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2005978-0-8298-1637-2Glen E. RainsleyThanks Be To God: Prayers And Parables For Public Worship
  ''978-0-8298-1638-9Yvette A FlunderWhere the Edge Gathers: Building a Community of Radical Inclusion
2004978-0-8298-1640-2J. Edward ChamberlinIf This Is Your Land, Where Are Your Stories?: Reimagining Home And Sacred Space
2005978-0-8298-1641-9Gabriel FackreBelieving, Caring, and Doing in the United Church of Christ
  ''978-0-8298-1642-6Ellen Ott MarshallChoosing Peace Through Daily Practices
2004978-0-8298-1647-1Mary Elizabeth MooreTeaching as a Sacramental Act
  ''978-0-8298-1649-5John Christopher ThomasPentecostal Commentary: 1 John, 2 John, 3 John (Pentecostal Commentary Series)
2005978-0-8298-1651-8Kimberly J. Vrudny · Wilson YatesArts, Theology, And The Church: New Intersections
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2006978-0-8298-1655-6   ''Misbehavin' Monarchs: Exploring Biblical Rulers of Questionable Character
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  ''978-0-8298-1659-4Marvin Mahan EllisonSame-Sex Marriage?: A Christian Ethical Analysis
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2006978-0-8298-1666-2Carol J. AdamsGod Listens to Your Care: Prayers for All the Animals of the World
2005978-0-8298-1667-9   ''God Listens When You're Sad: Prayers When Your Animal Friend Is Sick Or Dies
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2005978-0-8298-1674-7Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer · Bret HeslaWorship in the Spirit of Jesus: Theology, Liturgy, and Songs Without Violence
  ''978-0-8298-1676-1Linda H HolliesLiving Bountifully!: The Blessings of Responsible Stewardship
  ''978-0-8298-1677-8Stephen L WhiteThe College Chaplain: A Practical Guide to Campus Ministry
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2006978-0-8298-1688-4Evelyn L. ParkerThe Sacred Selves of Adolescent Girls: Hard Stories of Race, Class And Gender
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2005978-0-8298-1690-7Richard W. SwansonProvoking The Gospel of Mark: A Storyteller's Commentary, Year B
2007978-0-8298-1691-4   ''Provoking the Gospel of Matthew: A Storyteller's Commentary, Year A
2005978-0-8298-1694-5Jaco J. Hamman · Jaco HammanWhen Steeples Cry: Leading Congregations Through Loss And Change
2006978-0-8298-1699-0Mark KlempnerThe Heart Has Reasons: Holocaust Rescuers and Their Stories of Courage
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2006978-0-8298-1715-7Jill Kimberly Hartwell GeoffrionPraying the Chartres Labyrinth: A Pilgrim's Guidebook
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