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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-0-8108-7731-3Dirk MeyerChamber Orchestra and Ensemble Repertoire: A Catalog of Modern Music (Music Finders)
  ''978-0-8108-7751-1Paul R. LairdWicked: A Musical Biography
2012978-0-8108-7755-9Raymond FoeryAlfred Hitchcock's Frenzy: The Last Masterpiece
2011978-0-8108-7780-1Dan KaminThe Comedy of Charlie Chaplin: Artistry in Motion
2013978-0-8108-7788-7Cynthia J. MillerThe Encyclopedia of B Westerns
2011978-0-8108-7794-8Michele GingrasMore Clarinet Secrets: 100 Quick Tips for the Advanced Clarinetist
2015978-0-8108-7801-3Kenneth J. PantonHistorical Dictionary of the British Empire (Historical Dictionaries of Ancient Civilizations and Historical Eras)
2013978-0-8108-7802-0Gerald W. Fry · Gayla S. Nieminen · Harold E. SmithHistorical Dictionary of Thailand (Historical Dictionaries of Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East)
2011978-0-8108-7804-4William J. LahnemanKeeping U.S. Intelligence Effective: The Need for a Revolution in Intelligence Affairs (Scarecrow Professional Intelligence Education Series) (Security and Professional Intelligence Education Series)
2014978-0-8108-7807-5Mary Ellen QuinnHistorical Dictionary of Librarianship (Historical Dictionaries of Professions and Industries)
2012978-0-8108-7810-5Michael R. HallHistorical Dictionary of Haiti (Historical Dictionaries of the Americas)
2011978-0-8108-7814-3Jan GoldmanWords of Intelligence: An Intelligence Professional's Lexicon for Domestic and Foreign Threats (Security and Professional Intelligence Education Series)
  ''978-0-8108-7815-0Ludwig W. AdamecHistorical Dictionary of Afghanistan (Historical Dictionaries of Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East)
  ''978-0-8108-7817-4William L. RichterHistorical Dictionary of the Civil War and Reconstruction (Historical Dictionaries of U.S. Politics and Political Eras)
2015978-0-8108-7819-8R. Andrew NicksonHistorical Dictionary of Paraguay (Historical Dictionaries of the Americas)
2013978-0-8108-7820-4David Commins · David W. LeschHistorical Dictionary of Syria (Historical Dictionaries of Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East)
  ''978-0-8108-7823-5Mohamed Saliou Camara · Thomas O'Toole · Janice E. BakerHistorical Dictionary of Guinea (Historical Dictionaries of Africa)
2014978-0-8108-7834-1Thomas M. LeonardHistorical Dictionary of Panama (Historical Dictionaries of the Americas)
2013978-0-8108-7845-7Ivan Katchanovski · Zenon E. Kohut · Bohdan Y. Nebesio · Myroslav YurkevichHistorical Dictionary of Ukraine (Historical Dictionaries of Europe)
2015978-0-8108-7854-9Lawrence R. Sullivan · Nancy Y. LiuHistorical Dictionary of Science and Technology in Modern China (Historical Dictionaries of Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East)
2013978-0-8108-7856-3John GrassoHistorical Dictionary of Football (Historical Dictionaries of Sports)
2013978-0-8108-7860-0David W. Dent · Larman C. WilsonHistorical Dictionary of Inter-American Organizations (Historical Dictionaries of International Organizations)
  ''978-0-8108-7871-6Kenneth HenshallHistorical Dictionary of Japan to 1945 (Historical Dictionaries of Ancient Civilizations and Historical Eras)
2014978-0-8108-7875-4Ronald Bruce St JohnHistorical Dictionary of Libya (Historical Dictionaries of Africa)
  ''978-0-8108-7883-9M. Keith BookerHistorical Dictionary of Science Fiction in Literature (Historical Dictionaries of Literature and the Arts)
  ''978-0-8108-7885-3Paul VarnerHistorical Dictionary of Romanticism in Literature (Historical Dictionaries of Literature and the Arts)
  ''978-0-8108-7889-1Michael A. TurnerHistorical Dictionary of United States Intelligence (Historical Dictionaries of Intelligence and Counterintelligence)
2015978-0-8108-7891-4Paul R. HansonHistorical Dictionary of the French Revolution (Historical Dictionaries of War, Revolution, and Civil Unrest)
2013978-0-8108-7893-8Charles Yrigoyen Jr. · Susan E. WarrickHistorical Dictionary of Methodism (Historical Dictionaries of Religions, Philosophies, and Movements Series)
