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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-0-8205-1009-5Attorney's Textbook of Medicine: Manual of Traumatic Injuries, Set
1993978-0-8205-1031-6Marshall HoutsCross-Examination of Medical Experts
1997978-0-8205-1040-8Ward Wagner JrArt of Advocacy: Jury Selection (Art of Advocacy)
978-0-8205-1082-8Art of Advocacy: Demonstrative and Real Evidence
1994978-0-8205-1164-1Ellen Krietzberg · John J. E. MarkhamCalifornia Criminal Law Trial Guide
1997978-0-8205-1171-9California Criminal Defense Practice
1992978-0-8205-1197-9Harvey M CohenApprehending and prosecuting the drunk driver: A manual for police and prosecution
1997978-0-8205-1217-4Criminal Law Deskbook
  ''978-0-8205-1227-3Andrew J. Dubroff · Jerred G., Jr. Blanchard · John Broadbent · Kevin A. DuvallFederal Income Taxation of Corporations Filing Consolidated Returns
  ''978-0-8205-1259-4Courtroom Medicine: Cancer
  ''978-0-8205-1285-3Lance W. RookFederal Taxes Affecting Real Estate
1985978-0-8205-1289-1David M. English · John J. Regan · Rebecca C. MorganTax, Estate & Financial Planning for the Elderly
1997978-0-8205-1323-2Frank P. GradTreatise on Environmental Law
2005978-0-8205-1342-3Lester S. Jayson and Robert C. LongstretHandling Federal Tort Claims: Administrative and Judicial Remedies
1963978-0-8205-1465-9Melville B. Nimmer · David NimmerNimmer on Copyright Set of 10 plus Supplement
978-0-8205-1488-8Lender Liability Law and Litigation
1997978-0-8205-1552-6Harold W. Marsh Jr · Robert H. VolkPractice Under the California Corporate Securities Laws
  ''978-0-8205-1609-7J.E. SchmidtAttorney's Dictionary of Medicine (Schmidt, Attorney's Dictionary of Medicine)
978-0-8205-1680-6Applying Government Accounting Principles
2005978-0-8205-2422-1Howard N. Aronson · Steven M. GetzoffTrademark Management (Business Law Monographs, Intellectual Property Series)
1998978-0-8205-2470-2Jonathan MookAmericans with Disabilities Act: Public accommodations & commercial facilities
2007978-0-8205-2562-4Benedict on Admiralty
2001978-0-8205-2718-5Robert Laurence · Esq. Pamela B. MinznerA Students Guide to Estates in Land and Future Interests: Text, Examples, Problems, and Answers (Student guide series)
1998978-0-8205-2721-5Louis J. Sirico Jr. · Nancy L. SchultzPersuasive Writing for Lawyers and the Legal Profession (Analysis and Skills Series)
1997978-0-8205-2808-3Edward J. Imwinkelried · David A. SchlueterFederal Evidence Tactics
1997978-0-8205-3055-0William F. FoxUnderstanding Administrative Law (Understanding Law Series)
1998978-0-8205-3099-4David CrumpCases and Materials on Civil Procedure (Analysis and Skills Series)
  ''978-0-8205-3120-5Nancy Lusignan Schultz · Louis J. SiricoIntroduction to Legal Writing
  ''978-0-8205-3128-1Peter N. Swisher · H. Anthony Miller · Jana B. SingerFamily Law: Case, Materials and Problems (Casebook Series)
  ''978-0-8205-3188-5Michael GerrardBrownfields Law and Practice: The Cleanup and Redevelopment of Contaminated Land
1999978-0-8205-3869-3Julian B. McDonnellUniform Commercial Code 1998 Revised Article 9: Text, Comments, and Analysis
2000978-0-8205-4058-0John G. SpranklingUnderstanding Property Law (Student Guide Series)
1999978-0-8205-4059-7Roger W. AndersenUnderstanding Trusts and Estates (Legal Text Series)
2002978-0-8205-4112-9D. Barlow BurkeUnderstanding the Law of Zoning and Land Use Controls
