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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1969978-0-8059-1315-6Joseph Moses GillmanThe B'nai Khaim in America;: A study of cultural change in a Jewish group,
1970978-0-8059-1464-1Harry G BryerSilly pomes, ([Contemporary poets of Dorrance series])
  ''978-0-8059-1479-5John PaganoJohnny and the winged horse
  ''978-0-8059-1507-5Coleman Leroy HackerWaste is wealth,
1971978-0-8059-1570-9Joseph T TykocinerOutline of zetetics
1974978-0-8059-1856-4Ratibor-Ray M JurjevichThe hoax of Freudism;: A study of brainwashing the American professionals and laymen,
  ''978-0-8059-2054-3E. V DillonIn a glass darkly
1975978-0-8059-2064-2Hristo H. DevedjievStalinization of the Bulgarian society, 1949-1953
1976978-0-8059-2317-9Warren SherkAgnes Moorehead: A very private person
1980978-0-8059-2707-8Nicholas R. NelsonParadox a Round Trip Through the Bermuda Triangle
1981978-0-8059-2787-0James Y KellyThe Emmaline letters
1982978-0-8059-2836-5Timothy D. WilliamsLight from a Distant Star: Poetry
1987978-0-8059-3062-7Margaret OtisOle! Senior V.I.P.s in Orbit Aboard Cloud Nine
1992978-0-8059-3294-2Laura J. GoodmanIs Your Child Dying to Be Thin?: A Workbook for Parents and Family Member on Eating Disorders
  ''978-0-8059-3323-9Donald SteinbergExpanding Your Horizons: Collegiate Football's Greatest Team (Ohio State Football)
1994978-0-8059-3541-7Dr. NickNasheed's Book of Poetry
1996978-0-8059-3637-7Corrine BentonThe Return to the Promised Land
1996978-0-8059-3713-8Helen CampbellTwo to Begin With: The True Story of Identical Twins
  ''978-0-8059-3915-6Maria AntoinetteMother: A Thankless Job
1997978-0-8059-3919-4Hana M. Bizek · Ph.D, Hana M BizekMathematics of the Rubik's Cube Design
  ''978-0-8059-3920-0Ben StoneWater Hazards and Other Adventures
  ''978-0-8059-4040-4Louis Franklin AsherJohn Clarke (1609-1676): Pioneer in American Medicine, Democratic Ideals, and Champion of Religious Liberty
  ''978-0-8059-4087-9Felix, M.D. Fernandez-Madrid · M.D., Ph.D., Felix Fernandez-MadridChe Guevara & the Incurable Disease
1998978-0-8059-4172-2John R. KielbasaHistoric Adobes of Los Angeles County
1998978-0-8059-4177-7Artie MangravitoHow Well Do You Know Jerry. . . and His Friends?: A Trivia Book
1997978-0-8059-4178-4Pamela Smith ConnollyWhat Do You Say to A... Naked Icebox?: A Cookbook for College Students and Other Kitchen Virgins
1998978-0-8059-4187-6Myrna Rosen · Lesley Loon · Myrn RosenSouth African Gourmet Food and Wine: Traditional South African Food and More
  ''978-0-8059-4272-9Patricia HewittPebbles in the Sand
  ''978-0-8059-4281-1J. H. Connelly · J.H., M.D. ConnellyThe Hungry Person's Guide to Weight Control
  ''978-0-8059-4490-7Mandy Authors · Clifton C. PhillipsChupacabra, You Don't Scare Me!
