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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1986978-0-8317-0020-1Dodie SmithOne Hundred and One Dalmatians (Disney Classic Series)
1990978-0-8317-0107-9Antony PrestonAircraft Carriers
1986978-0-8317-0238-0Lewis · Disney, Walt CarrollAlice in Wonderland
1997978-0-8317-0287-8Walt Disney Productions · Mouse WorksAlice in Wonderland
1985978-0-8317-0295-3Antonin RuklThe Amateur Astronomer: An Observer's Guide to the Universe
1979978-0-8317-0302-8Roger ChesneauConway's All the World's Fighting Ships, 1860-1905
1980978-0-8317-0303-5Conway Maritime EditorsConway's All the World's Fighting Ships, 1922-1946
1979978-0-8317-0308-0André KertészAmericana
1993978-0-8317-0310-3Catherine HanleyBlue Ribbon Winners: America's Best State Fair Recipes
1979978-0-8317-0313-4Kathryn SpinkAmsterdam
1993978-0-8317-0381-3Joseph G. RosaThe Taming of the West: Age of the Gunfighter: Men and Weapons on the Frontier 1840-1900
1988978-0-8317-0394-3Walt Disney ProductionsThe Aristocats
1991978-0-8317-0476-6Ian RidpathAstronomy
1989978-0-8317-0485-8Richard NatkielAtlas of Maritime History
1992978-0-8317-0628-9Bill GutmanBaseball's Great Dynasties: The Mets
1995978-0-8317-0677-7Nick GeorganoArt of the American Automobile: The Greatest Stylists and Their Work
1978978-0-8317-0700-2Norman FriedmanBattleship Design and Development 1905-1945
1990978-0-8317-0704-0Anthony PrestonBattleships
1980978-0-8317-0705-7Siegfried BreyerBattleships of the world, 1905-1970
1991978-0-8317-0707-1Mike CliffordThe Beatles
1995978-0-8317-0763-7Richard A. LongThe Black Tradition in American Dance
1984978-0-8317-0766-8S. MayerBest of Signal: Hitler's Wartime Picture Magazine
1986978-0-8317-0771-2Thomas G. AylesworthBest of Mgm
1990978-0-8317-0800-9Roger BakerBette Davis: A Tribute 1908-1989
1991978-0-8317-0851-1Barbara Radcliffe RogersBig Cats
1995978-0-8317-0889-4Paul SterryButterflies & Moths: A Portrait of the Animal World (Animals Series)
1989978-0-8317-0949-5Bonsai Kai Of The Japan SocietyAn Introduction to Bonsai
1984978-0-8317-0952-5Nancy ArmstrongBook of Fans
1996978-0-8317-1007-1Robert McElroyJefferson Davis: The Unreal and the Real (The Civil War Library)
1995978-0-8317-1016-3Allen D. BragdonThe Gingerbread Book
  ''978-0-8317-1072-9Roberto Mantovani · Kurt DiembergerK2: Challenging the Sky
1996978-0-8317-1186-3Stephen KingDolores Claiborne
1988978-0-8317-1257-0Patrick AbbaziaChickamauga Campaign: Great Military Campaigns of History (The Great Military Campaigns of History)
1993978-0-8317-1325-6Ian Drury · Tony GibbonsThe Civil War Military Machine: Weapons and Tactics of the Union and Confederate Armed Forces
1994978-0-8317-1349-2Shearer WestChagall (Gallery of Art)
1990978-0-8317-1351-5Lewis CarrollAlice in Wonderland
1995978-0-8317-1372-0Richard O'Shea · David GreenspanBattle Maps of the Civil War (American Heritage)
1990978-0-8317-1400-0Lindsay PeacockGrumman F-14 Tomcat
  ''978-0-8317-1402-4Bill GunstonNorth American P-51 Mustang (Classic Warplanes)
  ''978-0-8317-1403-1Mike SpickSupermarine Spitfire (Classic Warplanes)
1991978-0-8317-1404-8Doug RichardsonNorthrop B-2 Bomber
  ''978-0-8317-1405-5Bob MunroMcDonnell Douglas AH-64 Apache (Classic Warplanes)
1992978-0-8317-1408-6Paul CrickmoreMcDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle (Classic Warplanes)
1992978-0-8317-1410-9Doug RichardsonClassic Warplanes - Republic F-105 Thunderchief
