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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1930978-0-8061-0001-2WoodworthCertain Young Widow
1969978-0-8061-0014-2Alfred B. ThomasForgotten Frontiers: A Study of the Spanish Indian Policy of Don Boutista De Anza, Governor of New Mexico, 1777-87 (Civilization of American Indian)
1934978-0-8061-0025-8Arthur B. AdamsOur Economic Revolution
1974978-0-8061-0027-2Elijah Wilson LyonLouisiana in French Diplomacy 1759-1804
1967978-0-8061-0042-5paul searsDeserts on the March
1937978-0-8061-0057-9Grant ForemanIndians and Pioneers: The Story of the American South-west Before 1839 (Civilization of American Indian)
  ''978-0-8061-0058-6Harold S. GilletteElementary Soil Fundamentals
1968978-0-8061-0063-0George E. HydeRed Cloud's Folk: History of the Ogala Sioux (Civilization of American Indian)
  ''978-0-8061-0067-8Grant ForemanAdventure On Red River
1971978-0-8061-0069-2   ''Sequoyah (Civilization of American Indian)
1969978-0-8061-0085-2Edward Everett Dale · Gaston LittonCherokee Cavaliers: 40 Years of Cherokee History (Civilization of American Indian)
1982978-0-8061-0086-9Dora Neill RaymondCaptain Lee Hall of Texas
1968978-0-8061-0087-6Victor TixierTravels on the Osage (American Exploration & Travel)
  ''978-0-8061-0093-7Alfred B. ThomasTeodoro De Croix and the Northern Frontier of New Spain, 1776-1783
1941978-0-8061-0095-1Grant ForemanA Pathfinder In The Southwest
1975978-0-8061-0104-0E.Wilson LyonMan Who Sold Louisiana: The Career of Francois Barbe-Marbois
1944978-0-8061-0129-3Howard O. EatonFederation: The Coming Structure of World Government
1945978-0-8061-0140-8Alice MarriottThe Ten Grandmothers (Civilization of American Indian)
1946978-0-8061-0149-1edward faulknerUneasy Money
1973978-0-8061-0161-3William Ransom HoganTexas Republic: A Social and Economic History
1947978-0-8061-0162-0John. BullJohn Bull's Letter to Lord Byron.
  ''978-0-8061-0170-5Mary Wollstonecraft ShelleyJournal
1948978-0-8061-0177-4Ronald B. ShumanManagement of Men
1949978-0-8061-0180-4Harris Gaylord WarrenParaguay: An Informal History
1981978-0-8061-0182-8James Evetts HaleyJeff Milton, a Good Man With a Gun
1953978-0-8061-0184-2Frank A. GilbertMineral Nutrition of Plants and Animals
1949978-0-8061-0193-4W. Eugene HollonThe lost pathfinder, Zebulon Montgomery Pike (American exploration and travel)
1982978-0-8061-0194-1Wayne GardFrontier Justice
1971978-0-8061-0195-8Edward Everett DaleIndians of the South-west: A Century of Development Under the United States
1979978-0-8061-0200-9HaleyCharles Goodnight
2000978-0-8061-0201-6Ernest E. LeisyAmerican Historical Novel
1950978-0-8061-0202-3P. S. CarpenterMusic, an Art and a Business
1972978-0-8061-0205-4Adrian Recinos · Delia GoetzPopol Vuh: The Sacred Book of the Ancient Quiche Maya
1971978-0-8061-0206-1M B SternLouisa May Alcott
1970978-0-8061-0208-5Walter Collins O'KaneSun In The Sky
1969978-0-8061-0211-5Gladys C. BellamyMark Twain as a Literary Artist
1950978-0-8061-0213-9Hyatt Howe WaggonerThe Heel Of Elohim Science and Values in Modern American Poetry
1920978-0-8061-0214-6Declaration of Indepenance
1967978-0-8061-0219-1Katherine C. TurnerRed Men Calling (Civilization of American Indian)
1979978-0-8061-0221-4George Frederick RuxtonLife in the Far West
1968978-0-8061-0229-0Alfred Jacob MillerThe West of Alfred Jacob Miller