1999978-0-8059-4497-6Melanie FisherPainter Bela Kadar: Modernist and Romantic
1998978-0-8059-4590-4Doris A. PaulThe Navajo Code Talkers (25th Anniversary Edition)
1999978-0-8059-4605-5Richard W. StrebLife and Death Aboard the U.S.S. ESSEX
2001978-0-8059-4628-4Nell I. MondyYou Never Fail Until You Stop Trying: The Story of a Pioneer Woman Chemist
2000978-0-8059-4738-0Enuma Edwin EzeudeIgbo Names
  ''978-0-8059-4875-2Debra J. PalardySweetie Here's the Best Reason on the Planet to Say No to Your Boyfriend: Even If You've Already Said Yes
2009978-0-8059-5092-2Ron DavisCdl Workbook: Everything You Need to Know to Pass Your Test
2000978-0-8059-5108-0Teresa Saucedo-ArtinoFootball for Females: The Women's Survival Guide to the Football Season
2002978-0-8059-5358-9Yang H. OhMiracle Molecular Structure of Water: Human Body Loves Hexagonal Water
2002978-0-8059-5404-3Lisa Chablis GardnerPrecious Jewel
2003978-0-8059-5512-5Gregory RodriguezRythms and Obscurities
2001978-0-8059-5632-0Marc SummerfieldCommunicating Effectively: A Desktop Guide to Punctuation, Grammar, Format, and Style
2002978-0-8059-5668-9Frank IrgangBeneath the Snows of Stalingrad
  ''978-0-8059-5721-1Michael ChenChristianity and Martial Arts Power: Basic Concepts and Methods
2003978-0-8059-5795-2Frances M. JesshopeThe Call of the Spirit Sun
  ''978-0-8059-5868-3Leo DworshakUFOs Are with Us Take My Word
  ''978-0-8059-5993-2Judith T.W. GohMamitu: A Life in Ethiopia
2005978-0-8059-6005-1Shirley A. J. StrongToys, Toys, Toys, and More Toys: Adults Only
2003978-0-8059-6025-9Harrison E. LemontNever Alone Until Admiral Halsey Left... with Everyone Else: Personal Involvement with Typhoons, Filth, Cannibalism, and Body Parts in the Biggest War of All Times
  ''978-0-8059-6053-2Robert CohillThe Used Car Money Machine
2003978-0-8059-6095-2Joan F. HarringtonLive De Life: Caribbean Island Style
2004978-0-8059-6125-6Victoria L. JohnsonThe Monster Mix-Up
  ''978-0-8059-6174-4Nikita Lynette NicholsNone But The Righteous
2003978-0-8059-6287-1Chris ReakTech to Tech: An Informational Guide for HVAC/R Technicians to Increase Their Wage
2004978-0-8059-6325-0Donald M. McCartneyBahamian Culture and Factors Which Impact Upon It
2005978-0-8059-6375-5Irene S. Givens-RoyalA Letter to the Ladies: An Inspirational Message Every Woman Should Read
2008978-0-8059-6411-0Nicole M. ArmondOne Step from Behind, One Foot toward Enlightenment
2004978-0-8059-6444-8Robert W. BaerIs Fred Dead?: A Manual On Sexuality For Men With Spinal Cord Injuries
2005978-0-8059-6449-3Margaret B. RhodesAngel With a Broken Wing
  ''978-0-8059-6472-1Nieves MongeThe Adventures of Three Raccoons Raised by a Human Mother
  ''978-0-8059-6494-3Magda T. de la CerdaHealing Power for Spirit: Soul: Body
  ''978-0-8059-6559-9Daniela DrewIntimacies that Occupy Space and Time
2004978-0-8059-6571-1Tee PiperThe Pick Six Plater
2005978-0-8059-6575-9David Berry WaterfillThe Nephilim: Future, Past, and Present
2005978-0-8059-6629-9Marlene R. CarterOne Million to Die For
  ''978-0-8059-6682-4Karen Kusanovich · Wendy Lawson · Nghi H. NguyenSolving Math Quadratic Equations and Inequalities
  ''978-0-8059-6684-8John R. BetzlerExciting 456: Four Years of College in Five Hours for Six Bucks
  ''978-0-8059-6699-2David L. PerrineBirdie School Days: The First Day of School
  ''978-0-8059-6706-7Shawn P. KillackeyYou Are the Magnet
2005978-0-8059-6710-4Susan V. CappelliThe Crayons in Rainbow Land
  ''978-0-8059-6711-1Rashid AbduJourney of a Yemeni Boy
  ''978-0-8059-6724-1Mildred D. RustA Unique Life: An Autobiography Complete with Misdeeds
  ''978-0-8059-6734-0Roger GilmontFermat's Enigma Resolved: An Algebraic Proof of His Last Theorem
