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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1985978-0-8167-0110-0Mark McPhersonCaring for Your Fish (Pet Series)
1986978-0-8167-0209-1Francene SabinMammals (Creatures That Walk, Swim or Fly)
  ''978-0-8167-0251-0Keith BrandtEarth
1985978-0-8167-0458-3Emmuska Orczy, Baroness OrczyScarlet Pimpernel (Complete and Unabridged Classics)
978-0-8167-0472-9George MacDonaldPrincess and the Goblin
1986978-0-8167-0544-3Page McBrierSecret of the Old Garage (Oliver and Company)
1997978-0-8167-0558-0BainsJames Monroe - Pbk (Easy Biographies)
1998978-0-8167-0564-1SantreyLouisa May Alcott - Pbk (Easy Biographies)
1986978-0-8167-0620-4Michael PellowskiBenny's Bad Day
1982978-0-8167-0713-3Charlotte BronteJane Eyre (Watermill Classics)
  ''978-0-8167-0723-2Louisa May AlcottLittle Women (Watermill Classics)
1940978-0-8167-0728-7Pride and Prejudice
1997978-0-8167-0995-3GordonShow & Tell - Pbk (First Start Easy Reader)
1988978-0-8167-1125-3Michael A. WongA Day in the Life of a Disc Jockey
1990978-0-8167-1208-3Gary Gianni · Herman MelvilleMoby Dick (Troll Illustrated Classics)
1998978-0-8167-1214-4Howard PyleKing Arthur
1988978-0-8167-1259-5Sherie Bargar · Linda Johnson · George Van HornMambas: The Snake Discovery Library
1996978-0-8167-1317-2Patricia BeattyCharley Skedaddle
1993978-0-8167-1466-7H. G. Wells · Charles Dickens · Arthur Conan Doyle · Ambrose Bierce · Washington IrvingGreat Tales of Suspense: The Magic Shop, The Ghost Chamber, The Adventure of the Norwood Builder, Beyond the Wall, and The Specter Bridegroom
1988978-0-8167-1468-1Eleanor H. PorterPollyanna
1989978-0-8167-1480-3Molly AlbrightVideo Stars (Two of a Kind)
1988978-0-8167-1522-0Ralph K. AndristThe Erie Canal (American Heritage Junior Library)
1989978-0-8167-1532-9Henry MoscowThomas Jefferson and His World (American Heritage Junior Library)
1998978-0-8167-1564-0Deborah MichelSchool Days: Album for your child's school records, photos and keepsakes
1996978-0-8167-1768-2BainsGandhi: Peaceful Warrior (Easy Biographies)
1989978-0-8167-1789-7E. W. HildickThe Case of the Muttering Mummy (McGurk Mystery)
  ''978-0-8167-1790-3E. W. HildickThe Case of the Wandering Weathervanes (McGurk Mysteries)
1997978-0-8167-1856-6RyanTroll Student Thesaurus
1996978-0-8167-1858-0Mark Twain · Raymond BurnsAdventures of Huckleberry Finn (Troll Illustrated Classics)
1990978-0-8167-1862-7Lewis Carroll · Kathryn A. CouriAlice's Adventures in Wonderland (Troll Illustrated Classics)
  ''978-0-8167-1866-5Jonathan Swift · Raymond JamesGulliver's Travels (Troll Illustrated Classics)
1997978-0-8167-1880-1Verne20,000 Leagues Under The Sea - Pbk (Ic) (Troll Illustrated Classics)
1990978-0-8167-1931-0Charles BrackenTennis: Play Like a Pro (Be the Best!)
