Delmar Cengage Learning

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1992978-0-8064-0006-8Delmar LearningA36 Troubleshooting Electrical System Package
  ''978-0-8064-0008-2Delmar LearningA35 Auto Engine Overhaul Package
  ''978-0-8064-0012-9Cengage Learning DelmarA37 Diesel Preventive Maintenance Package
  ''978-0-8064-0014-3Delmar LearningE30 Semiconductors Explained Package
1994978-0-8064-0016-7   ''A38 Auto Emissions Explained Package
1993978-0-8064-0021-1   ''A10 Basic Math for Auto Technicians Package
1992978-0-8064-0029-7   ''E27 Power Supplies Explained Package
1977978-0-8064-0047-1John NagleBasic Offset Press
1994978-0-8064-0271-0Delmar LearningA44 Advanced Fuel Injection Systems Package
1995978-0-8064-0321-2Bergwall Productions Inc.A42 Auto Air Conditioning Systems
1993978-0-8064-0325-0Delmar LearningE23 Advanced AC Circuits Package
1994978-0-8064-0350-2   ''A41 Basic Automotive Jobs Package
  ''978-0-8064-0352-6Cengage Learning DelmarA39 Automotive Suspension Package
1993978-0-8064-0365-6Delmar LearningE17 Alternative Current Fundamentals Package
1990978-0-8064-0385-4Delmar LearningA15 Small Engines Package
1996978-0-8064-0463-9Bergwall Productions Inc.A45 Troubleshooting Anti Lock Brake Systems
1997978-0-8064-0468-4Delmar LearningA46 Automotive Safety Systems Package
1995978-0-8064-0491-2Bergwall Productions Inc.E24 Electronic Circuit Troubleshooting
  ''978-0-8064-0603-9Thomson Delmar Learning · Bergwall Productions Inc.E24-M Electrical Circuit Troubleshooting
1990978-0-8064-0658-9Delmar LearningA26 Electricity for Auto Technicians Package
1994978-0-8064-0870-5Delmar Learning · Bergwall Productions Inc.A21 Port Fuel Injection Package
1990978-0-8064-0877-4Delmar LearningA27 Automotive Computer Package
1991978-0-8064-0893-4   ''A29 Automotive Starting Systems
1990978-0-8064-0936-8Cengage Learning DelmarA28 Antilock Brake Systems Package
1988978-0-8064-0948-1Delmar LearningA22 Troubleshooting Port Fuel Injection Package
1993978-0-8064-1062-3   ''E23.1 Time Constants Video
1996978-0-8064-1294-8Cengage Learning DelmarA40 Working Safely in Auto Shop Package
1991978-0-8064-1328-0Delmar LearningG11 Precision Measuring Tools Package
1987978-0-8064-1376-1   ''M40 Basic Masonry Package
1989978-0-8064-1387-7   ''M41 Masonry Block Explained Package
1997978-0-8064-1487-4Delmar LearningA47 Automotive Test Equipment Package
1990978-0-8064-1518-5   ''E20 Dual Trace Oscilloscopes Package
1988978-0-8064-1520-8   ''A23 Distributor Less Ignition Package
1996978-0-8064-1549-9Thomson Delmar LearningDA45-95 Troubleshooting ABS CD ROM Win 95
2000978-0-8064-1575-8   ''DA28 Antilock Brake Systems Software
1998978-0-8064-1586-4Delmar LearningDA36 Troubleshooting Electrical System Software
  ''978-0-8064-1625-0Cengage Learning Delmar · Leo ChartrandE41 Troubleshooting PC Hardware Package
2000978-0-8064-1640-3Thomson Delmar LearningDE41 Upgrading PC Hardware Software
1999978-0-8064-1655-7Delmar LearningA49 Four Wheel Alignment Video Package
1998978-0-8064-1660-1   ''A50 On Board Diagnostics II Video Package
1999978-0-8064-1700-4Delmar LearningE42 PC Troubleshooting Tools & Techniques Video Package
  ''978-0-8064-1703-5Thomson Delmar LearningE42.3 PC DEVICE DRIVERS &CONFLICTS VIDEO
2000978-0-8064-1707-3   ''DE42 PC Troubleshooting Tools & Techniques Software
1987978-0-8064-1807-0Cengage Learning DelmarA20 Auto Shop Safety Video Package
1978978-0-8064-1953-4Thomson Delmar Learning425 Automatic Transmission Video
1992978-0-8064-7248-5Delmar LearningE19 Introduction to PLC's Package
  ''978-0-8064-7252-2   ''E19.4 Statement List Programming Video-PLC's
1970978-0-8064-9008-3Thomson Delmar Learning501 Lathe Explained Package
1972978-0-8064-9010-6   ''502 Milling Machine Explained Package
1974978-0-8064-9014-4   ''507 Sheet Metal Work Video
1976978-0-8064-9016-8Thomson Delmar Learning512 Vertical Milling Machine
  ''978-0-8064-9018-2   ''513 Lathe Cutting Tools Package
1979978-0-8064-9020-5   ''516 Drill Press Package
1984978-0-8064-9034-2Delmar Learning530 Pneumatics Explained Package
  ''978-0-8064-9036-6   ''820 Mechanical Power Transmission Package
1985978-0-8064-9042-7Cengage Learning Delmar882 Factory of the Future Video
1983978-0-8064-9046-5   ''813 Three Phase AC Motors Package
  ''978-0-8064-9048-9Delmar Learning814 Motor Control Fundamentals Package
1982978-0-8064-9050-2Delmar Learning816 Solid State Motor Control Package
1973978-0-8064-9111-0Thomson Delmar Learning404 Hydraulic Brake System Explained Video Package
1974978-0-8064-9113-4   ''407 Operation/Fuel System Explained Video Package
1975978-0-8064-9119-6   ''410 How to Overhaul Engine Video Package (Piston-Type)
1982978-0-8064-9157-8Cengage Learning Delmar447 Auto Pollution Control Videos
  ''978-0-8064-9159-2   ''448 Basic Auto Jobs Explained Videos
1983978-0-8064-9169-1   ''462 Electronic Ignition Tune Up Video Package
  ''978-0-8064-9171-4NovellinoFront Wheel Drive: Transxle Overhaul
1984978-0-8064-9177-6NovellinoBsc Diesel Engine Operation/Maintenance
1986978-0-8064-9187-5HolzapfelTurbocharger Explained
1988978-0-8064-9193-6HannemanAuto Electronics Explained
1976978-0-8064-9195-0Thomson Delmar Learning503 Measuring Tools Explained Videos
1979978-0-8064-9204-9Thomson Delmar Learning517 Horizontal Surface Grinder Videos
1980978-0-8064-9240-7Cengage Learning Delmar810 Rotating Machinery: Direct Current Motors Videos
1977978-0-8064-9260-5Thomson Delmar Learning850 Digital Electronics Explained Videos
1981978-0-8064-9262-9Delmar Learning851 Digital Electronics Explained II Videos