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2008978-0-8213-7513-6Kym Anderson · Alberto ValdesDistortions to Agricultural Incentives in Latin America (World Bank Trade and Development Series)
  ''978-0-8213-7517-4Emanuele Capobianco · Veni NaiduA Review of Health Sector Aid Financing to Somalia (World Bank Working Papers)
  ''978-0-8213-7522-8Paolo MefalopulosDevelopment Communication Sourcebook: Broadening the Boundaries of Communication
2009978-0-8213-7544-0Patrick Lumumba Osewe · Yvonne K. Nkrumah · Emmanuel SackeyImproving Access to HIV/AIDS Medicines in Africa: Trade-related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights Flexibilities (Directions in Development)
  ''978-0-8213-7569-3World Bank · International Monetary FundCombating Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism: A Comprehensive Training Guide
  ''978-0-8213-7603-4World BankAtlas of Global Development: A Visual Guide to the World's Greatest Challenges (World Bank Atlas)
2008978-0-8213-7607-2   ''World Development Report 2009: Reshaping Economic Geography
2008978-0-8213-7611-9Rick Stapenhurst · Riccardo Pelizzo · David Olson · Lisa von TrappLegislative Oversight and Budgeting: A World Perspective (WBI Development Studies)
2009978-0-8213-7613-3Jonathan Haughton · Shahidur KhandkerHandbook on Poverty + Inequality (World Bank Training Series)
  ''978-0-8213-7627-0Hans P. Binswanger-Mkhize · Camille Bourguignon · Rogier J. E. van den BrinkAgricultural Land Redistribution: Toward Greater Consensus (Agriculture and Rural Development Series)
  ''978-0-8213-7651-5Elizabeth Laura Lule · Richard M. Seifman · Antonio C. DavidThe Changing HIV/AIDS Landscape: Selected Papers for The World Bank's Agenda for Action in Africa, 2007-2011
  ''978-0-8213-7659-1Michael Spence · Maureen A. LewisHealth and Growth: Commission on Growth and Development
  ''978-0-8213-7728-4Hennie van Greuning · Sonja Brajovic-BratanovicAnalyzing Banking Risk: A Framework for Assessing Corporate Governance and Risk Management (World Bank Training Series)
2009978-0-8213-7745-1Ricardo Paes de Barros · Francisco H. G. Ferreira · Jose R Molinas Vega · Jaime Saavedra ChanduviMeasuring Inequality of Opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean (Latin American Development Forum)
  ''978-0-8213-7762-8Maurizio Bussolo · Rafael E. De Hoyos · Ravi KanburGender Aspects of the Trade and Poverty Nexus: A Macro-Micro Approach (Equity and development)
  ''978-0-8213-7764-2Maurizio Bussolo · Rafael E. De Hoyos · Ravi KanburGender Aspects of the Trade and Poverty Nexus: A Macro-Micro Approach (Equity and development)
  ''978-0-8213-7770-3David Tschirley · Colin Poulton · Patrick LabasteOrganization and Performance of Cotton Sectors in Africa: Learning from Reform Experience (Agriculture and Rural Development Series)
  ''978-0-8213-7786-4Jeffrey DelmonPrivate Sector Investment In Infrastructure: Project Finance, PPP Projects and Risk
2009978-0-8213-7787-1World BankAfrica Development Indicators 2008/2009: Youth and Employment in Africa- The Potential, the Problem, the Promise
2008978-0-8213-7793-2Public-Private Infra. Advisory Facility · Infrastructure Consortium for AfricaPromotion des partenariats public-privé africains auprès des investisseurs: Guide de préparation de projets (French Edition)
2009978-0-8213-7794-9World BankIntensifier la Lutte Contre le Paludisme: Programme Renforcé de la Banque Mondiale pour la Lutte Contre le Paludisme en Afrique (French Edition)
  ''978-0-8213-7800-7Markus Haacker · Mariam ClaesonHIV and AIDS in South Asia: An Economic Development Risk (Directions in Development)
  ''978-0-8213-7822-9Pia Peeters · Wendy Cunningham · Gayatri Acharya · Arvil Van AdamsYouth Employment in Sierra Leone: Sustainable Livelihood Opportunities in a Post-Conflict Setting
  ''978-0-8213-7829-8World BankWorld Development Indicators 2009
  ''978-0-8213-7831-1   ''World Development Indicators 2009
2009978-0-8213-7832-8World BankWorld Development Indicators 2009
  ''978-0-8213-7833-5   ''World Development Indicators 2009