1991978-0-8317-1412-3Mike SpickMcDonnell Douglas: F/A-18 Hornet (Classic Warplanes)
1995978-0-8317-1431-4John BigelowChancellorsville (The Civil War Library)
  ''978-0-8317-1432-1William AllanStonewall Jackson's Valley Campaign: From November 4, 1861 to June 17, 1862 (Civil War Library)
1989978-0-8317-1478-9Storm ThorgersonClassic Album Covers of the 60s
1992978-0-8317-1501-4Maurer MaurerWorld War II Combat Squadrons of the United States Air Force: The Official Military Record of Every Active Squadron (Air Force Combat Units of World)
1994978-0-8317-1560-1Alexandre DumasThe Three Musketeers
1995978-0-8317-1578-6Harry S. TrumanMemoirs by Harry S. Truman: 1945: Year of Decisions (Modern Biography Series)
  ''978-0-8317-1757-5Mira MehtaHow to Use Yoga
1978978-0-8317-1765-0Martin HedgesThe concise dictionary of tennis
1990978-0-8317-1824-4Michael RutherfordAmerican Cowboy
1995978-0-8317-1825-1William C. DavisAmerican Frontier: Pioneers, Settlers, and Cowboys 1800-1899
1990978-0-8317-2156-5Chris Bishop · Ian Drury1400 Days: The Civil War Day by Day
1980978-0-8317-2161-9Jane HollingworthCollecting Decanters (Christie's International Collectors Series)
1988978-0-8317-2168-8Bob RidgesDecoy Ducks: From Folk Art to Fine Art
1995978-0-8317-2176-3Donna GreenDays to Remember: A Keepsake Book for Birthdays, Anniversaries & Special Occasions
1989978-0-8317-2181-7n/aDefenders: A Comprehensive Guide to the Warplanes of the USA
1993978-0-8317-2188-6Tony HallD-Day: Operation Overlord: From the Landing at Normandy to the Liberation of Paris
1987978-0-8317-2189-3Edward Abbey · David MuenchDesert Images
1991978-0-8317-2301-9Not AvailableFun With Words in the City (Disney Babies Fun With Words)
1989978-0-8317-2325-5Walt Disney's Daisy's Beautiful Bouquet
1988978-0-8317-2379-8Jocasta InnesDecorators' Directory of Style
1980978-0-8317-2398-9Kathryn SpinkDogs (Color Library Animal Series)
1995978-0-8317-2440-5Richard O'ConnerSheridan: The Inevitable (The Civil War Library Series)
1987978-0-8317-2487-0The 101 Dalmatians (Walt Disney)
1997978-0-8317-2786-4CoggerReptiles And Amphibians
1990978-0-8317-2788-8Edwin Gould · George McKayEncyclopedia of Animals: Mammals
1989978-0-8317-2792-5Paul JacksonComplete Origami Course
1986978-0-8317-2795-6Douglas JarvisEncyclopedia of Film Stars
1991978-0-8317-2808-3Michael John Haddrick TaylorThe Encyclopedia of Modern Military Aircraft
1995978-0-8317-3080-2Peter Jordan · Steven WheelerThe Ultimate Mushroom Book: The Complete Guide to Identifying, Picking and Using Mushrooms-A Photographic A-Z of Types and 100 Original Recipes
1988978-0-8317-3095-6Peter Rowlands · Keith MorrisExploring Shipwrecks
1984978-0-8317-3189-2Christopher ChantFantastic Aircraft
1995978-0-8317-3198-4Donna GreenFriends: An Address Book for Those Who Cherish the Joys of Friendship
1987978-0-8317-3221-9Neil SinyardFilms of Alfred Hitchcock
1992978-0-8317-3259-2Stephen KingFour Past Midnight
1995978-0-8317-3288-2G. F. R. HendersonStonewall Jackson and the American Civil War (Civil War Library)
1991978-0-8317-3380-3John Batchelor · Chris ChantFlight: The History of Aviation
1995978-0-8317-3494-7Craig ThomasPlaying With Cobras
1996978-0-8317-3788-7Bill YenneThe History of the Southern Pacific (Great Rails Series)
1979978-0-8317-3800-6Anthony Lejeune · Malcolm LewisGentlemen's Clubs of London
1985978-0-8317-3903-4Chuck LawlissGhost Towns, Gamblers and Gold
