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1993978-0-8080-0000-6MexicoU.S./Mexico tax convention: Text & analysis
  ''978-0-8080-0001-3Deloris R WrightUnderstanding the new U.S. transfer pricing rules
978-0-8080-0002-0On Your Retirement: Tax & Benefit Considerations
1993978-0-8080-0003-7Rolf AusterPersonal financial planning: The adviser's guide
1994978-0-8080-0004-4Sidney Kess · Ben D. Eisenberg · Barbara WeltmanTen Forty Preparation 1994: 1994 Edition
1993978-0-8080-0005-1John W WhelanUnderstanding federal government contracts
1994978-0-8080-0006-8CanadaNAFTA text: Final version, including supplemental agreements
  ''978-0-8080-0008-2Dennis R LassilaCompensation tax guide: Current compensation, deferred compensation, qualified plans, non-qualified plans, fringe benefits, employer & employee concerns
  ''978-0-8080-0009-9Jack S LevinStructuring venture capital, private equity, and entrepreneurial transactions as of March 2, 1994
  ''978-0-8080-0012-9CaliforniaCalifornia income tax laws annotated
1994978-0-8080-0015-0Ephraim P. SmithCCH Federal Taxation Basic Principles 1995
  ''978-0-8080-0019-8John R PhillipsThe future of labor-management cooperative programs: A sensible perspective
  ''978-0-8080-0020-4Bank compliance: Operations, savings, lending: laws and regulations
  ''978-0-8080-0021-1Office of Thrift Supervision: Laws and regulations
  ''978-0-8080-0022-8Federal Reserve Board: Laws and regulations
1994978-0-8080-0023-5Office of the Comptroller of the Currency: Laws and regulations
  ''978-0-8080-0024-2Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation: Laws and regulations
  ''978-0-8080-0025-9Other Contributor Baker & MckenzieNAFTA handbook: A practical guide for doing business under NAFTA
  ''978-0-8080-0026-6Babette B. BartonStudy of Federal Tax Law Series Taxation of Income (Stdi) (Study of Federal Tax Law)
978-0-8080-0027-3Financial & Estate Planning Guide, 1994 Edition
1994978-0-8080-0028-0Managing for products liability avoidance: Product integrity program
  ''978-0-8080-0030-3Regis W CampfieldTaxation of estates, gifts and trusts (Study of Federal tax law)
1994978-0-8080-0031-0Federal estate & gift taxes explained
1995978-0-8080-0035-8Robert S. SchriebmanIRS Tax Penalty Handbook
1994978-0-8080-0047-1Robert J FieldsUnderstanding and managing sales and use tax
1995978-0-8080-0052-5John D HegartyFinancing the American dream: Building personal cash flow and net worth
  ''978-0-8080-0058-7Vin ManaktalaS.M.A.R.T. practice development
  ''978-0-8080-0059-4Donald W MyersStop violence in the workplace: A guide to understanding and prevention
1996978-0-8080-0060-0Thomas F RutherfordRetirement benefits tax guide / c by Thomas F. Rutherford
1995978-0-8080-0066-2Nursing home regulations: Medicare and medicaid, explanation, law, regulations
  ''978-0-8080-0067-9Regis W CampfieldEstate planning and drafting
1996978-0-8080-0068-6Milton Berry ScottEstate planning for California residents
1995978-0-8080-0069-3Charles M. AulinoThe Family Trust: A Financial Consultant's Guide to Trust Funds and Estate Planning
  ''978-0-8080-0070-9George R WendorfSmall business guide to payroll
1995978-0-8080-0082-2Linda Panszczyk1996 U.S. master employee benefits guide
1996978-0-8080-0084-6John C. WisdomU. S. Master Accounting Guide, 1996
  ''978-0-8080-0086-0J. D ThorneA concise guide to successful employment practices
  ''978-0-8080-0087-7Study of the Mexican tax reform for 1996 (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-8080-0088-4Edward J CostelloControlling conflict: Alternative dispute resolution for business
  ''978-0-8080-0090-7Robert E MeldmanA practical guide to U.S. taxation of international transactions
1996978-0-8080-0092-1Peter J. Strauss · Robert Wolf · Dana ShillingAging and the law
  ''978-0-8080-0094-5Edward C FothCCH federal taxation: Basic principles: study guide
