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1940978-0-8163-0030-3Ellen Gould Harmon WhiteThe Desire of Ages
1958978-0-8163-0039-6E. G. WhitePatriarchs and Prophets
  ''978-0-8163-0040-2Ellen Gould Harmon WhiteProphets and Kings
1956978-0-8163-0045-7   ''Steps to Christ
1993978-0-8163-0046-4   ''Steps to Christ
1998978-0-8163-0217-8C. Mervyn MaxwellTell It to the World
1980978-0-8163-0356-4Herbert E DouglassParable of the hurricane
1982978-0-8163-0491-2Lewis · Douglass, Herb WaltonHow to Survive the Eighties
  ''978-0-8163-0495-0Daniel E CaslowProfiles Series: Disciplining New Member Ministry
1940978-0-8163-0524-7Ellen G. WhiteThe Desire of Ages
1982978-0-8163-0525-4Ellen Gould Harmon WhiteThe Great Controversy
1983978-0-8163-0544-5John Lewis ShulerYour Best Helper: The Holy Spirit
1985978-0-8163-0564-3Morris L. VendenCommon Ground: A Look at the Beliefs Seventh-Day Adventists Hold in Common With Other Evangelical Christians (Foundations for Faith, No 1)
  ''978-0-8163-0620-6Virginia HansenAnytime stories for kids
1986978-0-8163-0621-3Morris L. VendenHow Jesus Treated People
  ''978-0-8163-0682-4   ''Your Friend, the Holy Spirit (Anchors)
1988978-0-8163-0719-7   ''How to Know God's Will in Your Life
1988978-0-8163-0733-3Morris L. VendenHere I Come Ready or Not (Anchors)
1989978-0-8163-0784-5Morris L VendenLove, Marriage, and Righteousness by Faith
  ''978-0-8163-0786-9Into His Likeness
1993978-0-8163-0828-6Ellen Gould Harmon WhiteChrists Object Lessons
1984978-0-8163-0837-8F. T. GrossmithThe Cross and the Swastika
1958978-0-8163-0842-2Ellen G. WhiteThe Story of Patriarchs and Prophets - As Illustrated in the Lives of Holy Men of Old
1991978-0-8163-0876-7Marilyn TookerThe Richest Caveman: The Doug Batchelor Story (Destiny book)
2015978-0-8163-0939-9Fernando ChaijPreparation for the Final Crisis
1990978-0-8163-1004-3Ellen G WhiteThe Desire of Ages: God's Greatest Gift
  ''978-0-8163-1007-4Ellen Gould Harmon WhiteThe Ministry of Healing
1991978-0-8163-1022-7Will BaronDeceived by the New Age
  ''978-0-8163-1044-9Nobel Alexander · Kay D. RizzoI Will Die Free
1992978-0-8163-1070-8Terry Johnson · Kay D RizzoFor His Honor
1993978-0-8163-1081-4Morris L. Venden95 Theses on Righteousness by Faith: On Righteousness by Faith
1992978-0-8163-1085-2Marvin MooreThe Crisis of the End Time: Keeping Your Relationship With Jesus in Earth's Darkest Hour
  ''978-0-8163-1089-0Morris L. VendenLove God and Do As You Please: A New Look at the Old Rules
1992978-0-8163-1107-1Jerry D. ThomasDetective Zack and the Secret of Noah's Flood (Detective Zack, 1)
2009978-0-8163-1120-0Morris L. VendenAnswer is Prayer, The Timeless Adv. Classics
1993978-0-8163-1127-9Jon PaulienPresent Truth in the Real World: The Adventists Struggle to Keep and Share Faith in a Secular Society
  ''978-0-8163-1137-8Morris L. VendenGod Says, But I Think: Has God's Word Taken a Back Seat to Our Opinion?