1990978-0-8167-1977-8Zuza VrbovaVolcanoes and Earthquakes (Our Planet)
1991978-0-8167-2082-8Mary Le Duc O'NeillAir Scare (S O S PLANET EARTH)
1996978-0-8167-2201-3Rolf HeimannAmazing Mazes: Mind Bending Mazes for Ages 6-60
1991978-0-8167-2202-0Rolf HeimannFor Eagle Eyes Only (Super Sleuth Puzzles Series)
  ''978-0-8167-2259-4Patricia BeattyBe Ever Hopeful, Hannalee (A Troll Book)
  ''978-0-8167-2265-5Jenny NimmoOrchard of the Crescent Moon (The Snow Spider)
1996978-0-8167-2358-4CohleneQuillworker (Native American Legends)
1997978-0-8167-2359-1   ''Ka-ha-si and the Loon: An Eskimo Legend
1996978-0-8167-2360-7   ''Turquoise Boy (Native American Legends)
1990978-0-8167-2361-4Terri CohleneClamshell Boy: A Makah Legend
1998978-0-8167-2362-1CohleneDancing Drum (Native American Legends)
1996978-0-8167-2363-8Terri CohleneLittle Firefly (Native American Legends)
1991978-0-8167-2373-7L. Frank BaumWizard of Oz (Play Mask Books)
1992978-0-8167-2475-8Chip LovittRock-A-Doodle: Movie Novelization Plus an Eight Page Photo Insert
1996978-0-8167-2527-4Eric CarpenterYoung Christopher Columbus: Discoverer of New Worlds (First-Start Biographies)
1997978-0-8167-2529-8Sarah Alcott · James AntonYoung Amelia Earhart - Pbk (First-Start Biographies)
  ''978-0-8167-2531-1BenjaminYoung Helen Keller: Woman of Courage (First-Start Biographies)
  ''978-0-8167-2533-5Janet WoodsYoung Abraham Lincoln (Troll First-Start Biography)
1996978-0-8167-2535-9BenjaminYoung Pocahontas - Pbk (First-Start Biographies)
1996978-0-8167-2537-3FarrellYoung Jackie Robinson - Pbk (First-Start Biographies)
1997978-0-8167-2539-7BenjaminYoung Harriet Tubman - Pbk (First-Start Biographies)
1996978-0-8167-2541-0Janet WoodsYoung George Washington: America's First President (First-Start Biographies)
1998978-0-8167-2543-4Andrew WoodsYoung Orville & Wilbur Wright: First to Fly (First-Start Biographies)
  ''978-0-8167-2545-8MatternYoung Martin Luther King Jr. - Pbk (First-Start Biographies)
1992978-0-8167-2564-9L. Frank BaumThe Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Watermill Classics)
1998978-0-8167-2565-6BaumWonderful Wizard of Oz (Watermill Classic)
1992978-0-8167-2614-1Rolf HeimannMore for Eagle Eyes
1997978-0-8167-2716-2TeagueGrowing Up In Ancient China (Growing Up In series)
  ''978-0-8167-2718-6Rosalie DavidGrowing Up In Ancient Egypt
  ''978-0-8167-2720-9ChelepiGrowing Up In Ancient Greece (Growing Up In series)
  ''978-0-8167-2722-3Mike Corbishley · Chris MolanGrowing Up In Ancient Rome (Growing Up In series)
1998978-0-8167-2724-7Marion WoodGrowing Up In Aztec Times (Growing Up In series)
1998978-0-8167-2726-1Dominic TweddleGrowing Up in Viking Times (Growing Up In Series)
1992978-0-8167-2748-3Moira ButterfieldColumbus/Model Book
1996978-0-8167-2814-5Jan M. Mike · Charles ReasonerGift Of The Nile - Pbk
1998978-0-8167-2816-9Tololwa M. MollelThe Princess Who Lost Her Hair: An Akamba Legend (Legends of the World)
  ''978-0-8167-2818-3Deborah ChocolateTalk, Talk: An Ashanti Legend
  ''978-0-8167-2865-7L. Frank BaumWonderful Wizard of Oz (Troll Illustrated Classics)
