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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1967978-0-8128-1014-1Elia KazanThe Arrangement
1969978-0-8128-1226-8William H. RodgersThink; A Biography of the Watsons and IBM
  ''978-0-8128-1258-9Helen TuckerThe Sound of Summer Voices
1984978-0-8128-1259-6Bertram WolfeFabulous Life Diego Rivera
1990978-0-8128-1260-2Régine PernoudJoan of Arc: By Herself and Her Witnesses
1970978-0-8128-1284-8Martin EbonLin Piao;: The life and writings of China's new ruler
  ''978-0-8128-1321-0Derrick Stewart-BaxterMa Rainey and the Classic Blues Singers
  ''978-0-8128-1323-4Gerald WalkerCruising
1969978-0-8128-1348-7Daniel JamesChe Guevara: A Biography
1968978-0-8128-1349-4Andre de CayeuxThree Billion Years of Life
1970978-0-8128-1350-0Michel GauquelinThe Scientific Basis of Astrology: Myth or Reality
1969978-0-8128-1351-7John GlubbA Short History of the Arab Peoples
1971978-0-8128-1360-9Gordon Thomas · Max Morgan WittsThe San Francisco Earthquake
  ''978-0-8128-1371-5David TallisMusic boxes;: A guide for collectors
1972978-0-8128-1410-1Pietro AretinoAretino's Dialogues
1971978-0-8128-1412-5Terence McLaughlinDirt: A Social History as Seen Through the Uses and Abuses of Dirt
1973978-0-8128-1437-8Reay TannahillFood in history
1972978-0-8128-1438-5Gordon ThomasShipwreck: The Strange Fate of the Morro Castle
1971978-0-8128-1441-5F. Lee Bailey · Harvey AronsonThe Defense Never Rests
1971978-0-8128-1444-6George FaludyErasmus (Stein and Day ; SD 38)
1972978-0-8128-1446-0Ken WelshHitch-hiker's guide to Europe
  ''978-0-8128-1450-7Jean BenedettiGilles de Rais: A Biography of Bluebeard
  ''978-0-8128-1458-3Elaine MorganThe Descent of Woman
  ''978-0-8128-1467-5Nicolette Milnes WalkerWhen I Put Out to Sea
  ''978-0-8128-1472-9Muriel SegalPainted ladies; models of the great artists
1972978-0-8128-1505-4Leslie AlcockWas this Camelot?: Excavations at Cadbury Castle, 1966-1970 (New aspects of archaeology)
1973978-0-8128-1534-4Susan HowatchThe Devil on Lammas Night
  ''978-0-8128-1543-6Michel GauquelinCosmic influences on human behavior
1974978-0-8128-1618-1Brad DarrachBobby Fischer Vs the Rest of the World
1973978-0-8128-1624-2Russell HobanThe Lion of Boaz-Jachin and Jachin-Boaz
1975978-0-8128-1657-0Diana E. H RussellThe Politics of Rape: The Victim's Perspective
1974978-0-8128-1711-9Molly LefebureSamuel Taylor Coleridge: A Bondage of Opium
  ''978-0-8128-1712-6John Thomas SladekThe new Apocrypha: A guide to strange science and occult beliefs
  ''978-0-8128-1729-4Francis SelwynCracksman on velvet
1975978-0-8128-1733-1David FarrerThe Warburgs: The story of a family
1974978-0-8128-1736-2James GrahamThe Run to Morning
1975978-0-8128-1739-3Claude Nolte · Dorothy NolteWake Up in Bed, Together!: A Handbook for Sexual Repatterning
  ''978-0-8128-1778-2Harry LorayneRemembering people: The key to success
1975978-0-8128-1790-4Peter DallyThe fantasy game: How male and female sexual fantasies affect our lives