  ''978-0-8163-1145-3Carol Agnes CannonNever Good Enough: Growing Up Imperfect in a "Perfect" Family: How to Break the Cycle of Codependence and Addiction for the Next Generation
  ''978-0-8163-1148-4Clifford GoldsteinDay of the Dragon: How Current Events Have Set the Stage for America's Prophetic Destiny: The Great Controversy Vindicated
  ''978-0-8163-1174-3Ellen G WhiteGreat Controversy
1994978-0-8163-1180-4C. Mervyn MaxwellMagnificent Disappointment: What Really Happened in 1844...and Its Meaning for Today
1994978-0-8163-1192-7Clifford GoldsteinThe Remnant: Biblical Reality or Wishful Thinking?
  ''978-0-8163-1196-5Morris L. VendenModern Parables
1995978-0-8163-1207-8Great Stories for Kids Book Three
1994978-0-8163-1212-2Jerry D. ThomasDetective Zack and the Mystery at Thunder Mountain (Detective Zack Bible Adventure)
  ''978-0-8163-1216-0George R. KnightMatthew: The Gospel of the Kingdom (The Abundant Life Bible Amplifier)
  ''978-0-8163-1234-4Jerry ThomasDetective Zack and the Missing Manger Mystery (Detective Zack Bible Adventure)
1995978-0-8163-1235-1Stanley MaxwellThe Man Who Couldn't Be Killed: An Incredible Story of Faith and Courage During China's Cultural Revolution
  ''978-0-8163-1238-2Clifford GoldsteinBetween the Lamb and the Lion: A New View of Jesus in the Book of Revelation, from the Cross to His Coming
1995978-0-8163-1244-3Jon Paulier · George R. KnightJohn: Jesus Gives Life to a New Generation (The Abundant Life Bible Amplifier)
  ''978-0-8163-1259-7George R. KnightThe Fat Lady and the Kingdom: Confronting the Challenge of Change and Secularization
  ''978-0-8163-1261-0E. Lonnie Melashenko · Timothy E. CrosbyIn the Presence of Angels: A Collection of Inspiring, True Angel Stories
  ''978-0-8163-1265-8Alden ThompsonSamuel: From the Danger of Chaos to the Danger of Power (The Abundant Life Bible Amplifier)
1996978-0-8163-1295-5John C. Brunt · George R. KnightRomans: Mercy for All (Abundant Life Bible Amplifier)
1995978-0-8163-1317-4Arthur S MaxwellThe Secret of the Cave
1996978-0-8163-1334-1Ty GibsonIn the Light of God's Love: A Look at the Christian Life
1997978-0-8163-1354-9Marvin MooreThe Coming Great Calamity
1996978-0-8163-1358-7Jon Dybdahl · George R. Knight · B. Russell HoltHosea-Micah: A Call to Radical Reform (The Abundant Life Bible Amplifier)
1998978-0-8163-1364-8Ty GibsonAbandon Ship: One Man's Struggle to Discover God's Special Purpose for His Church
1996978-0-8163-1380-8Pedrito U. Maynard-ReidJames: True Religion in Suffering (The Abundant Life Bible Amplifier)
2002978-0-8163-1390-7Mervyn MaxwellTell It to the World
1998978-0-8163-1399-0Jerry D ThomasDetective Zack: The Secret of Blackloch Castle (Detective Zack (Numbered Paperback))
1993978-0-8163-1419-5Ellen G. WhiteThe Great Controversy Ended
2006978-0-8163-1512-3Discover God's Creation: Series B
2003978-0-8163-1566-6NaIn the Beginning God