1992978-0-8167-2873-2H. G. Wells · Raymond JamesThe Time Machine (Troll Illustrated Classics)
1982978-0-8167-3002-5Carrie A. SnyderHow to Draw Dogs
1998978-0-8167-3027-8Joseph BruchacFlying with the Eagle, Racing the Great Bear: Stories from Native North America
1994978-0-8167-3033-9Ann Hodgman · Patty Marx · Mena DolobowskyHow to Survive Junior High
1993978-0-8167-3037-7T. R. StoreyFull House: Behind the Scenes
1996978-0-8167-3050-6PalaciosThe Llama's Secret - A Peruvian Legend (Legends of the World)
1998978-0-8167-3052-0PalaciosHummingbird King - Pbk (Legends of the World)
1997978-0-8167-3054-4LippertSea Serpent'S Daughter - Pbk (Legends of the World)
1998978-0-8167-3056-8Jan M. MikeOpossum & The Great Firemaker - Pbk (Legends of the World)
1993978-0-8167-3129-9Fay Robinson · Cyd MooreThe Frog Inside My Hat: A First Book of Poems
1997978-0-8167-3171-8No authorLet'S Learn To Write Numbers/Blk Pencil
1996978-0-8167-3172-5No authorLet'S Learn To Write Letters/Blk Pencil
1998978-0-8167-3199-2TeitelbaumSonic The Hedgehog
1997978-0-8167-3218-0BartoHow to Draw Cartoon Characters (How to Draw)
1992978-0-8167-3291-3Jim DavisGarfield's Ghost Stories
1997978-0-8167-3305-7Rascal · Louis JoosOregon's Journey
1996978-0-8167-3384-2Candice F. Ransom · Peter M. FioreOne Christmas Dawn
1997978-0-8167-3386-6Lois G. GramblingCan I Have a Stegosaurus, Mom? Can I? Please!?
1998978-0-8167-3387-3Lois G. GramblingCan I Have a Stegosaurus, Mom? Can I? Please!?
1994978-0-8167-3395-8Thomas [Robert Sabuda] BeachCreepy, Crawly Halloween Fright
1998978-0-8167-3406-1LumGolden Slipper - Pbk (Legends of the World)
  ''978-0-8167-3408-5James M. ReasonerMagic Amber (Legends of the World)
1996978-0-8167-3412-2Cindy ChangThe Seventh Sister: A Chinese Legend (Legends of the World)
1994978-0-8167-3438-2Michael TeitelbaumSonic the Hedgehog: Robotnik's Revenge
  ''978-0-8167-3454-2Laurence YepThe Junior Thunder Lord
2002978-0-8167-3479-5Mary TowneThe Boy on the Beach
1994978-0-8167-3483-2Jim Davis · Mark Acey · Jim KraftGarfield's Haunted House and Other Spooky Tales
1995978-0-8167-3504-4Marti Shohet · Madhur JaffreyMarket Days: From Market to Market Around the World
1994978-0-8167-3508-2Rita WalshHalloween Friends (Mini Shaped Books)
1995978-0-8167-3582-2Michael TeitelbaumSonic the Hedgehog: Fortress of Fear
1995978-0-8167-3592-1Gloria SkurzynskiCaitlin's Big Idea
1996978-0-8167-3603-4TsoDream Catchers (Trade)
1995978-0-8167-3671-3Allan ZulloHaunted Animals: True Ghost Stories
  ''978-0-8167-3672-0Michael TeitelbaumSonic the Hedgehog: Friend or Foe
1996978-0-8167-3674-4Rolf HeimannAmazing Mazes 2
1995978-0-8167-3731-4Michael TeitelbaumDonkey Kong Country
1998978-0-8167-3746-8Jan MikeJuan Bobo and the Horse of Seven Colors (A Puerto Rican Legend)
1997978-0-8167-3748-2Sandra ArnoldChild of the Sun: A Cuban Legend (Legends of the World)
1999978-0-8167-3775-8Anne BenjaminYoung Rosa Parks: Civil Rights Heroine
1995978-0-8167-3777-2Claire NemesYoung Thomas Edison: Great Inventor (First-Start Biographies)
  ''978-0-8167-3781-9Michael TeitelbaumSonic & Knuckles
1997978-0-8167-3798-7Erica SilvermanGittel's Hands
