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2009978-0-8198-7430-6Marshall J. CookThe Time Management Workbook: A Catholic Approach
2010978-0-8198-7431-3William MayTheology of Body in Context
  ''978-0-8198-7432-0Jan GodfreyTen Christmas Sheep (Bb)
2011978-0-8198-7437-5Maria Grace Dateno · Emily MarshTeens Share the Word
  ''978-0-8198-7438-2Daughters of St PaulThere Can Be Miracles
  ''978-0-8198-7460-3Jerome Boudin · Krej?ovaJourney of Wise Men DVD
2013978-0-8198-7461-0Cornelia BilinskyQueen and the Cross (Tales and Legends)
  ''978-0-8198-7479-5SND Mary Kathleen GlavichTotally Catholic!
2013978-0-8198-7484-9K Kelley HeyneThe Locket's Secret
  ''978-0-8198-7489-4Archdiocese of BostonLeader and Team Manual for Transformed in Love - Building Your Catholic Marriage
  ''978-0-8198-7490-0   ''Engaged Couple Workbook for Transformed in Love - Building Your Catholic Marriage
2014978-0-8198-7491-7Britt LeighTen Command for Kissing Gloria
2015978-0-8198-7495-5Diana JenkinsTackling Tough Topics
2014978-0-8198-7505-1FrancisThe Joy of the Gospel (Evangelii Gaudium)
  ''978-0-8198-7509-9Daughters of St. PaulTeen Share the Mission
2015978-0-8198-7513-6Susan WallaceTherese of Lisieux
  ''978-0-8198-7519-8Silvia VecchiniCreed Explained
2015978-0-8198-7523-5Silvia Vecchini10 Commandments Explained
  ''978-0-8198-7527-3Domenico AgassoThecla: A Prophetic Voice in Media Evangelization
  ''978-0-8198-7531-0FrancisZzz Face of Mercy Op: Bull of Indiction of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy
2017978-0-8198-7539-6Sean MayerTreasury of Catholic Prayers Large Print (Catholic Treasury)
1987978-0-8198-7789-5Helen S. HudgensThe Sun Will Shine Tomorrow
1983978-0-8198-7800-7James AlberioneUntil Christ Be Formed in You
  ''978-0-8198-7801-4Rev. James Alberione.SSP.STDUntil Christ Be Formed in You
2014978-0-8198-7805-2Richard A. SpinelloUnderstanding Love and Responsibility: A Companion to Karol Wojtyla's Classic Work
1980978-0-8198-8000-0John PaulVisible signs of the gospel: Messages of John Paul II on consecrated life
  ''978-0-8198-8001-7John PaulVisible signs of the gospel: Messages of John Paul II on consecrated life
1981978-0-8198-8002-4Donald W WuerlA visit to the Vatican: For young people
1981978-0-8198-8003-1Donald W WuerlA visit to the Vatican: For young people
  ''978-0-8198-8004-8Manuel MiguensThe Virgin Birth: An Evaluation of Scriptural Evidence
  ''978-0-8198-8005-5   ''The Virgin Birth: An Evaluation of Scriptural Evidence
1992978-0-8198-8021-5The Vatican II Weekday Missal
1974978-0-8198-8022-2Prepared by the Daughters of St. PaulVatican II Sunday Missal
1992978-0-8198-8026-0The Vatican II Sunday Missal (Burgundy)
1993978-0-8198-8027-7The Unfathomable Riches of Christ (Investigabiles Divitias Christi)
1995978-0-8198-8028-4CFR Fr. Benedict J. GroeschelA Visit with Jean-Pierre De Caussade (a spirituality of acceptance and peace)
  ''978-0-8198-8029-1Pope St. John Paul IIUT Unum Sint: On Commitment to Ecumenism
2000978-0-8198-8030-7Vatican II Sunday Missal (Prayer and Inspiration)
  ''978-0-8198-8031-4Celia SiroisVatican II Sunday Missal
2002978-0-8198-8032-1Mary Elizabeth Tebo · Patricia E. JablonskiThe Very First Easter (More for Kids)
2002978-0-8198-8033-8Daughters of St. Paul · Paul VIVatican II Weekday Missal
2003978-0-8198-8034-5Daughters of St PaulVatican II Weekday Missal
  ''978-0-8198-8035-2John Paul IIVia Crucis: Signo de Contradiccion
1981978-0-8198-8201-1John PaulThe Whole Truth About Man: John Paul II to University Faculties and Students
  ''978-0-8198-8203-5Terrie Kanzic TomkoThe wonderful story of God's creation
1982978-0-8198-8204-2Where's Grandma
1983978-0-8198-8205-9John A HammesThe way of the cross in scripture and meditation: Stations for each Friday during Lent
978-0-8198-8207-3Witnesses of Christ
1984978-0-8198-8208-0Humberto Sousa Medeiros"Whatever God wants": Pastorals and addresses