1999978-0-8205-4130-3I. Richard GershonA Student's Guide to the Internal Revenue Code (Student Guide Series)
  ''978-0-8205-4131-0Stephen A. SiegelA Student's Guide to Easements, Real Covenants, and Equitable Servitudes (Student Guide Series)
1999978-0-8205-4132-7Clifford S. FishmanA Student's Guide to Hearsay: 1999 (Student Guide Series)
  ''978-0-8205-4163-1Paul R. RiceEvidence: Common Law and Federal Rules of Evidence, 1999 Supplement and Appendices: Federal Rules of Evidence and Deleted Privilages
  ''978-0-8205-4260-7Melvin Simensky · Thomas Selz · Robert C. Lind · Barbara Burnett · Charles A. PalmerEntertainment Law Document Supplement
2003978-0-8205-4479-3Monroe E. Price · Robert N. Clinton · Nell Jessup NewtonAmerican Indian Law: Cases and Materials
2000978-0-8205-4593-6Ralph G SteinhardtInternational Civil Litigation: Cases And Materials on the Rise of Intermestic Law
  ''978-0-8205-4597-4Ralph SteinhardtInternational Civil Litigation Document Supplement: Cases and Materials on the Rise of Intermestic Law
  ''978-0-8205-4601-8Stephen A. Saltzburg · John L. Diamond · Kit Kinports · Thomas MorawetzCriminal Law
2000978-0-8205-4687-2Daniel Hall · Neil P. CohenCriminal Procedure: Post Investigative Process: Cases and Materials
2001978-0-8205-5027-5Joshua DresslerUnderstanding Criminal Law, Third Edition
  ''978-0-8205-5060-2David Crump · William V. Dorsaneo · Rex R. PerschbacherCases and Materials on Civil Procedure
  ''978-0-8205-5125-8John Edward MurrayMurray on Contracts
2000978-0-8205-5219-4John L. Diamond · Lawrence C. Levine · M. Stuart MaddenUnderstanding Torts (Legal Text Series)
978-0-8205-5313-9Evidence: Teaching Materials for an Age of Science and Statutes
2002978-0-8205-5326-9Louis J. SiricoPersuasive Writing for Lawyers and the Legal Profession
  ''978-0-8205-5328-3Philip K. Anthony · Allan H. ColmanDecision By Trial: A Collection of Articles on Juries, Juror Research and Juror Attitudes
2001978-0-8205-5346-7J. Alexander TanfordThe Pretrial Process
2002978-0-8205-5355-9David Crump · Eugene Gressman · David S. DayCases and Materials on Constitutional Law
  ''978-0-8205-5368-9Gene R. Shreve · Peter Raven-HansenUnderstanding Civil Procedure, Third Edition
2002978-0-8205-5381-8Jerome A. Barron · C. Thomas Dienes · Wayne McCormack · Martin H. RedishConstitutional Law, Principles & Policy: Cases & Materials
  ''978-0-8205-5404-4Oscar G. Chase · Robert A. BarkerCivil Litigation in New York
  ''978-0-8205-5405-1Joshua DresslerUnderstanding Criminal Procedure (Understanding Series)
2003978-0-8205-5427-3Nicholas P. Cafardi · Jaclyn Fabean CherryTax Exempt Organizations: Cases and Materials
2002978-0-8205-5449-5Publisher's Editorial StaffStandardized Civil Jury Instructions for the District of Columbia
2004978-0-8205-5450-1Jeffrey Thomas Ferriell · Michael J. NavinUnderstanding Contracts (Understanding Series)
2002978-0-8205-5451-8Jerry J. Phillips · Nicolas P. Terry · Frank J. Vandall · Ellen WertheimerProducts Liability: Cases, Materials, Problems
  ''978-0-8205-5452-5Dennis D. PraterEvidence: The Objection Method
2005978-0-8205-5461-7Arthur D. HellmanFederal Courts: Cases and Materials on Judicial Federalism and the Lawyering Process
2003978-0-8205-5467-9Graeme B. Dinwoodie · William O. Hennessey · Shira PerlmutterInternational and Comparative Trademark Law
