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2001978-0-8135-2908-0Stephen G. Brush · Gerald HoltonPhysics, the Human Adventure: From Copernicus to Einstein and Beyond
  ''978-0-8135-2909-7Nathan StoltzfusResistance of the Heart: Intermarriage and the Rosenstrasse Protest in Nazi Germany
  ''978-0-8135-2911-0Shearer WestThe Visual Arts in Germany, 1890-1937: Utopia and Despair
  ''978-0-8135-2914-1Arun Agrawal · Clark C. GibsonCommunities and The Environment: Ethnicity, Gender, and the State in Community-Based Conservation
  ''978-0-8135-2916-5Rebecca T. Alpert · Sue Levi Elwell · Shirley IdelsonLesbian Rabbis: The First Generation
2001978-0-8135-2917-2Jerold S. AuerbachAre We One?: Jewish Identity in the United States and Israel
  ''978-0-8135-2919-6John BartkowskiRemaking the Godly Marriage: Gender Negotiation in Evangelical Families
  ''978-0-8135-2926-4Irma McClaurinBlack Feminist Anthropology: Theory, Politics, Praxis, and Poetics
  ''978-0-8135-2930-1Venetria K. Patton · Maureen HoneyDouble-Take: A Revisionist Harlem Renaissance Anthology
  ''978-0-8135-2932-5Anna L. Peterson · Manuel A. Vásquez · Philip J. WilliamsChristianity, Social Change, and Globalization in the Americas
2001978-0-8135-2934-9Lawrence RothfieldUnsettling 'Sensation': Arts Policy Lessons from the Brooklyn Museum of Art Controversy (The Public Life of the Arts Series)
  ''978-0-8135-2935-6Lawrence RothfieldUnsettling 'Sensation': Arts-Policy Lessons from the Brooklyn Museum of Art Controversy (The Public Life of the Arts Series)
  ''978-0-8135-2942-4Gay WachmanLesbian Empire: Radical Crosswriting in the Twenties
  ''978-0-8135-2947-9Joseph J. Preil · Elie WieselHolocaust Testimonies: European Survivors and American Liberators in New Jersey
  ''978-0-8135-2952-3Saundra Westervelt · John HumphrysWrongly Convicted: Perspectives on Failed Justice (Critical Issues in Crime and Society)
2001978-0-8135-2953-0Hisaye YamamotoSeventeen Syllables and Other Stories. Revised and Updated with four new stories.
  ''978-0-8135-2958-5Jeffery M. DorwartCamden County, New Jersey: The Making of a Metropolitan Community, 1626-2000
2002978-0-8135-2959-2Norman KleeblattMirroring Evil: Nazi Imagery/Recent Art
  ''978-0-8135-2960-8Norman L. KleeblattMirroring Evil: Nazi Imagery / Recent Art
2001978-0-8135-2964-6James T. SearsRebels, Rubyfruit, and Rhinestones: Queering Space in the Stonewall South
  ''978-0-8135-2966-0Rajini SrikanthBold Words: A Century of Asian American Writing
  ''978-0-8135-2969-1Xueping Zhong · Wang Zheng · Di Bai · Naihua Zhang · Xiaomei Chen · Jiang Jin · Lihua Wang · Yanmei WeiSome of Us: Chinese Women Growing Up in the Mao Era
2001978-0-8135-2971-4Al LaValleyEisenstein at 100: A Reconsideration
  ''978-0-8135-2977-6Nina LubbrenRural Artists' Colonies in Europe, 1870-1910 (Issues in Art History Series)
2002978-0-8135-2981-3Jane RendellThe Pursuit of Pleasure: Gender, Space and Architecture in Regency London
2001978-0-8135-2983-7Marjorie AgosínWomen, Gender, and Human Rights: A Global Perspective
  ''978-0-8135-2986-8Raphael Cohen-AlmagorThe Right to Die with Dignity: An Argument in Ethics, Medicine, and Law