1997978-0-8080-0095-2CCH Federal Taxation: Comprehensive Topics
1996978-0-8080-0096-9Edward C FothCCH federal taxation: Comprehensive topics: study guide
  ''978-0-8080-0100-3Cornelius E TierneyGovernment Auditing: Standards and Practices
  ''978-0-8080-0101-0Nancy E JoergWelcome to the world of independent contractors and other contingent workers
  ''978-0-8080-0103-4Bill D JarnaginFinancial accounting standards: Explanation and analysis
1996978-0-8080-0106-5Robert E BarnettResponsibilities and liabilities of bank and bank holding company directors
  ''978-0-8080-0107-2Thomas H. PaltonExercises for Developing Business Management Skills
  ''978-0-8080-0108-9Linda Panszczyk1997 U.S. master employee benefits guide
  ''978-0-8080-0117-1James HamiltonSecurities reform: National Securities Markets Improvement Act of 1996: law & explanation
978-0-8080-0120-1Guidebook to New Jersey Taxes, 1997
1997978-0-8080-0122-5Young · ErnstGuidebook to Pennsylvania Taxes 1997
  ''978-0-8080-0125-6Commerce Clearing HouseGuidebook to Ohio Taxes 1997
1997978-0-8080-0127-0Regis W. CampfieldEstate Planning and Drafting Instruments Problems and Forms
978-0-8080-0132-4Sec Handbook Rules and Forms for Financial Statements
1997978-0-8080-0135-5John Wisdom1997 U.S. master Accounting Guide
  ''978-0-8080-0137-9Ephraim P. Smith1998 CCH Federal Taxation; Comprehensive Topics
  ''978-0-8080-0138-6   ''1998 CCH Federal Taxation Basic Principles (CCH Federal Taxation Ser.)
  ''978-0-8080-0144-7CCH state payroll law handbook (CCH payroll professional book series)
978-0-8080-0145-4Federal Estate & Gift Tax-Explained
978-0-8080-0147-81997 Medicare Explained
1997978-0-8080-0148-5Susan SchechterFair Labor Standards ACT Explained: A Wage & Hour Guidebook
  ''978-0-8080-0149-2Gary L. MaydewAgribusiness Accounting & Taxation
1997978-0-8080-0151-5Linda Panszczyk1998 U. S. Master Employee Benefits Guide
  ''978-0-8080-0152-21997 tax legislation: Law, explanation, and analysis: Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997
  ''978-0-8080-0153-9Sidney Kess · Ben D. Eisenberg · Barbara Weltman1040 Preparation: 1998 Edition
978-0-8080-0154-6Internal Revenue Code & 2
1998978-0-8080-0155-3Joel HandelsmanHire, Manage and Retain Employees for Your Small Business (Cch Business Owner's Toolkit)
  ''978-0-8080-0156-0Susan M., J.D. JacksackStart, Run & Grow a Successful Small Business
1997978-0-8080-0158-4Prospective payment systems for inpatient hospital services: final rule: fiscal year 1998, regulations and rates, including provider reimbursement ... Act of 1997 (Health law professional series)
  ''978-0-8080-0159-1John C FoxAffirmative action plan workbook (CCH Employment and Human Resources Management Professional)
1997978-0-8080-0161-4CCH · United StatesPension & Employee Benefit Changes Under 1997 Tax & Budget Acts
1998978-0-8080-0162-1Coopers and Lybrand1998 U. S. Master Tax Guide
  ''978-0-8080-0164-5CCHGuidebook to Ohio Taxes
1997978-0-8080-0170-6Guide to limited liability companies
  ''978-0-8080-0171-3Robert E Meldman · Michael S. SchadewaldA Practical Guide to U.S. Taxation of International Transactions
  ''978-0-8080-0173-7CCH Editorial Staff1998 U. S. Master Tax Guide
  ''978-0-8080-0175-1CCH · Cch Editorial · Editor-Joel HandelsmanHire, Manage and Retain Employees for Your Small Business
978-0-8080-0176-8Start, Run & Grow a Successful Small Business
1997978-0-8080-0178-2Nicholas KasterA guide to SIMPLE plans (Compensation and benefits professional series)
978-0-8080-0179-9Internal Revenue Code as of April 1, 1997
1997978-0-8080-0184-3Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act: Interim rules ; text of IRS, PWBA, and HHS regulations, including professional summary (Compensation and benefits professional series)
1997978-0-8080-0185-0Federal Income Tax: Code and Regulations, 1997-1998 ed.
