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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
  ''978-0-8062-0702-5Jeanie B. KazandjianStories for Little People
  ''978-0-8062-0703-2Ginny McLellanSituation normal, mañana mejor
  ''978-0-8062-0707-0Elva M HullThey don't make them like my daddy anymore
1983978-0-8062-0708-7James W. HydeMemoirs of a Teenage Hobo in the Thirties
1977978-0-8062-0717-9Sr. Major USAF Ret. Ernest D. DavisThe Eagle Is Dead
  ''978-0-8062-0720-9Two Sorry People
1977978-0-8062-0721-6Norman TitusPortland Affair
  ''978-0-8062-0722-3Louis AbramsonInside the petroleum industry
  ''978-0-8062-0724-7Dwight E SollbergerFluttertail and Feathertail (A bookland juvenile)
978-0-8062-0725-4General Joan of Arc
1978978-0-8062-0732-2Phyllis J MumperPiano playing made easy: Or, How to get together: or, How to keep your teacher sane: or, Have you noticed how the teacher repeats himself? etc. ; ... and layman music lovers (A Hearthstone book)
1977978-0-8062-0733-9The Image of Peace
  ''978-0-8062-0735-3Ginny (Elsa) SupernavageTransition
  ''978-0-8062-0736-0Pierce N. HodgkinsThat is the Way it Was: An Autobiographical Novel
1977978-0-8062-0743-8H. Earl MillerSnake Temple, an India diary
  ''978-0-8062-0746-9Marvin L. KistlerThe Rao, The Ramo and Synergy
  ''978-0-8062-0749-0Kenneth MusserSavings, compound interest and you
  ''978-0-8062-0760-5Audrey WilliamsAnd then there were two
  ''978-0-8062-0762-9Carl H RobertsPractical business management
1977978-0-8062-0763-6Ann KarageorgeDiagnostic tests for an individualized English program
  ''978-0-8062-0764-3Thomas E. SprainEmpire
1978978-0-8062-0767-4Charles P SheldonThe bolshevization of the USA (A Hearthstone book)
1977978-0-8062-0772-8Kenneth R McSwainAn outsized outhouse and its environmental impact
  ''978-0-8062-0780-3The Afro-American Artist
  ''978-0-8062-0785-8Olga RivaldiPut love and heart in your cooking (A hearthstone book)
  ''978-0-8062-0790-2Dollie ThompsonThe devil of doubt
1977978-0-8062-0791-9Stanlsy Alvin ParmeleeAnother winter, another summer
  ''978-0-8062-0792-6The Drop Out Drops Back In
  ''978-0-8062-0798-8Robert E LemonMy West Virginia diary (A Hearthstone book)
1978978-0-8062-0800-8Wajih Ibrahim SaadehArab learning enlightens the west: The 12th century Renaissance in Europe
  ''978-0-8062-0806-0Edward R TuftsHundreds of Hunnemans (A Hearthstone book)
  ''978-0-8062-0807-7Coy R BovenderGreat conquests of God (in verse)
1977978-0-8062-0811-4Elois SahucThe policeman who knew Huey P. Long
1977978-0-8062-0813-8Richard LebherzConversations with practically everybody
1978978-0-8062-0819-0Urban MatheisDon't forget to remember (A Hearthstone book)
1977978-0-8062-0820-6Sand and Sage
1987978-0-8062-0823-7Josephine McConnellWho are we Americans?
