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2012978-0-8091-4785-4Michael W. Higgins · Kevin BurnsGenius Born of Anguish: The Life and Legacy of Henri Nouwen
  ''978-0-8091-4786-1Pheme PerkinsReading the New Testament: An Introduction; Third Edition, Revised and Updated
2013978-0-8091-4803-5Richard LeonardWhy Bother Praying
2012978-0-8091-4807-3Trina PaulusHope for the Flowers:Book and CD-Rom bundle
2014978-0-8091-4867-7Richard RohrDancing Standing Still: Healing the World from a Place of Prayer; A New Edition of A Lever and a Place to Stand
  ''978-0-8091-4882-0Gregory J.Polan OSBThe Psalms: Songs of Faith and Praise; The Revised Grail Psalter
2015978-0-8091-4920-9Dan R. Ebener · Fred L. SmithStrategic Planning: An Interactive Process for Leaders
  ''978-0-8091-4927-8Thomas D. StegmanOpening the Door of Faith: Encountering Jesus and His Call to Discipleship
  ''978-0-8091-4928-5Albert VanhoyeLetter to the Hebrews, The: A New Commentary
2015978-0-8091-4930-8Wilfrid J. Harrington OPReading Luke for the First Time
  ''978-0-8091-4931-5Maria Rosa PoggioAve Maria: See, Learn, and Meditate on the Mysteries of the Rosary
2019978-0-8091-4964-3Matt MalonePursuing the Truth in Love: An Essay Concerning the Church, the Press, and the Polis
2016978-0-8091-4989-6Victor H. Matthews · Don C. BenjaminOld Testament Parallels: Laws and Stories from the Ancient Near East
  ''978-0-8091-4991-9Christopher M. HaysRenouncing Everything: Money and Discipleship in Luke
1970978-0-8091-5143-1Joseph V. GallagherTo Be A Catholic: A Catechism for Today
2006978-0-8091-5223-0J. Katherine ReillyA Way of the Cross for Mothers
2009978-0-8091-5226-1Ronald D. WitherupStations of the Cross According to Saint Paul: Parish Edition
2017978-0-8091-5306-0Edited by James KeatingCharacter of the Deacon, The: Spiritual and Pastoral Foundations
2016978-0-8091-5312-1John L. McLaughlinWhat Are They Saying About Ancient Israelite Religion? (WATSA Series)
2019978-0-8091-5365-7Patricia SharbaughIrrepressible Light
  ''978-0-8091-5376-3Jan de VolderMartyr: The Life and Death of Fr. Jacques Hamel
  ''978-0-8091-5404-3Jean-Louis SkaA Basic Guide to the Old Testament
2019978-0-8091-5421-0Marinella Perroni and Cristina SimonelliMary of Magdala
  ''978-0-8091-5427-2Mercy Amba OduyoyeAfrican Women's Theologies, Spirituality and Healing: Theological Perspectives from the Circle of Concerned African Women Theologians
2020978-0-8091-5459-3Benedictine Monks of Münsterschwarzach AbbeyFinding Your Treasure: A Monastic Journey Through Lent
1983978-0-8091-6551-3Teddi DoleskiThe Hurt
1985978-0-8091-6556-8John R SackThe wolf in winter: A story of Francis of Assisi
1995978-0-8091-6623-7James A. JandaThe Story of Saint Patrick
1996978-0-8091-6629-9James R VollbrachtSmall Acts of Kindness
1997978-0-8091-6637-4Elaine Murray StoneMaximilian Kolbe: Saint of Auschwitz
  ''978-0-8091-6639-8Heidi BrattonYes, I Can! (Walking with God Board Books)
  ''978-0-8091-6640-4Heidi BrattonSpirit!
  ''978-0-8091-6641-1   ''Where Is God (Walking With God)
1997978-0-8091-6643-5Sally Anne ConanThank You, God
  ''978-0-8091-6646-6J. JandaThe Lost Child: A Folktale
1998978-0-8091-6648-0Gerturd Mueller Nelson · Gertrud Mueller NelsonA Walk Through Our Church
  ''978-0-8091-6649-7John ReitanoWhat If the Zebras Lost Their Stripes?
1999978-0-8091-6651-0Elaine Murray StoneMother Teresa: A Life of Love
  ''978-0-8091-6658-9Lisa McCourtLove You Until...
