487-3Stan AllynThe Day the Sun Didn't Rise
2001978-0-8323-0544-3Larry J. BellartsRed-Tailed Peacemaker