  ''978-0-8128-1800-0Gene RadanoStories Cops Only Tell Each Other
1976978-0-8128-1817-8Ruth Roosevelt · Jeannette LofasLiving in Step
1975978-0-8128-1819-2Philip CallowSon and Lover: The Young Lawrence
1976978-0-8128-1837-6Claude BrownThe Children of Ham
1975978-0-8128-1839-0Gordon ThomasGuernica, the Crucible of World War II
  ''978-0-8128-1885-7James HoffaHoffa: The Real Story
1977978-0-8128-1900-7Benjamin WalkerMan and the beasts within: The encyclopedia of the occult, the esoteric, and the supernatural
1976978-0-8128-1908-3Nguyen Cao KyTwenty years and twenty days
  ''978-0-8128-1917-5Francis SelwynSergeant Verity and the Imperial Diamond
1977978-0-8128-1920-5Kate CaffreyThe Twilight's Last Gleaming: Britain Vs. America 1812-1815
  ''978-0-8128-1932-8Harry Patterson · Jack HigginsThe Valhalla Exchange
1976978-0-8128-1936-6Brian J. FordMicrobe Power: Tomorrow's Revolution
1976978-0-8128-1939-7Zecharia SitchinThe 12th planet
  ''978-0-8128-2098-0Alexander WalkerRudolph Valentino
  ''978-0-8128-2101-7Gaia ServadioMafioso: A History of the Mafia from Its Origins to the Present Day
1977978-0-8128-2150-5Gordon Thomas · Max Morgan WittsEnola Gay
  ''978-0-8128-2170-3Isaiah TrunkJudenrat
  ''978-0-8128-2174-1Andrew MolloPictorial History of the S.S.
1977978-0-8128-2180-2Horace Orlando PattersonEthnic Chauvinism
  ''978-0-8128-2181-9Jerry LucasTheomatics: God's Best Kept Secret Revealed
  ''978-0-8128-2184-0Andrew W. MarlowClassic Furniture Projects
  ''978-0-8128-2245-8Martin SchramRunning for President, 1976: The Carter campaign
  ''978-0-8128-2278-6John W. MacVeyInterstellar Travel: Past, Present, and Future
1978978-0-8128-2315-8Alexander RamatiThe Assisi Underground: The Priests Who Rescued Jews
1979978-0-8128-2328-8Dorothy TennovLove and Limerence: The Experience of Being in Love
1982978-0-8128-2337-0Thomas liC. ReevesThe Life and Times of Joe McCarthy: A Biography
1978978-0-8128-2433-9Calvin RutstrumChips from a Wilderness Log
1978978-0-8128-2434-6Malachi MartinThe Final Conclave
  ''978-0-8128-2437-7Robert PackJerry Brown, the philosopher-prince
  ''978-0-8128-2442-1Mark OlshakerThe Instant Image: Edwin Land and the Polaroid experience
  ''978-0-8128-2464-3Grace HalsellThe Illegals
  ''978-0-8128-2465-0Arianna HuffingtonAfter Reason
1976978-0-8128-2470-4Christy BrownWild Grow the Lilies
1978978-0-8128-2476-6Patrick O'BrianThe Mauritius Command
1979978-0-8128-2511-4Bruce Felton · Mark FowlerFelton & Fowler's Famous Americans you never knew existed
1979978-0-8128-2516-9Robert HendricksonThe Grand Emporiums: The Illustrated History of America's Great Department Stores
  ''978-0-8128-2523-7Raul Hilberg · Stanislaw Staron · Josef KermiszThe Warsaw Diary of Adam Czerniakow: Prelude To Doom
  ''978-0-8128-2590-9Patrick O'BrianDesolation Island
  ''978-0-8128-2591-6James CroallFourteen minutes: The last voyage of the Empress of Ireland
1981978-0-8128-2598-5Anthony KempThe Unknown Battle: Metz, 1944
1979978-0-8128-2607-4Desmond MorrisGestures
  ''978-0-8128-2608-1Francis SelwynSergeant Verity and the blood royal