2004978-0-8205-5481-5Nicholas B. Ward · Virginia A. McArthur · August ZinsserWills, Trusts, and Estates for the D.C. Area Practitioner (Dc Practice Series)
2002978-0-8205-5483-9Robert Patrick Merges · John Fitzgerald DuffyPatent Law and Policy: Cases and Materials
  ''978-0-8205-5489-1William F. FoxUnderstanding Administrative Law
2002978-0-8205-5498-3J. Alexander TanfordThe Trial Process: Law, Tactics, and Ethics
  ''978-0-8205-5499-0Trial Practice Problems and Case Files
  ''978-0-8205-5511-9Robert H., II JerryUnderstanding Insurance Law (The Understanding series)
  ''978-0-8205-5553-9Alan N. Resnick · Henry J. Sommer2003 Collier Pamplet Edition Bankruptcy Code: Part 1
2001978-0-8205-5658-1Douglas M. BransonQuestions and Answers: Business Associations
2003978-0-8205-5666-6Bruce A. Markell · Timothy R. ZinneckerQuestions & Answers: Secured Transactions
2004978-0-8205-5667-3Anita BernsteinQuestions and Answers: Torts
2003978-0-8205-5668-0Lewis R. KatzQuestions & Answers: Criminal Procedure
2001978-0-8205-5670-3David L. CameronQuestions and Answers: Federal Income Tax
  ''978-0-8205-5671-0Gregory E. Maggs · Timothy R. ZinneckerQuestions and Answers: Payment Systems
978-0-8205-5672-7Questions & Answers: Wills, Trusts & Estates
2010978-0-8205-5673-4Bruce A. Markell · Mary Jo WigginsQuestions & Answers: Bankruptcy
2004978-0-8205-5710-6David Crump · Neil P. Cohen · Laurie L. Levenson · John T. Parry · Penelope PetherCriminal Law: Cases, Statutes, and Lawyering Strategies
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2002978-0-8205-5716-8Stewart Macaulay · John A. Kidwell · William WhitfordContracts: Law in Action, The Concise Course
  ''978-0-8205-5725-0Melvin Simensky · Thomas D. Selz · Robert C. Lind · Esq. Barbara A. Burnett · Charles A. Palmer · F. Jay DoughertyEntertainment Law
2003978-0-8205-5726-7Roger W. AndersenUnderstanding Trusts and Estates
  ''978-0-8205-5739-7Martin R. GardnerUnderstanding Juvenile Law (Understanding Series)
  ''978-0-8205-5740-3Tracy L. McGaugh · Christine Hurt · Kay G. HollowayInteractive Citation Workbook For The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation 2003 Edition
2002978-0-8205-5746-5David H. Vernon · Louise Weinberg · Williams Reynolds · William RichmanConflict of Laws: Cases, Materials and Problems, Revised
2007978-0-8205-5749-6J. Dennis Hynes · Mark J. LoewensteinAgency, Partnership, and the Llc: The Law of Unincorporated Business Enterprises
  ''978-0-8205-5771-7J. Gordon Hylton · Davdi L. Callies · Daniel R. Mandelker · Paula A. FranzeseProperty Law and the Public Interest: Cases and Materials
2004978-0-8205-5782-3Adrian ZahlInternational Pharmaceutical Law And Practice
2001978-0-8205-5788-5Scott J. BurnhamDrafting and Analyzing Contracts
2003978-0-8205-5794-6Robert E ScottContract law and theory: Selected provisions: restatement of contracts and uniform commercial code
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978-0-8205-5929-22004 Collier Portable Pamphlet - Full Text of the Bankruptcy Code and Rules - Text of Additional Statutory Provisions
2005978-0-8205-5986-5Judith DaarReproductive Technologies And the Law
2007978-0-8205-5991-9Theodore EisenbergCivil Rights Legislation: Cases and Materials
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  ''978-0-8205-6000-7Joseph M. Dodge · J. Clifton Fleming Jr. · Deborah A. GeierFederal Income Tax: Doctrine, Structure and Policy: Text, Cases, Problems