1968978-0-8061-0232-0Maria Gisborne · Edward E. WilliamsShelley's Friends: Journals and Letters
1976978-0-8061-0234-4Hans Julius WolffRoman Law an Historical Introduction
978-0-8061-0238-2Guide to the Indian Tribes of Oklahoma (Civilization of the American Indian)
1980978-0-8061-0241-2Mount Rushmore
1957978-0-8061-0242-9Edward H. FaulknerSoil Development
1968978-0-8061-0247-4Philip Marshall DaleMedical Biographies: Ailments of Thirty-three Famous Persons
1952978-0-8061-0249-8Ernest Wallace · E. Adamson HoebelThe Comanches: Lords of the South Plains (The Civilization of the American Indian Series, #34)
1964978-0-8061-0251-1Lawrence DurrellKey to Modern British Poetry
  ''978-0-8061-0256-6Richard Harter FogleHawthorne's Fiction the Light and the Dark
1977978-0-8061-0261-0Art Song
1973978-0-8061-0262-7Snowden D. FloraTornadoes of the United States
1969978-0-8061-0263-4Walter Collins O'KaneThe Hopis: Portrait of a Desert People (Civilization of American Indian)
1979978-0-8061-0267-2Vance Randolph · George P. WilsonDown in the Holler
1953978-0-8061-0272-6Joseph Epes BrownThe Sacred Pipe Black Elk's Account of the Seven Rites of the Oglala Sioux (The Civilization of the American Indian Series)
1968978-0-8061-0274-0Thomas J. DimsdaleVigilantes of Montana (Western Frontier Library)
1953978-0-8061-0276-4Michael CramondHunting and Fishing in North America
1974978-0-8061-0277-1Adrián Recinos · Delia Goetz · Dionisio José ChonayThe Annals of the Cakchiquels / Title of the Lords of Totonicapán
1967978-0-8061-0281-8John C. CalhounFundamentals of Reservoir Engineering
1971978-0-8061-0287-0Walker D. WymanNothing But Prairie and Sky: Life on the Dakota Range in the Early Days
1968978-0-8061-0288-7A S MercerThe Banditti of the Plains
1954978-0-8061-0289-4Geza ReveszIntroduction to Psychology of Music
1969978-0-8061-0293-1Blanche H. GelfantAmerican City Novel
1954978-0-8061-0296-2Sylva. NormanFlight of the Skylark: The Development of Shelley's Reputation.
  ''978-0-8061-0297-9Pat F. GarrettThe Authentic Life Of Billy The Kid
  ''978-0-8061-0299-3Josiah GreggCommerce of the Prairies (American Exploration & Travel)
1973978-0-8061-0301-3John Eric Sidney ThompsonThe Rise and Fall of Maya Civilization
1977978-0-8061-0302-0Edwin C. McReynoldsOklahoma: A History of the Sooner State
1972978-0-8061-0306-8J. R. YoungThe Schooling of the Western Horse
1954978-0-8061-0307-5Nils-Eric RingbomJean Sibelius; a Master and His Work
1985978-0-8061-0311-2Alfredo CasellaMusic in My Time: The Memoirs of Alfredo Casella
1977978-0-8061-0312-9John R. RidgeLife and Adventures of Joaquin Murieta (W.Frontier Library)
1985978-0-8061-0313-6George C. ReinhardtAmerican Strategy in the Atomic Age
1955978-0-8061-0314-3Frank TannenbaumThe American Tradition in Foreign Policy
1974978-0-8061-0315-0Frank Gilbert RoeThe Indian and the Horse
1955978-0-8061-0319-8John Treat Jr., edited and annotated by John Francis McDermott IrvingIndian Sketches
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  ''978-0-8061-0330-3Joe B. Frantz · Julian Ernest ChoateAmerican Cowboy: The Myth and the Reality
1967978-0-8061-0331-0Carl Frederick KraenzelThe Great Plains in Transition
1974978-0-8061-0332-7Vernon Gill Carter · Tom DaleTopsoil and Civilization
1955978-0-8061-0333-4Jean-Pierre Barricelli · Leo WeinsteinErnest Chausson: The Composer's Life and Works