  ''978-0-8198-8209-7Humberto C. MedeiresWhatever God Wants
  ''978-0-8198-8210-3Daughters of St. PaulWords of Eternal Life: A Thought a Day from the Book of Sirach
1992978-0-8198-8211-0ChrisWhy Is Life Worth Living
1985978-0-8198-8213-4Our Friends from Other Lands
1993978-0-8198-8214-1Teresa WhittenWith the Eyes of the Heart
1985978-0-8198-8220-2Pope John Paul IIWalk According to the Spirit: Messages of John Paul II on Consecrated Life
1985978-0-8198-8221-9John PaulWalk according to the spirit: Messages of John Paul II on consecrated life
1988978-0-8198-8227-1Marion F. SullivanWestward the Bells
  ''978-0-8198-8228-8Giulio RicciThe Way of the Cross in the Light of the Holy Shroud
  ''978-0-8198-8232-5Mary H. Wallace · Sister Fsp Mary HelenWait for Me: The Life of Father Junipero Serra (Encounter Library)
978-0-8198-8235-6Wonder of Christmas, the CD:
1989978-0-8198-8236-3Mary Clement TurcotteThe Wind at My Back: The Life of St. Patrick
  ''978-0-8198-8237-0Henry LibersatWay, Truth, and Life: Living With Jesus As Personal Savior
1990978-0-8198-8238-7Pope John Paul IIWonders and Signs: The Miracles of Jesus
1989978-0-8198-8239-4Daughters of St. PaulThe Wonder of Christmas
1990978-0-8198-8240-0Ansela W. RombWalk With the Lord: Sharing the Cross Sharing the Glory
  ''978-0-8198-8241-7Hans Urs Von BalthasarWay of the Cross
1996978-0-8198-8243-1Karen Ackerman · Debbie MasonWalking With Clara Belle
1995978-0-8198-8244-8Joan HutsonWe're Friends Because
1990978-0-8198-8245-5Anselm W. RombWalk With the Lord, Advent-Christmas.
2002978-0-8198-8246-2Pauline Books and MediaThe Wisdom Books
1981978-0-8198-8253-0James StackThe Way of the Cross
1992978-0-8198-8266-0Joan HutsonWho?
978-0-8198-8267-7We Thank God
2002978-0-8198-8269-1Benedict J. GroeschelWhat to Do When Life Doesn't Make Sense
1994978-0-8198-8270-7Anna Maria CanopiWay of the Cross
1994978-0-8198-8271-4Rea McDonnellWhen God Comes Close: A Journey Through Scripture
1995978-0-8198-8272-1Andrew ApostoliWhen God Asks for an Undivided Heart: Choosing Celibacy in Love and Freedom
1996978-0-8198-8274-5Cynthia L TrainqueWe celebrate Advent: A prayer service for children
  ''978-0-8198-8275-2Pauline YoudWhy Did Sarah Laugh (I Wonder)
  ''978-0-8198-8276-9Pauline YoudWhy Was the Shepherd Glad (I Wonder)
  ''978-0-8198-8278-3   ''Why Was Pharaoh Puzzled (I Wonder)
  ''978-0-8198-8281-3Gerald F. MullerWith Life and Laughter: The Life of Father Miguel Agustin Pro
1996978-0-8198-8282-0Pauline YoudWhy Was Daniel Scared (I Wonder)
  ''978-0-8198-8286-8   ''Why Was Deborah Mad
1997978-0-8198-8288-2Henry LibersatWe Believe: Growing Spiritually Through the Catechism of the Catholic Church (Catholic Confession of Faith)
1997978-0-8198-8289-9Henry LibersatWe Celebrate the Mystery: Growing Spiritually Through the Catechism of the Catholic Church (Catholic Confession of Faith)
  ''978-0-8198-8290-5   ''We Live the Good Life: Growing Spiritually Through the Catechism of the Catholic Church (Catholic Confession of Faith)
1998978-0-8198-8292-9Terry A. SitesWhile You're Asleep (Kids Preschool)
1999978-0-8198-8293-6Sally WilkinsWhen Jesus Was Little
  ''978-0-8198-8294-3Sally WilkinsWhen Mary Was Little
1998978-0-8198-8296-7Commission for Religious Relations with the JewsWe Remember: A Reflection on the Shoah
2001978-0-8198-8297-4Magdalena Kim · Patricia E. JablonskiWhen Jesus Was Born: The Story of the Very First Christmas
2000978-0-8198-8298-1Pauline YoudWhy Were the Shepherds Excited: A Christmas Story
978-0-8198-8299-8Walking with Jesus: The Way of the Cross
2001978-0-8198-8300-1Magdalena Kim · Patricia E. JablonskiThe Wonderful Story of Creation (Kids Bestsellers)
2002978-0-8198-8301-8Angela AshwinWoven into Prayer: Flexible Patterns for a Busy Life (Spiritual Resources)
2001978-0-8198-8302-5Madonna Therese RatliffA World on Its Knees (Prayer and Inspiration)
2002978-0-8198-8303-2Marion JosefWe Thank God Coloring & Activity Book: (New Coloring Books!)