  ''978-0-8135-2987-5Peter C. EnglishOld Paint: A Medical History of Childhood Lead-Paint Poisoning in the United States to 1980
2002978-0-8135-2989-9James FriedmanReality Squared: Televisual Discourse on the Real
2001978-0-8135-2990-5Frank L. GreenagelThe New Jersey Churchscape: Encountering Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Churches
2002978-0-8135-2992-9John F. HoffeckerDesolate Landscapes: Ice-Age Settlement in Eastern Europe (Rutgers Series on Human Evolution)
  ''978-0-8135-2994-3Luis Martínez-FernándezProtestantism and Political Conflict in the Ninteenth-Century Hispanic Caribbean
2001978-0-8135-3000-0Robin E. SheriffDreaming Equality: Color, Race, and Racism in Urban Brazil
2002978-0-8135-3001-7Lisa Z. SigelGoverning Pleasures: Pornography and Social Change in England, 1815-1914
2002978-0-8135-3002-4Lisa Z. SigelGoverning Pleasures: Pornography and Social Change in England, 1815-1914
  ''978-0-8135-3003-1E. Fuller Torrey · Judy MillerThe Invisible Plague: The Rise of mental Illness from 1750 to the Present
2001978-0-8135-3005-5Todd Vogel · Jane Marcus · Robert S. Levine · Anna Everett · Shelley Fisher Fishkin · Roger Streitmatter · Wendy Wagner · Michael ThurstonThe Black Press: New Literary and Historical Essays
  ''978-0-8135-3009-3Professor Gabriel P. Weisberg · Raymond Anthony Jonas · Professor Karal Ann Marling · Professor Michael Wilson · Professor Elena Cueto Asin · Professor Howard Lay · Professor Elisabeth Menon · Professor Jill MillerMontmartre and the Making of Mass Culture
2002978-0-8135-3011-6Xiaojian ZhaoRemaking Chinese America: Immigration, Family, and Community, 1940--1965
2001978-0-8135-3012-3Patricia ArdThe Jews of New Jersey: A Pictorial History
2002978-0-8135-3015-4Jon L. BerquistControlling Corporeality: The Body and the Household in Ancient Israel
  ''978-0-8135-3016-1Jon L. BerquistControlling Corporeality: The Body and the Household in Ancient Israel
  ''978-0-8135-3018-5Norma BroudeGustave Caillebotte and the Fashioning of Identity in Impressionist Paris
2002978-0-8135-3022-2Lisa Gail CollinsThe Art of History: African American Women Artists Engage the Past
  ''978-0-8135-3023-9Jr. Horacio FabregaOrigins of Psychopathology: The Phylogenetic and Cultural Basis of Mental Illness
  ''978-0-8135-3024-6Eugene Franklin Wong · Helen Lee · Laura Hyun-Yi Kang · Peter X Feng · Rolando Tolentino · Sabine Haenni · Stephen GongScreening Asian Americans
  ''978-0-8135-3025-3Eugene Franklin Wong · Helen Lee · Laura Hyun-Yi Kang · Peter X Feng · Rolando Tolentino · Sabine Haenni · Stephen GongScreening Asian Americans
  ''978-0-8135-3026-0David HaigGenomic Imprinting and Kinship (The Rutgers Series in Human Evolution, edited by Robert Trivers, Lee Cronk, Helen Fisher, and Lionel Tiger)
2002978-0-8135-3027-7David HaigGenomic Imprinting and Kinship (The Rutgers Series in Human Evolution, edited by Robert Trivers, Lee Cronk, Helen Fisher, and Lionel Tiger)
  ''978-0-8135-3030-7John ManningDigit Ratio: A Pointer to Fertility, Behavior, and Health (A volume in the Rutgers Series in Human Evolution, edited by Robert Trivers.)