2000978-0-8091-6659-6Sally Anne ConanCount Your Blessings (Walking With God)
1999978-0-8091-6660-2   ''The Little Shepherd (Walking With God board books)
2000978-0-8091-6661-9   ''Little Ways to Give God Praise (Walking With God)
1999978-0-8091-6662-6   ''Rejoice! Jesus Welcomes Me: Walking with God II (Walking with God Board Books)
2000978-0-8091-6666-4Robert F. MorneauChildren's Book of Classic Catholic Prayers
2001978-0-8091-6676-3Tony MaglianoMoonlight Miracle
2000978-0-8091-6677-0Ellen J. KendigChildren's Book of Bedtime Blessings
2001978-0-8091-6682-4Sue StantonChild's Guide to the Mass
  ''978-0-8091-6687-9Brian CavanaughMiracle of the Poinsettia/Milagro De LA Flor De Nochebuena: A Retelling (English and Spanish Edition)
2001978-0-8091-6688-6Peggy A SklarSt. Ignatius of Loyola: In God's Service
2002978-0-8091-6692-3Julie WaltersElizabeth Ann Seton: Saint for a New Nation
  ''978-0-8091-6697-8Julia DurangoPeter Claver, Patron Saint of Slaves/Pedro Claver, Santo Patrono de los Esclavos
  ''978-0-8091-6698-5Susan Heyboer O'KeefeWhat Does a Priest Do? What Does a Nun Do?: What Does a Nun Do
2003978-0-8091-6699-2Patrick Kelley · Lawrence BoadtStations of the Nativity
  ''978-0-8091-6701-2Jennifer GalvinMy Catholic Pray and Play Activity Book
2004978-0-8091-6705-0Michael McGrew · Marnie LitzSaint Brendan and the Voyage Before Columbus
2003978-0-8091-6706-7Jennifer GalvinMy Catholic Lent and Easter Activity Book: Reproducible Sheets for Home and School
2004978-0-8091-6707-4Elaine Murray StoneA Saint and His Lion: The Story of Tekla of Ethiopia
2003978-0-8091-6708-1Elizabeth FicocelliChild's Guide to First Holy Communion
  ''978-0-8091-6709-8Elizabeth FicocelliChild's Guide to Reconciliation
2004978-0-8091-6719-7Elaine Murray StoneDorothy Day: Champion of the Poor
2004978-0-8091-6720-3Jennifer GalvinMy Catholic Advent and Christmas Activity Book
  ''978-0-8091-6722-7Dennis Linn · Sheila Fabricant Linn · Matthew LinnWhat is My Song?
2005978-0-8091-6723-4Elizabeth FicocelliChild's Guide To The Seven Sacraments
  ''978-0-8091-6724-1Jennifer GalvinMy Catholic School Holiday Activity Book: Reproducible Sheets for Home and School
2006978-0-8091-6727-2Matthew Linn · Sheila Fabricant Linn · Dennis LinnMaking Heart-Bread
  ''978-0-8091-6728-9Sue StantonChild's Guide to Baptism
  ''978-0-8091-6733-3Elizabeth FicocelliThe Imitation of Christ for Children: A Guide to Following Jesus
2006978-0-8091-6734-0Jennifer GalvinJesus Loves Me Pre-School Activity Book
2009978-0-8091-6736-4Elizabeth FicocelliChild's Guide to the Rosary
2007978-0-8091-6739-5Sue StantonChild's Guide to the Stations of the Cross
  ''978-0-8091-6740-1Kelly Ann LynchHe Said Yes: The Story of Father Mychal Judge
2010978-0-8091-6746-3Hana ColeHooray! I'm Catholic!
  ''978-0-8091-6749-4Rachelle EvensenFinn's Marching Band
  ''978-0-8091-6750-0Jennifer GalvinMy Catholic Saints Activity Book
  ''978-0-8091-6751-7Geri Berger HainesFun with Puzzles and Prayers: A Catholic Kid's Activity Book
2011978-0-8091-6756-2Kathy Della Torre O'KeefeChild's Guide to the Beatitudes
1989978-0-8091-7858-2Marsha SinetarDo What You Love, the Money Will Follow Audio
1993978-0-8091-8133-9David RichoHow to Be an Adult: A Handbook on Psychological and Spiritual Integration
1997978-0-8091-8249-7Trina PaulusHope for the Flowers
2009978-0-8091-8302-9Marsha SinetarDo What You Love, the Money Will Follow: Discovering Your Right Livelihood
2011978-0-8091-8307-4James MartinBecoming Who You Are: Insights on the True Self from Thomas Merton and Other Saints
1998978-0-8091-9576-3William J. O'MalleyMeeting the Living God
2007978-0-8091-9584-8Brian Schmisek · Angelo G. Giuliano · Dorothy Jonaitis · Judith A HubertOld Testament Foundations: Genesis Through Kings Year One Student Workbook (Catholic Biblical School Program)
2007978-0-8091-9585-5Brian Schmisek · Angelo G. Giuliano · Dorothy Jonaitis · Judith A. HubertOld Testament Foundations: Genesis Through Kings: Year One: Teacher Guidebook (Catholic Biblical School Program)
2008978-0-8091-9586-2Brian Schmisek · Angelo G. Giuliano · Dorothy Jonaitis · Judith A. HubertNew Testament Foundations: Jesus and Discipleship (Year Two, Student Workbook)
  ''978-0-8091-9587-9   ''New Testament Foundations: Jesus and Discipleship (Year Two, Teacher Guidebook)
2009978-0-8091-9588-6Brian Schmisek · Angelo G. Giuliano · Dorothy Jonaitis · Judith A HubertOld Testament Continued: Exile and Restoration (Year Three Student Workbook)
  ''978-0-8091-9589-3Brian Schmisek · Angelo G. Giuliano · Dorothy Jonaitis · Judith A. HubertOld Testament Continued, Year Three: Exile and Restoration, Teacher Guidebook
2010978-0-8091-9590-9   ''Old and New Testaments Concluded: (Year Four, Student Workbook): The Word in the Hellenistic World (Catholic Biblical School Program)
  ''978-0-8091-9591-6   ''Old and New Testaments Concluded: (Year Four, Teacher Guidebook): The Word in the Hellenistic World (Catholic Biblical School Program)