1980978-0-8128-2685-2Jolee EdmondsonThe woman golfer's catalogue
1980978-0-8128-2695-1Maureen GoldsworthyMend it!: A complete guide to clothes repair
  ''978-0-8128-2701-9Albert LeeHenry Ford and the Jews
  ''978-0-8128-2713-2Jack HigginsSolo
  ''978-0-8128-2718-7Leonard L. Heston · Renate HestonThe Medical Casebook of Adolf Hitler: His Illnesses, Doctors, and Drugs
1981978-0-8128-2727-9Francis SelwynSergeant Verity and the Swell Mob
1980978-0-8128-2732-3Guy Lyon PlayfairThis House Is Haunted
  ''978-0-8128-2737-8Michel GauquelinYour Personality and the Planets
1981978-0-8128-2749-1Janusz PiekalkiewiczCavalry of World War Ii
1981978-0-8128-2750-7Bernard D. Starr · Marcella Bakur WeinerThe Starr-Weiner Report on Sex and Sexuality in the Mature Years
  ''978-0-8128-2752-1Fenton S. BreslerThe Chinese Mafia: The Most Frightening New Organization In International Crime
1980978-0-8128-2755-2Mohammad Reza Shah PahlaviAnswer to History (English and French Edition)
  ''978-0-8128-2759-0Diana Mosley · Jack Le VienDuchess of Windsor
1981978-0-8128-2764-4Steve AllenFunny People
1982978-0-8128-2774-3Robert S. WistrichTrotsky: Fate of a Revolutionary
1981978-0-8128-2776-7Michael FreedlandJerome Kern: A Biography
1983978-0-8128-2789-7Alfred S ShiversThe Life of Maxwell Anderson
1982978-0-8128-2790-3Glenn B. InfieldSecrets of the S.S.
1981978-0-8128-2791-0Jess StearnIn Search of Taylor Caldwell
1980978-0-8128-2792-7R. J. OveryThe Air War, 1939-1945
1982978-0-8128-2823-8Glenn DickeyHistory of Professional Basketball
1983978-0-8128-2824-5Stanley JacksonJ.P. Morgan
1981978-0-8128-2827-6Jack HigginsLuciano's Luck
1983978-0-8128-2834-4Randall BytwerkJulius Streicher
1982978-0-8128-2840-5Alexander McKeeGreat Mysteries of Aviation
  ''978-0-8128-2845-0Charles WhitingSiegfried: The Nazis' Last Stand
  ''978-0-8128-2857-3David TaylorNext Panda, Please!
1982978-0-8128-2859-7Nigel WestMi 5
  ''978-0-8128-2861-0Jane Lewit · Ellen EpsteinThe Bar/Bat Mitzvah Planbook
  ''978-0-8128-2870-2Anne Clark AmorThe real Alice: Lewis Carroll's dream child
  ''978-0-8128-2872-6Jack HigginsTouch the Devil
  ''978-0-8128-2873-3Elaine MorganThe Aquatic Ape
1983978-0-8128-2882-5Yul BrynnerThe Yul Brynner Cookbook: Food Fit for the King and You
1982978-0-8128-2884-9Steve AllenMore Funny People
1982978-0-8128-2891-7F. Lee BaileyHow to Protect Yourself Against Cops in California and Other Strange Places: A Guide for Businessmen and Other Innocent Travelers, in 50 States and W
1983978-0-8128-2893-1Eric MorrisSalerno: A Military Fiasco
1999978-0-8128-2896-2Toby SteinGetting Thin and Staying Thin
1983978-0-8128-2898-6Harry PattersonDillinger: A Novel
1984978-0-8128-2906-8Charles T. GreggTarawa
1983978-0-8128-2915-0Pete Shotton · Nicholas SchaffnerJohn Lennon in My Life
1987978-0-8128-2916-7Pete Shotton · Nicholas SchaffnerJohn Lennon in My Life
1983978-0-8128-2932-7Michael Feeney CallanSean Connery
1984978-0-8128-2937-2Herbert LondonWhy Are They Lying to Our Children?