2010978-0-8213-7837-3Eduardo Lora · Andrew Powell · Bernard M.S. van Praag · Pablo SanguinettiThe Quality of Life in Latin American Cities: Markets and Perception (Latin American Development Forum)
2009978-0-8213-7849-6World BankThe Little Green Data Book 2009 (World Development Indicators)
  ''978-0-8213-7857-1   ''The Little Data Book on Information and Communication Technology 2009 (Little Data Book on Information & Communication Technology)
2009978-0-8213-7859-5World BankGlobal Monitoring Report 2009: A Development Emergency
  ''978-0-8213-7865-6Jamil SalmiThe Challenge of Establishing World Class Universities (Directions in Development)
  ''978-0-8213-7884-7Kristin Komives · Todd M. Johnson · Jonathan D. Halpern · Jose Luis Aburto · John R. ScottResidential Electricity Subsidies in Mexico: Exploring Options for Reform and for Enhancing the Impact on the Poor (World Bank Working Papers)
  ''978-0-8213-7887-8Robin MearnsSocial Dimensions of Climate Change: Equity and Vulnerability in a Warming World (New Frontiers of Social Policy)
  ''978-0-8213-7890-8Theodore S. Greenberg · Linda M. Samuel · Wingate Grant · Larissa GrayStolen Asset Recovery: A Good Practices Guide for Non-Conviction Based Asset Forfeiture (StAR Initiative)
2009978-0-8213-7891-5Linda G. Morra Imas · Ray C. RistThe Road to Results: Designing and Conducting Effective Development Evaluations (World Bank Training Series)
  ''978-0-8213-7912-7Pierre-Laurent Chatain · John McDowell · Cedric Mousset · Paul Allan Schott · Emile van der Does de WilleboisPreventing Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing: A Practical Guide for Bank Supervisors (World Bank Publications)
  ''978-0-8213-7924-0World BankArgentine Youth: An Untapped Potential (Country Studies)
2010978-0-8213-7932-5Donald Bundy · Anthi Patrikios · Changu Mannathoko · Andy Tembon · Stella Manda · Bachir Sarr · Lesley DrakeAccelerating the Education Sector Response to HIV: Five Years of Experience from Sub-Saharan Africa (Education and HIV/AIDS)
2009978-0-8213-7933-2Donald Bundy · David Aduda · Alice Woolnough · Lesley Drake · Stella MandaCourage and Hope: Stories from Teachers Living with HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa
  ''978-0-8213-7944-8Kurt Larsen · Ronald Kim · Florian TheusAgribusiness and Innovation Systems in Africa (Agriculture and Rural Development Series)
978-0-8213-7945-5Agribusiness and Innovation Systems in Africa
2009978-0-8213-7952-3C. Martin Webber · Patrick LabasteBuilding Competitiveness in Africa's Agriculture: A Guide to Value Chain Concepts and Applications (Agriculture and Rural Development Series)
  ''978-0-8213-7961-5World BankDoing Business 2010: Reforming through Difficult Times
2009978-0-8213-7967-7Migara O. De Silva · Galina Kurlyandskaya · Elena Andreeva · Natalia GolovanovaIntergovernmental Reforms in the Russian Federation: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back? (Directions in Development)
  ''978-0-8213-7987-5World BankWorld Development Report 2010: Development and Climate Change
  ''978-0-8213-7989-9   ''World Development Report 2010: Development and Climate Change
  ''978-0-8213-8018-5Christina Zhen-Wei Qiang · Asheeta Bhavnani · Nagy Hanna · Kaoru Kimura · Randeep SudanRural Informatization in China (World Bank Working Papers)
2010978-0-8213-8026-0Michael Spence · Pedro CarneiroEducation and Growth
2009978-0-8213-8028-4Shahidur R. Khandker · Gayatri B. Koolwal · Hussain A. SamadHandbook on Impact Evaluation: Quantitative Methods and Practices (World Bank Training Series)
  ''978-0-8213-8033-8World BankHealthy Development: The World Bank Strategy for Health, Nutrition, and Population Results (Portuguese Edition)
2010978-0-8213-8045-1Abhas K. Jha · with Jennifer Duyne Barenstein · Priscilla M. Phelps · Daniel Pittet · Stephen SenaSafer Homes, Stronger Communities: A Handbook for Reconstructing After Natural Disasters
2010978-0-8213-8046-8Hiroaki Suzuki · Arish Dastur · Sebastian Moffatt · Nanae Yabuki · Hinako MaruyamaEco2 Cities: Ecological Cities as Economic Cities
  ''978-0-8213-8050-5World BankNatural Hazards, UnNatural Disasters: The Economics of Effective Prevention