2003978-0-8205-6040-3Tracy L. McGaughInteractive Citation Workbook For The Bluebook: A Uniform System Of Citation
2004978-0-8205-6078-6Myron MoskovitzCases and Problems In Criminal Procedure: The Courtroom
2006978-0-8205-6088-5Nicholas P. CafardiUnderstanding Nonprofit and Tax Exempt Organizations
2003978-0-8205-6104-2E. Thomas SullivanAntitrust Law, Policy and Procedures: Cases, Materials, Problems
2006978-0-8205-6108-0Terrence F. Kiely · Bruce L. OttleyUnderstanding Products Liability Law (The Understanding Series)
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2004978-0-8205-6117-2Monroe H. Freedman · Abbe SmithUnderstanding Lawyers' Ethics
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  ''978-0-8205-6120-2Arthur R. Pinto · Douglas M. BransonUnderstanding Corporate Law
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  ''978-0-8205-6186-8William V. Dorsaneo IIIQuestions & Answers: Civil Procedure (Multiple Choice and Short Answers Questions and Answers, First
  ''978-0-8205-6202-5Myron MoskovitzCases And Problems In Criminal Procedure: The Police
2004978-0-8205-6209-4Paul R. Rice · Roy A. KatrielEvidence: Common Law And Federal Rules Of Evidence
2005978-0-8205-6220-9Ro Douglas E. and Calvin William SharpeUnderstanding Labor Law
2004978-0-8205-6226-1John Copeland NagleQuestions and Answers: Property
2005978-0-8205-6229-2Walter W. HeiserCalifornia Civil Procedure
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1998978-0-8205-6245-2Peter N. SwisherFamily Law: Cases, Materials and Problems, Second Edition
978-0-8205-6246-9unknownInternational Human Rights Law, Policy, and Process
2005978-0-8205-6273-5Publisher's Editorial StaffBender's Immigration and Nationality Act Pamphlet
  ''978-0-8205-6280-3Soia Mentschikoff · Irwin StotzkyThe Theory and Craft of American Law
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2005978-0-8205-6381-7Wayne McCormackLegal Responses to Terrorism
978-0-8205-6387-9Special Education Law: Statutes and Regulations
2005978-0-8205-6409-8Paul C. GiannelliUnderstanding Evidence, Second Edition
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2005978-0-8205-6420-3Theodore J. St. AntoineLabor Relations Law: Selected Federal Statutes and Sample Bargaining Agreement
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2005978-0-8205-6979-6Robert MergesPatent Law and Policy: 2005-06 Statutory and Treaty Supplement
  ''978-0-8205-6994-9Michael Selmi Marion G. C Pauline T. KimWork Law: Cases and Materials
2005978-0-8205-6999-4Joshua Dressler · Alan C. MichaelsUnderstanding Criminal Procedure: Investigation
978-0-8205-7000-6Criminal Procedure: Cases, Materials, and Questions
2006978-0-8205-7001-3Joshua DresslerUnderstanding Criminal Law
2001978-0-8205-7002-0Joshua Dressler · Alan C. MichaelsUnderstanding Criminal Procedure Volume Two, Adjudication
978-0-8205-7014-3Administrative Law: Cases and Materials
2001978-0-8205-7015-0Daniel J. Meador · Thomas E. Baker · Joan E. SteinmanAppellate Courts: Structures, Functions, Processes, and Personnel
  ''978-0-8205-7018-1Jr. John Edward MurrayContracts: Cases and Materials
2006978-0-8205-7021-1James J. Alfini · Sharon B. Press · Jean R. Sternlight · Joseph B. StulbergMediation Theory and Practice
2007978-0-8205-7027-3Irving Younger · Michael Goldsmith · David A. SonensheinPrinciples of Evidence
