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2019978-0-8165-3700-6Christina LezaDivided Peoples: Policy, Activism, and Indigenous Identities on the U.S.-Mexico Border (Critical Issues in Indigenous Studies)
2017978-0-8165-3704-4Stafford PooleOur Lady of Guadalupe: The Origins and Sources of a Mexican National Symbol, 1531-1797
  ''978-0-8165-3708-2Frederick Luis AldamaLatinx Superheroes in Mainstream Comics (Latinx Pop Culture)
2018978-0-8165-3714-3Jacob Blanc · Frederico Freitas · Zephyr FrankBig Water: The Making of the Borderlands Between Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay
  ''978-0-8165-3718-1John A StrongAmerica's Early Whalemen: Indian Shore Whalers on Long Island, 1650-1750 (Native Peoples of the Americas)
  ''978-0-8165-3719-8Roberto D. HernándezColoniality of the US/Mexico Border: Power, Violence, and the Decolonial Imperative
  ''978-0-8165-3720-4Salvador SalinasLand, Liberty, and Water: Morelos After Zapata, 1920-1940 (Latin American Landscapes)
2018978-0-8165-3721-1Oscar J. MartínezCiudad Juárez: Saga of a Legendary Border City
  ''978-0-8165-3722-8Oscar J. MartínezCiudad Juárez: Saga of a Legendary Border City
2017978-0-8165-3729-7Theresa McCarthyIn Divided Unity: Haudenosaunee Reclamation at Grand River (Critical Issues in Indigenous Studies)
2018978-0-8165-3737-2Tim Z. HernandezAll They Will Call You (Camino del Sol)
2020978-0-8165-3761-7Aída HurtadoIntersectional Chicana Feminisms: Sitios y Lenguas (The Mexican American Experience)
2018978-0-8165-3762-4Sofía Espinoza Álvarez · Martin Guevara UrbinaImmigration and the Law: Race, Citizenship, and Social Control
  ''978-0-8165-3763-1Mílada BazantLaura Méndez de Cuenca: Mexican Feminist, 1853-1928
  ''978-0-8165-3765-5Laurent CorbeilThe Motions Beneath: Indigenous Migrants on the Urban Frontier of New Spain
  ''978-0-8165-3770-9Stephen J. PyneThe Interior West: A Fire Survey (To the Last Smoke)
2018978-0-8165-3773-0Rachel CorrInterwoven: Andean Lives in Colonial Ecuador's Textile Economy
2017978-0-8165-3783-9W. L. Minckley · James E. Deacon · Stewart L. UdallBattle Against Extinction: Native Fish Management in the American West
2018978-0-8165-3789-1Stephen J. PyneStyle and Story: Literary Methods for Writing Nonfiction
2017978-0-8165-3793-8Ralph Armbruster-SandovalStarving for Justice: Hunger Strikes, Spectacular Speech, and the Struggle for Dignity
2019978-0-8165-3808-9Matthew A. BeaudoinChallenging Colonial Narratives: Nineteenth-Century Great Lakes Archaeology (Archaeology of Indigenous-Colonial Interactions in the Americas)
2018978-0-8165-3809-6Jerry GarcíaLooking Like the Enemy: Japanese Mexicans, the Mexican State, and US Hegemony, 1897-1945
  ''978-0-8165-3842-3Jaime M. Pensado · Enrique C. OchoaMéxico Beyond 1968: Revolutionaries, Radicals, and Repression During the Global Sixties and Subversive Seventies
  ''978-0-8165-3847-8María Teresa de la Piedra · Blanca Araujo · Alberto EsquincaEducating Across Borders: The Case of a Dual Language Program on the U.S.-Mexico Border
2019978-0-8165-3854-6Rex E. GeraldThe Davis Ranch Site: A Kayenta Immigrant Enclave in Southeastern Arizona (Amerind Studies in Archaeology)
2018978-0-8165-3856-0Barbara J. Roth · Patricia A. Gilman · Roger AnyonNew Perspectives on Mimbres Archaeology: Three Millennia of Human Occupation in the North American Southwest
2019978-0-8165-3857-7R. Aída Hernández Castillo · Suzi Hutchings · Brian NobleTranscontinental Dialogues: Activist Alliances with Indigenous Peoples of Canada, Mexico, and Australia (Critical Issues in Indigenous Studies)
  ''978-0-8165-3859-1Roberto Cintli RodríguezYolqui, a Warrior Summoned from the Spirit World: Testimonios on Violence
  ''978-0-8165-3866-9Enrique M. BuelnaChicano Communists and the Struggle for Social Justice
2018978-0-8165-3870-6Deborah L. Nichols · Frances Berdan · Michael E. SmithRethinking the Aztec Economy (Amerind Studies in Archaeology)
2019978-0-8165-3873-7Elizabeth HensonAgrarian Revolt in the Sierra of Chihuahua, 1959-1965
2019978-0-8165-3879-9Stephen J. PyneSlopovers: Fire Surveys of the Mid-American Oak Woodlands, Pacific Northwest, and Alaska (To the Last Smoke)
  ''978-0-8165-3880-5Ignacio MartínezThe Intimate Frontier: Friendship and Civil Society in Northern New Spain
2020978-0-8165-3888-1John Robert Gust · Jennifer P. MathewsSugarcane and Rum: The Bittersweet History of Labor and Life on the Yucatán Peninsula
2019978-0-8165-3890-4Stephen J. PyneThe Northeast: A Fire Survey (To the Last Smoke)
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2019978-0-8165-3954-3Sonia RoblesMexican Waves: Radio Broadcasting Along Mexico's Northern Border, 1930-1950
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2019978-0-8165-3956-7Lara Medina · Martha R. GonzalesVoices from the Ancestors: Xicanx and Latinx Spiritual Expressions and Healing Practices
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2020978-0-8165-3996-3Bradley SkopykColonial Cataclysms: Climate, Landscape, and Memory in Mexico's Little Ice Age (Latin American Landscapes)
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  ''978-0-8165-4001-3Diana NegrínRacial Alterity, Wixarika Youth Activism, and the Right to the Mexican City
2020978-0-8165-4015-0Carwil Bjork-JamesThe Sovereign Street: Making Revolution in Urban Bolivia
2019978-0-8165-4024-2M. Bianet CastellanosDetours: Travel and the Ethics of Research in the Global South
2020978-0-8165-4038-9Ben Fallaw · David NugentState Formation in the Liberal Era: Capitalisms and Claims of Citizenship in Mexico and Peru
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