  ''978-0-8080-0187-4Erich E SchuttaufPerformance management manual for managers and supervisors (Supervisor's tool kit, CCH answer series)
  ''978-0-8080-0188-1Erich SchuttaufRecruiting Manual for Managers and Supervisors (Supervisor's tool kit, CCH answer series)
  ''978-0-8080-0189-8Susan SchechterWages and hours manual for managers and supervisors (Supervisor's tool kit, CCH answer series)
  ''978-0-8080-0190-4Paul C GibsonBasic employment law manual for managers and supervisors (Supervisor's tool kit, CCH answer series)
1998978-0-8080-0193-5JOHN R. BRADEN AND S. BARKSDALE PENICKThe Ernst & Young's Oil & Gas Federal Income Taxation
1997978-0-8080-0194-2Steven LeventhalWorking with tax-sheltered annuities: 403(b) plans explained (CCH compensation and benefits professional series)
1997978-0-8080-0195-9J.D. Robert Lewis · Jackson LewisWinning NLRB elections: Avoiding unionization through preventive employee relations programs
1998978-0-8080-0198-0James HamiltonBeneficial ownership reporting under section 13(d)
1997978-0-8080-0199-7Gary L MaydewSmall business taxation: Planning & practice
1998978-0-8080-0200-0CCH1998 Fee Schedule and Payment Policies for Physicians' Medicare Services
1997978-0-8080-0201-7State antidiscrimination laws: Protected classes, disability discrimination, family, and medical leave (Employment and human resources professional series)
978-0-8080-0202-4State Compensation Laws: Minimum Wage/Overtime, Prevailing Wage, Wage Payment (Employment and Human Resources Professional Series)
1997978-0-8080-0203-1James HamiltonBeneficial ownership reporting under Section 13(d)
  ''978-0-8080-0204-8David L GibbermanPlanning to finance your child's college education
978-0-8080-0206-21997 Security Transactions: Taxation of Your Stock & Bond Transactions
1998978-0-8080-0208-6Sidney KessCch Financial & Estate Planning Guide
1997978-0-8080-0209-31998 federal withholding tables with highlights, effective January 1, 1998 (Payroll mangement professional series)
1998978-0-8080-0211-6Victor Sotelo · Brian Plunkett · CCH1998 State Tax Handbook
  ''978-0-8080-0212-3Vicki LambertGarnishment: A practical guide (CCH employment and human resources management payroll series)
  ''978-0-8080-0213-0Philip DickinsonEmployment Discrimination: Quick Answers to Everyday Questions (CCH Employment and Human Resources Management Professional)
  ''978-0-8080-0214-7CCH Incorporated1998 Medicare & Medicaid Benefits (Health Law Professional Series)
1998978-0-8080-0215-4Cch1998 Medicare Explained
  ''978-0-8080-0216-1Not Available1998 Social Security Explained
  ''978-0-8080-0217-8CCH1998 Social Security Benefits: Including Medicare
978-0-8080-0220-81998 U. S. Master GAAP Guide
1998978-0-8080-0221-5Ephraim P SmithCapital gains after Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997: Questions and answers for practitioners
1997978-0-8080-0222-2EditorIRA's After Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997: Questions & Answers for Practitioners
1998978-0-8080-0224-6CCH state payroll law handbook (Payroll management professional series)
1997978-0-8080-0225-3Not AvailableApproved Drug Products With Therapeutic Equivalence Evaluations
1998978-0-8080-0226-0Cch EditorialIncome Tax Regulations: Including Proposed Regulations as of January 13, 1998
1997978-0-8080-0227-7Dennis R LassilaU.S. master compensation tax guide
  ''978-0-8080-0228-4Federal Income Taxes of Decedents, Estates and Trusts
1998978-0-8080-0232-1Cch1998 Guidebook to New York Taxes
  ''978-0-8080-0233-8Cch EditorialFacsimile Tax Return: Problems and Forms - 1998 Edition
1998978-0-8080-0237-61997 tax year in review
978-0-8080-0238-3Federal Estate & Gift Taxes - Code & Regulations: Including Related Income Tax Provision as of January 1, 1998