  ''978-0-8205-7029-7Robert E. Scott · Jody S. KrausContract Law and Theory (2007)
2006978-0-8205-7033-4Jerome A. Barron · C. Thomas Dienes · Wayne McCormack · Martin H. RedishConstitutional Law: Principles and Policy, Cases and Materials
  ''978-0-8205-7034-1Richard A. Zitrin · Carol M. Langford · Nina W. TarrLegal Ethics in the Practice of Law
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2006978-0-8205-7039-6Charles J. Tabb · Ralph BrubakerBankruptcy Law: Principles, Policies, And Practice
2007978-0-8205-7052-5Hon. Diane KieselDomestic Violence: Law, Policy, and Practice
  ''978-0-8205-7053-2Richard A. Bales · Jeffrey M. Hirsch · Paul M. SecundaUnderstanding Employment Law
2006978-0-8205-7058-7Paul R. RiceEvidence Principles & Practices
2007978-0-8205-7071-6John SpranklingUnderstanding Property Law
2007978-0-8205-7072-3Oscar G. Chase · Robert A. BarkerCivil Litigation in New York
  ''978-0-8205-7074-7Cynthia M. HoQuestions & Answers: Patent Law
2006978-0-8205-7077-8LexisnexisFederal Rules of Civil Procedure, 2006-07 Edition
2007978-0-8205-7078-5Rachel M. Janutis · Tracy A. ThomasQuestions and Answers: Remedies (Questions & Answers) (Cover may vary)
2006978-0-8205-7080-8Keith A. RowleyQuestions & Answers: Contracts
2008978-0-8205-7081-5Stephen A. Saltzburg · John L. Diamond · Kit Kinports · Thomas H. Morawetz · Rory K. LittleCriminal Law: Cases and Materials
2010978-0-8205-7084-6David Fagundes · Robert C. LindQuestions & Answers: Copyright Law
2006978-0-8205-7087-7Tracy McGaughINTERACTIVE CITATION WKBK.F/BL
2007978-0-8205-7089-1Steven L. Willborn · Stewart J. Schwab · John F. Burton Jr. · Gillian L.L. LesterEmployment Law: Cases and Materials
  ''978-0-8205-7091-4Steven L. Willborn · Stewart J. Schwab · John F. Burton Jr. · Gillian L. L. LesterEmployment Law: Selected Federal and State Statutes
2010978-0-8205-7094-5Edward Chase · Julia ForresterProperty Law: Cases, Materials and Questions
2006978-0-8205-7096-9Craig Joyce · Marshall Leaffer · Peter Jaszi · Tyler OchoaCopyright Law (7th Edition)
2013978-0-8205-7235-2LEXISMichigan Compiled Laws Service - Volume 45: Trade & Commerce
2005978-0-8205-7453-0David A. SchlueterTexas Evidentiary Foundations
2003978-0-8205-7470-7Irving JoynerCriminal Procedure in North Carolina: With 1990 Supplement
978-0-8205-7481-3Massachusetts Real Estate (Massachusetts Legal Practice Library)
2005978-0-8205-7493-6Steven EagleRegulatory Takings
  ''978-0-8205-7494-3Charles B. CraverEffective Legal Negotiation And Settlement
  ''978-0-8205-7551-3Sarah Y. Sheppeard, Donald F. Paine Neil P. CohenTennessee Law of Evidence
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2007978-0-8205-7576-6Lexis NexisScientific Evidence
978-0-8205-7592-6Jury Instructions on Products Liability
2008978-0-8205-7766-1Joseph ShadePrimer on the Texas Law of Oil and Gas
2005978-0-8205-7893-4Texas Criminal and Traffic Law Manual, 2005-2006 Edition
978-0-8205-8624-3Occupational Safety and Health Handbook: An Employer Guide to OSHA Laws, Regulations, and Practices
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2004978-0-8205-9156-8Anderson Publishing Co.Anderson's 2004 Kentucky Criminal Code: Handbook for Law Enforcement Officers with Selected Traffic and Miscellaneous Offenses and with Violation ... Assembly Current through the 2003 Regular