1991978-0-8317-3910-2Richard DalbyThe Golden Age of Children's Book Illustration
1985978-0-8317-3912-6Bert Randolph Sugar · George NapolitanoThe Pictorial History of Wrestling: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
1995978-0-8317-3939-3William Green · Gordon SwanboroughThe Complete Book of Fighters: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Every Fighter Aircraft Built and Flown
1987978-0-8317-3943-0Geoffrey S CornishGolf Course Revised Edition
1980978-0-8317-3945-4Christopher Simon SykesThe Golden Age of the Country House
1984978-0-8317-3952-2Christopher ProudfootCollecting Phonographs and Gramophones (Christie's international collectors series)
1982978-0-8317-3966-9Great Dynasties (English and Italian Edition)
1981978-0-8317-3972-0Bert Randolph SugarThe Great Fights: A Pictorial History of Boxing's Greatest Bouts
1995978-0-8317-4057-3Mike Lawrence · Jan EatonGreat Home Decorating Ideas: Planning, Surfaces, Lighting, Storage, Soft Furnishings
1996978-0-8317-4062-7Douglas ManneringGreat Works of Japanese Graphic Art (The Life and Works Series)
1994978-0-8317-4087-0Jon PressnellGreat Cars of the World
1987978-0-8317-4208-9Bryan PhilpottHistory of the German Air Force
  ''978-0-8317-4240-9Alan McKenzieHollywood Tricks of the Trade
1980978-0-8317-4350-5Peter AlexanderThe Shakespeare Plays: Hamlet (The Shakespeare Plays)
1991978-0-8317-4361-1Tony TallaricoFind Freddie & Lisa in the Haunted House
1989978-0-8317-4474-8Hilda BoswellHilda Boswell's Treasury: Stories, Poetry and Nursery Rhymes
1982978-0-8317-4475-5Annie KearnyThe Heroes of Asgard: Tales from Scandinavian Mythology
1996978-0-8317-4693-3Scorpio Illusion
1989978-0-8317-4811-1Stella CoeIkebana: A Practical and Philosophical Guide to Japanese Flower Arranging
1995978-0-8317-4830-2Fabio BourbonItaly
1992978-0-8317-4977-4David E. RosageFollow Me: A Daily Guide to Spiritual Renewal
  ''978-0-8317-4978-1David E. RosageRejoice in Me: A Daily Guide to Reflection and Prayer
1986978-0-8317-5017-6Anton NeumannIsrael
1992978-0-8317-5050-3Bill GunstonAllied Fighters of World War II
1992978-0-8317-5054-1Mike Spick · Tim RipleyNew Illustrated Guide to Modern Attack Aircraft
  ''978-0-8317-5057-2David Miller · Gerard RidefortWeapons of the Elite Forces
  ''978-0-8317-5060-2David MillerNew Illustrated Guide to Modern Sub Hunters
1979978-0-8317-5137-1Basil CollierJapanese aircraft of World War II
1995978-0-8317-5162-3Colin LewisA Step-By-Step Guide to Growing & Displaying Bonsai
1993978-0-8317-5163-0Julia DelanoDiana, Princess of Wales
  ''978-0-8317-5166-1Wendy Nelson-CaveBroadway Theatre Posters
1996978-0-8317-5278-1Stephen KingNightmares and Dreamscape
1987978-0-8317-5406-8Valerie-Anne Letoile · Monique Maine · Madeleine Peter · Jill NormanLa Cuisine: The Complete Book of French Cooking
  ''978-0-8317-5411-2Walt Disney CompanyLady and the Tramp
1988978-0-8317-5412-9Thomas E. BonsallLamborghini
1979978-0-8317-5416-7André KertészLandscapes
978-0-8317-5442-6Violet Ward-23.00
1979978-0-8317-5478-5Auguste EscoffierEscoffier - Le Guide Culinaire: the First Complete Translation Into English: the Complete Guide to the Art of modern Cookery
1996978-0-8317-5512-6John CarrollThe Custom Harley
1989978-0-8317-5605-5Walt Disney CompanyThe Little Mermaid
1996978-0-8317-5612-3Mary M. LukeGloriana: The Years of Elizabeth I (Historical Biography Series)
1990978-0-8317-5627-7Alison UttleyLittle Grey Rabbit's Birthday (The Little Grey Rabbit Library)