  ''978-0-8163-1567-3NaGods Gift Our Choice
1998978-0-8163-1580-2Clifford GoldsteinLike a Fire in My Bones
1976978-0-8163-1586-4Arthur S. MaxwellUncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories Volume 1
1975978-0-8163-1593-2Arthur S. MaxwellThe Bible Story Volume 1, The Book of Beginnings [Hardcover]
1990978-0-8163-1612-0E. G. WhiteThe Great Controversy: Unseen Powers Struggle for Supremacy
1998978-0-8163-1622-9Herbert E. DouglassMessenger of the Lord
  ''978-0-8163-1652-6W. Larry Richards2 Corinthians: God's way is the best way (The abundant life Bible amplifier)
  ''978-0-8163-1657-1Herbert E. DouglassMessenger of the Lord: The Prophetic Ministry of Ellen G. White
  ''978-0-8163-1667-0Daniel And Revelation
  ''978-0-8163-1680-9Dwight K. NelsonBuilt to Last: Creation and Evolution: A Thoughtful Look at the Evidence That a Master Designer Created Our Planet
2000978-0-8163-1691-5Mabel R. MillerGrandma Ellen and Me: Stories of Growing Up at Elmshaven
1999978-0-8163-1695-3Morris VendenNothing to Fear: Devotions for the End Time
  ''978-0-8163-1699-1Clifford GoldsteinBy His Stripes
  ''978-0-8163-1719-6Chris BlakeSearching for a God to Love
  ''978-0-8163-1725-7Ivy Ruth VendenAlong the Sawdust Trail
2003978-0-8163-1726-4Marriage and Family
1999978-0-8163-1729-5Hebrews (Crossroads)
2003978-0-8163-1732-5John PaulienJohn
2006978-0-8163-1738-7Choices And Challenges
2000978-0-8163-1758-5Hans K. LarondelleLight for the Last Days: Jesus' Endtime Prophecies Made Plain in the Book of Revelation
  ''978-0-8163-1786-8Ty GibsonSee with New Eyes: The True Beauty of God's Character
2015978-0-8163-1795-0Richard W SchwarzLight Bearers: A History of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church
2000978-0-8163-1799-8Ellen WhiteSteps to Christ
2001978-0-8163-1821-6Clifford GoldsteinThe Great Compromise: How Catholics and Protestants Are Undoing the Reformation and Fulfilling Prophecy
  ''978-0-8163-1835-3Marvin MooreHow to Think About the End Times
  ''978-0-8163-1840-7Karl HaffnerThe Cure for Soul Fatigue: Spiritual Healing for the Worn Out, Stressed Out, and Burned Out
  ''978-0-8163-1846-9Steve WohlbergTruth Left Behind: Exposing End-Time Errors about the Rapture and the Antichrist
2001978-0-8163-1852-0Martha MyersShades of Grace
1990978-0-8163-1865-0Ellen G. WhiteThe Desire of Ages: God with Us by Ellen G. White (1990) Paperback
1992978-0-8163-1879-7Ellen Gould Harmon WhiteLast Day Events
2001978-0-8163-1883-4Marvin MooreConquering the Dragon Within: How to Overcome Temptation Through a Relationship With Jesus
2002978-0-8163-1901-5Ellen Gould Harmon WhiteLast Day Events: Facing Earth's Final Crisis
  ''978-0-8163-1902-2Karl HaffnerOut of the Hot Tub, Into the World: The Cure for Comfort-Zone Christianity
2001978-0-8163-1908-4Steve WohlbergThe Antichrist chronicles: What prophecy teachers aren't telling you!
