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  ''978-0-8192-2132-2Linda DoutyHow Can I Let Go If I Don't Know I'm Holding On?: Setting Our Souls Free (An Book)
2004978-0-8192-2133-9N. T. WrightFor All the Saints: Remembering the Christian Departed
  ''978-0-8192-2140-7Caroline WesterhoffGood Fences: The Boundaries of Hospitality
2005978-0-8192-2146-9Tom EhrichJust Wondering, Jesus: 100 Questions People Want to Ask
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2007978-0-8192-2156-8Mary C. EarleThe Desert Mothers: Spiritual Practices from the Women of the Wilderness
2005978-0-8192-2157-5Richard KautzA Labyrinth Year: Walking the Seasons of the Church
  ''978-0-8192-2158-2Beth Wickenberg ElyA Manual for Eucharistic Visitors
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2006978-0-8192-2167-4William BrosendConversations with Scripture - The Parables (Anglican Association of Biblical Scholars Study Series)
2006978-0-8192-2168-1Kelly Schneider ConklingPrayer of the HeART (An Book)
2004978-0-8192-2169-8David AdamThe Road of Life: Reflections on Searching and Longing
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2005978-0-8192-2190-2Neville A. KirkwoodThe Lay Pastoral Worker's Hospital Handbook: Tending the Spiritual Needs of Patients
  ''978-0-8192-2191-9   ''Pastoral Care in Hospitals: Second Edition
2006978-0-8192-2193-3Kimberly WinstonFabric of Faith: A Guide to the Prayer Quilt Ministry
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2006978-0-8192-2240-4Morehouse PublishingChristian Planning Calendar 2006-2007: 16 Months, September 2006 - December 2007
  ''978-0-8192-2241-1SOS TITLE UNKNOWN
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  ''978-0-8192-2244-2Episcopal Church Lesson Calendar 2007- Rcl: 12 Months, December 2006 - November 2007
2006978-0-8192-2245-9Parish Wall Calendar 2006-2007: 16 Months September 2006 - 2007
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  ''978-0-8192-2287-9   ''Grace on the Go - Quick Prayers for Determined Dieters
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2007978-0-8192-2291-6Barbara Cawthorne CraftonSome Things You Just Have to Live With: Musings on Middle Age
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