1985978-0-8061-0334-1Johnny RiddleBall Bearing Maintenance
1985978-0-8061-0335-8Jeanne McHughIndex to the Yearbooks and Regional Papers of the American Iron and Steel Institute, 1910-53
1967978-0-8061-0336-5Alexander RossFur Hunters of the Far West (American Exploration & Travel)
  ''978-0-8061-0338-9John Paul PritchardCriticism in America
1972978-0-8061-0342-6Mellenthin FwPanzer Battles a Study of the Employment of Armor
1956978-0-8061-0346-4Sellers Gambrell ArcherSoil Conservation
  ''978-0-8061-0347-1George Bird GrinnellThe Fighting Cheyennes
1971978-0-8061-0351-8Washington IrvingA Tour on the Prairies (The Western Frontier Library)
1956978-0-8061-0355-6Harry Modean Campbell · Ruel E. FosterElizabeth Madox Roberts American Novelist
  ''978-0-8061-0356-3Daniel Ellis ConnerJoseph Reddeford Walker and the Arizona Adventure
  ''978-0-8061-0359-4Snowden F. FloraHailstorms of the United States
1972978-0-8061-0363-1Stanley VestalSitting Bull, Champion of the Sioux: A Biography (Civilization of American Indian)
1957978-0-8061-0366-2Edward Neal HartleyIronworks on the Saugus;: The Lynn and Braintree ventures of the Company of Undertakers of the Ironworks in New England
1967978-0-8061-0369-3James Thrall SobyModern Art and the New Past
1957978-0-8061-0370-9Matthew C. Field · Kate L. Gregg · John F. McDermottPrairie and Mountain Sketches (American Exploration & Travel)
1957978-0-8061-0373-0John Xavier BeidlerX. Beidler, vigilante (The Western frontier library)
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2000978-0-8061-0376-1Floyd C. WatkinsThomas Wolfe's Characters: Portraits from Life.
1957978-0-8061-0377-8Kent compiler RuthOKLAHOMA A Guide to the Sooner State
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  ''978-0-8061-0379-2William Frank ZornowKansas: A History of the Jayhawk State
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978-0-8061-0387-7Eugene Manlove RhodesProud Sheriff (W.Frontier Library)
1958978-0-8061-0393-8Wyatt MarrsThe Man on Your Back: a Preface to the Art of Living Without Producing in Modern Society
  ''978-0-8061-0395-2Noel M LoomisTHE TEXAN-SANTA FE PIONEERS
1958978-0-8061-0402-7Thomas D. BurleighGeorgia Birds
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978-0-8061-0405-8Blackfeet: Raiders on the North Western Plains (Civilization of the American Indian)
1967978-0-8061-0407-2Joe DeBartheLife and Adventures of Frank Grouard
1958978-0-8061-0409-6Stewart HarralFeature Writer's Handbook
  ''978-0-8061-0412-6General D.J., Reminiscences by COOKHands Up
1988978-0-8061-0414-0Alfonso Caso · Miguel Covarrubias · Lowell DunhamThe Aztecs (Civilization of American Indian)
1958978-0-8061-0415-7Frank C. HibbenPrehistoric Man in Europe
1968978-0-8061-0417-1J.Stanley ClarkOil Century: From the Drake Well to the Conservation Era
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1973978-0-8061-0423-2Arthur White McCrayOil Well Drilling Technology
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  ''978-0-8061-0455-3hardin craigWoodrow Wilson at Princeton
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1960978-0-8061-0460-7Heaps WaSinging Sixties the Spirit of Civil War Days Drawn
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1981978-0-8061-0567-3Bernard LewisIstanbul and the Civilization of the Ottoman Empire (Centers of Civilization) by Bernard Lewis (1968-12-03)