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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1955978-0-8159-5004-2Joseph McCarthyAmericas Retreat from Victory
1975978-0-8159-5020-2John Grant FullerArigo: Surgeon of the Rusty Knife
1979978-0-8159-5220-6Martin Alfred LarsonThe continuing tax rebellion: Or, What millions of Americans are doing to restore constitutional government in the United States
1985978-0-8159-5226-8John L. Sessions ยท Morton WalkerCoping With Cancer: How to Prevent and Treat Cancer With Vitamins, Minerals, and Diet (A Dr. Morton Walker better health booklet)
1965978-0-8159-5302-9Andrieu D'AlbasDeath of a Navy: Japanese Naval Action in World War II
1977978-0-8159-5503-0R. A. TheobaldFinal Secret of Pearl Harbor
1964978-0-8159-5614-3Fulgenico BatistaGrowth and Decline of the Cuban Republic
1981978-0-8159-5723-2Roy M. CohnHow to Stand up for Your Rights and Win!
1958978-0-8159-5800-0John H. NobleI Was a Slave in Russia: An American Tells His Story
1959978-0-8159-5809-3F. ChodorovThe Income Tax: Root of All Evil
1980978-0-8159-5824-6Martin Alfred LarsonThe I.R.S. Versus the Middle Class
1971978-0-8159-5831-4Loren EiseleyThe Invisible Pyramid
1985978-0-8159-6121-5John N. OttLight, Radiation, and You How to Stay Healthy
1984978-0-8159-6226-7Jr. Edwin VieiraPieces of Eight: The Monetary Powers and Disabilities of the United States Constitution; A Study in Constitutional Law
1976978-0-8159-6309-7Philip S. CallahanTuning in to Nature: Solar Energy, Infrared Radiation,&the Insect Communication System
1973978-0-8159-6407-0Julius EpsteinOperation Keelhaul; The Story of Forced Repatriation from 1944 to the Present.
1960978-0-8159-6705-7N. WeylRed Star over Cuba
1974978-0-8159-6907-5Henry Alfred SchroederThe Trace Elements and Man: Some Positive and Negative Aspects
1980978-0-8159-6915-0Richard C. ClarkTechnological Terrorism
1984978-0-8159-6917-4Hamilton FishTragic Deception: FDR and America's Involvement in World War II
1974978-0-8159-7000-2Frank B SalisburyThe Utah UFO display: A biologist's report
1976978-0-8159-7216-7WedemeyerWedemeyer Reports!