  ''978-0-8135-3033-8Carmen L. Oliveira · Neil K. BesnerRare and Commonplace Flowers: The Story of Elizabeth Bishop and Lota de Macedo Soares
  ''978-0-8135-3035-2Susana RotkerCitizens of Fear: Urban Violence in Latin America
2001978-0-8135-3036-9Michael RuseThe Evolution Wars: A Guide to the Debates
2002978-0-8135-3038-3Jim ShultzThe Democracy Owners' Manual: A Practical Guide to Changing the World
  ''978-0-8135-3040-6Alan WilliamsFilm and Nationalism (A volume in the Depth of Field Series, edited by Charles Affron, Mirella Jona Affron, and Robert Lyons)
2002978-0-8135-3041-3Ernest ZebrowskiThe Last Days of St. Pierre: The Volcanic Disaster That Claimed 30,000 Lives
2001978-0-8135-3042-0Alla RosenfeldArt of the Baltics: The Struggle for Freedom of Artistic Expression under the Soviets, 1945-1991 (Dodge Soviet Nonconformist Art Publication Series)
  ''978-0-8135-3043-7Peter WolfHot Towns: The Future of the Fastest Growing Communities in America
2002978-0-8135-3047-5Carolyn SteedmanDust: The Archive and Cultural History (Encounters: Cultural Histories)
  ''978-0-8135-3049-9Dora ApelMemory Effects: The Holocaust and the Art of Secondary Witnessing
  ''978-0-8135-3053-6Kingsley R. BrowneBiology at Work: Rethinking Sexual Equality (Rutgers Series on Human Evolution)
  ''978-0-8135-3055-0Charles V. CarnegiePostnationalism Prefigured: Caribbean Borderlands
2002978-0-8135-3057-4Steve GolinThe Newark Teacher Strikes: Hopes on the Line
  ''978-0-8135-3059-8Elaine L. GrahamRepresentations of the Post/Human: Monsters, Aliens and Others in Popular Culture
  ''978-0-8135-3063-5Jean Lee Cole · Maureen HoneyMadame Butterfly and a Japanese Nightingale: Two Orientalist Texts
  ''978-0-8135-3065-9Ronna C Johnson · Nancy M GraceGirls Who Wore Black: Women Writing the Beat Generation
  ''978-0-8135-3066-6Ernie Lepore · Sarah-Jane LeslieWhat Every College Student Should Know: How to Find the Best Teachers and Learn the Most from Them
2002978-0-8135-3067-3David McBrideMissions for Science: U.S. Technology and Medicine in America's African World
  ''978-0-8135-3071-0Sandra MorgenInto Our Own Hands: The Women's Health Movement in the United States, 1969-1990
  ''978-0-8135-3075-8Mimi SchippersRockin' out of the Box:Gender Maneuvering in Alternative Hard Rock
  ''978-0-8135-3079-6Catharine E. Beecher · Harriet Beecher StoweThe American Woman's Home by Catharine E. Beecher and Harriet Beecher Stowe
  ''978-0-8135-3082-6Deniz Kandiyoti · Ayse SaktanberFragments of Culture: The Everyday of Modern Turkey
2002978-0-8135-3091-8Katherine T McCaffreyMilitary Power and Popular Protest: The U.S. Navy in Vieques, Puerto Rico
  ''978-0-8135-3095-6Paul H. RubinDarwinian Politics: The Evolutionary Origin of Freedom (Rutgers Series on Human Evolution)
  ''978-0-8135-3101-4Mab SegrestBorn to Belonging: Writings on Spirit and Justice
  ''978-0-8135-3102-1Mala SenDeath by Fire: Sati, Dowry Death, and Female Infanticide in Modern India
  ''978-0-8135-3103-8E. O. SmithWhen Culture and Biology Collide: Why We are Stressed, Depressed, and Self-Obsessed
2002978-0-8135-3105-2Beretta E. Smith-ShomadeShaded Lives: African American Women and Television
  ''978-0-8135-3113-7Richard F. VeitDigging New Jersey's Past: Historical Archaeology in the Garden State