  ''978-0-8167-3806-9RavenAngels in the Dust (International Reading Association Teacher's Choice Award)
1999978-0-8167-3835-9Linda Williams Aber101 Ways To Boost Your Writing Skills
  ''978-0-8167-3836-6Susan Shafer101 Ways To Boost Your Math Skills
1997978-0-8167-3837-3Allan ZulloHaunted Schools: True Ghost Stories
1996978-0-8167-3843-4Joseph Bruchac · S. S. Burrus · Murv Jacob · Dorothy StraitFour Ancestors: Stories, Songs, and Poems from Native North America
1998978-0-8167-4011-6Margaree King Mitchell · Larry JohnsonGranddaddy's Gift (International Reading Association Teacher's Choice Award)
1996978-0-8167-4075-8Michael ShulanThe Secret code book
1996978-0-8167-4118-2WeynForever Angels: The Golden Angel
2001978-0-8167-4121-2Justine Korman · Lucinda McQueenThe Grumpy Bunny Goes To School
1996978-0-8167-4124-3WardlawThe Ghoul Brothers
  ''978-0-8167-4132-8Jim DavisHow to Draw Garfield & the Gang (How to Draw)
1997978-0-8167-4207-3LyonHere & Then
  ''978-0-8167-4218-9Rolf HeimannAmazing Mazes 3
1999978-0-8167-4235-6TeitelbaumHow To Draw Donkey Kong & Friends (How to Draw (Troll))
1997978-0-8167-4276-9xIdentity: Who we are (Troll target series)
  ''978-0-8167-4281-3Rita WalshFall Colors
  ''978-0-8167-4286-8LantzSpinach With Chocolate Sauce
1997978-0-8167-4288-2Allan ZulloThe Ten Creepiest Creatures in America
  ''978-0-8167-4298-1KormanGrumpy Bunny Goes West
  ''978-0-8167-4330-8Michael TeitelbaumSonic X-Treme (Sonic the Hedgehog)
1998978-0-8167-4340-7Marianne MacdonaldDragon for Sale (Planet Reader, Chapter Book)
1997978-0-8167-4379-7Justin KormanGrumpy Bunny'S Snowy Day
  ''978-0-8167-4400-8Patrick MerrellMonster Mazes
1998978-0-8167-4437-4Dick King-SmithMixed-Up Max (Planet Reader, Chapter Book)
  ''978-0-8167-4438-1Jim Kraft · Jim Davis · Mike FentzGarfield and the Mysterious Mummy (Planet Reader, Chapter Book)
1998978-0-8167-4439-8Jim DavisGarfield and the Beast in the Basement (Planet Reader, Chapter Book)
  ''978-0-8167-4460-2BruchacMany Nations: An Alphabet of Native America (International Reading Association Teacher's Choice Award)
  ''978-0-8167-4509-8OlsenNative American Sign Language
  ''978-0-8167-4510-4DominicSong of the Hermit Thrush: An Iroquois Legend (Native American Legends)
  ''978-0-8167-4512-8DominicCoyote and the Grasshoppers: A Pomo Legend (Native American Legends)
1998978-0-8167-4515-9Gloria DominicSunflower's Promise: A Zuni Legend (Native American Legends)
  ''978-0-8167-4522-7Joan HolubIvy Green, Cootie Queen (Planet Reader, Level 3)
  ''978-0-8167-4525-8Betty Ren WrightThe Phantom of Five Chimneys
  ''978-0-8167-4527-2Justin KormanGrumpy Bunny'S Field Trip
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1998978-0-8167-4554-8James E. KnightJamestown, New World Adventure
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  ''978-0-8167-4810-5Dick King-SmithKing Max (Planet Reader)
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2000978-0-8167-4946-1Lois G. Grambling · Penny L. C. HauffeCan I Have a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Dad? Can I? Please!
1999978-0-8167-4950-8Editors Of Teen & All About YouReveal The Real You 20 Cool Quizzes...
