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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1980978-0-8164-0113-0John Dominic CrossanCliffs of fall: Paradox and polyvalence in the parables of Jesus
  ''978-0-8164-0124-6Paul Matthews Van BurenDiscerning the Way: A Theology of the Jewish-Christian Reality
  ''978-0-8164-0136-9Edward SchillebeeckxChrist: The Experience of Jesus as Lord (English and German Edition)
  ''978-0-8164-0206-9Marion J. HatchettCommentary on the American Prayer Book
1975978-0-8164-0279-3Thomas B WoodwardTurning things upside-down: A theological workbook
  ''978-0-8164-0283-0Johannes FeinerThe Common Catechism: A Book of Christian Faith (English and German Edition)
1976978-0-8164-0290-8Marion J HatchettSanctifying life, time, and space: An introduction to liturgical study
1976978-0-8164-0324-0Madeleine L'EngleThe Irrational Season
1979978-0-8164-0345-5Edward SchillebeeckxJesus: An Experiment in Christology
1977978-0-8164-0355-4Francis P. SchmittChurch Music Transgressed: Reflections on "Reform"
1979978-0-8164-0421-6Richard A. NorrisUnderstanding the Faith of the Church (Church's Teaching)
1980978-0-8164-0456-8Robert PolzinMoses and the Deuteronomist: Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges (A Literary Study of the Deuteronomic History, Pt. 1)
  ''978-0-8164-0460-5Brother EricThe secret of Hell's Kitchen: A parable for Young people
  ''978-0-8164-0461-2Thomas J. J AltizerTotal presence: The language of Jesus and the language of today
  ''978-0-8164-0468-1Sebastian MooreThe Fire and the Rose Are One
  ''978-0-8164-0476-6Mary P. OlsenFor the Greater Glory: A Church Needlepoint Handbook
1981978-0-8164-0479-7Henri J. M NouwenThe Way of The Heart: Desert Spirituality and Contemporary Ministry
1981978-0-8164-0481-0John TempletonThe humble approach: Scientists discover God
  ''978-0-8164-0484-1Karl BarthEthics (English and German Edition)
  ''978-0-8164-0492-6David LeRoy MillerChrists: Meditations on archetypal images in Christian theology
1982978-0-8164-0531-2Raimundo PanikkarBlessed simplicity--the monk as universal archetype
1975978-0-8164-1163-4Langdon Brown GilkeyCatholicism confronts modernity;: A Protestant view
1977978-0-8164-1229-7Peter R BaelzEthics and belief (Issues in religious studies)
1979978-0-8164-2048-3Karol WojtylaSign of Contradiction - Pope John Paul Ii
2000978-0-8164-2066-7Ellul JTheological Foundation of Law
1992978-0-8164-2073-5James ConeThe Spirituals and the Blues
1974978-0-8164-2106-0RogerStruggle and contemplation;: Journal, 1970-2
1985978-0-8164-2202-9David TracyBlessed Rage for Order: The New Pluralism in Theology
1979978-0-8164-2206-7Reinhold NiebuhrAn Interpretation of Christian Ethics
1981978-0-8164-2301-9RogerParable of community: The rule and other basic texts of Taizé
  ''978-0-8164-2343-9Urban T. HolmesA History of Christian Spirituality
1976978-0-8164-2396-5Marion J. HatchettSanctifying Life, Time and Space: An Introduction to Liturgical Study
1983978-0-8164-2485-6Marion BilichWeight Loss from the Inside Out
1968978-0-8164-2564-8Communauté de TaizéThe Rule of Taizé in French and in English
1974978-0-8164-2583-9frere RogerFestival
1984978-0-8164-2637-9John E. FortunatoEmbracing the Exile - Healing Journeys of Gay Christians
1974978-0-8164-3110-6Richard J WaltonThe United States and the Far East
  ''978-0-8164-3121-2Kay ChoraoIda Makes a movie
1977978-0-8164-3186-1Richard J WaltonThe power of oil: Economic, social, political
1973978-0-8164-5705-2Thomas Bullene Woodward...To celebrate;: ...explorations and discoveries in Christian learning for families in the home...children in the church school...the congregation in the family service,
1980978-0-8164-9004-2Jonathan. KozolPrisoners of Silence: Breaking the Bonds of Adult Illiteracy in the United States
1973978-0-8164-9121-6Arkady StrugatskyHard to be a God (A Continuum book)
1979978-0-8164-9124-7Erwin J. HaeberleThe Sex Atlas: A New Illustrated Guide
1970978-0-8164-9125-4Ernst, BlochMan on His Own: Essays in the Philosophy of Religion.
1973978-0-8164-9128-5Stanislaw LemMemoirs found in a bathtub (A Continuum book)
1974978-0-8164-9132-2Paulo FreirePedagogy of the Oppressed
1973978-0-8164-9151-3Franz RottensteinerView from another shore: European science fiction
1974978-0-8164-9165-0Stanislaw LemThe investigation (A Continuum book)
1974978-0-8164-9185-8Hans Magnus EnzensbergerThe Consciousness Industry: On Literature, Politics and the Media (A Continuum Book)
  ''978-0-8164-9207-7Carl F StarkloffThe people of the center;: American Indian religion and Christianity
  ''978-0-8164-9209-1Paulo FreireEducation for Critical Consciousness (English, Portuguese and Spanish Edition)
1975978-0-8164-9222-0Stanislaw LemThe Futurological Congress (from the memoirs of Ijon Tichy) (A Continuum book)
  ''978-0-8164-9249-7Dennis J. McKenna · Terence McKennaThe invisible landscape: Mind, hallucinogens, and the I Ching (A Continuum book)
1976978-0-8164-9253-4Edward ButscherSylvia Plath: Method and Madness (A Continuum book)
  ''978-0-8164-9284-8Paul RhymerVic and Sade: The Best Radio Plays of Paul Rhymer (A Continuum Book)
1977978-0-8164-9296-1Stanislaw LemMortal Engines (A Continuum book) (English and Polish Edition)
1976978-0-8164-9297-8John (editor) O'NeillOn critical theory (A Continuum book)
1974978-0-8164-9300-5Max HorkheimerCritique of Instrumental Reason: Lectures and Essays Since the End of World War II
1977978-0-8164-9326-5Gerald FeinbergConsequences of growth: The prospects for a limitless future (The Tree of life)
1978978-0-8164-9335-7Elias CanettiThe human province
1979978-0-8164-9350-0P. G WodehouseThe Swoop! And Other Stories (A Continuum Book)
1979978-0-8164-9358-6Alvin Ward GouldnerThe Future of Intellectuals and the Rise of the New Class: A Frame of Reference, Theses, Conjectures, Arguments, and an Historical Perspective on th (His The dark side of the dialectic ; v. 2)