  ''978-0-8135-3115-1Kathryn Whetten-Goldstein · Trang Quyen Nguyen"You're the First One I've Told": New Faces of HIV in the South
  ''978-0-8135-3117-5Andrei LankovFrom Stalin to Kim Il Sung: The Formation of North Korea, 1945-1960
  ''978-0-8135-3119-9Ashis NandyTime Warps: Silent and Evasive Pasts in Indian Politics and Religion
2002978-0-8135-3121-2William Lane Craig · Michael Murray · J. P. MorelandPhilosophy of Religion: A Reader and Guide
  ''978-0-8135-3123-6John HighamStrangers in the Land: Patterns of American Nativism, 1860-1925
2003978-0-8135-3126-7Alice RadoshWomen Confronting Retirement: A Nontraditional Guide
2002978-0-8135-3133-5Mark Di IonnoBackroads, New Jersey: Driving at the Speed of Life
  ''978-0-8135-3137-3Raymond F. GregoryWomen and Workplace Discrimination: Overcoming Barriers to Gender Equality
  ''978-0-8135-3138-0Michael ImmersoConey Island: The People's Playground
  ''978-0-8135-3140-3Ollie Johnson · Karin StanfordBlack Political Organizations in the Post-Civil Rights Era
2002978-0-8135-3146-5R. Alan MounierLooking Beneath the Surface: The Story of Archaeology in New Jersey
2003978-0-8135-3148-9Francis M. NaumannConversion to Modernism: The Early Work of Man Ray
2002978-0-8135-3151-9Sean ShesgreenImages of the Outcast: The Urban Poor in the Cries of London
  ''978-0-8135-3153-3Bart SimonUndead Science: Science Studies and the Afterlife of Cold Fusion
  ''978-0-8135-3154-0   ''Undead Science: Science Studies and the Afterlife of Cold Fusion
  ''978-0-8135-3155-7Gabriel P. WeisbergAgainst the Modern: Dagnan-Bouveret and the Transformation of the Academic Tradition
  ''978-0-8135-3156-4Gabriel P. WeisbergAgainst the Modern: Dagnan-Bouveret and the Transformation of the Academic Tradition
2003978-0-8135-3158-8Joshua D. Zimmerman · Zvi Gitelman · Nechama Tec · Israel Gutman · John Pawlikowski · Daniel Blatman · Ben-Cion Pinchuk · Emanuel MelzerContested Memories: Poles and Jews during the Holocaust and Its Aftermath
2002978-0-8135-3160-1Paul WellsAnimation and America
2003978-0-8135-3162-5Steven Gould Axelrod · Camille Roman · Thomas TravisanoThe New Anthology of American Poetry: Volume I: Traditions and Revolutions, Beginnings to 1900
2005978-0-8135-3164-9Steven Gould Axelrod · Camille Roman · Thomas TravisanoThe New Anthology of American Poetry, Vol. 2: Modernisms, 1900-1950
2003978-0-8135-3169-4Susan BernardinTrading Gazes: Euro-American Women Photographers and Native North Americans, 1880-1940
2003978-0-8135-3170-0Susan Bernardin · Melody Graulich · Lisa MacFarlane · Nicole TonkovichTrading Gazes: Euro-American Women Photographers and Native North Americans, 1880-1940
2002978-0-8135-3173-1Angela Dalle VaccheThe Visual Turn (Rutgers Depth of Field Series)
  ''978-0-8135-3175-5Rachel DwyerCinema India: The Visual Culture of Hindi Film
  ''978-0-8135-3177-9Amanda FernbachFantasies of Fetishism: From Decadence to the Post-Human
2003978-0-8135-3179-3Sally K. GallagherEvangelical Identity and Gendered Family Life
2002978-0-8135-3180-9Lois HortonHard Road to Freedom: The Story of African America: Volume I: African Roots Through the Civil War
  ''978-0-8135-3181-6   ''Hard Road to Freedom: The Story of African America: Volume 2: From the Civil War to the Millennium
2003978-0-8135-3182-3Rachel KingDon't Kill in Our Names: Families of Murder Victims Speak Out against the Death Penalty