2014978-0-8108-7896-9Nigel WestHistorical Dictionary of British Intelligence (Historical Dictionaries of Intelligence and Counterintelligence)
2015978-0-8108-7901-0Brij V. LalHistorical Dictionary of Fiji (Historical Dictionaries of Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East)
2016978-0-8108-7905-8Eric Paul RoordaHistorical Dictionary of the Dominican Republic (Historical Dictionaries of the Americas)
2013978-0-8108-7911-9Pamela R. SternHistorical Dictionary of the Inuit (Historical Dictionaries of Peoples and Cultures)
2013978-0-8108-7914-0William L. RichterHistorical Dictionary of the Old South (Historical Dictionaries of U.S. Politics and Political Eras)
2014978-0-8108-7916-4Kathleen Fearn-Banks · Anne Burford-JohnsonHistorical Dictionary of African American Television (Historical Dictionaries of Literature and the Arts)
2015978-0-8108-7918-8Phillip C. NaylorHistorical Dictionary of Algeria (Historical Dictionaries of Africa)
  ''978-0-8108-7920-1Paul F. StateHistorical Dictionary of Brussels (Historical Dictionaries of Cities, States, and Regions)
2014978-0-8108-7925-6John GrassoHistorical Dictionary of Wrestling (Historical Dictionaries of Sports)
2015978-0-8108-7973-7John RenardHistorical Dictionary of Sufism (Historical Dictionaries of Religions, Philosophies, and Movements Series)
2016978-0-8108-7991-1Richard Bradshaw · Juan Fandos-RiusHistorical Dictionary of the Central African Republic (Historical Dictionaries of Africa)
2013978-0-8108-8001-6Nigel WestHistorical Dictionary of World War I Intelligence (Historical Dictionaries of Intelligence and Counterintelligence)
2016978-0-8108-8019-1Orlando J. PerezHistorical Dictionary of El Salvador (Historical Dictionaries of the Americas)
2014978-0-8108-8021-4John Grasso · Eric R. HartmanHistorical Dictionary of Bowling (Historical Dictionaries of Sports)
2013978-0-8108-8029-0Stanislav J. KirschbaumHistorical Dictionary of Slovakia (Historical Dictionaries of Europe)
  ''978-0-8108-8031-3Carol DietheHistorical Dictionary of Nietzscheanism (Historical Dictionaries of Religions, Philosophies, and Movements Series)
  ''978-0-8108-8033-7Neil A. WynnHistorical Dictionary from the Great War to the Great Depression (Historical Dictionaries of U.S. Politics and Political Eras)
2011978-0-8108-8100-6Roger HickmanMiklós Rózsa's Ben-Hur: A Film Score Guide
  ''978-0-8108-8108-2Thomas H. P. GouldCreating the Academic Commons: Guidelines for Learning, Teaching, and Research
2011978-0-8108-8122-8Douglas A. CunninghamThe San Francisco of Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo: Place, Pilgrimage, and Commemoration
  ''978-0-8108-8128-0A. Bowdoin Van RiperA Biographical Encyclopedia of Scientists and Inventors in American Film and TV since 1930
  ''978-0-8108-8136-5David NeumeyerFranz Waxman's Rebecca: A Film Score Guide (Scarecrow Film Score Guides)
  ''978-0-8108-8138-9Nicholas W. ReylandZbigniew Preisner's Three Colors Trilogy: Blue, White, Red: A Film Score Guide (Film Score Guides)
  ''978-0-8108-8143-3Charles BarberCorresponding with Carlos: A Biography of Carlos Kleiber
2011978-0-8108-8166-2John Yaffé · David DanielsArias, Ensembles, & Choruses: An Excerpt Finder for Orchestras (Music Finders)
  ''978-0-8108-8170-9Matt DeanThe Drum: A History
  ''978-0-8108-8184-6Greg OlsonDavid Lynch: Beautiful Dark (The Scarecrow Filmmakers Series)
  ''978-0-8108-8189-1Gene D. PhillipsOut of the Shadows: Expanding the Canon of Classic Film Noir
2012978-0-8108-8209-6Timme RosenkrantzHarlem Jazz Adventures: A European Baron's Memoir, 1934-1969 (Studies in Jazz)
  ''978-0-8108-8222-5Andrew Grant Jackson author 1965: The Most Revolutionary Year in Music and Still the Greatest: The Essential Songs of the Beatles' Solo CareersStill the Greatest: The Essential Songs of The Beatles' Solo Careers
978-0-8108-8237-9The Black Church and Hip Hop Culture: Toward Bridging the Generational Divide
2014978-0-8108-8247-8Constantine Santas · James M. Wilson · Maria Colavito · Djoymi BakerThe Encyclopedia of Epic Films
