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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1994978-0-8191-9364-3Jerome I. GellmanThe Fear, The Trembling, and the Fire
1993978-0-8191-9374-2Gregory BeaboutApplied Professional Ethics
1994978-0-8191-9379-7M. Wayne MorrisStalin's Famine and Roosevelt's Recognition of Russia
  ''978-0-8191-9386-5Glendon Schubert · Roger D. MastersPrimate Politics
  ''978-0-8191-9399-5Ross R. RiceCarl Hayden
1993978-0-8191-9420-6Isadore NewmanConceptual Statistics for Beginners, Second Edition
1994978-0-8191-9442-8Randall E. OttoComing in the Clouds
  ''978-0-8191-9458-9Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied PoliticsRepresenting Interests and Interest Group Representation
  ''978-0-8191-9470-1Edward S. BalianThe Graduate Research Guidebook
1996978-0-8191-9569-2Joann Wolski ConnSpirituality and Personal Maturity
1994978-0-8191-9608-8Thomas SteinbuchA Commentary on Nietzsche's "Ecce Homo"
1994978-0-8191-9609-5Raja T. NasrWhole Education
  ''978-0-8191-9614-9Don E. EberlyBuilding a Community of Citizens: Civil Society in the 21st Century
  ''978-0-8191-9618-7Santo L. AricoRousseau's Art of Persuasion in "La Nouvelle Heloise"
2002978-0-8191-9626-2Paul Ten Have · George PsathasSituated Order
1994978-0-8191-9658-3Zev GarberShoah
  ''978-0-8191-9659-0Zev GarberShoah
1995978-0-8191-9662-0A. J. Williams-MyersDestructive Impulses
1994978-0-8191-9663-7A. J. Williams-MyersDestructive Impulses
1995978-0-8191-9729-0Joseph S. Kalina · Stanley R. AltenA Holocaust Odyssey (Studies in the Shoah)
1994978-0-8191-9732-0Michael G. Paulson · Tamara Alvarez-DetrellMadame De La Fayette's "The Princess of Cleves"
  ''978-0-8191-9742-9Gary ForsytheThe Historian L. Calpurnius Piso Frugi and the Roman Annalistic Tradition (Classical Literary Studies)
1994978-0-8191-9755-9Richard H. BubePutting It All Together
  ''978-0-8191-9762-7Dale GroteComprehensive Study Guide for Wheelock's "Latin"
1995978-0-8191-9795-5Jonathon GilletteGroups in Context: A New Perspective on Group Dynamics: A New Perspective on Group Dynamics
  ''978-0-8191-9800-6Michio KitaharaThe Entangled Civilization
  ''978-0-8191-9801-3   ''The Entangled Civilization
  ''978-0-8191-9848-8James WilesA Scripture Index to the Works of St. Augustine in English Translation
1995978-0-8191-9857-0Theodore Caplow · Louis HicksSystems of War and Peace
  ''978-0-8191-9859-4Shan WinnHeaven, Heroes and Happiness
  ''978-0-8191-9860-0   ''Heaven, Heroes and Happiness: The Indo-European Roots of Western Ideology
  ''978-0-8191-9900-3Robert WeissPublic Argument
  ''978-0-8191-9910-2Safro KwameReadings in African Philosophy
1995978-0-8191-9911-9Safro KwameReadings in African Philosophy: An Akan Collection
  ''978-0-8191-9924-9Pamela BrookeCommunicating through Story Characters
  ''978-0-8191-9925-6   ''Communicating through Story Characters
  ''978-0-8191-9926-3Ruth Fredman CerneaThe Passover Seder
  ''978-0-8191-9963-8Spencer PorterRemembering Galileo
1995978-0-8191-9971-3Van Paul M. BurenA Theology of the Jewish-Christian Reality, Part 3: Christ in Context (Pt.3)
  ''978-0-8191-9973-7Ran Lahav · Maria da Venza TillmannsEssays on Philosophical Counseling
2002978-0-8191-9992-8Jitse van der MeerFacets of Faith and Science: Vol. IV: Interpreting God's Action in the World (Facets of Faith & Science)