  ''978-0-8059-6735-7Norm EvansMy Last Look at Texas
2005978-0-8059-6757-9Vera Simpson GainesCall Me Jobulene: A Story of Courage and Determination
  ''978-0-8059-6763-0Leslie C. BalfourMessages from the Soul
  ''978-0-8059-6808-8Dub-u-elZoom-Zoom and Slo-Poke
2007978-0-8059-6966-5K. Kia Bunseki Fu-KiauSimba Simbi: Hold up That Which Holds You Up
2006978-0-8059-7162-0Robert AndrejevVirtual Team Building Exercises: A Guide to Managing Human Resources Over Space and Time
2007978-0-8059-7261-0Virginia Mattson-SchultzFar Northern Connections: Researching Your Sami (and Other) Ancestors in Northern Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia
2006978-0-8059-7281-8James E. RyhalWhere the Water Is Cold
2007978-0-8059-7367-9Black VelvetThe Adventures of Sam in Space: Planet of Sweets
  ''978-0-8059-7506-2Robert A. Woo · Sr.Their Hidden Agenda: The Story of a Chinese-American FBI Agent
  ''978-0-8059-7516-1Gerald GranozioSo You Think You Know Oscar: Test Your Academy Award IQ
2019978-0-8059-7544-4Vivian JohnsonZetta: The Girl Who Knew She Wanted To Be A Missionary Nurse, The Lady Who Was Wise And Witty To 101
2008978-0-8059-7641-0Tracy FeldmanAcacia Faye and the Trouble Tornado
2008978-0-8059-7865-0Jean CornuI Missed My Basque Mother's Love
  ''978-0-8059-7871-1Lew RiceDEA Special Agent: My Life on the Front Line
  ''978-0-8059-7882-7W. Bruce PruittThe Truth About Anti-Masonry: Straightforward Answers to the Critics of Freemasonry
  ''978-0-8059-7936-7Patricia WatsonWorkplace Bullying and Harassment: Victim or Victor?
2005978-0-8059-8029-5Carey McWilliamsMoonlight's Meridian: Nuclear Terrorism And the Undead
  ''978-0-8059-8101-8Jeff AgronWinning at Casino Blackjack: Free Comps And Conus Cash
2005978-0-8059-8105-6Don HillHow to Start a Limousine Business
  ''978-0-8059-8120-9Bill WillcoxDiary of an eBay Fraud Case
2006978-0-8059-8277-0Carol McAndrewSpeaking And Learning the Fasd Way
2007978-0-8059-8367-8Lynn Riggs PalfiLet the Cauldron Bubble
  ''978-0-8059-8467-5Michon NealThe Changing of Allison Dutch
  ''978-0-8059-8506-1Kelleyana JuniqueUpon Long Meditation, Unification Is the Key
2008978-0-8059-8584-9Felicia R. AndersonLearn About Love
2007978-0-8059-8683-9Al PompeyS.O.S, Countering the Sinking of America
  ''978-0-8059-8718-8Arthur Peter Martin BieriA Squirrel's Dilemma
2007978-0-8059-8770-6Narayan JumnoodooFate
2006978-0-8059-8876-5Kenneth WebbEssences
2007978-0-8059-8891-8Luis RomanProblemas, Fallas y Soluciones en Aire Acondicionado y Refrigeradores (Spanish Edition)
2006978-0-8059-9096-6R. T. CaldwellSailors And Dogs Keep Off!
  ''978-0-8059-9097-3Ken AvenChavez Ravine Echoes
  ''978-0-8059-9171-0Robert HemphillPlatoon: Bravo Company
2007978-0-8059-9190-1AmaliaTwo Stories in One Book
2005978-0-8059-9325-7Translated by John LeVayMy Brother Yves
  ''978-0-8059-9407-0An Easy Computer Guide for Seniors and Beginners
2004978-0-8059-9446-9Robert MitchellWhat Women Know About Men
  ''978-0-8059-9479-7Alex NovitzkyPrince Sandor
2004978-0-8059-9582-4Douglas P. BorgA Fresh Batch of Dice Games
  ''978-0-8059-9592-3Johanna WrinkleMy Journey with Hepatitis C
2005978-0-8059-9594-7Muhammad AyubAn Army, Its Role and Rule: A History of the Pakistan Army from Independence to Kargil, 1947-1999
  ''978-0-8059-9724-8Eric LynchThe Nutcracker
  ''978-0-8059-9725-5W. Astor KirkDesegregation of the Methodist Church Polity
  ''978-0-8059-9845-0Marianne DormanLancelot Andrews: Mentor of Reformed Catholicism in the Post Reformation English Church
2004978-0-8059-9959-4Hennessey William · Stanley PraimnathPlucked From The Fire
2006978-0-8059-9984-6Tiffany CollinsLove Vs. Pain And Secrets

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