2006978-0-8135-3183-0Sibyl MosesAfrican American Women Writers in New Jersey, 1836-2000: A Biographical Dictionary and Bibliographic Guide
2002978-0-8135-3185-4Margaret RandallWhen I Look into the Mirror and See You: Women, Terror, and Resistance
2003978-0-8135-3187-8Ellen StrainPublic Places, Private Journeys: Ethnography, Entertainment, and the Tourist Gaze
  ''978-0-8135-3189-2Carl E Van Horn · Herbert A SchaffnerA Nation at Work: The Heldrich Guide to the American Workforce (Series on Employment Policy)
2003978-0-8135-3191-5Jyotika VirdiThe Cinematic ImagiNation: Indian Popular Films as Social History
2002978-0-8135-3193-9Virginia Wright WexmanFilm and Authorship (Rutgers Depth of Field Series)
  ''978-0-8135-3194-6James GearyThe Body Electric: An Anatomy of the New Bionic Senses
  ''978-0-8135-3196-0Sylvia ChantGender in Latin America
2003978-0-8135-3198-4John L. Esposito · François BurgatModernizing Islam: Religion in the Public Sphere in the Middle East and Europe
2002978-0-8135-3200-4Susan LedererFrankenstein: Penetrating the Secrets of Nature
  ''978-0-8135-3205-9Michael FlynnCeramic Figures: A Directory of Artists
2003978-0-8135-3207-3N. J. Demerath IIICrossing the Gods: World Religions and Worldly Politics
  ''978-0-8135-3209-7Bruce E. Beans · Lawrence NilesEndangered and Threatened Wildlife of New Jersey
2003978-0-8135-3211-0Vincent BrookSomething Ain't Kosher Here: The Rise of the 'Jewish' Sitcom
  ''978-0-8135-3212-7Frank T. DaleBridges Over the Delaware River: A History of Crossings
  ''978-0-8135-3213-4   ''Bridges Over the Delaware River: A History of Crossings
  ''978-0-8135-3214-1Gretchen GerzinaBlack Victorians/Black Victoriana
  ''978-0-8135-3215-8Gretchen Holbrook GerzinaBlack Victorians, Black Victoriana
2003978-0-8135-3217-2Tace HedrickMestizo Modernism: Race, Nation and Identity in Latin American Culture, 1900-1940
  ''978-0-8135-3218-9Dana Evan KaplanAmerican Reform Judaism: An Introduction
  ''978-0-8135-3219-6Dana Evan KaplanAmerican Reform Judaism: An Introduction
  ''978-0-8135-3221-9Jack KugelmassKey Texts in American Jewish Culture
  ''978-0-8135-3225-7Amanda E LewisRace in the Schoolyard: Negotiating the Color Line in Classrooms and Communities (Rutgers Series in Childhood Studies)
2003978-0-8135-3229-5Sharon E. PrevesIntersex and Identity: The Contested Self
  ''978-0-8135-3235-6Ana Lopez · Brian Larkin · Ella Shohat · Julianne Burton-Carvajal · Peter Bloom · Robert Stam · Robyn WiegmanMulticulturalism, Postcoloniality, and Transnational Media (Rutgers Depth of Field Series)
  ''978-0-8135-3236-3Patricia C. Wright · Elwyn L. Simons · Sharon Gursky-DoyenTarsiers: Past, Present, and Future (Rutgers Series in Human Evolution)
  ''978-0-8135-3264-6Paul GreenhalghThe Persistence of Craft: The Applied Arts Today
  ''978-0-8135-3266-0Maggie HummModernist Women and Visual Cultures: Virginia Woolf, Vanessa Bell, Photography, and Cinema
2002978-0-8135-3267-7Maxine N. LurieNew Jersey Anthology (Dist. for NJ Historical Society)
2003978-0-8135-3268-4Henry PlotkinThe Imagined World Made Real: Toward a Natural Science of Culture
2003978-0-8135-3270-7Cindy Dell ClarkIn Sickness and in Play: Children Coping with Chronic Illness (Rutgers Series in Childhood Studies)
  ''978-0-8135-3272-1Leah DilworthActs of Possession: Collecting in America
