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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1992978-0-8246-0021-1Henry D. SpaldingEncyclopedia Of Jewish Humor
1972978-0-8246-0124-9Solomon LiptzinA history of Yiddish literature
2008978-0-8246-0127-0David Ben-GurionBen-Gurion Looks at the Bible (English and Hebrew Edition)
1994978-0-8246-0129-4Henry D. SpaldingEncyclopedia of Black Folklore and Humor
2013978-0-8246-0132-4Alfred J. KolatchThe Family Seder
1975978-0-8246-0203-1Alice Morse EarleHome Life in Colonial Days
1976978-0-8246-0204-8Henry D. SpaldingThe Treasure-trove of American Jewish humor
1981978-0-8246-0244-4Robert SlaterGolda, the Uncrowned Queen of Israel: A Pictorial Biography
1980978-0-8246-0248-2Alfred J. KolatchJewish Information Quiz Book
1981978-0-8246-0256-7   ''The Jewish Book of Why
  ''978-0-8246-0262-8Frances R. AvrutickThe Complete Passover Cookbook
1992978-0-8246-0285-7Robert SlaterGreat Jews in Sports
1984978-0-8246-0295-6Alfred J. KolatchThe Complete Dictionary of English and Hebrew First Names (English and Hebrew Edition)
1995978-0-8246-0305-2   ''The Second Jewish Book of Why
2000978-0-8246-0314-4   ''The Jewish Book of Why & The Second Jewish Book of Why (2 volumes in slipcase)
1994978-0-8246-0315-1Darrell LymanGreat Jews in Music
1983978-0-8246-0317-5John McCollisterThe Christian Book of Why
1987978-0-8246-0318-2Alfred J. KolatchThe Concise Family Seder
1989978-0-8246-0343-4Betty S. GoldbergChinese Kosher Cooking
1990978-0-8246-0345-8Henry D. SpaldingEncyclopedia of Black Folklore and Humor
1991978-0-8246-0350-2Maurice LammBecoming a Jew
  ''978-0-8246-0353-3Maurice LammThe Jewish Way in Love and Marriage
1992978-0-8246-0354-0Alfred J. KolatchThe Jewish Child's First Book of Why
2004978-0-8246-0355-7   ''The Jewish Mourner's Book of Why
1992978-0-8246-0358-8Jonathan KolatchIs the Moon in China Just As Round?: Sporting Life and Sundry Scenes
1994978-0-8246-0362-5Alfred J. Kolatch · Harry AratenClassic Bible Stories for Jewish Children
2015978-0-8246-0370-0Elinor Slater · Robert SlaterGreat Jewish Women
1994978-0-8246-0375-5Alfred J. KolatchEl Libro Judio Del Por Qué (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-8246-0377-9Alfred J. KolatchThis Is the Torah
2012978-0-8246-0381-6Elinor Slater · Robert SlaterGreat Jewish Men
1993978-0-8246-0382-3Alfred J. KolatchJewish Mourner's Book of Why
1997978-0-8246-0393-9Alfred J. KolatchA Child's First Book of Jewish Holidays
1988978-0-8246-0398-4Trude Weiss-RosmarinJudaism and Christianity: the Differences
1998978-0-8246-0406-6Alfred J. KolatchBest Baby Names for Jewish Children
  ''978-0-8246-0408-0Elinor SlaterGreat Moments in Jewish History
2001978-0-8246-0413-4Michal StrutinDiscovering Natural Israel
1999978-0-8246-0419-6Darryl LymanGreat Jews in the Performing Arts
2000978-0-8246-0422-6Maurice LammThe Jewish Way in Death and Mourning
  ''978-0-8246-0423-3   ''The Jewish Way in Death and Mourning (Revised and Expanded Edition)
  ''978-0-8246-0424-0Joel SambergReel Jewish
  ''978-0-8246-0428-8David G. Dalin · Alfred J. KolatchThe Presidents of the United States & the Jews
2001978-0-8246-0437-0Henry D. SpaldingEncyclopedia of Jewish Humor: From Biblical Times to the Modern Age
2001978-0-8246-0443-1Francine KlagsbrunVoices of Wisdom
2017978-0-8246-0449-3Loraine BurdickThe Shirley Temple Scrapbook - Updated 2017 Edition
2005978-0-8246-0453-0Robert SlaterGreat Jews In Sports
2004978-0-8246-0454-7Alfred J. KolatchThe Jewish Book of Why: The Torah
  ''978-0-8246-0455-4   ''The Comprehensive Dictionary of English & Hebrew First Names
2005978-0-8246-0457-8Darryl LymanGreat Jews In Entertainment
  ''978-0-8246-0459-2   ''Great African-American Women
  ''978-0-8246-0460-8Diana Kastenbaum · Penny BrennerKosher Delicious: Great Recipes for Living
  ''978-0-8246-0462-2Alfred J. KolatchA Handbook for the Jewish Home
2006978-0-8246-0466-0   ''Inside Judaism: The Concepts, Customs, And Celebrations of the Jewish People
2008978-0-8246-0469-1Frances R. AvrutickThe Complete Passover Cookbook
2008978-0-8246-0480-6Maurice LammThe Jewish Way in Love & Marriage
2010978-0-8246-0487-5Betty S. GoldbergChinese Kosher Cooking