1986978-0-8317-5629-1Alison UttleyFuzzypeg Goes to School (The Little Grey Rabbit Library)
1996978-0-8317-5646-8Elizabeth Harman Pakenham, Countess of LongfordWellington: The Years of the Sword
1979978-0-8317-5650-5Louisa Jane McDonnell AntrimLouisa, lady in waiting: The personal diaries and albums of Louisa, lady in waiting to Queen Victoria and Queen Alexandra
1991978-0-8317-5705-2Marie CahillMadonna
1995978-0-8317-5707-6Herbert Molloy MasonThe Great Pursuit: Pershing's Expedition to Destroy Pancho Villa (Men at War)
1995978-0-8317-5712-0Herbert Molloy MasonThe Lafayette Escadrille (Men at War Series)
1982978-0-8317-5739-7Valerie ChildsThe Magic of Disneyland and Walt Disney World
1991978-0-8317-5743-4Nicki GilesMarilyn Album
1987978-0-8317-5805-9Emil Farkas · John CorcoranMartial Arts: Traditions, History, People
1995978-0-8317-5817-2Allan W. EckertA Sorrow in Our Heart: The Life of Tecumseh
1986978-0-8317-5818-9Aaron E. KleinThe Men Who Built the Railroads
1983978-0-8317-5850-9Anders ClausagerMg: The Book of the Car
1997978-0-8317-5870-7Robert PayneThe Life and Death of Mahatma Gandhi (Leaders of Our Time)
1984978-0-8317-5941-4Richard Horwich · Robin KatzMichael Jackson
1983978-0-8317-5950-6Gerald L. TurnerCollecting Microscopes (Christie's International Collectors Series)
1995978-0-8317-5984-1Angela Royston · Gerald HawksleyMy Big Book of the World (The My Big Book Series)
1989978-0-8317-6054-0Derek AveryConcise Illustrated Book of Modern Commercial Aircraft
978-0-8317-6076-2Boll HolderMonstrous Trucks
1986978-0-8317-6086-1Associated PressMoments in Space
  ''978-0-8317-6087-8Thomas G. AylesworthMonster and Horror Movies
1994978-0-8317-6115-8Tim MarlowSchiele
  ''978-0-8317-6117-2Maria CostantinoKlimt
1996978-0-8317-6267-4Tony BeadleThe American Automobile
1987978-0-8317-6286-5Lord KillaninMy Ireland: A Personal Impression
1989978-0-8317-6381-7Philip BurtonBirds of Prey
1985978-0-8317-6550-7Marco Ruiz100 Years of the Automobile
1989978-0-8317-6660-3Carl L. WithnerA Book of Orchids
1988978-0-8317-6670-2Zubal Aytura-Scheele · Scheele Z. AytureOrigami in Color
1995978-0-8317-6694-8Lewis CarrollAlice in Wonderland / Through the Looking Glass (Classic Library)
1988978-0-8317-6700-6William Newby GrantP-51 Mustang
1995978-0-8317-6706-8Hanson BaldwinBattles Lost and Won: Great Campaigns of World War II (Men at War)
1989978-0-8317-6738-9Madeleine GinsburgParis Fashions: The Art Deco Style of the 1920's
1987978-0-8317-6840-9Bob SaxtonPhotography: The Professional Touch
  ''978-0-8317-6894-2G D SheffieldPictorial History of World War I
1989978-0-8317-6905-5Antony PrestonPictorial History of South Africa
1990978-0-8317-6961-1Pam ForeyAmerican Nature Guides: Wildflowers
1985978-0-8317-7085-3Ingo SeiffPorsche: Portrait of a Legend
  ''978-0-8317-7086-0Chris HarveyPorsche
1987978-0-8317-7088-4Mike McCarthyPorsche
1989978-0-8317-7090-7Anders ClausagerPorsche
1990978-0-8317-7093-8Nicky WrightPorsche: The Enduring Legend
1993978-0-8317-7097-6Judi Meisel · Tony MeiselThe Peanut Butter Cookbook
1980978-0-8317-7125-6Leonard BlankPsychology for everyday living
1978978-0-8317-7160-7William R. FixPyramid Odyssey
1996978-0-8317-7311-3Anness PublishingA Book of Saints: An Evocative Celebration in Prose and Paintings (Gift Series)
1996978-0-8317-7319-9Harry S. TrumanMemoirs of Harry S. Truman: 1946-52, Years of Trial and Hope (Leaders of Our Times Series)
