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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1964978-0-8193-0086-7Harold LittledaleAlexander
1968978-0-8193-0207-6Miyoko MatsutaniThe Crane Maiden
1969978-0-8193-0253-3Jean Conder Soule · Nancy SouleScuttle the Stowaway Mouse
  ''978-0-8193-0273-1Kathryn HitteBoy, Was I Mad!
1968978-0-8193-0331-8Dorothea Warren FoxFollow Me, the Leader
1970978-0-8193-0418-6Wende Devlin · Harry DevlinOld Witch and the Polka Dot Ribbon
1971978-0-8193-0499-5Wende DevlinCranberry Thanksgiving
  ''978-0-8193-0515-2Marianna Mayer · Mercer MayerMe and My Flying Machine
1972978-0-8193-0542-8Mildred KantrowitzGood-bye, Kitchen
  ''978-0-8193-0612-8Richard J WaltonCongress and American foreign policy;: A background book on the presidential-congressional struggle,
  ''978-0-8193-0620-3Doris P MogalCharacter in the making;: The many ways parents can help the school-age child
1973978-0-8193-0652-4Mabel WattsWhile the Horses Galloped to London
1973978-0-8193-0690-6Mildred KantrowitzWhen Violet died
1969978-0-8193-0691-3Harry. DevlinWhat Kind of a House Is That?
1974978-0-8193-0765-1Miriam YoungMiss Suzy's Birthday
1976978-0-8193-0801-6Mercer MayerLiza Lou and the Yeller Belly Swamp
1975978-0-8193-0807-8Remy Charlip · Jerry JoynerThirteen
1976978-0-8193-0844-3Wende DevlinCranberry Christmas
  ''978-0-8193-0845-0Wende Devlin · Harry DevlinCranberry Christmas
1978978-0-8193-0964-8Jack KentSocks for Supper
  ''978-0-8193-0985-3Frank AschSand cake: A Frank Asch bear story
1980978-0-8193-0999-0Janet Quin-HarkinSeptimus Bean and His Amazing Machine
1979978-0-8193-1001-9Frank AschPopcorn: A Frank Asch Bear Story
1980978-0-8193-1007-1Jerry SmathBut No Elephants
  ''978-0-8193-1009-5Marc Tolon Brown · Judy DeltonRabbit's New Rug
  ''978-0-8193-1013-2Marc Tolon BrownWitches Four (Parents Magazine Read Aloud Originals)
1980978-0-8193-1023-1Jerry SmathThe Housekeeper's Dog
1981978-0-8193-1039-2Robert M. QuackenbushHenry's Awful Mistake
  ''978-0-8193-1047-7Jack KentThe Biggest Shadow in the Zoo
  ''978-0-8193-1048-4   ''The biggest shadow in the zoo
  ''978-0-8193-1059-0Joanna ColeThe Clown-Arounds
  ''978-0-8193-1067-5Robert M QuackenbushHenry's important date
1983978-0-8193-1079-8Michaela MunteanThe Very Bumpy Bus Ride (Parents Magazine Read Aloud and Easy Reading Program Original)
1982978-0-8193-1085-9Joanna ColeThe Clown-arounds Have a Party
1982978-0-8193-1087-3Frank AschMilk and Cookies: A Frank Asch Bear Story (A Parents Magazine Read Aloud Original)
  ''978-0-8193-1089-7Robert M. QuackenbushHenry Goes West
1983978-0-8193-1095-8Joanna ColeGet Well, Clown-Arounds!
  ''978-0-8193-1101-6Frank AschGeorge's Store (A Parents magazine read aloud and easy reading program original)
  ''978-0-8193-1107-8Robert M. QuackenbushHenry Babysits
  ''978-0-8193-1115-3Jack KentThe Biggest Shadow in the Zoo
1983978-0-8193-1120-7Joanna ColeThe Clown-Arounds Go On Vacation
1984978-0-8193-1121-4   ''Aren't You Forgetting Something, Fiona?
1985978-0-8193-1138-2   ''Sweet Dreams, Clown-Arounds! (A Parents Magazine Read Aloud Original)