  ''978-0-8213-8100-7David Brady · Michael SpenceLeadership and Growth
2012978-0-8213-8105-2Ivan Zelenko · Nirmaljit Singh Paul · Olivier SchmittCatastrophe Bonds: Government Use of Capital Markets as Insurance Against Natural Disasters
2010978-0-8213-8137-3Laith Abu-raddad · Francisca Ayodeji Akala · Iris Semini · Gabrielle Riedner · David Wilson · Oussama TawilCharacterizing the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in the Middle East and North Africa: Time for Strategic Action
  ''978-0-8213-8186-1Marelize Göergens · Jody Zall KusekMaking Monitoring and Evaluation Systems Work: A Capacity Development Toolkit (World Bank Training Series)
  ''978-0-8213-8194-6Hans P. Binswanger-Mkhize · Jacomina P. de Regt · Stephen SpectorLocal and Community Driven Development: Moving to Scale in Theory and Practice (New Frontiers of Social Policy)
2010978-0-8213-8228-8Mike Goldberg · Eric PalladiniManaging Risk and Creating Value with Microfinance (World Bank Training Series)
  ''978-0-8213-8232-5World BankWorld Development Indicators 2010
  ''978-0-8213-8233-2   ''World Development Indicators 2010
2017978-0-8213-8243-1Mike Goldberg · Eric PalladiniManaging Risk and Creating Value With Microfinance
2010978-0-8213-8248-6World BankThe Little Data Book on Information and Communication Technology 2010 (World Development Indicators)
  ''978-0-8213-8265-3   ''World Development Indicators 2010
  ''978-0-8213-8398-8Helena Ribe · David A. Robalino · Ian WalkerAchieving Effective Social Protection for All in Latin America and the Caribbean: From Right to Reality (Directions in Development)
2011978-0-8213-8439-8World BankWorld Development Report 2011: Conflict, Security, and Development
2010978-0-8213-8449-7Anne Stangl · Dara Carr · Laura Brady · Traci Eckhaus · Mariam Claeson · Laura NybladeTackling HIV-Related Stigma and Discrimination in South Asia (Directions in Development)
2017978-0-8213-8460-2Ruslan Yemtsov · Maddalena Honorati · Brooks Evans · Zurbab Sajaia · Michael LokshinA User Manual for ADePT Social Protection: Assessing the Effectiveness of Social Protection (World Bank Training Series)
2010978-0-8213-8483-1Carlos A. Primo Braga · Gallina A. VinceletteSovereign Debt and the Financial Crisis: Will This Time Be Different?
2011978-0-8213-8493-0Daniel Hoornweg · Mila Freire · Marcus J. Lee · Perinaz Bhada-Tata · Belinda YuenCities and Climate Change: Responding to an Urgent Agenda (Urban Development)
2010978-0-8213-8516-6Donald MitchellBiofuels in Africa: Opportunities, Prospects, and Challenges (Directions in Development: Countries and Regions)
2010978-0-8213-8541-8Paul J. Gertler · Sebastian Martinez · Patrick Premand · Laura B. Rawlings · Christel M. J. VermeerschImpact Evaluation in Practice (World Bank Training Series)
2011978-0-8213-8583-8World BankAtlas of Global Development: A Visual Guide to the World's Greatest Challenges (World Bank Atlas)
  ''978-0-8213-8591-3Klaus Deininger · Derek ByerleeRising Global Interest in Farmland: Can It Yield Sustainable and Equitable Benefits? (Agriculture and Rural Development Series)
  ''978-0-8213-8634-7Jean-Pierre Brun · Larissa Gray · Clive Scott · Kevin StephensonAsset Recovery Handbook: A Guide for Practitioners (StAR Initiative)
2012978-0-8213-8684-2World BankAgricultural Innovation Systems: An Investment Sourcebook (Agriculture and Rural Development Series)
2011978-0-8213-8709-2   ''World Development Indicators 2011
2011978-0-8213-8711-5World BankWorld Development Indicators 2011
  ''978-0-8213-8785-6Raj Nallari · Shahid Yusuf · Breda Griffith · Rwitwika BhattacharyaFrontiers in Development Policy: A Primer on Emerging Issues
  ''978-0-8213-8805-1Philip G. Altbach · Jamil SalmiThe Road to Academic Excellence: The Making of World-Class Research Universities (Directions in Development)
  ''978-0-8213-8810-5World BankWorld Development Report 2012: Gender Equality and Development
  ''978-0-8213-8859-4   ''The Little Data Book 2011 (World Development Indicators)
2011978-0-8213-8860-0World BankThe Little Data Book on Information and Communication Technology 2011 (World Development Indicators)