2003978-0-8198-8304-9Nancy Elizabeth PharrWhen Should I Pray
2004978-0-8198-8305-6John Paul · John Paul IIWay of Cross: Sign of Contradiction
  ''978-0-8198-8306-3Sue GravesWhat Is the Bible?
  ''978-0-8198-8307-0Joni OeltjenbrunsWhere is God?: A Lift-the-Flap Book
2005978-0-8198-8308-7Pope Benedict XVIBenedict XVI: Way of the Cross
2006978-0-8198-8310-0Virginia EsquinaldoWhat Did Baby Jesus Do?
2007978-0-8198-8311-7Sally Wright · Honor AyresWhere Do Babies Come From?
978-0-8198-8312-4Catherine HouseWhere Did Grandad Go? (Pauline) - Board Book
978-0-8198-8313-1Lois RockWho Is Jesus?
2007978-0-8198-8314-8Bruno ForteWhy Go to Confession?: Reconciliation and the Beauty of God
2007978-0-8198-8315-5Young-Jin Choi · Jung-Cho KimA Walk on the Waves
  ''978-0-8198-8316-2   ''Where Are You, Little Lamb?
978-0-8198-8317-9God's Wonderful World
978-0-8198-8318-6Word of Life: Daily Scripture Companion
2009978-0-8198-8319-3Eloi LeclercSong of Silence: The Journey of Saint Jeanne Jugan
2010978-0-8198-8320-9Erika BachiochiWomen Sex and Church
2011978-0-8198-8324-7Kathy KalinaWisdom LIV Final Season (Opa)
2012978-0-8198-8328-5J SofieWalk W/ Me Way of Cross (10pk)
  ''978-0-8198-8329-2Walk with Me the Way of the Cross (Large Print Edition)
2013978-0-8198-8342-1Lynn Cassella-KapusinskiWhen Parents Divorce (Catholic Guide for Kids)
  ''978-0-8198-8343-8R HurdZzz When Faith Feels Fragile Op
2015978-0-8198-8348-3Julien Chilcott-MonkThe Way of the Passion: Forty Stations with Jesus
1981978-0-8198-8700-9"Yes is forever!": Mother Thecla Merlo, the first Daughter of St. Paul (Encounter books)
1980978-0-8198-8701-6Pope John Paul IIYou Are My Favorites
978-0-8198-8702-3Yes is Forever: Venerable Mother Thecla Merlo (Encounter Books)
1993978-0-8198-8707-8Daughters of St PaulYou Are the Presence-CD
1996978-0-8198-8708-5David R. CollinsYou're Never Alone: The Story of Thomas Merton
1995978-0-8198-8801-3Joseph AnfossiYou Shall Not Have Strange Gods Before Me: Reflections on the Commandments
  ''978-0-8198-8802-0Paul TammiYou Shall Not Take the Lord's Name in Vain: Reflections on the Commandments
1995978-0-8198-8803-7Edward MenichelliYou Shall Not Kill: Reflections on the Commandments
  ''978-0-8198-8804-4Joseph AnfossiYou Shall Not Commit Adultery, Nor Covet Your Neighbor's Wife: Reflections on the Commandments
  ''978-0-8198-8805-1Daniel D'AriaYou Shall Not Steal, Nor Covet Your Neighbor's Goods: Reflections on the Commandments
  ''978-0-8198-8806-8   ''You Shall Not Bear False Witness: Reflections on the Commandments
2008978-0-8198-8808-2Barry MichaelsYour Guide To Spe Salvi: Saved In Hope
2015978-0-8198-8809-9Daughters of St PaulYour Love Carries Me: Songs of Strength
2014978-0-8198-8810-5Daughters of Saint PaulYour Love Carries Me CD
  ''978-0-8198-9013-9Fabiola GarzaThe Story of Saint John Paul II: A Boy Who Became Pope
2014978-0-8198-9017-7Virginia Helen Richards · D. Thomas HalpinSaint Kateri Tekakwitha Comic Book
  ''978-0-8198-9021-4Patricia Jablonski · Susan WallaceSaint Thomas More (Ess): Courage, Conscience, and the King (Encounter the Saints (Paperback))
  ''978-0-8198-9025-2JohnSecret to Happiness J XXIII Cwc (Classic Wisdom Collection)
2015978-0-8198-9026-9Marianne TrouveSaint Thomas Aquinas Ess (Encounter the Saints)
2014978-0-8198-9030-6Marie CurleySoul of Christ: Meditations on a Timeless Prayer
2015978-0-8198-9038-2YOON Song-iSaint Teresa of Avila, God's Troublemaker
2014978-0-8198-9042-9Joseph Marquis · Chris Stepien · Teresa MezaSaint to Santa DVD: How St. Nicholas Became Santa Claus
2015978-0-8198-9045-0Emily MarshSaint John Bosco (Ess): Champion for the Young (Encounter the Saints)