1977978-0-8062-0825-1Frank A BaumannHead of a Banjo
  ''978-0-8062-0827-5Robert Wright YinglingAn Anatomy of Heaven
  ''978-0-8062-0828-2Carrie Harman RoyCaptain Snyder and his twelve of West Virginia
  ''978-0-8062-0829-9The Mule Yard
1978978-0-8062-0832-9George MANSELLBetty Loves the Fox
1977978-0-8062-0834-3Charles MacelliVoices across the tundra (A Geneva book)
1981978-0-8062-0838-1F PerkinsA word study of the church (A Hearthstone book)
1978978-0-8062-0846-6Marty ArnoldGuides, ghosts and guests
1979978-0-8062-0847-3Reynold S. FrancisMixed Emotions: Poetry by Reynold S. Francis
1978978-0-8062-0848-0Nicholas ParkerSongs of Innocence and Lust
1983978-0-8062-0849-7Lois S. BogartCheerful Thoughts and Promises for Troubled Persons
1981978-0-8062-0854-1Renie JohnsonCopper Red Filly & Her Enemy
1978978-0-8062-0867-1Charles R LevyAvoidance: A handbook of motorcycle safety and preventive maintenance
  ''978-0-8062-0875-6David R GrantThe preacher and his people
1978978-0-8062-0882-4Glenda Faye BrinsonMancestor
  ''978-0-8062-0883-1Welby LeeIt took a worried mind (A Hearthstone book)
  ''978-0-8062-0888-6Gladys E SpiethThe tree of life
1980978-0-8062-0890-9Rod PaisleyThe Tale Goes With The Hide: Memoirs of a Bullshooter
1978978-0-8062-0891-6R. BockoverPoems to Share
1979978-0-8062-0893-0Theora C EnglandTheatre of the word: The lively art of group reading
  ''978-0-8062-0898-5Al WilborneThe King revealed
1978978-0-8062-0900-5Edna J. GilbertThe Teachings of Jesus in Subjects
  ''978-0-8062-0906-7Eleanor SennLafayette is here!: A historical novel (A Geneva book)
1978978-0-8062-0915-9Royal Merrill FryeSignificant advances in science for the layman
  ''978-0-8062-0916-6Gay Hall SudduthAn Affair With Flair
  ''978-0-8062-0921-0Wanda Jean FinigianLook!: The enchanting book of poetry
1979978-0-8062-0925-8Karl GarlandMaking the point
1978978-0-8062-0930-2Myrtle SpanThe Deprived, but the Prudent (Poems by Myrtle Span)
1940978-0-8062-0932-6Bartch-MallettGood Old Ernie
1978978-0-8062-0933-3Edward A JanningWhy reincarnation?
  ''978-0-8062-0937-1Clayton W GoeThe Revelation of Jesus Christ
  ''978-0-8062-0944-9Lyle W EadsSurvival amidst the ashes
1978978-0-8062-0945-6Jeanne YoungsonDracula made easy.
  ''978-0-8062-0950-0Dubious Duty
  ''978-0-8062-0952-4The Bible and Israel in Prophecy
1979978-0-8062-0955-5Mildred L VinskeyHow to individualize mathematics successfully: With materials for implementation
1978978-0-8062-0956-2Clifford F. TombyllThe Poetry of Time
1977978-0-8062-0958-6You'll Never Get To Heaven In An Old Stove Pipe
1978978-0-8062-0960-9Word Spill - Varieties in Verse
  ''978-0-8062-0961-6Donald V HartYou could laugh or die
  ''978-0-8062-0962-3Henry J. R BrooksScandal in the United States Armed Forces (A Hearthstone Book)
1978978-0-8062-0963-0John A GeorgeMy life as a beekeeper
  ''978-0-8062-0965-4Liz HickmanSpiro - some chicken
  ''978-0-8062-0969-2Rex A BarrellHorace Walpole and France
1979978-0-8062-0972-2Marian GeorgeWhy?
1978978-0-8062-0973-9James D WhiteTulsa Catholics (A Hearthstone book)
1979978-0-8062-0974-6Norm MacKENZIEThe Law of Trap and Fang
1978978-0-8062-0976-0Lavetta E SayreMaggie (A Hearthstone book)
  ''978-0-8062-0977-7Lynette CallanDay of joy
  ''978-0-8062-0979-1Malvin WalkerChronological encyclopedia of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich (A Hearthstone book)
1979978-0-8062-0986-9Jean V. HouseScripture Rhymes for Modern Times
1979978-0-8062-0988-3Inez OrlerHelping Children Learn Their Rich Ethnic Culture
1978978-0-8062-0990-6PURSUIT ((SIGNED))
1981978-0-8062-0996-8Richard O. AlbertBac-Si My: In the Year of the Dog
1979978-0-8062-1153-4Deerfoot MilesBlack smoke - blue flame (A Geneva book)
978-0-8062-1205-0Abbeys Ghost & Castles: A Guide to the Folk History of the Middle Rhine (Hearthstone Book)
1983978-0-8062-2018-5Ralph ConnerChronicle of a Cop
1984978-0-8062-2308-7Adib K. TimbuktuWhat Every Christian Should Know About the Bible
1987978-0-8062-3042-9Mehrdad Poukhesali9000 Miles to Freedom
1991978-0-8062-3923-1Lillian M. KowalskiA Bit About Some Lives
  ''978-0-8062-3929-3Emanuel J. CamarenaThe Fields of Vanity
978-0-8062-4037-4The Black Madonnas of France
1994978-0-8062-4664-2Pauline CarnesA squirrel's tale
1996978-0-8062-5028-1Louis UleChristopher Marlowe (1564-1607): A Biography
  ''978-0-8062-5232-2Richard DelongLive Viral Vaccines: Biological Pollution