  ''978-0-8135-3276-9Linda Krause · Patrice PetroGlobal Cities: Cinema, Architecture, and Urbanism in a Digital Age (New Directions in International Studies)
  ''978-0-8135-3281-3Stephen PrinceClassical Film Violence: Designing and Regulating Brutality in Hollywood Cinema, 1930-1968
  ''978-0-8135-3283-7Mary TuominenWe Are Not Babysitters: Family Childcare Providers Redefine Work and Care
2003978-0-8135-3285-1Manuel A. Vasquez · Marie F. MarquardtGlobalizing the Sacred: Religion Across the Americas
  ''978-0-8135-3287-5Bernadette West · Michael R. GreenbergThe Reporter's Environmental Handbook: Third Edition
  ''978-0-8135-3288-2Keith WrightsonEnglish Society: 1580-1680
  ''978-0-8135-3292-9Whitney Chadwick · Tirza True LatimerThe Modern Woman Revisited: Paris Between the Wars
  ''978-0-8135-3293-6Paul MathieuSex Pots: Eroticism in Ceramics
2003978-0-8135-3295-0Jean Matricon · Georges Waysand · Charles GlashausserThe Cold Wars: A History of Superconductivity
  ''978-0-8135-3296-7Jay NeugeborenImagining Robert: My Brother, Madness, and Survival, A Memoir
  ''978-0-8135-3299-8Josephine RossJane Austen: A Companion
  ''978-0-8135-3301-8Amritjit Singh · Daniel M. Scott IIIThe Collected Writings of Wallace Thurman: A Harlem Renaissance Reader
  ''978-0-8135-3302-5Joseph L. Graves Jr.The Emperor's New Clothes: Biological Theories of Race at the Millennium (Biological Theories of Race at the Millenium)
2003978-0-8135-3303-2Geoffrey HendricksCritical Mass: Happenings, Fluxus, Performance, Intermedia, and Rutgers University, 1958-1972
  ''978-0-8135-3308-7Kevin PassmoreWomen, Gender and Fascism in Europe, 1919-45
  ''978-0-8135-3310-0John M. BurkeyOvercoming Hearing Aid Fears: The Road to Better Hearing
  ''978-0-8135-3312-4Carlo De VitoEast Coast Wineries: A Complete Guide from Maine to Virginia
  ''978-0-8135-3315-5Peter GenoveseThe Jersey Shore Uncovered: A Revealing Season on the Beach
2003978-0-8135-3318-6S. Mitra KalitaSuburban Sahibs: Three Immigrant Families and Their Passage from India to America
  ''978-0-8135-3319-3Anne Taylor KirschmannA Vital Force: Women in American Homeopathy
2004978-0-8135-3320-9   ''A Vital Force: Women in American Homeopathy
2003978-0-8135-3322-3Donna M. LanclosAt Play in Belfast: Children's Folklore and Identities in Northern Ireland (Rutgers Series in Childhood Studies)
2004978-0-8135-3325-4Maxine N. Lurie · Marc Mappen · Michael SiegelEncyclopedia of New Jersey
2003978-0-8135-3330-8Anne RiceWitnessing Lynching: American Writers Respond
  ''978-0-8135-3331-5Caroline Seebohm · Peter C. CookGreat Houses and Gardens of New Jersey
  ''978-0-8135-3333-9Elizabeth WilsonAdorned in Dreams: Fashion and Modernity
2004978-0-8135-3336-0John P. BartkowskiThe Promise Keepers: Servants, Soldiers, and Godly Men
  ''978-0-8135-3338-4Daniel E. BenderSweated Work, Weak Bodies: Anti-Sweatshop Campaigns and Languages of Labor
2003978-0-8135-3339-1Vincent J. CirilloBullets and Bacilli: The Spanish-American War and Military Medicine
2003978-0-8135-3343-8Kevin J. Delaney · Rick EcksteinPublic Dollars, Private Stadiums: The Battle over Building Sports Stadiums
2004978-0-8135-3350-6Donald S. HeintzelmanHawks and Owls of Eastern North America
