William H Sadlier

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1987978-0-8215-9741-5Carole MacKenthunSaints alive: Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton
  ''978-0-8215-9742-2   ''Saints alive: St. Martín de Porres
  ''978-0-8215-9744-6   ''Saints alive: Saint Patrick
1990978-0-8215-9752-1William B FriendEvangelizing the cultures in A.D. 2000
1984978-0-8215-9805-4Dimensions of the word: Exploring a ministry: a Symposium on Evangelization, Catechesis, Liturgy, and Theology
1981978-0-8215-9807-8James B. DunningNew Wine: New Wineskins: Exploring the Rcia (An NCDD book)
1994978-0-8215-9810-8Catechism of the Catholic Church
1992978-0-8215-9812-2Libreria EditriceCatecismo De La Iglesia Catolica
1982978-0-8215-9818-4Gabe HuckTeach me to pray: A way of Catholic prayer
1988978-0-8215-9848-1Ronald AmandolareResource Book for the Rcia: Reflective and Practical Helps for Getting Under Way: Ministries Forming Candidates, Rites and Stages of Growth
1981978-0-8215-9872-6William C HarmsWho are we and where are we going?: A guide for parish planning
1982978-0-8215-9873-3Chuck GallagherCall to healing: A way of life in the church
1981978-0-8215-9874-0Mary Ellen MandryThe challenge of vocation and ministry: A program of parish involvement
  ''978-0-8215-9875-7Young Catholics: A report to the Knights of Columbus
  ''978-0-8215-9876-4Andrew M. GreeleyThe Religious Imagination
2002978-0-8215-9877-1Jim Dahl · Paula Dahl · Chuck GallagherEvenings for the Engaged: Couple Pack
2002978-0-8215-9878-8Paul D. SansoneEvenings for the Engaged: Leader's Guide
1982978-0-8215-9882-5Brennan HillRediscovering the Sacraments: Approaches to the Sacred
1983978-0-8215-9884-9Moises SandovalThe Mexican American Experience: In the Church
978-0-8215-9886-3Inc William H. SadlierThe International Student Bible for Catholics (New Testament Edition)
1987978-0-8215-9887-0Teach Me to Pray
1985978-0-8215-9888-7Joseph P. SinwellFuture Ministry: The New England Symposium Papers
1981978-0-8215-9889-4Jesus loves children
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1981978-0-8215-9894-8Marion Morrow SweetserThe Sun In A Golden Cup
1982978-0-8215-9895-5Nina R LiefThe first year of life: A guide for parenting
1983978-0-8215-9899-3   ''The second year of life: A curriculum for parenting education
1982978-0-8215-9902-0Margaret M. SawinHope for Families
1983978-0-8215-9903-7George McCauleyThe unfinished image: Reflections on the Sunday readings
  ''978-0-8215-9904-4Kenneth StokesFaith Development in the Adult Life Cycle
1982978-0-8215-9908-2Françoise Darcy-BerubeDay by day with God: Prayer book for children
  ''978-0-8215-9909-9Children's Prayers from Around the World
  ''978-0-8215-9916-7Thomas BrownWe Celebrate Mary's Story For Young Adults
1982978-0-8215-9917-4Thomas BrownWe Celebrate Mary's Story (For Adults)
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  ''978-0-8215-9923-5thomas BrownWe Celebrate Mary's Story Catechist's Guide For Adults
  ''978-0-8215-9925-9John HilbertMary's Journey Parish Director's Guide
1985978-0-8215-9930-3Christian Initiation Resource Reader
1985978-0-8215-9931-0Christian Initiation Resource Reader
  ''978-0-8215-9932-7Christian Initiation Resources Reader
  ''978-0-8215-9933-4Christian Initiation Resource Reader
  ''978-0-8215-9934-1Christian Initiation Resources Reader
1995978-0-8215-9935-8Jean Marie Hiesberger · Cele Breen · Jeanette LucinioNew American Bible: Catholic Study Edition
  ''978-0-8215-9950-1The priest as empowerer of catechetical ministry: Report and workbook: based on the symposium, "The Priest as Empowerer of the Catechist"