2012978-0-8108-8272-0Margaret Ross GriffelOperas in English: A Dictionary (2 Volumes)
2013978-0-8108-8295-9Steve SullivanEncyclopedia of Great Popular Song Recordings (Volume 1 and 2)
2012978-0-8108-8340-6Jerry M. RosenbergThe Concise Encyclopedia of The Great Recession 2007-2012
2013978-0-8108-8350-5Henry T. SampsonBlacks in Blackface: A Sourcebook on Early Black Musical Shows [2 VOLUME SET]
2012978-0-8108-8352-9James M. Welsh · Donald M. WhaleyThe Oliver Stone Encyclopedia
2012978-0-8108-8375-8Jacqueline Danziger-RussellGirls and Their Comics: Finding a Female Voice in Comic Book Narrative
  ''978-0-8108-8393-2Robert W. CohenThe 50 Greatest Players in New York Yankees History
2015978-0-8108-8400-7Emily Freeman BrownA Dictionary for the Modern Conductor (Dictionaries for the Modern Musician)
2013978-0-8108-8402-1June Skinner SawyersThe Encyclopedia of North American Folk Festivals
2014978-0-8108-8416-8Timothy PolashekThe Word Rhythm Dictionary: A Resource for Writers, Rappers, Poets, and Lyricists
2015978-0-8108-8434-2Junius JohnsonPatristic and Medieval Atonement Theory: A Guide to Research (Illuminations: Guides to Research in Religion)
2014978-0-8108-8443-4Jo NardolilloAll Things Strings: An Illustrated Dictionary (Dictionaries for the Modern Musician)
2015978-0-8108-8451-9Siobhán Dowling Long · John F.A. SawyerThe Bible in Music: A Dictionary of Songs, Works, and More
  ''978-0-8108-8492-2George Thomas Kurian · Mark A. LamportEncyclopedia of Christian Education
2014978-0-8108-8576-9Lynnea Chapman KingThe Coen Brothers Encyclopedia
2018978-0-8108-8606-3Melinda P. O'NealExperiencing Berlioz: A Listener's Companion
2013978-0-8108-8610-0Frank R. Spellman · Melissa L. StoudtEnvironmental Science: Principles and Practices
2012978-0-8108-8612-4Frank R. SpellmanThe Handbook of Meteorology
2013978-0-8108-8614-8Frank R. Spellman · Melissa L. StoudtThe Handbook of Geoscience
2015978-0-8108-8616-2Ruth LangerJewish Liturgy: A Guide to Research (Illuminations: Guides to Research in Religion)
2016978-0-8108-8630-8Christopher CicconiBand Music: A Catalog (Music Finders)
2013978-0-8108-8645-2Christopher L. DanielsSouth China Sea: Energy and Security Conflicts (Global Flashpoints: A Series)
2014978-0-8108-8647-6Jane EllsworthA Dictionary for the Modern Clarinetist (Dictionaries for the Modern Musician)
2013978-0-8108-8649-0Jonathan D. GreenA Conductor's Guide to Selected Baroque Choral-Orchestral Works
2014978-0-8108-8655-1Matthew HochA Dictionary for the Modern Singer (Dictionaries for the Modern Musician)
2015978-0-8108-8657-5Elisa KoehlerA Dictionary for the Modern Trumpet Player (Dictionaries for the Modern Musician)
2013978-0-8108-8674-2Susan RobsonLiving with Conflict: A Challenge to a Peace Church
  ''978-0-8108-8679-7Brian Douglas TennysonThe Canadian Experience of the Great War: A Guide to Memoirs
  ''978-0-8108-8685-8Frank R. Spellman · Melissa L. StoudtThe Handbook of Environmental Health
2012978-0-8108-8700-8Michael GavinSports in the Aftermath of Tragedy: From Kennedy to Katrina
2015978-0-8108-8742-8Tom DunmoreEncyclopedia of the FIFA World Cup
2012978-0-8108-8761-9Charles Curry Aiken · Joseph Nathan KaneThe American Counties: Origins of County Names, Dates of Creation, Area, and Population Data, 1950-2010
2014978-0-8108-8769-5Sara Shatford LayneMaking the Move to RDA: A Self-Study Primer for Catalogers
2014978-0-8108-8771-8Donald DeweyLee J. Cobb: Characters of an Actor
  ''978-0-8108-8773-2Jessica R. GreeneEating Disorders: The Ultimate Teen Guide (It Happened to Me)
  ''978-0-8108-8859-3Brian Douglas TennysonCanada's Great War, 1914-1918: How Canada Helped Save the British Empire and Became a North American Nation
2013978-0-8108-8864-7John R. VileThe Men Who Made the Constitution: Lives of the Delegates to the Constitutional Convention
2016978-0-8108-8870-8Martha Furman Schleifer · Gary GalvánLatin American Classical Composers: A Biographical Dictionary
  ''978-0-8108-8879-1Stephen SiekA Dictionary for the Modern Pianist (Dictionaries for the Modern Musician)