  ''978-0-8167-4975-1James KnightWinter at Valley Forge: Survival and Victory (Adventures in Colonial America)
1999978-0-8167-4976-8PackardMake Your Own Time Capsule (Trade)
  ''978-0-8167-4982-9SchultzIcr Frogs & Toads - Pbk (Deluxe) (I Can Read About)
  ''978-0-8167-5608-7RavenAngels in the Dust (International Reading Association Teacher's Choice Award)
1998978-0-8167-6323-8Lilly · Melinda Lilly · Charles ReasonerZimani's Drum: A Malawian Legend (Legends of the World)
  ''978-0-8167-6324-5Lilly · Melinda Lilly · Charles ReasonerWarrior Son of a Warrior Son: A Masai Legend (Legends of the World)
1999978-0-8167-6331-3CombsRocket To The Moon Hardcover
  ''978-0-8167-6336-8Jackie Kramer · Tali OvadiaYou Can Learn Sign Language!: More Than 300 Words in Pictures
2000978-0-8167-6340-5Jim DavisGarfield'S Big Book Of Excellent Excuses
1999978-0-8167-6344-3PistolesiHow to Draw Christmas (How to Draw)
1999978-0-8167-6518-8Stacy CretzmeyerHidden Child of the Holocaust: A True Story
2001978-0-8167-6521-8Eve Bunting · Ben F. StahlDreaming of America: An Ellis Island Story (International Reading Association Teacher's Choice Award)
1999978-0-8167-6523-2Elaine MooreChocolate: That's how they make it!
  ''978-0-8167-6526-3ZalmeHow To Draw Pokemon
  ''978-0-8167-6531-7William ShakespeareRomeo & Juliet
  ''978-0-8167-6532-4William ShakespeareA Midsummer Night's Dream
2000978-0-8167-6581-2ShulanSecret Code Detective Kit (Troll Discovery Kit)
  ''978-0-8167-6812-7William ShakespeareHamlet
2000978-0-8167-6829-5Anna CiddorJiro's New Year: A Story of Nineteenth-Century Japan (Momentum Literacy Program, Step 6 Level B)
  ''978-0-8167-6858-5ZalmeYou Can Be a Pokemon Master Artist (How to Draw)
1999978-0-8167-6859-2Lois G. Grambling · Penny L. C. HauffeCan I Have a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Dad? Can I? Please!
  ''978-0-8167-6945-2Jim DavisGarfield and the Wicked Wizard
2000978-0-8167-6972-8Ron ZalmeWorld'S Best Pokemon Drawing Book
1999978-0-8167-6989-6Michael Teitelbaum · Ron ZalmeHow To Draw Nintendo Heroes And Villains
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  ''978-0-8167-7006-9JarvisThe Raven's Knot (Wyrd Museum, Book 2)
1999978-0-8167-7007-6Robin JarvisThe Fatal Strand
  ''978-0-8167-7010-6MellageComing Home: A Story Of Josh Gibson, Baseball's Greatest Home Run Hitter
  ''978-0-8167-7011-3Shar Levine · Leslie Johnstone · John MandersThe Incredible Secret Formula Book: Make Your Own Rock Candy, Jelly Snakes, Face Paint, Slimy Putty, and 55 More Awesome Things
2001978-0-8167-7014-4William ShakespeareMacbeth
1999978-0-8167-7156-1Walt FrazierWord Jam Guide To Awesome Vocabulary
2001978-0-8167-7204-9Suzi Golden101 Best Cheers
2002978-0-8167-7206-3Nancy DavisThe Outrageous Origin: Garfield's Pet Force, Book 1
  ''978-0-8167-7207-0Nancy DavisPie-Rat's Revenge! Garfield's Pet Force, Book 2
1998978-0-8167-7208-7Jim DavisK-Niner: Dog of Doom (Garfield's Pet Force Book 3)
1999978-0-8167-7234-6Mark Twain · Ray BurnsThe Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Troll Illustrated Classics)
2003978-0-8167-7236-0Johanna Spyri · Jada RowlandHeidi (Troll Illustrated Classics)
2002978-0-8167-7239-1Frank Baum · Tom NewsomThe Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Troll Illustrated Classics)
  ''978-0-8167-7246-9Allan ZulloTrue Tales of Animal Heroes
2002978-0-8167-7429-6Jim DavisGarfields Awesome Ski Adventure
  ''978-0-8167-7430-2   ''Garfield's Sumo Beach Bellyball (Garfield Extreme)
2003978-0-8167-7431-9   ''Garfield's Ironcat (Garfield Extreme)
2003978-0-8167-7432-6Jim DavisGarfield's Extreme Cuisine: Pigging Way Out! (Garfield Extreme)
  ''978-0-8167-7590-3Justine KormanThe Grumpy Easter Bunny