  ''978-0-8135-3351-3Barbara HudginsNew Jersey Day Trips: A Guide to Outings in New Jersey and Nearby Areas of New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, 10th edition
2003978-0-8135-3353-7Neil Levi · Michael RothbergThe Holocaust: Theoretical Readings
  ''978-0-8135-3358-2Meera NandaProphets Facing Backward: Postmodern Critiques of Science and Hindu Nationalism in India
  ''978-0-8135-3359-9Carmen OliveiraRare and Commonplace Flowers: The Story of Elizabeth Bishop and Lota de Macedo Soares
  ''978-0-8135-3361-2Kavita PhilipCivilizing Natures: Race, Resources, and Modernity in Colonial South India
2004978-0-8135-3363-6Stephen PrinceThe Horror Film (Rutgers Depth of Field Series)
2003978-0-8135-3365-0Peter B. Pufall · Richard P. Unsworth · A. Wade Boykin · Brenda Allen · Rhonda Singer · Alice Hearst · Raymond Ducharme · James SpilsburyRethinking Childhood (Rutgers Series in Childhood Studies)
2003978-0-8135-3369-8Laurence RothInspecting Jews: American Jewish Detective Stories
2004978-0-8135-3371-1Sharmila RudrappaEthnic Routes to Becoming American: Indian Immigrants and the Cultures of Citizenship
  ''978-0-8135-3373-5Bonnie G. Smith · Beth Hutchison · Catherine Kudlick · Lisa Schur · Melissa McNeil · Thilo Kroll · Russell Shuttleworth · Sumi ColliganGendering Disability
  ''978-0-8135-3376-6Raz YosefBeyond Flesh: Queer Masculinities and Nationalism in Israeli Cinema
2003978-0-8135-3377-3Robert J. YoungMarketing Marianne: French Propaganda in America, 1900-1940
2004978-0-8135-3382-7Gretchen Holbrook GerzinaFrances Hodgson Burnett: The Unexpected Life of the Author of The Secret Garden
  ''978-0-8135-3384-1Krin GabbardBlack Magic: White Hollywood and African American Culture (Jazz & American Culture S)
  ''978-0-8135-3385-8Lloyd GardnerThe Case That Never Dies: The Lindbergh Kidnapping
2004978-0-8135-3386-5Sidney HarrisEinstein Simplified: Cartoons on Science
  ''978-0-8135-3387-2Janice Vickerstaff JonejaDigestion, Diet, and Disease: Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Gastrointestinal Function
  ''978-0-8135-3388-9Adrienne McLeanBeing Rita Hayworth: Labor, Identity, and Hollywood Stardom
  ''978-0-8135-3389-6Adrienne L. McLeanBeing Rita Hayworth: Labor, Identity, and Hollywood Stardom
  ''978-0-8135-3393-3Michele C Moore · Caroline M. de CostaDo You Really Need Surgery?: A Sensible Guide to Hysterectomy and Other Procedures for Women
2004978-0-8135-3396-4Kerry SheridanBagpipe Brothers: The FDNY Band's True Story of Tragedy, Mourning, and Recovery
  ''978-0-8135-3398-8Stephen BockingNature's Experts: Science, Politics, and the Environment
  ''978-0-8135-3406-0Cheryl Clarke"After Mecca": Women Poets and the Black Arts Movement
  ''978-0-8135-3409-1Samuel DashThe Intruders: Unreasonable Searches and Seizures from King John to John Ashcroft
  ''978-0-8135-3414-5Rabah HalabiIsraeli and Palestinian Identities in Dialogue: The School for Peace Approach
2004978-0-8135-3419-0Tasha OrenDemon in the Box: Jews, Arabs, Politics, and Culture in the Making of Israeli Television
  ''978-0-8135-3425-1Noliwe M. RooksLadies' Pages: African American Women's Magazines and the Culture That Made Them
  ''978-0-8135-3427-5Rachel Stein · Marcy Knopf Newman · Anne Lucas · Winona LaDuke · Beth Berila · Giovanna Di Chiro · Greta Gaard · Katie HoganNew Perspectives on Environmental Justice: Gender, Sexuality, and Activism