  ''978-0-8213-8861-7   ''The Little Data Book on Private Sector Development 2011 (World Development Indicators)
  ''978-0-8213-8863-1Hassane Cissé · Daniel D. Bradlow · Benedict KingsburyThe World Bank Legal Review: International Financial Institutions and Global Legal Governance (Law, Justice, and Development Series)
  ''978-0-8213-8894-5Emile van der Does de Willebois · J.C. Sharman · Robert Harrison · Ji Won Park · Emily HalterThe Puppet Masters: How the Corrupt Use Legal Structures to Hide Stolen Assets and What to Do About It
2013978-0-8213-8927-0Joanna Ledgerwood · Julie Earne · Candace NelsonThe New Microfinance Handbook: A Financial Market System Perspective
2012978-0-8213-8952-2Philip G. Altbach · Jamil SalmiLa voie de l'excellence académique: La création d'universités de recherche de rang mondial (Directions in Development) (French Edition)
  ''978-0-8213-8955-3Justin Yifu LinNew Structural Economics: A Framework for Rethinking Development and Policy (World Bank Publications)
2012978-0-8213-8994-2World BankWorld Development Indicators 2012
  ''978-0-8213-8996-6   ''The Little Data Book on Information and Communication Technology 2012 (World Development Indicators)
1980978-0-8213-9125-9E.R. Lim · John ShillingThailand: Toward a Development Strategy of Full Participation (No Bk9125)
2016978-0-8213-9494-6Alexander S. Preker · Hortenzia Beciu · Howard TuckmanPrivate Sector Role in Scaling Up Education of Health Workers: Gaining the Competitive Edge
2013978-0-8213-9545-5Development Research Center of the State Council · World BankChina 2030: Building a Modern, Harmonious, and Creative Society
2012978-0-8213-9632-2Hinh T. Dinh · George R. G. ClarkePerformance of Manufacturing Firms in Africa: An Empirical Analysis (Directions in Development)
2013978-0-8213-9741-1Rosalia Rodriguez-Garcia · Rene Bonnel · David Wilson · N'Della N'JieInvesting in Communities Achieves Results: Findings from an Evaluation of Community Responses to HIV and AIDS (Directions in Development)
2012978-0-8213-9754-1World BankLittle Data Book on Financial Development 2013 (Global Financial Development Report)
2013978-0-8213-9757-2   ''Atlas of Global Development: A Visual Guide to the World's Greatest Challenges (World Bank Atlas)
2012978-0-8213-9774-9Deanna Kerrigan · Andrea Wirtz · Stefan Baral · N'Della N'Jie · Anderson Stanciole · Jenny Butler · Robert Oelrichs · Chris BeyerThe Global HIV Epidemics among Sex Workers (Directions in Development)
  ''978-0-8213-9776-3Arin Dutta · Andrea Wirtz · Anderson Stanciole · Robert Oelrichs · Iris Semini · Farley CleghornThe Global HIV Epidemics among People Who Inject Drugs (Directions in Development)
2013978-0-8213-9785-5World BankThe Little Data Book on Gender in Africa 2012/2013 (Africa Development Indicators)
2013978-0-8213-9812-8World BankThe Little Data Book 2013
  ''978-0-8213-9814-2   ''The Little Green Data Book 2013
  ''978-0-8213-9816-6   ''The Little Data Book on Information and Communication Technology 2013
  ''978-0-8213-9818-0   ''The Little Data Book on Private Sector Development 2013 (World Development Indicators)
  ''978-0-8213-9820-3   ''The Little Data Book on Gender 2013 (World Development Indicators)
2013978-0-8213-9822-7World BankThe Little Data Book on Financial Inclusion 2013
2013978-0-8213-9824-1World BankWorld Development Indicators 2013
2014978-0-8213-9830-2Catherine D. Farvacque-Vitkovic · Mihaly KopanyiMunicipal Finances: A Handbook for Local Governments
2013978-0-8213-9851-7Charles Kunaka · Virginia Tanase · Pierre Latrille · Peter KrauszQuantitative Analysis of Road Transport Agreements - QuARTA (World Bank Studies)
  ''978-0-8213-9853-1World BankResults and Performance of the World Bank Group 2012 (Independent Evaluation Group Studies)
  ''978-0-8213-9872-2   ''Evaluation of World Bank Programs in Afghanistan 2002-11 (Independent Evaluation Group Studies)
  ''978-0-8213-9903-3   ''World Development Report 2014: Risk and Opportunity - Managing Risk for Development
  ''978-0-8213-9964-4   ''World Development Report 2014: Risk and Opportunity - Managing Risk for Development