1998978-0-8080-0239-0Small OfficeSmall Business Financing: How and Where to Get It (CCH Business Owner's Toolkit)
  ''978-0-8080-0240-6the Small OfficeBusiness Plans That Work for Your Small Business: For Your Small Business (Cch Business Owner's Toolkit Series)
  ''978-0-8080-0241-3John. L. Duoba · Joel HandelsmanLaunching Your First Small Business (Business Owner's Toolkit series)
  ''978-0-8080-0242-0Susan Jacksack · Small Office/Home Office Editorial GroupCch Business Owner's Toolkit Tax Guide 1999 (The Cch Business Owner's Toolkit Series)
  ''978-0-8080-0244-4Ephraim P. Smith · James R. Hasselback · Philip J. Harmelink1999 Cch Federal Taxation: Comprehensive Topics
1998978-0-8080-0245-1CchOccupational Safety & Health Standards for General Industry-As of February 1, 1998 (Safety Professional)
  ''978-0-8080-0246-8   ''Occupational Safety & Health Standards for the Construction Industry-As of February 1, 1998 (Safety Professional)
  ''978-0-8080-0247-5Irene E. TataraWorking with Cafeteria Plans (Compensation and Benefits Professional Series)
  ''978-0-8080-0249-9Sidney KessRetirement planning after Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997: A practitioner's guide
978-0-8080-0250-5Federal Estate and Gift Taxes Explained
978-0-8080-0251-2New York State Tax Law
978-0-8080-0252-91997 Investment Allocation Percentages
978-0-8080-0253-61998 U. S. Master Depreciation Guide
1998978-0-8080-0254-3CchFederal Tax Course: School Edition
  ''978-0-8080-0257-4Robert E MeldmanFederal taxation: Practice and procedure
1998978-0-8080-0258-1Cch EditorialNY State Corporation Tax Law and Regulations
  ''978-0-8080-0259-8New York State sales and use tax law and regulations, as of January 1, 1998
  ''978-0-8080-0260-4Jeffrey A HackneyNew IRA opportunities
978-0-8080-0261-1Internal Revenue Code
  ''978-0-8080-0263-5Nartin B. DickinsonFederal Income Tax Code and Regulations Selected Sections 1998-1999 Edition
  ''978-0-8080-0264-2Rolf AusterPersonal financial planning: The adviser's guide
978-0-8080-0266-61998 U. S. Master Accounting Guide
1999978-0-8080-0268-0Edward C. Foth1999 Cch Federal Taxation
1998978-0-8080-0269-7James Hamilton · Kenneth R. Benson · Matthew LisleGuide to Federal Regulation of Derivatives
1999978-0-8080-0270-3George B HawkinsCCH business valuation guide
1998978-0-8080-0271-0Arthur H. KrollCompensating Executives: Drafting and Managing Tax-Advantaged Arrangements
978-0-8080-0272-71040 Preparation: 1999 Edition
1998978-0-8080-0273-4State individual employment rights laws: Wrongful termination, employee leave, employee rights (Employment and human resources professional series)
1998978-0-8080-0276-5Steven LeventhalSaving your qualified plan: IRS employee plan administrative enforcement and voluntary compliance programs (Compensation and benefits professional series)
978-0-8080-0277-2Income Tax Regulations: Including Proposed Regulations as of June 10, 1998
1998978-0-8080-0278-9James Hamilton1998 SEC proxy reform: Shareholder proposals
  ''978-0-8080-0280-2U.S. master excise tax guide
  ''978-0-8080-0281-91998 tax legislation, IRS restructuring and reform: Law, explanation, and analysis
978-0-8080-0282-6Highlights of IRS Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998
978-0-8080-0283-3Medicare+choice Interim Final Rule Regulations Effective July 27, 1998: Including Cch Executive Summary and Medicare+choice Provisions from the Balanc (Health Law Professional Series)
1998978-0-8080-0284-0Nicholas KasterRoth IRAs after 1998 tax law changes
1993978-0-8080-0285-7Cch Business Law EditorsResponsibilities of Corporate Officers and Directors Under Federal Securities Law
1998978-0-8080-0287-1Paul C GibsonSexual harrassment prevention training manual for managers and supervisors: How to prevent and resolve sexual harrassment complaints in the workplace ... resources management professional series)