2002978-0-8163-1909-1Ellen Gould Harmon White · Ellen G. WhitePrayer (Christian Home Library)
2005978-0-8163-1919-0White Ellen Gould Harmon 1827-1915The Acts of the Apostles in the Proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Conflict of the Ages)
2002978-0-8163-1920-6Ellen G. WhiteProphets and Kings (Conflicts of the Ages)
  ''978-0-8163-1921-3Ellen Gould Harmon WhitePATRIARCHS AND PROPHETS
  ''978-0-8163-1922-0Ellen WhiteThe Desire of Ages
  ''978-0-8163-1923-7Ellen Gould Harmon WhiteGreat Controversy
2002978-0-8163-1929-9Bryan W. Ball · William G. JohnssonThe Essential Jesus: The Man, the Message, the Mission
2003978-0-8163-1948-0Jan PaulsenLet Your Life So Shine: The Uncommon Rewards of Living Like Jesus
  ''978-0-8163-1954-1Morris L. Venden95 Theses on Righteousness by Faith: Apologies to Martin Luther
  ''978-0-8163-1964-0Jim Hohnberger · Tim Canuteson · Julie CanutesonIt's About People: How to Treat Others, Especially Those We Disagree With, the Way Jesus Treats Us
  ''978-0-8163-1967-1Herbert E. DouglassShould We Ever Say, I Am Saved?: What It Means to Be Assured of Salvation
  ''978-0-8163-1968-8Karen Holford100 Creative Prayer Ideas for Kids: And Grown Ups Too
2003978-0-8163-1978-7Jerry D ThomasMessiah: A Contemporary Adaptation of the Classic Work on Jesus' Life, the Desire of Ages
  ''978-0-8163-1979-4Ty GibsonAn Endless Falling in Love: What Eternal Life Means to You Now
  ''978-0-8163-1980-0David Wilkins · Cecil MurpheyUnited by Tragedy
  ''978-0-8163-1982-4J. H. ZacharyAmazing True Mission Stories: The Best from Around the World
  ''978-0-8163-2000-4Jon PaulienJohn: The Beloved Gospel
2004978-0-8163-2007-3Clifford GoldsteinGraffiti in the Holy of Holies: An Impassioned Response to Recent Attacks on the Sanctuary and Ellen White
2004978-0-8163-2008-0Morris L VendenWonderful Words of Life
  ''978-0-8163-2031-8Sally Hohnberger · Tim Canuteson · Julie CanutesonParenting by the Spirit: Yes, You Can Be the Parent God Designed You to Be--Raising Godly Children in a Godless World
  ''978-0-8163-2032-5Jim HohnbergerCome to the Quiet
2005978-0-8163-2042-4Doug BatchelorBROKEN CHAINS: Finding Peace for the Raging Soul
  ''978-0-8163-2044-8Florence Ione Howlett · Sandra L. ZauggLotus Blossom Returns: The Remarkable Life Of Florence Nagel-Longway-Howlett
2004978-0-8163-2045-5Joe L. WheelerOwney, The Post Office Dog And Other Great Dog Stories (THE GOOD LORD MADE THEM ALL)
  ''978-0-8163-2051-6Karen Holford100 Quick & Easy Worship Ideas for Kids
2004978-0-8163-2054-7Stanley M. Maxwell · Robert HuangPrisoner for Christ: How God Sustained Pastor Huang in a Shanghai Prison
2005978-0-8163-2057-8Leonard Brand · Don S. McmahonThe Prophet And Her Critics: A Striking New Analysis Refutes The Charges That Ellen G. White "borrowed" The Health Message
  ''978-0-8163-2070-7Sally HohnbergerParenting Your Child by the Spirit: Yes You Can Be God's Instrument to Recreate Your Child's Character
  ''978-0-8163-2077-6William H. SheaDaniel: A Reader's Guide
  ''978-0-8163-2079-0J. H. ZacharyMore Amazing True Mission Stories From Around The World
  ''978-0-8163-2080-6Morris L. VendenWhy Didn't They Tell Me?: Sharing Jesus Isn't Something We Do, It's Who We Are
2005978-0-8163-2085-1Alden L. ThompsonEscape from the Flames: How Ellen White Grew from Fear to Joy-- And Helped Me Do It Too
2015978-0-8163-2090-5Ellen G WhiteThe Great Controversy: Conflict of the Ages Seris
2005978-0-8163-2094-3Ellen G. WhiteThe Story of Prophets and Kings
  ''978-0-8163-2110-0E.G. WhitePatriarchs and Prophets (Happiness Digest Series, 6)
  ''978-0-8163-2115-5Tom MostertHidden Heresy?: Is Spiritualism Invading the Adventist Church?