  ''978-0-8317-7324-3Arthur CotterellThe Encyclopedia of Mythology: Classical Celtic Norse
1995978-0-8317-7381-6Jeremy Joan HewesRedwoods: The World's Largest Trees
1990978-0-8317-7389-2Walt DisneyThe Rescuers Down Under (Mouse Works Classic Storybook Collection)
1987978-0-8317-7415-8Bill GunstonIllustrated Encyclopedia of the World's Rockets and Missiles
1979978-0-8317-7418-9Ellen DenkerThe rocking chair book
1978978-0-8317-7469-1William ShakespeareRomeo and Juliet (The BBC TV Shakespeare)
1993978-0-8317-7484-4Helen DigbyRoyal Family Album
1982978-0-8317-7509-4A. T. MannThe Round Art: The Astrology of Time and Space
1981978-0-8317-7596-4Bill ConlinThe Rutledge Book of Baseball
1993978-0-8317-7701-2Carol Endler SterbenzSensational Scarves: 30 Fabulous Ideas for Twisting, Tying, Draping, and Folding
1979978-0-8317-7702-9John BowenScale Model Warships
1982978-0-8317-7739-5Frank J. AndersonRiches of the Earth: Ornamental and Semiprecious Stones
1985978-0-8317-7920-7William KoenigSoviet Military Power
1996978-0-8317-8043-2George StubbsAnatomy of the Horse
  ''978-0-8317-8084-5Bert D. YaegerThe Hudson River School: American Landscape Artists (American Art)
  ''978-0-8317-8085-2William C., Jr Ketchum · MosesGrandma Moses: An American Original (American Art)
1995978-0-8317-8098-2William C., Jr. KetchumAmerican Folk Art
978-0-8317-8195-8The Encyclopedia of Prediction (Fate, Fortune & Fortunetelling the future)
1993978-0-8317-8296-2Judi Meisel · Toni MeiselThe Turkey Cookbook
1992978-0-8317-8302-0John M. BarryThe Ambition and the Power: The Fall of Jim Wright: A True Story of Washington
1990978-0-8317-8774-5Thomas E. BonsallTitanic
1998978-0-8317-8778-3Donna GreenTo My Daughter, With Love: A Mother's Memory Book
1977978-0-8317-8885-8Cesare Salmaggi · Alfredo Pallavisini2194 Days of War: An Illustrated Chronology of the Second World War
1991978-0-8317-9041-7Roni Neuer · Susugu YoshidaUkiyo-E: 250 Years of Japanese Art (English and Italian Edition)
1996978-0-8317-9064-6Roz DennyThe Ultimate Vegetarian Cookbook
1995978-0-8317-9068-4Carla CapalboThe Ultimate Italian Cookbook: Over 200 Authentic Recipes from All over Italy, Illustrated Step-By-Step
1996978-0-8317-9118-6Margery Williams BiancoThe Velveteen Rabbit
1989978-0-8317-9286-2Adrian GilbertWaffen SS
1990978-0-8317-9301-2Tony GibbonsWarships and Naval Battles of the Civil War
1985978-0-8317-9304-3Jay HyamsWar Movies
1992978-0-8317-9319-7Tony TallaricoSearch for Sylvester
  ''978-0-8317-9363-0John HolladayWhat's Wrong in the City? (What's Wrong Series)
1992978-0-8317-9364-7John HolladayWhat's Wrong at the County Fair? (What's Wrong Series)
  ''978-0-8317-9365-4   ''What's Wrong at the Beach (What's Wrong Series)
1984978-0-8317-9403-3Richard BentleyErotic Art
1991978-0-8317-9435-4Tony TallaricoSearch for Susie (Where Are They?)
1993978-0-8317-9462-0L. Frank BaumThe Wizard of Oz
1994978-0-8317-9469-9Reginald, Jr. Bragonier · David FisherWhat's What: A Visual Glossary of the Physical World
1991978-0-8317-9558-0Smithmark PublishingThe World's Great Stealth and Reconnaissance Aircraft
1988978-0-8317-9564-1Brough Scott · Gerry CranhamThe World of Horse Racing
1990978-0-8317-9578-8Harald A. RehderSeashells (World of Nature)
1988978-0-8317-9619-8Robin DunbarThe World of Nature
1987978-0-8317-9677-8Gallery BooksWorlds Most Infamous Crimes and Criminals

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