1999978-0-8080-0288-8Ernest J. HonigmannBuying & Selling a Small Business: A Complete Guide to a Successful Deal
1998978-0-8080-0291-8Robert J. FieldsUnderstanding and Managing Sales and Use Tax
  ''978-0-8080-0294-9Commerce Clearing House Inc.1999 U.s. Master Tax Guide
978-0-8080-0295-6Securities, Commodities and Banking: 1998 Year in Review
1998978-0-8080-0296-3James HamiltonYear 2000: SEC disclosure
  ''978-0-8080-0297-0   ''Securities Litigation Uniform Standards Act of 1998: Law and explanation
1998978-0-8080-0298-7Tax and Trade Relief Extension Act of 1998: P.L. 105-277: law and explanation: as signed by the President on October 21, 1998
  ''978-0-8080-0299-4John M PachkowskiCCH guide to BSA and OFAC (Financial institutions management and compliance series)
  ''978-0-8080-0301-4Linda Panszczyk1999 U.S. master employee benefits guide
978-0-8080-0305-21999 U. S. Master Payroll Guide
1998978-0-8080-0306-9Glenn SulzerWorking with 401(k) plans (Compensation and benefits professional series)
1999978-0-8080-0307-6CCH Editorial Staff1999 Medicare Explained
978-0-8080-0308-31999 Medicare & Medicaid Benefits
1999978-0-8080-0310-6CCH state payroll law handbook (Payroll management professional series)
1998978-0-8080-0312-0CchInternal Revenue Code
978-0-8080-0316-81998 Security Transactions: Taxation of Your Stock and Bond Transactions
1998978-0-8080-0317-5Diana FlynnAdvertising law: Developments and trends
978-0-8080-0318-2IRS Tax Collection Procedures
1999978-0-8080-0321-2Bryan A. GarnerSecurities Disclosure in Plain English
  ''978-0-8080-0323-6Robert E MackinProperty & casualty insurance: State legislation
978-0-8080-0328-1Guidebook to California Taxes
1999978-0-8080-0332-8CCH Editorial Staff Production1999 Guidebook to Ohio Taxes
1998978-0-8080-0335-9John Pachkowski · CCH EditorCCH Guide to RESPA (Financial institutions management and compliance series)
978-0-8080-0336-6New SEC Reform Proposals: The "Aircraft Carrier," Release 33-7606a, Regulation of Takeovers, Release 33-7607 (CCH Special)
1999978-0-8080-0337-3Not AvailableCorporation-Partnership-Fiduciary Filled-In Tax Return Forms 1999
978-0-8080-0339-71998 Tax Year in Review
1999978-0-8080-0347-2Ephraim Smith2000 Federal Taxation Basic Principles
1999978-0-8080-0348-9Ephraim SmithCch Federal Taxation: Comprehensive Topics, 2000
  ''978-0-8080-0350-2CchOccupational Safety and Health Standards for General Industry: With Amendments As of February 1, 1999
  ''978-0-8080-0351-9Cch Editorial StaffOccupational Safety & Health Standards for the Construction Industry As of February 1, 1999 (Safety Professional)
  ''978-0-8080-0352-6Francine ArensonComplying with COBRA after the 1999 regulations: Professional explanation, text of 1999 final and proposed regulations, administrative forms and notices (Compensation and benefits professional series)
  ''978-0-8080-0353-3Not AvailableSec Handbook: Rule and Forms for Financial Statements and Related Discourses
1999978-0-8080-0354-0Joanne Y. CleaverFind & Keep Customers for Your Small Business (Business Owner's Toolkit series)
  ''978-0-8080-0359-5CCH Editorial StaffFederal Estate and Gift Taxes - Code and Regulations: Including Related Income Tax Provisions, As of March 9, 1999
  ''978-0-8080-0361-8Not AvailableState Individual Rights Laws: Wrongful Termination,Employee Leave,Employee Rights (Employment and human resources professional series)
978-0-8080-0362-5State Compensation Laws: Minimum Wage/Overtime, Prevailing Wage, Wage Payment (Employment and Human Resources Professional Series)
1999978-0-8080-0364-9John J. MuellerFederal Tax Course 2000
  ''978-0-8080-0367-0Edward C Foth2000 CCH federal tax: Study manual
2005978-0-8080-0368-7Carl E ZwislerMaster Franchising
1999978-0-8080-0369-4Douglas V. AustinFinancial Institution Director's Handbook