1900978-0-8128-2945-7Robert PayneThe Dream and the Tomb: A History of the Crusades
1984978-0-8128-2952-5William BreuerHitler's Fortress Cherbourg: The Conquest of a Bastion
1992978-0-8128-2954-9Charles WhitingKasserine: The Battlefield Slaughter of American Troops by Rommel's Afrika Korps
1984978-0-8128-2958-7Sarah BradfordPrincess Grace
  ''978-0-8128-2961-7Robert SobelThe Rise and Fall of the Conglomerate Kings
  ''978-0-8128-2965-5Robert LewisSlings and Arrows: Theatre in My Life
  ''978-0-8128-2969-3William F. Buckley Jr.Up From Liberalism
  ''978-0-8128-2974-7James HaskinsNat King Cole
1984978-0-8128-2983-9Fred Lawrence GuilesLegend: The Life and Death of Marilyn Monroe
  ''978-0-8128-2985-3Robert Conquest · Jon Manchip WhiteWhat To Do When the Russians Come: A Survivor's Guide
1900978-0-8128-2992-1Raul Hilberg · Stanislaw Staron · Josef KermiszHitler's Legions: The German Army Order Battle, World War II
1984978-0-8128-2994-5Stephen KnightBrotherhood: The Secret World of the Freemasons
  ''978-0-8128-2997-6Arthur KoestlerArrow in the Blue
1985978-0-8128-3021-7Lavender CasselsThe Archduke and the Assassin: Sarajevo, June 28th, 1914
  ''978-0-8128-3024-8William B. BreuerDeath of a Nazi Army: The Falaise Pocket
  ''978-0-8128-3025-5Jack HigginsConfessional
1985978-0-8128-3030-9J. E. TreherneStrange History Bonnie Clyde
  ''978-0-8128-3032-3Charles WhitingArdennes: The secret war
  ''978-0-8128-3034-7Gayle RiversThe Specialist: Revelations of Counterterrorist
  ''978-0-8128-3040-8E. Howard HuntCozumel
  ''978-0-8128-3048-4Peter NiesewandThe Underground Connection
1986978-0-8128-3056-9Arthur MarxThe Nine Lives of Mickey Rooney
1986978-0-8128-3059-0Tudor ParfittOperation Moses: The Untold Story of the Secret Exodus of the Falasha Jews from Ethiopia
  ''978-0-8128-3068-2Henry S. A. BecketDictionary of Espionage: Spookspeak into English
  ''978-0-8128-3071-2Robert SobelIBM Vs. Japan: The Struggle for the Future
1900978-0-8128-3073-6Leonard MosleyDisney's World
1990978-0-8128-3077-4Howard E. HuntGuadalajara
1986978-0-8128-3084-2Robert SobelRCA
  ''978-0-8128-3091-0Victor SerebriakoffMensa: Society for Highly Intelligent
  ''978-0-8128-3093-4Gayle RiversThe War Against the Terrorists: How to Win It
1986978-0-8128-3095-8Jack KneeceFamily Treason: The Walker Spy Case
1994978-0-8128-3134-4Scott EdelsteinNo Experience Necessary Writer's Course
1990978-0-8128-3135-1Charles WhitingHero: The Life and Death of Audie Murphy
1987978-0-8128-3137-5Michael A. WeinerReducing the Risk of Alzheimer's
1990978-0-8128-4008-7Frank McLynnStanley: The Making of an African Explorer
1991978-0-8128-4014-8Samuel W. MitchumHitler's Commanders
1994978-0-8128-4023-0Del WashburnTheomatics II: God's Best-Kept Secret Revealed
1978978-0-8128-6006-1Brian J. FordMicrobe Power: Tomorrow's Revolution
1986978-0-8128-6017-7Jerry Lucas · Del WashburnTheomatics: God's Best Kept Secret Revealed
1980978-0-8128-6046-7Maureen GoldsworthyMend It!: A Complete Guide to Clothes Repair
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  ''978-0-8128-6051-1Benjamin WalkerEncyclopedia of the Occult, the Esoteric and the Supernatural
  ''978-0-8128-6053-5Edward H WaltonRed Sox triumphs and tragedies: A continuation of day by day listings and events in the history of the Boston American League baseball team
  ''978-0-8128-6057-3Hermann Eich · Michael GlennyGermans
1980978-0-8128-6059-7Andy SoltisChess to Enjoy
1981978-0-8128-6084-9Filip MullerEyewitness Auschwitz: Three Years in the Gas Chambers