2014978-0-8108-8881-4Jeremy MontaguHorns and Trumpets of the World: An Illustrated Guide
2016978-0-8108-8885-2Franco SciannameoExperiencing the Violin Concerto: A Listener's Companion
2014978-0-8108-8887-6Kenneth E. Hendrickson IIIThe Encyclopedia of the Industrial Revolution in World History Volume 1-3
2017978-0-8108-8893-7Szymon PaczkowskiPolish Style in the Music of Johann Sebastian Bach (Contextual Bach Studies)
2016978-0-8108-9074-9D. Heyward Brock · Maria PalacasThe Ben Jonson Encyclopedia
2014978-0-8108-9101-2Pnina Fichman · Noriko HaraGlobal Wikipedia: International and Cross-Cultural Issues in Online Collaboration
2013978-0-8108-9120-3Stan Beck · Jack WilkinsonCollege Sports Traditions: Picking Up Butch, Silent Night, and Hundreds of Others
  ''978-0-8108-9136-4Axel NissenThe Films of Agnes Moorehead
2013978-0-8108-9154-8Horace Gerald DannerA Thesaurus of Medical Word Roots
  ''978-0-8108-9167-8Thomas S. HischakThe Jerome Kern Encyclopedia
2014978-0-8108-9193-7David ColemanThe Bipolar Express: Manic Depression and the Movies
2015978-0-8108-9200-2Samuel J. UmlandThe Tim Burton Encyclopedia
2013978-0-8108-9230-9KereszturyA History of New Jersey Libraries, 19972012
  ''978-0-8108-9236-1Nadine FarghalyExamining Lois Lane: The Scoop on Superman's Sweetheart
2017978-0-8108-9269-9Robert W. Pohle Jr. · Douglas C. Hart · Rita Pohle BaldwinThe Christopher Lee Film Encyclopedia
2013978-0-8108-9279-8Benita Brown · Dannabang Kuwabong · Christopher OlsenMyth Performance in the African Diasporas: Ritual, Theatre, and Dance
2014978-0-8108-9311-5Don Latham · Melissa GrossYoung Adult Resources Today: Connecting Teens with Books, Music, Games, Movies, and More
  ''978-0-8108-9315-3AnneSteaming into a Victorian Future: A Steampunk Anthology
2017978-0-8108-9493-8Maria Carla ChicuenAchieve the College Dream: You Don't Need to Be Rich to Attend a Top School
  ''978-0-8108-9494-5Daniel E. MacallairAfter the Doors Were Locked: A History of Youth Corrections in California and the Origins of Twenty-First Century Reform
2017978-0-8108-9496-9Stephen H. GehlbachAmerican Plagues: Lessons from Our Battles with Disease
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2017978-0-8108-9521-8Jillian VentroneFrom the Marine Corps to College: Transitioning from the Service to Higher Education
  ''978-0-8108-9525-6Norman GelbHerod the Great: Statesman, Visionary, Tyrant
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  ''978-0-8108-9557-7Gregory SmitsWhen the Earth Roars: Lessons from the History of Earthquakes in Japan (Asia/Pacific/Perspectives)
  ''978-0-8108-9576-8Ronald D. BrownDying on the Job: Murder and Mayhem in the American Workplace
2018978-0-8108-9588-1Michael L. Perlin New York Law SchoolMental Disability and the Death Penalty: The Shame of the States
2017978-0-8108-9596-6Naheed, AliUnderstanding Lung Cancer: An Introduction for Patients and Caregivers
2018978-0-8108-9599-7Rosemary Gibson · Janardan Prasad SinghThe Battle Over Health Care: What Obama's Reform Means for America's Future
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2017978-0-8108-9602-4Andrea D. LyonThe Death Penalty: What's Keeping It Alive
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  ''978-0-8108-9606-2Audrey McCluskeyA Forgotten Sisterhood
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  ''978-0-8108-9610-9Mardell HillIntestinal Health: A Practical Guide to Complete Abdominal Comfort
2017978-0-8108-9614-7Phillip Harris Ed.D. executive director Association for Educational Communications & Technology · Bruce M. Smith · Joan HarrisThe Myths of Standardized Tests: Why They Don't Tell You What You Think They Do
  ''978-0-8108-9617-8Milan PanicPrime Minister for Peace: My Struggle for Serbian Democracy
  ''978-0-8108-9623-9Beverlee JobrackTyranny of the Textbook: An Insider Exposes How Educational Materials Undermine Reforms
  ''978-0-8108-9624-6Gloria J. Browne-MarshallThe Voting Rights War: The NAACP and the Ongoing Struggle for Justice
  ''978-0-8108-9628-4Carl RichardThe Founders and the Bible
2017978-0-8108-9636-9Yu JieSteel Gate to Freedom