2006978-0-8163-2117-9Herbert E. DouglassThey Were There: Stories of Those Who Witnessed Ellen White's Prophetic Gift - and Believed
2005978-0-8163-2121-6Joe L Wheeler PH.D.Smoky, the Ugliest Cat in the World: And Other Great Cat Stories (Good Lord Made Them All)
2015978-0-8163-2124-7Francess M DossDesmond Doss Conscientious Objector: The Story of an Unlikely Hero
2006978-0-8163-2139-1Karen Holford100 Creative Ideas for Sabbath
2005978-0-8163-2144-5Leonard Brand · David C. JarnesBeginnings: Are Science And Scripture Partners in the Search for Origins
2006978-0-8163-2145-2Steve WohlbergFrom Hollywood to Heaven
  ''978-0-8163-2150-6Karl HaffnerSoul Matters
  ''978-0-8163-2151-3Roy A. AndersonUnveiling Daniel And Revelation
2006978-0-8163-2154-4Joe L Wheeler PH.D.Wildfire, the Red Stallion and Other Great Horse Stories (Good Lord Made Them All)
  ''978-0-8163-2156-8Herbert E. DouglassTruth Matters; An analysis of the "Purpose Driven Life" movement
2007978-0-8163-2162-9Sally HohnbergerParenting Your Teen by the Spirit
2006978-0-8163-2183-4Ellen G. WhiteThe Desire of Ages
2007978-0-8163-2185-8Marvin MooreCould It Really Happen?
  ''978-0-8163-2191-9Jim HohnbergerMen of Power
  ''978-0-8163-2192-6Herbert Edgar DouglassDramatic Prophecies of Ellen White
2008978-0-8163-2229-9Mike JonesSometimes I Don't Feel Like Praying
2007978-0-8163-2231-2Herbert E DouglassLove Makes a Way: Walking with Jesus from Eden to Eternity: A Daily Devotional
2008978-0-8163-2260-2Carol CannonHooked On Unhappiness
  ''978-0-8163-2262-6Jon PaulienEverlasting Gospel, Ever-Changing World: Introducing Jesus to a Skeptical Generation
2008978-0-8163-2273-2Marvin MooreChallenges to the Remnant
  ''978-0-8163-2283-1Sally HohnbergerParenting Your Infant/Toddler by the Spirit: Yes, you can lay the foundation for a godly character
  ''978-0-8163-2286-2Joe L Wheeler PH.D.Christmas in My Heart
  ''978-0-8163-2288-6Steve Wohlberg · Chris LewisThe Character of God Controversy
  ''978-0-8163-2296-1Joe L Wheeler PH.D.Spot, the Dog That Broke the Rules and Other Great Heroic Animal Stories (Good Lord Made Them All)
2009978-0-8163-2340-1Alden L. ThompsonBeyond Common Ground: Why Liberals and Conservatives Need Each Other
2009978-0-8163-2350-0Charles ScrivenThe Promise of Peace: Dare to Experience the Advent Hope
  ''978-0-8163-2373-9Jon PaulienSeven Keys
2010978-0-8163-2385-2Marvin MooreCase for the Investigative Judgment, The
  ''978-0-8163-2397-5Ty GibsonA God Named Desire, hardcover
  ''978-0-8163-2408-8Jud LakeEllen White Under Fire: Identifying the Mistakes of Her Critics
2011978-0-8163-2432-3George KnightWilliam Miller and the Rise of Adventism
2010978-0-8163-2450-7Mark FinleyRevive Us Again
2011978-0-8163-2487-3   ''10 Days in the Upper Room
  ''978-0-8163-2488-0Herbert Edgar DouglassRed Alert: Hurtling into Eternity: Interpreting Today's Headlines in Light of Bible Prophecy
2017978-0-8163-5906-6George R. KnightRomans: Salvation for "All"
2003978-0-8163-9397-8Ardis Dick StenbakkenAsolas Con Dios

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