1990978-0-8128-6085-6Jim HaskinsVoodoo and Hoodoo: The Craft as Revealed by Traditional Practitioners
1981978-0-8128-6092-4Robert HendricksonGrand Emporiums: The Illustrated History of America's Great Department Stores
1982978-0-8128-6115-0Reay TannahillSex in History
1987978-0-8128-6134-1Dorothy TennovLove and Limerence: The Experience of Being in Love
1982978-0-8128-6138-9Mohammad Reza Shah PahlaviAnswer to History (English and French Edition)
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1900978-0-8128-6161-7DelderfieldKings and Queens of England
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  ''978-0-8128-6194-5Dick GregoryDick Gregory's Bible Tales, With Commentary
1984978-0-8128-6218-8Arthur KoestlerThe Invisible Writing: The Second Volume of an Autobiography, 1932-40 (The Danube Edition)
  ''978-0-8128-6219-5April Levy · Dan LevyReal Kids Don't Say Please
1991978-0-8128-6227-0Robert PayneThe Dream and the Tomb: A History of the Crusades
1985978-0-8128-6244-7William (editor) PhillipsPartisan review: The 50th anniversary edition
1984978-0-8128-6256-0Benjamin HartPoisoned Ivy
1989978-0-8128-6263-8Ernst BeierPeople Reading: Control Others
1998978-0-8128-6286-7Dorothy TennovLove and Limerence: The Experience of Being in Love
1982978-0-8128-7048-0Martin M. SchiffDr. Schiff's One-Day-At-A-Time Weight-Loss Plan
1981978-0-8128-7066-4Patrick O'BrianDesolation Island
1984978-0-8128-8011-3Steve AllenFunny People
1974978-0-8128-8028-1Jack HigginsRun to Morning
1984978-0-8128-8044-1John CanningFifty True Mysteries of the Sea
  ''978-0-8128-8054-0David CasePlumb Drillin'
1984978-0-8128-8072-4Pete · Schaffner, Nicholas ShottonThe Beatles, Lennon, and Me
1985978-0-8128-8110-3Sol SteinThe Magician
  ''978-0-8128-8139-4Nicholas Tomalin · Ron HallThe Strange Last Voyage of Donald Crowhurst
  ''978-0-8128-8147-9Sarah BradfordPrincess Grace
  ''978-0-8128-8169-1Paul TibbetsTibbets Story Mission Hiroshim
1986978-0-8128-8297-1John MorganPrince of Crime
1990978-0-8128-8504-0Michael A. WeinerReducing the Risk of Alzheimer's
  ''978-0-8128-8506-4Joanna WoolfolkThe Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need-
1990978-0-8128-8511-8Olga Grunhzit HoytLust for Blood
1991978-0-8128-8513-2Gordon Thomas · Max Morgan-Witts · Thomas GordonGuernica: The Crucible of World War II
1990978-0-8128-8514-9Leonard MosleyDisney's World: A Biography
  ''978-0-8128-8518-7Raymond StraitQueen of Ice, Queen of Shadows: The Unsuspected Life of Sonja Henie
  ''978-0-8128-8519-4Matthew CooperGerman Army 1933-1945
1984978-0-8128-8522-4James HaskinsNat King Cole
1991978-0-8128-8525-5Fred Lawrence GuilesLegend: The Life and Death of Marilyn Monroe
  ''978-0-8128-8526-2Arnold KrammerNazi Prisoners of War in America
1982978-0-8128-8527-9David JohnsonV1-V2 Hitler's Vengeance on London: The Full Story of the Year Hitler's Guided Missiles Fell on London
1995978-0-8128-8528-6Fred Lawrence GuilesStan: Life of Stan Laurel
1974978-0-8128-8530-9Christy BrownShadow on Summer
1992978-0-8128-8536-1Eric PartridgeDictionary of Catch Phrases
1991978-0-8128-8540-8Reay TannahillSex in History
1900978-0-8128-8541-5Shari LewisFolding Paper Puppets
1993978-0-8128-8546-0Jane LewitThe Bar/Bat Mitzvah Planbook
1996978-0-8128-8561-3Arnold KrammerNazi Prisoners of War in America
1999978-0-8128-8562-0Edwin P. HoytThe Invasion Before Normandy: The Secret Battle of Slapton Sands
  ''978-0-8128-8565-1George SchindlerMagic with Everyday Objects: Over 150 Tricks Anyone Can Do at the Dinner Table